Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 29


With the night approaching and her little brother unconscious, Sarah made the call to stay at a nearby residential house for the night. After informing Catherine of their stay, Sarah solemnly carried Leo to the bed while Lily and Shirley each found their own room to dry themselves. Zomi, however, did not follow the group to feast on her dinner.

Sarah had not forgotten their original goal for coming to the campus was to help Zomi hunt her prey. She certainly did not expect to meet this much trouble. Even though the trio handled the gang with relative ease, a lot could have gone wrong and ended horribly if they looked down on their enemies.

Sarah tended to the bullet wound on her arm, which had mostly healed by now. This was her first time taking a bullet with her body, it hurt a lot. She can’t imagine how many bullets Leo had taken before he collapsed, she would probably have fainted from pain alone.

“How many should I feed?” Sarah examined the bag of crimson jellies and thought to herself.

The fight today depleted a lot of their energy. After taking a crimson jelly herself, she picked up the jellies using her lips and fed the remaining to Leo with her mouth, leaving a string of saliva between their tongues after each contact. Sarah didn’t know how many she should feed; but considering it was Leo, probably the more the better.

The constant wet exchange between their mouths turned Sarah on a little; she took the opportunity to give her little brother a hot kiss each time she fed him. Feeding by the mouth was definitely unnecessary, she simply wanted to have some fun.

Eventually, a tearing sound from the fabric of Leo’s undies could be heard; the dormant dragon had awakened from its slumber, radiating with energy and manly musk. This was an indication that she had fed enough, it was time to feed herself.

Sarah licked her lips. Even after all the injuries Leo had to regenerate through, after some food and her little brother was back on the menu and energetic as ever. She ordered herself the usual and started to savor the tip; it didn’t take long before the monster ended up deep inside her throat, passing the esophagus and poking into her chest. Unfortunately, little Leo had grown too thick that Sarah couldn’t quite take it to the base anymore.

The considerate big sister did not forget that her little brother might be thirsty after dinner and smeared Leo’s face with her love nectar, which some flowed into his mouth. The exchange was equivalent as she was injected with a full liter of thick ooze into her belly.

After Sarah cleaned up the mighty rod and gracefully wiped her mouth, she gave her little Leo a kiss and got off the bed. Sarah had not had a proper conversation with the two girls yet, she wanted to have some things taken care of while Leo was asleep.


Two knocks were sounded from the door. There was no response. But after a few seconds, another two knocks at the door followed.

” …Come in” The voice was coarse.

Sarah walked into a bedroom with a container in her hand. On the bed, there was a girl hugging her knees. The cuts on her face were still dropping with blood. Lily appeared to be deep in thought before Sarah’s visit, she looked inattentively at her visitor, waiting for the first word to be spoken.

The bottle container that was in Sarah’s hand was thrown on the bed.

“Eat up, this is the thing I promised. It is beyond your imagination.”

There was a white substance in the container; it was still hot and had a deep, sweet aroma when Lily held it in her hands.

Lily gave Sarah a deep look before gulping down the thick ooze in one setting. The initial impact of the explosive sensation was indeed beyond her imagination. She felt the heat in her stomach quickly spread through her whole body. The cuts on her face began to heal and all the fatigue she accumulated over the past several weeks almost recovered in an instant.

‘Is this what it feels like to awaken?’ Lily thought to herself before her mind was sunk deep in ecstasy.

Soon, the burning sensation reached her nether region. Clear liquid uncontrollably squirted from her once defiled flower as she tried to hold back her erotic moans. Lily felt her whole body had been raped again by an invisible force, only this time it felt much more pleasant and enticing. She gave up holding her moans and submitted her body to pleasure.

After the initial burst, spontaneous heat spikes triggered the girl into soft orgasms. None of the men at the dormitory managed to make her climax, but this thing she ate forced her to reach orgasm multiple times within a few minutes.

“Oya Oya, it seems like it has gotten stronger,” a playful smile appeared on Sarah’s face.

“What… did you feed me?” Lily asked while catching her breath. She had tears in her eyes and a half-broken expression.

“After you calmed down, come to my room if you want more. There is a price to pay for you to awaken, if you can’t stand it now, you won’t be able to hold yourself together on what is coming.”

Lily certainly felt strength coming to her body; through the heat and pleasure, she clearly felt the white substance was changing every part of her for the good. She resolved herself once again and waited for her pleasure to subside.


Lily stood before the room where Leo and Sarah resided in her lingerie. Her body was reacting heavily to a certain presence inside the room, drawing her to get closer to the source. She had a hunch something behind the door would forever change her life.

Finally, the girl harnessed the courage to open the door, what greeted her was Leo’s towering behemoth being serviced by a pair of comparatively small delicate feet. Sarah had her tender feet caressing the mighty tower while she sat on her little brother’s face. The size disparity between her foot and the girthy rod was astonishing.

