Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 28


In the lobby of a certain dormitory, two men were arguing surrounded by a bunch of rowdy men.

“How many more can you provide by the end of the week? My organization needs an answer, Mr. Varos,” A man dressed in white was tapping his finger on the table.

“Oh my. You certainly are not like your colleague, my friend. Mr. Freeman would have had more tact.”

A small grin was hidden on the dwarf’s face. He didn’t even need to guess to know that the two men who had led the negotiations with him were rivals. The expression on the face of the man in white made it obvious when he mentioned Mr. Freeman.

“Unfortunately, the livestock in the area had run quite dry. Without the motivation, it becomes harder for us to venture further… “

“I get it. We will provide you with the livestock, in exchange you will lower the price to two rubies.”

The dwarf’s eye glinted at the proposal; but before he said anything, a bodyguard lowered his head and whispered into the ear of the man in white. The dwarf then watched in silence.

“Oho, Mr. Varos. Seems like we can have another joyful cooperation today. A rat had infiltrated the dormitory and killed one of your men. Right now, he is running away with two girls.”

At the same moment, one of the thugs shouted, “Boss! We found Rock’s dead body upstairs!”

The dwarf’s pupil contracted. How did they know what happened in the dormitory before they did?

Mr. Varos stared at the bodyguard. He was holding a mirror that showed a boy and two girls escaping through the streets in the rain. Is that his ability? That meant they had been spying on the whole place ever since they got here. Fortunately, their god was not in the vicinity of the dormitory.

“Apologies, Mr. Varos. This is just for safe measures. We won’t spy on you again. I am sure you don’t want to pass up on the valuable livestock. I will let you borrow Licht, but I need to take my leave now.”


Leo brought the two young ladies out of the dormitory and was on the run. He had already sent Zomi a transmission through their connection to meet up at the campus theater. He thought everything went successfully as no one was chasing them, but sounds of vehicles approaching soon extinguished their hope of an unscathed escape.

“How? No one followed us, how did they know we went this way under the rain?” He questioned himself, while the two girls were clueless on what to do.

He ordered the two girls to hide somewhere nearby while he stayed to draw the enemy’s attention.

The vehicles finally caught up. Without stopping, the men inside the sedan fired their guns from the window at him. Leo got off the streets and escaped into the nearby park, forcing the thugs to chase on foot. In a complex terrain, normal men were no match against Leo. Even the few awakened men fell short when they closed in on him.

While Leo picked off a few thugs using the covers of the trees, he sensed an attack incoming to his left. He was able to react in time and set up his guard; but somehow, the attack went past his defense.

A punch landed on Leo’s abdomen and sent him a few meters flying until he was stopped by a tree. The tree snapped in half and he landed on his feet, but he was bewildered by what just happened.

“Leo!” Sarah shouted at a distance. The sister and the giantess had arrived after hearing the commotion nearby.

That kind of damage was only a scratch to Leo. Recovering his poise, he then saw the figure that attacked him; it was a short man with a heavy beard caressing his fist.

“Dang kid, you are tough. Is that a similar ability from one of my men you killed?” His punch was able to break through the stone skin ability, but the dwarf felt he punched multiple layers of thick steel plate.

“Well… technically I didn’t kill him, I merely assisted,” Leo still had some sarcasm inside him.

Without uttering another word, the dwarf launched forward to land another attack. This time, Leo clearly spotted the difference between what he saw and what he felt using other senses. Having learned his lesson this time around and dodged the strike instead of blocking it.

“I see… “

He thought he had it figured out. He looked at the direction of the dwarf, but charged at a slightly shifted direction. It was where the real dwarf was standing.

Before Leo could reach the dwarf, an explosive blast came from beneath. Remnants of the explosive shell lay on the ground; it was a grenade, but Leo couldn’t see or sense it. The dwarf had already read his moves and set up a trap with the help of a certain man’s ability.

“Too young, too simple, kid. Ahaha.”

However, the dwarf soon stopped laughing when he saw the boy’s body under the tattered clothes. Behind the smoke, Leo was still standing tall and burnt wounds were regenerating at an incredible speed.

Cold sweat started to drop from the dwarf’s body; he realized he was fighting a monster.


On the other side, Sarah and Zomi were stopped by a man wearing sunglasses along with several thugs attempting to surround the two. The two were walking around in circles until Zomi was able to sense the presence of this man. He was the bodyguard of the man in white suit, Licht.

“Marvelous, this makes three high quality feeds in total,” the bodyguard licked his lips.

He had to leave Mr. Varos alone to deal with that boy. The aura of the two were certainly overwhelming; but with these many armed thugs around, along with his ability, Licht was confident of coming out on top.

Sarah only has one question in her mind. The sky is cloudy and dark, why is this guy wearing sunglasses? He doesn’t seem to be blind. Does he think he looks cool like that? Oh, the second question doesn’t matter.

