Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 32


Upon the sibling’s return, the family went on with their business as usual, with the exception of Sharon. The aunt could no longer hold back her heat and openly begged her nephew to quench her thirst during the day.

Under the encouragement of Sarah and the defeated look of Catherine, Leo went inside his aunt’s room alone and laid siege to every fortress from the rear garden to the high oracle. The last virginity of Sharon was taken when Leo accidentally inserted the wrong entrance due to him being too nervous.

When the mother and the sister entered the aftermath of Leo’s rampage, the woman obviously fainted; she had her gaping rear and flower still stretched a fistful. Leo’s towering rod was no longer enlarged like before, but it didn’t quite return to normal. The behemoth still can have a mild second erection if Leo gets too excited. It will take sometimes for Sharon before her gaping holes can shrink back to normal.

During the same day, the sister barged into Leo’s shower in her high school swim suit; it somehow had more appeal than when she was naked. She offered to scrub his back but ended up scrubbing his dormant dragon instead.

While pressing her breast on Leo’s back, the sister whispered into Leo’s ear.

“Be confident with yourself, Leo. You have the tool to dominate any women. Look what you did to aunty, the way she looked at you now. I am looking at you the same way.”

Leo thought Sarah was doing this to bring them closer together; but in reality, the naughty sister had a grander plan in mind for her little brother. The showering session went on normally as one would expect, the little brother fed Sarah dinner and clogged the toilet with his enriched cheese.


Several days had passed since then, the family’s routine had slightly shifted. Now every morning when Leo opened his eyes, he would see Sarah and Sharon sleeping besides him, hugging his arm with their soft bounties. Sometimes Leo woke up to the feeling of his rod being serviced by the tongues of those two naughty women. He even saw multiple mark of kisses on his twin orbs.

The boy treated this as if it was normal, but he was deeply perplexed in his mind. Sarah had become more aggressive in demanding all kinds of play with her little brother. Even before considering the immoral behaviors of their deeds, Leo simply didn’t really know what to do with his relationships with the sister. He would be even more perplexed if he knew his mother had been partaking in the milking every night. The boy could only put on a façade of imperturbation and numb himself within the immoral pleasure.

The aunt was not part of his worries because she was simply too perverted and carefree. She would go out to her strolls almost every day and come back late at night. The only times Leo saw her in the house was when she begged for sex, which rendered her immobilized for the day, or in the morning playing with his manhood. Every time Leo saw the women in heat, it always seemed that she was having the blast of her life riding on top of him.


The young mother had finally agreed to her daughter on venturing further outside of the neighborhood. It was about time they needed to scavenge for new supplies. Talking to Sharon and the local survivors, they had convinced her that the areas had been safe. Sharon volunteered to tag along their little trip to the shopping district, she had gotten slightly bored babysitting the local scavengers.

The two women and a little girl first headed towards the survivor base, where they entered a large commercial building.

“Yo, red head. You are a bit of early today, and seemed like you brought company.” A ripped old man greeted Sharon from behind the counter with his usual loud voice. “Hoho! And this little girl, aren’t you a brave one coming out here. Have some candy.”

Mindy politely refused the sweets as she continued to inspect the surrounding. They were in a former restaurant; groups of survivors were hanging out at their respective table discussing their plans for the day and waiting for volunteers to join their group. She can sense several awakened humans amongst them, including the old man. The second black mist saw an explosive rise of naturally awakened humans.

At the back was a bulletin board, mainly for trading necessities and issuing quest to hunt down certain mutated zombie or beast for their drops. The rewards were clearly labeled, but were also up to bargain. The place was definitely not an adventure guild hall and Mindy definitely didn’t transmigrate to another world.

“Morning old man. We are heading north today, any groups we can tag along?

Unlike the others in her family, Sharon was more social and wasn’t afraid of joining other survivors for her casual stroll. Sarah and Catherine liked to avoid others to minimize complications; Sharon was the opposite, she loved complication. This can keep her entertained in an age of no Wi-Fi.

“To Queen’s crossing? The horde passing by that place was confirmed to have left almost a week ago, now all the lads are rushing north. A new colony also migrated there. Though I did hear rumors of a new type of monster that looked like eldritch horrors straight out from the books, but the group I talked to said they easily dealt with it.”