The scenery was not what Lily had expected. Knowing it was Sarah, she anticipated some kind of humiliation due to their past, but certainly not sex with her little brother, at least not this soon.

The size of this monster made it seemed like all the men at the dormitory had raped her with half of a chopstick. It was beyond just big; the scale was simply inhuman. Recovering from her shock, Lily understood her intention, Sarah didn’t mean it figuratively when she said about being Leo’s bitch.

Lily wanted power to have more control over her own fate. She thought it was mockingly ironic that she was willing to use her body to prevent her body from being used again. But her defiled body was the only thing she could offer and she hadn’t planned to offer it immediately.

However, the deed was offered by her own will, partly as a token of gratitude to Leo for saving her and partly for helping her exact her revenge. It was the reason why she chose Leo as the target of her allegiance.

Lily’s body instinctively moved forward, attracted by its dominating presence. The thick manly musk of Leo’s manhood sent her sensory neurons into disarray as she collapsed on her knees and drenched the floor with a massive round of orgasm. Her heart was throbbing at the sight of Leo’s majestic tower.

Sarah smirkingly grinned as she bent the towering rod with her foot, aiming the tip at her. The orifice was dripping with pre-cum. From the smell and the viscous texture of the thick ooze, Lily finally understood everything.

“Lick it,” the queen demanded.

Lily never imagined what she ingested earlier was semen, it was way too thick and voluminous from what she had seen from any man that visited her room at the dormitory. But what surprised her more was the fact Leo’s thick ooze was able to empower her strength.

‘Guess the ridiculous thickness and volume matched the ridiculous size of that pair of testicles,’ Lily thought. At her angle, she could perfectly see the twin orbs were painfully heavy and sunk deep onto the surface of the mattress.

Lily was unable to stand. Without strength on her legs temporarily due to the constant orgasm, she crawled on the ground to meet her lips at the great tower and seeped off the pre-cum from the bulbous mushroom head. Her soft tender tongue gently swept over the surface of the behemoth to scoop off the remains, leaving strings and traces of her saliva while her mind was mesmerized by its greatness.

Sarah was amused by the sight of the once egotistical and prideful woman, who always obnoxiously spoke with a condescending attitude, was now licking Leo’s massive manhood like a dog that starved for affection from its master.

“Put it in your mouth.”

Lily gave Sarah a look but obediently followed her order. Stretching her mouth to the brim, the tip was now completely inside the girl. Lily attempted to let it slide further in; but despite her best effort, she could only take the mighty leviathan couple inches deeper into her throat.

Sarah let go of her foot, the towering rod sprung back upwards, lifting Lily’s head and her upper body along to a greater angle. The girl’s strength was too feeble compared to the veiny manhood and she could only let the monster inside her mouth dictate her posture.

Lily continued to warm the manhood in her mouth. Sarah got up and walked on the bed to her.

Suddenly, Sarah pressed her right foot on the back of Lily’s head, pressing Lily against the mighty rod and forcibly thrust it further into her throat. Now, a respectable length of the throbbing beast found itself deep inside the warmth of a tender girl, dislocating her jaws, stretching her throat and displacing a few bones along the way. Lily was still a normal human and didn’t have the body constitution of women in Leo’s family.

Lily almost lost consciousness; she wasn’t able to breathe and her insides were being torn apart, but drops of pre-cum from the orifice of the monster inside her was giving her life support, keeping her hung by the thread. Yet, the showering sprinkles of clear fluid coming out of her rear that drenched the floor behind told a different experience.

Sarah lightened the pressure on her foot to let Lily’s head back up, but mercilessly pushed her down again to let the towering rod thrust as deeply as possible. The rhythm continued; Lily lost herself within the scent of Leo’s manhood.

Finally, Lily was rewarded with a thick burning lava torrent through her stomach and innards. The same ecstasy enveloped her to an even greater height as more strength was coming back to her body. But the deed wasn’t done, Sarah mercilessly stepped down on her head once again and pushed the thickening rod even deeper inside her. Leo wasn’t even done with his climax.

Lily had to take the brunt of Leo’s 2nd serving before Sarah completely let go of her foot. Thick ooze was dripping out of Lily’s nostril and the sides of her mouth due to the overwhelming pressure. Sarah enjoyed the silly look on Lily’s face.

After pulling out the monster, she immediately collapsed on Leo’s crotch, basking herself within the bastion of Leo’s oozing hormone. Sarah let the girl rest, Lily’s body was convulsing heavily, and with each pulse, clear liquids would continue to burst out from her rear.

Sarah stared out the window; the rain had ended and the dark clouds had dispersed, revealing a full moon that shone upon all who were guilty of living. Moonlight reflected on Sarah’s figure, polished her skin with jade like luster and outlined the erotic curvature of her well-endowed body.

