Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 31

The tree had withered from its roots, but it was far from being fully desolated. The giantess’s body was brimming with energy and her aura thickened. As the veins in Zomi’s arm settled down, she retracted her hand; the giantess had absorbed enough from the tree to move on to the next phase of her action.

Zomi turned her lustful gaze at Leo; it was the first time the big girl ever showed emotion this vividly and maturely. The giantess looked like she was in heat; her flushed red cheeks combined with her innocent baby face was both angelic and seductive at the same time.

“Zomi? What are you…”

Myriad of signal messages from Zomi using the link was bombarding Leo’s brain. They all roughly translated to of becoming her mate, her partner, intense mating and evolution. The signals from Zomi to make love were so transparent and aggressive in Leo’s mind, the boy flustered and his heart throbbed accordingly. He had already accepted Zomi’s proposal. After all, the link between Zomi and Leo was planted at the very beginning because Zomi recognized Leo as her mate and master.

The giantess walked forward to the boy with clear fluid flowing out from her bottom and dripped to the ground. Leo felt her figure became more attractive with every step and felt he was close to losing control of himself.

They both deeply looked at each other in the eyes. The big girl bent her waist and covered Leo’s mouth with her own. It was a kiss, but Zomi did not understand such concept. She was simply feeding the boy some milk. Leo felt warm and sweet liquid began to flow into his mouth, it was the nutrient Zomi absorbed from the tree.

Heat started to build up within the boy, especially at the nether region. Leo’s mind became hazy and he began to let his primal instinct take control. Finally, a colossal member broke out of his pants and stood at its full glory. The behemoth was much larger, veiny and menacing than his normal erected state; it looked massively disproportionate with Leo’s body figure. Leo was still somewhat conscious, but there was no self-control left in him.

Zomi licked her lips at the sight of the colossus. She swiftly turned around, clung herself onto a wall to lift up her hip, spread her rear cheeks and fully offered the two sacred openings to her master. A convenient and well-placed rock happened to be in front of Leo and served as an elevated pedestal for him to insert his monster in its rightful place.

With her large figure and inhumane body constitution, no ordinary men would be capable of making her feel anything. It’s easy to imagine a normal human’s thing would literally feel like a small pinky to Zomi due to her stature. However, her master’s current size was the polar opposite of that; it will be the only tool that can satisfy Zomi in every way.

Leo’s beast mode was fully activated; he pounced on the giantess and ruthlessly inserted his gargantuan rod into Zomi’s rear hole, stretching the depth with his girth. With every thrust, the debris and the ground cracked under their force.

Zomi laid her massive bounty bare on the wall, pressing the concrete with the momentum of Leo’s thrust, which deformed concrete wall into two cracks with the shape of her globe. The savagery level of intercourse here would baffle any human.

The sister sat at the sideline and joyfully enjoyed the scene, watching Leo conducting intercourse with other women had become part of her hobby. The wreckage created by the violent intercourse between Leo and Zomi was amusing to see. They were crushing rocks and bending steels left and right. It seemed like that her little brother had a liking for the rear hole, the sister will take note of that.

A few orgasms did not put a dent into their stamina. Being unable to blow out the pent-up loads quickly enough, Leo held onto Zomi’s thigh and lifted up the giantess from behind. The two looked strangely comical in this position as the giantess was much larger in stature compared to the boy.

Leo dug deeper into Zomi’s rear and vented out endless amount of thick premium protein shake; however, Zomi’s stomach barely bulged as she was fully absorbing it all into her body.

Finally, the giantess reached her maximum capacity. She turned around within Leo’s grasp and pushed the boy down to the ground with the rod inside of her. Zomi hastily gave Leo another deep kiss and more unknown fluid flowed into the boy’s mouth.

Upon the kiss, the boy heard faint words from Zomi in his hazy mind, then he fell unconscious again upon ingesting the unknown fluid. The giantess took this moment to separate herself from the boy and approached Sarah with her usual blank innocent face.

“Zomi? What did you do to Leo?” Sarah asked suspiciously.


Zomi stood before the sister and also bent down to give Sarah the same fluid through a kiss. The sister felt vigor returned to her body and her strength re-vitalized; it did not have any other adverse effect. At last, Zomi whispered into Sarah’s ear.

