Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 30


Leo woke up to the pressure of a pair of soft pillows pressing against his chest and the tingling tickle of air breathed in his ear. When he opened his eyes, he saw his sister was lying on top of him, still asleep with a demeanor of bliss and a line of drool running from the corner of her mouth.

Confused on what to do, Leo instinctively tried to get out of Sarah’s embrace. However, as his body moved, the sister let out an erotic moan and breathed heavily on his face. He was subconsciously so accustomed to the warmth surrounding his manhood, he did not realize his monster was still stuck deep within the sister’s womb. The size of his behemoth guaranteed his every movement would stir a sensitive spot.

The sister finally woke up; she rubbed her eyes and looked at Leo’s face beneath her.

“Sarah… ?” Leo questioned.

It took a moment before she realized the situation she was in and her face quickly turned red. However, she did not fret, instead she immediately gave Leo a deep hot kiss before he could say anything else.

Sarah also fainted from riding little Leo yesterday night and didn’t wake up before her brother did. Rather than trying to salvage the situation, after the French kiss, she stared into Leo’s eyes and whispered.

“Fuck me… and don’t say anything.”

“Errrm… ?” Leo was dumbfounded and could only blink his eyes at Sarah.

Right… Leo was only a twelve-year-old innocent boy (NOT), he was genuinely confused when the sister used such a vulgar word.

“Just move your hips like when we were in the showers.”

Leo understood and began to thrust; he felt the movements were familiar to him, as if he had done this before; even the tightness and warmth surrounding his manhood felt familiar, it was a nice feeling.

However, he couldn’t believe the face his sister was making when he simply moved his body. The broken expression and tears in her eye almost made him question if she was his sister; it was a side of Sarah the little brother had never seen. In fear of breaking his sister, Leo’s movements slowly got gentler.

In Sarah’s perspective, every time he moved his hips, electric surges would rush to the brain and send her into bliss. Due to Leo’s inhuman strength, every thrust packs a powerful punch. He had a relaxed blank expression, yet she couldn’t even keep composure on her face. It somehow felt different when Leo was the one moving. She could only hope she would remain sane after this.


It was morning and a sunny day. The long awaited sunlight once again illuminated the land and brightened the mood of many. Numerous survivors around the city would take this rare opportunity once in the past several weeks for a pleasant looting trip.

Lily and Shirley woke up to the loud erotic moans coming from Leo’s room. The two met in the living room and were forced to enjoy the chorus. Sarah could no longer hold back her voice when her little brother was the one in charge.

“Waaah… could they be doing… that?” Shirley’s face was bright red, those were similar sounds she heard in the dormitory, except they were all in painful tones instead of this.

“Yes.” Lily blankly nodded.

Shirley had a hopeless face as if she just found out her goddess, her role model and her beacon of light was engaging in such a blasphemous act. Lily expressionlessly watched the short girl zone out into space and murmur gibberish repetitively like a broken machine.

The two waited until the moaning sound stopped, and after a long session in the shower, Sarah walked out of the room all dressed up. The tender luster on her skin showed that she had been well nourished and hydrated.

Two containers were in her hands, the contents inside seemed steamy and hot. She threw the containers towards the two girls.

“Here, breakfast. Eat it quick before Leo comes out.”

Lily stared at Sarah’s bottom.

“Heh, don’t worry, they are all freshly produced, straight from the source.”

“Huh? What?” Shirley was confused.

Lily nodded and gulped down the content in one go, Shirley followed suit, which she choked on. Then, it was time for Sarah to enjoy their moans. Shirley did not dare to question the origin of the content; it was giving her power and she wholeheartedly trusted Sarah.

“We should head to the dormitory first.”

Coming out of the shower, Leo saw everyone was in place and spoke out, went straight to the point and attempted to ignore the previous awkwardness they might have from the moans that came out of his room.

“Yeah, let’s clean up the rest; there should be only small flies left.” Sarah asserted.

“There are a lot of big sisters trapped inside, if they could be saved.” Shirley added.

Sarah’s eyes lit up for a brief second, but no one caught that.

With the plan agreed upon, the four marched on to the dormitory.


The group faced absolutely no resistance when they marched through the front gate to the dormitory lobby. Instead, they met a bunch of women gathered at the first floor having a meeting. The women were all lightly dressed, revealing their ripe figures; but bruises were marked all over their abused bodies. Only women who were top grade were kept alive to service the gang, the rest had been made into offerings to their god.