Lily could only gaze at her rival in defeat. Sarah was indeed superior, she outmatched her in every way.

“You have feelings for Leo, don’t you?” Sarah suddenly spoke out. But before Lily could respond, the sister continued, “It was why you specifically mentioned him when you asked to trade yourself for power. I thought I found that strange.”


“I don’t even need to think with my knee to know what a bunch of thugs would do to a girl like you. Could it be because my little brother saved you from hell so you fell in love with him? You are surprisingly pure.”

“Is this where the humiliation begins?” Lily hadn’t forgotten about Sarah’s mischievousness.

“No, I am happy Leo got himself a new toy.”

” …My body is tainted.”

“Oh my, what happened to your usual confidence? But no matter, sit your butt here and let’s see something interesting,” Sarah patted on Leo’s muscle toned abs.

Strength had returned to Lily’s body and she climbed up to Leo’s body. She sat on the abdomen and then understood what Sarah meant by something interesting.

“Let’s see how deep this monster will be when it is inside you.”

Sarah pushed Lily’s body forward and the towering thick rod protruded between Lily’s thighs was pressing against her stomach. It was above her navel and just directly below her bosom.

She pointed her finger above Lily’s crotch, covered by the girth of a certain manhood.

“Did they reach here?”

Lily understood what that meant and nodded her head.

“How about here?” Sarah’s finger slid upward by a couple inches.

Lily shook her head.

“Seems like they didn’t even get close to the entrance. You see, you are still a virgin to me if you didn’t even have your womb get destroyed by this monster. If you put this thing in, I bet what all the thugs did to you would have felt like foreplay. I think you can already tell my little Leo will be heading straight into your deepest part.”

Even though her breasts blocked the view of the oversized member beneath her chest, Lily could still feel its heat and its overwhelming size. But instead of feeling intimidated, her body was feeling excited; it felt totally different from seeing the repulsive puny meat slicks of the men in the dormitory.

Lily turned her body; she already couldn’t control herself and started to rub her dripping flower against the great wood. As expected of a girl of high status, she is quite talented, Sarah thought.

Finally, Lily inserted the tip, and within a couple inches into her body, Leo’s great tower was already knocking on the entrance of her inner sanctuary. She looked beneath her bulge at the unbelievable length left outside, but the rod had already reached the territory uncharted by others.

With the monster at the doorstep, Lily truly felt she was still a virgin. The girth alone had stretched away all the residual memories of others that intruded her sacred garden. She felt her body was being cleansed as all her cells resonated with the great beast inside her.

Seeing her in such a state of ecstasy, Sarah respectfully left the room to the two. The door was closed with Lily impaled on Leo’s towering rod. Lily won’t need any more help on submitting herself to Leo’s raging manhood.


Sarah visited Shirley’s room; she didn’t completely forget about her cute little follower in school. Opening the unlocked door, a girl with a petite body was hugging a pillow as she stared at the moonlight outside of the window.

Seeing Sarah’s sudden entrance, the girl flustered, quickly got up from bed, but only to realize she was in her lingerie. Shirley frantically held to her non-existent bounty and embarrassingly looked at Sarah with a flushed face.

“Shirley! you are cute as ever,” Sarah walked up close and gave the petite girl a hug. Given the height difference, Shirley did not miss the opportunity to sink her head deeper into the generous valley of Sarah’s bosom and greedily inhaled the sweet fragrance of her “Onee-Sama’s” scent.

“Sarah! I missed you. I missed you so much,” tears stained the fabrics on Sarah’s chest.

“Good girl, calm down. I am glad to see you alive,” Sarah gently stroked Shirley’s hair, like a benevolent mother soothing her child.

“I also brought something for you,” Sarah handed over a similar container to Shirley, one must ask where she always kept all these containers on her.

However, the sister did not intend for Shirley to serve Leo. Shirley’s fragile and petite body might really break in a literal sense if she let a monster of that size inside her.

Without a doubt, Shirley obediently consumed whatever Sarah handed over and erotic moments of the frail girl followed. Sarah helped the girl to “cum” down from the effect of Leo’s thick ooze and Shirley was relieved and slept with a smile on her face. By the time the deed was over, at least an hour must have passed by.


Returning to Leo’s room, Lily laid unconsciously on top of Leo with the raging behemoth still stuck in her body. Thick white substances were still oozing out from their intersection. Judging from the swell on Lily’s stomach, she probably squeezed off more than she can chew.

“Good grief, she is still greedy like before.”

Pulling the plug off Lily’s flower, the thick ooze overflowed the bed. Sarah left her lay wasted in the puddle of thick ooze as she carried her little brother to a clean bed in another room. It was the sister’s turn to make a mess of herself.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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