“Thank you.” Soft angelic voice was heard.

The sister’s expression widened; it was the first time she heard Zomi spoken any words. For some reason, tears began to form in her eyes. Sarah hugged the giantess and buried her head in those massive pair of marshmallows; she had a feeling that she won’t be able to feel those bounties again for a while.

Zomi walked herself back to the tree. She found a spot underneath the trunk and pierced her hand into the tree again. Tree vines were re-animated and formed up to encase Zomi in a sphere. The next thing Sarah knew, Zomi was in a transparent membrane cocoon attached to the tree much like what the siblings saw from a gore nest.

The giantess finally met all of her requirements for the next tier of evolution; she will be hibernating until her transformation is complete. Sarah could only hope to see Zomi awaken again soon.

However, just as Sarah was giving her emotional farewell to Zomi, a figure stood up from behind and startled the sister.

Leo’s raging boner had not died down; it still retained the same empowered size from earlier. Judging from the heavy breathing and the bloodshot eyes, Sarah could see the boy was still in his frenzied state. Leo was staring straight at his sister’s body.


There was no way the sister was taking that oversized monstrosity into her body; not humanely possible regardless how sturdy her enhanced body was. That thing was thicker than her legs and for the first time, the sister felt frightened at the sight of her little brother’s behemoth.


Back at the dormitory, several bottle containers were placed on a table. These were spoils of war from the heated intercourse of yesterday’s night with Leo. Sarah already developed the habit of storing strategic resource every night with the boy whenever she had a chance.

The group of women fiercely stared at the containers. The intensity of the atmosphere was breathtaking and the odor alone was overtaking their minds. Every single female in the lobby could feel it; the potent power of what lied within these containers. Their bodies were calling out to them and craving to consume what’s inside.

“This is all we have for now, who wants to be the first?” Lily held back the urge to take them all for herself and brought the containers back to the dormitory.

Lily had already explained to the women here the origin of these boiling thick ooze and what they can do to their bodies. They all shown an unbelievable look when they heard these potions were single handedly produced from the boy they met earlier. The amount here was probably more fertile than the whole gang combine. Some of the women were already having strange fantasies about the boy.

Shirley hugged her knee at a corner with an expression devoid of hope when she learned what Sarah had been feeding her. Confused and lost, she repeatedly murmured “I have been violated” with lifeless tone. Shirley was questioning her life at this point; she escaped **** and humiliation from the thugs but was fed semen by the dearest friend she trusted.

“I will go first.” A woman in her early thirties stood up. She was one of the women that instinctively attracted by the boy. The siblings didn’t spot her from the group of women before, but she was Leo’s homeroom teacher in his current grade and one of Sarah teachers in middle school.

The woman took a container and sniffed it at her nose, the strong built-up smell temporary paralyzed her olfactory system. It was difficult for her to believe that young man was Leo, he used to be a small and docile boy in her class; but he produced all this.

She took a dip with her tongue, entranced by its taste then quickly chugged down the whole bottle. The ecstasy that followed overridden all her cruel memories when she had to service the thugs. Tears began to flow from her eyes as she gave a spectacle of her intense climax in front of everyone in the lobby.

The spectators were all holding their mouths in astonishment on what the semen was doing to the woman. Lily was amazed once again even though she experienced it first-hand just last night, but kept a calm demeanor.

“So… who is next?”

“I will” This time was a tall and slender college girl. She had a sharp and determined look. This woman was the student council president of the college and her reputation still proceeded her even now among the girls in the dormitory.

Five women were awakened that day at the dormitory, and soon more will follow.


On the way back home.

“Errr…my body feels sore and sluggish, and why is my hair exploded into an afro?”

Sarah looked at her brother apologetically. She had to use her power to calm him down, which was super effective and it could be useful again in the future.

“And this giant hole in my pants, I can’t go home like this”

“You can, everyone in the house has already seen it” Sarah whispered to herself.

“What?” Leo thought he heard something

“…Nothing. Zomi fed you some stuff and you went unconscious. A lot of stuff happened after that.”

“Why do I feel like I heard that before?”

“Because you did” The sister finally let out a mischievous grin. “Let’s get you some cloths before we head home”

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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