Leo wasn’t sure where to look. He was accustomed to seeing Sarah and Catherine exposing their skin but that was because they were family. He still would get embarrassed from seeing other women revealing so much of their bodies.

After all they had gone through, these women wouldn’t flinch just because they were seen by a young boy; rather, many of them thought he was cute. However, they were cautious of strangers and only lowered their guard when they saw Lily and Shirley.

“Lily, Shirley. Who are they and do you know what happened to the gang?” A woman with a motherly figure spoke out. She had a kind and gentle expression on her face with her droopy eyes, which made her a popular target for abuse like Lily.

“They are the one that saved me and Shirley, they killed Mr. Varos and his men that chased after us. What happened to the rest of the men here?” Lily was surprised that none of the thugs were here.

Lily’s words caused an intense commotion among the women. They were all swept by the shock of the news; some fervently celebrated amongst their friends and some even cried out loud. The stress from the physical abuse and psychological trauma were all let out at this moment.

Rather than simply believing Lily’s words, they had already anticipated as much. It was just that the fear from the gang had suppressed them from believing such a thing was true. Hearing the news from Lily only helped confirm the case and wiped their final doubt.

“Mr. Varos took out several men to chase after you and Shirley. Only several men returned a few hours later. The men had us all locked up upstairs and held a meeting among themselves. The next thing we know they all hurriedly left the place overnight. Thank you for freeing us,” wiping her tears, the woman with droopy eyes responded.

“Thank you so much, we are free at last!”

“Did you really kill those guys? Some of them were superhumans.”

“Yeah! How did you kill them?”

Several questions were thrown out by other women. They all had hatred in their eyes when mentioning the thugs. If any of them had keen senses, they should be able to tell the immense pressure coming from the siblings were tiers above Mr. Varos and the rest of his gang, that by itself would have answered the questions. As normal humans, they could only notice the strong charisma from the siblings. Especially Leo, several women’s hearts raced or felt their bodies throbbing when they saw him. They wondered why.

Victims ravaged by the cruelty of this world may have their minds weakened, and are more easily drawn to the sources of power that allures them. Such was the nature of the world now.

Leo noticed several heated gazes from the group of women and felt a bit uncomfortable. Small drops of cold sweat appeared on his head.

‘What is wrong with these women? They look like they want to eat me alive.’ Leo thought.

He wasn’t so shy to show the awkwardness on his face, but made an excuse to escape the lobby by volunteering to scout the area.

Sarah noticed this and smiled. She gave a long whisper into Lily’s ear and left. Lily had a look of amazement on her face as she watched Sarah walk out of the dormitory. Shirley wanted to go after Sarah but was told to stay. Finally, Lily turned her glance back to the group.

“The answers are not important now. Do you girls have a plan moving forward?” Lily asked.

“…,” silence ensued in the crowd.

Lily sighed.


Close behind the theater building was the campus garden. If the siblings were to head back inside the theater, they would see that the withered gore nest and the corpse of the host were gone, replaced by an infestation of thick tree vines.

The siblings met up with Zomi at the garden entrance. At this distance, the trio could see the soaring great wood looming over the green house. The power level they sensed from the tree gave the trio confidence that they could take it on together. There was nothing left impeding them from the final battle.

They even prepared Molotovs on the way to the garden. A tree must be weak against fire, right? Leo also switched his weapon from a fire axe to a wood cutting double bit axe, something easily attainable in Walmart in this day and age. It should deal 50% extra damage against tree-like enemies, hopefully that’s the case. Not that the siblings would know what to do against a living tree monster, they trust that Zomi will handle that front.

It was rare to see Zomi this excited; Leo can feel the adrenaline through the link between them. Leo held the giantess’s hand and their gaze met each other’s eyes. Zomi’s quickly reverted back to normal.

As they walked past the vine filled front yard, Leo suddenly spoke out, “Why do I hear boss music?”

“Must be your imagination, you played too many games,” Sarah shook her head and replied.

Finally, the trio had arrived at the interior of the garden. The expansive garden was only occupied by a great tree nesting at the center. By now, it had more swollen orb spots growing out of its trunk, glowing with ominous color and light.