Mindy looked back at her mother; Cindy’s demeanor was calm. The little girl knew that the one chased them that day was definitely a patriarch of those monsters; it was rare and unlucky of them to encounter it. The pack that had gotten into this world should be left without a leader now, which made them even less of a threat.

“Now… Considering the little girl and her mother, I think Violet’s team would be best for you girls.” The old man scratched his beard then pointed upwards. “They are still upstairs, catch them before they leave.”

“Ah, her. We will be in good hands then. Thanks, old man.”

Sharon confidently walked past the tables under the lustful gaze of men, Cindy and Mindy quickly followed her. The aunt was wearing tight jeans and naturally walked in such way that made her curve even more appealing, but none dared to make a move to flirt. The woman was hot as the scorching sun, but she can make people freeze like the Siberian winter. Sharon was pretty well known at this point.

Mindy was very familiar with these kinds of gaze. Her mother was preyed upon by men with the same looks and she had also experienced it when she was grown up. She can feel the piercing stares on her bottom as she walked up the stairs. Not all men were unruly, but there bound to be a few in every group.

At the corner of the 2nd floor was a round table occupied by mostly women. Some had average looks and some were beauties even by their standard. Two young men were amongst them, seemed like they were cuddling with their respective partner.

“Hey Violet, heard you are heading to the shopping district, we will be in your care today” Sharon walked straight to the group.

“Sharon, you are always welcome onboard. And this is most impressive, you brought two more awakened with you, especially a little girl this young.” A purple haired women spoke in a composed and steady manner. She sat at the center and had a novel in her hand; not many survivors had the leisure to read books.

“Hiya Sharon, you are looking hot today as usual.” Another red head welcomed Sharon with energetic glee. She had her legs lifted and rested her feet on the table. The tanned girl with ebony skin was wearing hot pants, which revealed the full view of her skull crushing thighs and slender long legs. A man was caught staring at her thighs by his partner and was pinched at the waist.

The only downside of her figure was the chest. Or maybe it was a positive feature, who knows? The non-existent bosom was as flat as the airfield runway, even Mindy had a larger bloom than the girl.

“Hello Jean, you are looking flat today as usual.”

That nailed right where it hurt the most. The tanned girl looked at Sharon and Cindy, the two pairs of giant useless lumps of fat bounced as they walked; she felt dejected. Then she saw the sprout on the little girl, she began to question her existence in this world.

Violet and Jean were the only two awakened in this female dominated the group, but the rest of the women were all well-equipped. Two was a decent number by all standards. There was an unconventional rule of having at least one awakened in a scavenging group to deal with any mutated threats; otherwise, the areas a group can go would be severely limited as more mutated zombies and beasts roamed the city.

Sharon ignored the heartbroken Jean and sat in front of Violet to discuss their actions for the day. She introduced Cindy and Mindy; everyone was happy to have two more awakened in the group.

In the midst of conversation, the tanned girl recovered her spirit almost immediately and sat next to Mindy.

“Hey, hey. Cutie. Yes you.” Jean softly whispered to the little girl with a friendly smile. “How old are you.”

“Nine and a half, I think”

“What? Incredible…what did your mommy feed you for you to get so big…here?” Jean pointed to her chest.

Mindy paused for a moment, then mischievously smiled and replied back to the tanned girl.

“I am not sure, but Mommy started feeding me some heavy cheese yogurt then I began to grow.” Mindy looked at Jean’s sparkling eyes. “Maybe I can bring you some next time? They taste really good!”

Jean immediately held on to Mindy’s hand with her own.

“You are now my non-blood related sister!”

Cindy listened to their conversation with a sigh; she wasn’t sure if she should interfere in that exchange. The young mother will have to remind Mindy to tell Jean that she should only eat the yogurt when she is alone.

“Ok ladies, it is time for us to head out. The destination will be Queen’s crossing shopping zone. Today’s priority will be daily consumables such as tissues, yes that kind of tissue, and of course food and water.” Violet stood up and announced the objectives. Then, she looked at the two men mingling with their girl. “Are you boys tagging along?”

“Yes madam!” Two voices sounded simultaneously.

“Fine, don’t try to show off and let your guard down like last time. I am sure the ladies here won’t be impressed.”

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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