Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 34


The group of women and two men cleared a path to Queen’s crossing with ease as they carefully treaded the corpse rotten streets, having five awakened in a group was a tremendous fire power.

Everyone, including Cindy, was impressed how Mindy faired herself in combat. The little girl probably had the sharpest and most decisive strikes within the group and looked to be experienced with her movements. The young mother was doing well also. Violet observed this and furthered her desire to have Cindy and Mindy join their group as permanent members.

“Impressive, Mindy. Where did you learn all that?” However, just as Violet wanted to strike up a conversation, a gunshot was heard.

One of the men shot a zombie that tried to ambush him and his girl. He held his girlfriend tight in one arm against his chest while maintained the posture of shooting a gun with the other. The guy must have thought he looked super cool.

“For fuck sakes you are going to get us all killed one day. We got lucky the last time, what do you think would happen if we attracted a swarm?” Jean was extremely irritated and berated the guy.

“But we got ambushed, this one was hiding in the corner.” The guy retorted.

“I am so sorry, but he was trying to save me.” The girl defended her boyfriend.

“If you two would follow the group closer, then there shouldn’t had been any issues. I hope there won’t be a next time.” Violet calmly said.

“Tsk.” The man nodded his head and no one saw his discreet act of distaste.


At the shopping district, the group split up to salvage supplies after making sure the perimeter was cleared. Cindy and Mindy naturally formed their own team. Violet and Jean each led a few women with them. The two pair of couples decided to form their own as always, the men always professed that they can protect their girl from any danger.

Violet apologetically asked Sharon to help look after the two couples. She didn’t like the fact the they always took their girls and separated themselves away from either herself or Jean. Preferably, the two awakened in the group, Violet and Jean would each lead a team and that’s it. She understood that the men had their prides; but it was putting them in unnecessary risk even though they just cleared the area. Yet, she also didn’t want to be the bad guy and persuade the two girls to leave their boyfriend.

Sharon immediately understood her concern and let out an intrigued smile. It was time for another round of babysitting; but it might prove to be more interesting with the two couples.


Mindy was back at the department store men’s restroom. The young mother was outside picking out useful supplies. The little girl mustered up her resolves and looked at the cracked mirror. “I hope they are still there.” She murmured to herself then raised her axe to shatter the glass.

The wall behind the mirror also collapsed along the shattered glass. Covered by a thin fabric of space and time, an unstable rift was revealed. It was alternating in size and color and had an illusory image, as if it will disappear anytime.

The rift began to stabilized under her eyes; but it was also getting smaller. Then, from the portal of the rift, a small of faint light ball flew out, quickly disappeared within the room, and an ominous black stone emerged from the rift. The little girl did not notice the faint light ball, but had all her attention on the black stone; it had size of a soccer ball and was oozing out the black mist that transformed the world.

This was called the dark fusion stone in her other timeline; it basically was condensed dark energy in material form. According to the scientists as Mindy recalled, the stone had similar properties to a star, in which fusion reactions constantly took place within, emitting energy from itself. She didn’t understand the theory behind it, but the stones were marvels of science that would have awaken Einstein from his coffin. These stones were normally found after a rift had ripped open a space in the planet, but typically were only the size of a pinky or smaller.

This particular fusion stone was so large, it managed to keep the rift opened all by itself. However, while the rift was shrinking, limps or appendages of a creature eerily popped out and slowed down the closing rift. A creature was trying to squeeze part of its body violently through the opening, ooze of unknown liquid burst from its parts due to the pressure of the shrinking portal.

Mindy could tell the sinister looking creature must be massive behind the rift. The portal was big enough to fit more than three people going in at once. The little girl was beyond frightened and dropped onto the ground, squirming away from the creature.

The limps alone had nightmarish appearance and were mixture of humanoid, beast and insect appendages. From the part of the creature’s body, a bloody eye size of her head opened and froze the little girl under its stare. However, soon the creature fully retracted its body from the rift; it had no way of expanding the opening to cross into this world and quickly gave up.

The grim atmosphere dissipated as the rift fully closed. The little girl realized she just wetted her pants; but couldn’t care less because she was just glad that she’s still alive. Mindy cursed herself, it was her fault for being greedy and she might have gotten Cindy killed as well. Her gaze fell back to the dark stone she held in her hands; it was light as balloon. She felt the dark mist being absorb into her body. At least she didn’t experience that nightmare for nothing.


“Oh Ken~~, you really know where to choose the spot. But are you sure we should be doing this now?”