Jokes aside, Sarah had already by now had a grasp of this man’s ability. It was able to toy with their vision, but vision only. She ordered Zomi to deal with the mobs with guns first since the big girl was totally fine with eating the bullets. While she planned to face the queer looking man by herself.

Licht fired a shot and the bullet landed on Sarah’s arm. Unable to see where the bullets would come from, Sarah quickly maneuvered back to a corner and behind a cover to set up a defensive stance.

“Smart girl, this will limit the direction where I can attack. But I think you are underestimating me.” Licht had to quickly deal with Sarah. He had already started to hear the sounds of screams from the thugs.

He dropped his pistol and took out a blade. With a wide disturbing smirk on his face, Licht prepared to attack Sarah from the side.

She was still looking in the wrong direction. Licht widened his grin and was poised to strike. Yet, the moment he stepped in a puddle of water on the ground, his hair spiked up and his body convulsed.

Blue veins of electricity were running through the surface of Sarah’s figure. And a twitching body collapsed on the water.

“Rain water is a good conductor of electricity, did you even pass your science class in middle school? Oh wait, you didn’t even know I had an ability. You simply assumed I didn’t.”

Sarah didn’t have enough information to guess the specifics of the enemy’s ability, but she didn’t have to. If it wasn’t for dealing with this guy, she would have been at her little brother’s side by now. She ended a fight by busting the man’s skull, making sure the corpse was dead.


Once Licht’s ability was gone, the fight between Leo and Mr. Varos and his gang turned into a battle of attrition.

Leo was surrounded on all sides, but none of the thugs, including the awakened ones, were able to remain unscathed upon contact with Leo’s strikes. But for every man Leo took down, he had to tank several bullets with his body while guarding against ambushes from the dwarf.

Blood from both the enemies and Leo’s own drenched his body. The terrifying speed of Leo’s regeneration was horrifying to all those who witnessed. Mr. Varos was already cursing out his bad luck.

“Kid! How about a truce for now? We will let you go, but don’t ever come back here.”

“Fuck no! Midget.” The boy was on the borderline of insanity. The bloodlust from the killing had blurred his consciousness and he was in trance.

The arrival of Sarah and Zomi changed the balance heavily in favor of the trio. Varos wanted to surrender, but was knocked unconscious by Leo who couldn’t control himself.

Zomi mercilessly cleaned up the rest of the crew and sat on a small pile of corpses she made for herself. The corpses laid beneath Zomi’s buttock’s would have the honor and pleasure to be served as her dinner.

The battle was finally over. Sarah watched her little brother stand in the rain in solitude.

“Leo?” She called out to him but there was no response.

When she approached Leo, he smiled at his sister and fainted on top of her soft bosom. Sarah was slightly startled; she hastily checked his injuries and all the wounds had already started to clot up by his blood.

She then gently patted her little brother’s head and hugged his body deeper into her bounty.

“Lily! Wait… “

It was the voice of Shirley.

With a razor in her hand, Lily marched towards the unconscious dwarf lying on the ground. Her skin was pale and her drenched hair covered portions of her face, Lily looked like a vengeful spirit coming out of a second rated horror movie.

Sarah recognized the two girls; they must have been the reason why Leo couldn’t escape the pursuit. The fact they were here meant that Leo must have helped them, and hence the current situation. She curiously watched what Lily was going to do.

The dwarf was the one that occupied the dormitory and had his men treat every woman like sex slaves. One could say he was the second most responsible culprit for Lily’s misfortune. They shattered her pride, her self-esteem and physically assaulted her.

Lily murdered the unconscious man in cold blood, almost like torture from the number of cuts and stabs. She let the blood spray on her body, as if it was giving her joy and power.

“He must have done some horrible stuff for you to hate him this much,” Sarah was amazed, this was a side of her she never expected to see from a selfish daughter from a rich family.

However, this didn’t change the fact that she didn’t have any positive opinion about her. Seeing Leo was in this state because of her, Sarah continued with a taunt.

“They must have raped you silly due to that pretty face you are so proud of.”

Lily shifted her gaze towards Sarah. Then raised up the razor and two lines of blood appeared on her face.

Sarah widened her eyes and let out a gasp. This time Lily really had surprised her.

“Their god has something that can awaken humans. Give me that, and I will give your little brother my allegiance,” Lily spoke with a resolute voice while blood dripping from her face.

Sarah kind of wanted to remind Lily, with such lewd curves on her voluptuous body, any man would still **** her with a paper bag on her head. But seeing Lily being so serious, Sarah didn’t want to ruin the mood and break the girl’s enthusiasm.

With a slight smirk on her face, Sarah looked down on their so-called god and pointed at the corpses beneath Zomi’s rear.

“Their god produced a bunch of weaklings, what use would you have if you were like them? I will give you something better, and you will be my little brother’s bitch. You owe him this much”


Shirley, unfortunately due to her weak presence, was left to the side without a hint of existence. She was looking at Sarah with puppy eyes the whole time, but her “Onee-sama” would not notice her.

Notice me senpai!

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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