The path behind them was sealed off by vines and roots, the tree began to tremble and the building started to shake; it had been waiting for the trio as well. Normal humans or even average awakened beings no longer satisfied the tree’s appetite. Beguiled by its hunger, the mutated tree let them unimpeded into its deepest part of the garden to trap its prey inside.

Sarah lit up a Molotov and aimed straight at its trunk. The fire spread on the tree and an inhuman scream sounded from its body. Under the flames, a disturbing humanoid face began to form out of the tree trunk. Soon, tree saps began oozing out from the trunk and extinguished the flame. However, the burn mark on the body was still clearly visible.

“Watch out from the ground! Dodge!” Leo shouted.

Several roots surged from the earth and attempted to strike the trio with their spear heads. With ample time to react, Sarah and Leo easily dodged the roots, but Zomi grabbed the root with her two hands and pulled the rest of the length out from the earth.

At the joint of the tree root, a swelling orb was glowing with faint light, similar to the ones on the tree trunk. Leo was the first to react and chopped the orb in half, splashing out the green unknown liquid from the wound.

The tree once again cried in pain. One of its trade-offs to gain mobility with its roots and vines was that it would also inherit the biological features that came along with motor movement. Weaknesses such as being more vulnerable to slashing damage and the ability to enjoy pain were also part of the deal.

Understanding the tentacles needed to be dealt with first, the trio began to move closer to take down the appendage one by one. Even with the numerical superiority of the tentacles, a tree is a tree, its movements with the roots and vines were a lot slower than the agile trio. Furthermore, getting pierced by one of these things was only at the same level as getting shot once or twice, Leo could attest to this.

However, the trio quickly noticed for every wound on their body, their stamina was slowly being drained away by the tentacles. Hence, the trio hastened to clear them out.

At a certain moment, Zomi noticed an opening charged directly towards the tree. Her eyes were glowing with red gleams and a faint sadistic smile appeared on her face. The tree instinctively felt horrified and re-directed all of its tentacles towards Zomi.

It was too late. Zomi skillfully dodged all the strikes even with her large stature and the rest of the tentacles were stopped by the siblings. The tree tried to entangle her legs at the base of its roots but that didn’t stop her from reaching the trunk. With an intimidating aura and bloodlust, the giantess flattened the palm and fingers of her hand into a spear and thrust it deeply into the forehead of the grotesque face on the tree.

Thick veins appeared along the length of Zomi’s arm, powerful throbbing appeared throughout the giantess’ body. Her already gigantic breast expanded, stretched and ripped open her tight T-shirt, then returned back to the normal size. The big girl was absorbing nutrients from the tree, taking back what it had stolen from the trio with extra added interest and tax.

The great tree panicked, another loud scream ensued. The whole building began to tremble violently as more and more roots were upheaved from the earth. However, as it pulled out all of its roots from the earth, the ground collapsed to an enormous underground corridor from beneath.

As they fell into the collapsing ground, Sarah and Leo held on to each other and Zomi let go of her hand to dodge the retaliation from behind. Soon, they landed onto a vast man-made underground expanse that was the campus subway station.

The tree had its tentacles rooted so deep into the earth; it destroyed the structural integrity of the station below and caused the collapse. However, within Leo and Sarah’s mind, they would call this Tofu-engineering as people would have called it on the news. Seemed like some budget disappeared into thin air when they built the subway station.

The tree was no longer attached to earth and revealed its vast network of roots from its base. It lay diagonally on the ground as if it had fallen from grace.

Sarah quickly lit up the few Molotovs left on them and tossed them at the base of the roots. The scream from the tree almost sounded like someone had its rear burnt from fire. While the tree monster was distracted, Zomi approached the tree trunk once again and pierced her hand into its face. The tree lost control of its tentacles in panic and attacked everything at random.

“We will guard Zomi’s rear, let her do her thing,” Leo said as he communicated with the giantess internally.


Several tentacles still pierced through Zomi’s back, but before they could effectively drain any energy, they would be quickly dismantled by the siblings. As time passed, the resistance slowly got weaker, eventually all of the glowing spots on the tree’s trunk faded and roots were left unanimated lifelessly.

Leo watched the tree monster die in this pitiful way, he was expecting the second phase of the fight to be a lot tougher. Guess the real world was a lot more forgiving than DarkSouls even in an apocalypse.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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