“Don’t worry my love, I made sure this place was safe.” The man held up his girlfriend’s hand.

The couples were in a massage parlor that had a room with large comfortable bed and shower, and the drawer even had condoms. It was a hidden place Ken found the last time they scavenged the area, at least that’s what he told his girlfriend. The dude definitely wasn’t a frequent visitor to the parlor prior to apocalypse and certainly didn’t know about their “happy ending” combo deals.

“Fine, since you are my hero today, I will let you have your way.” The girl made a teasing smirk.

The couple quickly got on the bed and commenced their heated exchange.

Outside of the room, a red hair woman facepalmed herself while eavesdropping the couple. The door was left wide open and she easily peeked into the room. The guy was trying to satisfy his girl with his insignificant thing.

Sharon decided to stalk the couples since she was to see something interesting. And indeed, did she see something that amused her; but she could only comment that the couples were in their wrong heads.

“If they die here, it is totally not my responsibility.” Sharon thought to herself and left the massage parlor. There was another couple to be checked on.

However, Sharon did not realize a faint light ball had drifted its way into the room.


“Subaru, do you love me?” A girl spoke with sweat voice within an abandoned store.

“Of course, I do! My answer will be the same no matter how many times you asked.” The high school boy said with bolstering confidence.

“Really?” The girl’s large emerald eye drew closer to the boy.

The boy flustered in red and took half a step back, but still mustered up to his composure.

“With all my heart!”

It was a love in first sight. The girlfriend named Yuno was the mysterious girl who he secretly had a crush on during all of his high school life. At the day of their summer graduation, Subaru wanted to confess to her before she left the town for another college. But to his dismay, she never showed up during the last day and never seen her since.

However, he happened to find Yuno in a pinch and saved her during the apocalypse. This made him believe they were fated to be together and so he confessed his love. And here they were now.

“Then can you give me your heart? Only for me?” The girl’s expression slightly changed, her demeanor became more excited and enthusiastic.

“My heart only belongs to you.” The boy became more excited as well, he thought he was close to getting laid. One of the three big illusions to male kind.

Suddenly, sharp pain was felt on his chest. A red throbbing organ was held on the bloody hand of the fair maiden. She had an expression of ecstasy and licked onto the blood. Her body was transformed, two demon like wings appeared behind her back and two lovely curved horns grew on her head.

The boy was still temporary conscious and in shock. His memories flashed before him with the ending of his live. Subaru realized something. The calm demeanor when he saved her from the zombies, the smirks she made when he showed off his braveness, and all the other little details. His vision turned dark and finally collapsed onto the ground.

However, a strange thing happened. Yuno watched the corpse started to regenerate before her very eyes. Within minutes, the wound completely healed and the boy’s second heart started beating. Subaru opened his eyes once again. But while lying on the ground, his chin was lifted up by Yuno’s foot. His head was angled perfectly for a view of the girl’s well-endowed underside bounty.

“Incredible, what are you?” The girl curiously looked down.

Subaru’s mind was at disarray as well; he never knew he had such ability. His wounds had never regenerated beyond normal speed. But he will soon find out his ability only activates upon death.

“Why Yuno!? I loved you!” The boy tried to stand up.

“I love you too sweetheart. I can feel your love, you even prepared a second heart for me.” Yuno pushed the boy down with her foot before he can stand up then pierced her fingers into his chest.

A few moments later, after Yuno’s ecstasy, Subaru fully regenerated again.

“Wait! Please stop! It’s too painful!” Two death was enough for the boy to be on the verge of insanity. However, the girl licked her blood drenched lips and stared at the broken sight of Subaru.


It had been a while since Yuno managed to completely fill her belly.

“I have become such a glutton, how un-lady like. It’s all your fault Subaru. Take responsibility, ok?” The girl returned to her normal form and was sitting on a bench with her leg crossed.

“Ye ye yes madam.” The boy was crouched on the floor licking Yuno’s shoe to clean up the dirt and bloodstain.

Yuno had thoroughly disciplined the naughty boy to be her personal livestock. Subaru’s mind was completely broken by the repetitive death and torture. It was simple to get him to submit.

Sharon arrived at the scene of the boy servicing Yuno’s foot. She couldn’t believe the boy and the girl with such innocent look were into such of play! It must be good to be young. Sigh… It seemed like the world of youth must had eluded her when she failed to catch up to the modern trend. When she was only into simple intense sex, these young couples were into all kinds of exciting play.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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