Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 39


The eastern district was the manufacturing and industrial hub of the city; it used to be the place where all the entrepreneur would come from all over the country to build and export their products on the market. In contrast to the shopping centers in the Great Mall and Queen’s crossing, many of the markets here consisted of numerous small stores and stalls on the sidewalk.

Violet was leading the group to a well-known flea market of the area. Despite being one of the more densely populated regions, the flea market had been visited by multiple scavenging groups that cleaned up a portion of mutated zombies that dwelled in this place. Of course, only groups strong enough dared to venture this deep into the eastern district, and Violet’s group was currently one of them.

The flea market used to be Leo’s favorite place to go before the black mist; it was the only place besides GameStop where Leo loved going out for. The myriad of trinkets and toys on the stalls naturally gravitated a boy of his age. Leo thought he could bring back some souvenir for mother and sis; but instead, joyfully went straight inside a department store that sold video games as his first stop, skipping out the flea market entirely.

“Is it alright for him to go alone?” Violet asked Sharon.

The area had been cleared, but Violet didn’t plan to split up this time due to the higher risk in this region. Though people could still operate individually as long they don’t wander too far from the main group.

“That kid has sharper senses than I have, if he thinks it’s safe here then it most likely is.” Sharon confidently replied.

“Uhm, I will head over there as well. My daughter also wants some stuff from the store.” Cindy raised her hand. Mindy was looking at her mother with puppy eyes, begging her to head inside the store as well.

“Great! Take care of Leo for me.” Sharon playfully gave Cindy a wink.

“Eh? Yes, of course” The young mother replied with visible confusion on her face.

“Since when did Leo needed to be taken care of by someone like me?” Cindy thought as she walked towards the store.

“Wait! Ma’am.” King called out to Cindy and jogged forward. “Please hand this over to Leo, I haven’t thanked him properly for saving me, I want to give him this as my token of gratitude.”

“Oh… no problem.”

It was a mechanical watch, quite a worn out one at that. Cindy did not think much and agreed to the request. Mindy thought the faint stench on the watch was familiar, but couldn’t recalled where she had smelled it before.


“Woo!! Coming out today was the right choice, this store even has the GOY edition of The Witcher 2077.” Leo muttered to himself in excitement.

“And this! He heh heh~~” Leo made a perverted smile on his face and swallowed his saliva. “Thighs and booba are temporary, but DOOM… is eternal.”

The boy couldn’t help but to recite the teaching of his video game club back in school when he saw the game DOOM eternal behind the window glass. It was a super hyped game among his classmates, but Catherine never allowed her son to buy the game due to all the intense graphics of gore and blood.

While Leo happily packing the treasures in his bag, Cindy called out to the boy from his back.

“Hehe Leo, no wonder you seemed so excited coming here. You like playing games, don’t you?” Cindy let out a rare giggle seeing the boy joyfully looting video games in a world of apocalypse.

Mindy secretly gave Leo a thumbs up. The daughter hadn’t seen her mother laugh like this ever since the black mist happened. The light hearted laughter created a lukewarm mood in the store.

“Hehe~~” Leo scrubbed the back of his head. He was slightly embarrassed caught doing this.

“Here.” Cindy then took out the old watch and handed it to Leo.

“What is this?” Leo took a closer look.

“A young man outside said it’s a token of gratitude for saving him. He asked me to deliver it to you.”

“I see…that is nice of him. But what am I going to do with an old watch that doesn’t even tick?” Leo felt troubled. It would not be polite to just throw this away.

Leo packed the watch along with his treasure and went on to help Cindy and her daughter gathering their supplies. Cindy took the opportunity to have a conversation with Leo and learned a little more about him. It was then, the young mother finally found out the boy’s actual age!

Cindy thought back to the day when Leo accidentally dominated her like a toy in his sleep. She can’t believe that ever happened and blushed at the fact that she had done it with a kid almost two decades younger than her. If Leo was this young with a monster of that size, what would happen if he hits puberty and eventually fully grows up?

Just as when the young mother fantasized about Leo and his behemoth, Leo’s demeanor suddenly got serious and he hastily checked the surrounding.

“Be careful… I think we are surrounded.” Leo warned the two girls and took out his weapon.

Cindy and Mindy were no frail girls, they also readied their weapon and were on guard.

Soon, they could hear the sound of creatures breaking into the building. The first to show its face was a mutated zombie with two heads of baby face and a dark ripped body. Leo immediately dashed forward to decapitate the zombie’s heads; he recognized that he needed take them out fast before even more enemies show up. He may be able to escape from the encirclement, but the same could not be said for Cindy and Mindy. Luckily, the enemies were disorganized and charged into the store one by one.

Leo looked like a different person when he was completely serious. Cindy was mesmerized by the boy’s charisma, but did not fail to dodge an ambush from a mutated beast. The two girls quickly took care of the beast and helped Leo to cover his back.

At the heat of moment, a side of the wall was broken down by a hulk like zombie near the young mother. The boy took several bruises at the back to break into the encirclement and prevented Cindy from getting hurt. He threw his axe at the hulk and it landed on the head, then leaped on top of the hulk to retrieve his weapon and dealt the finishing blow.

It seemed like the enemies were in frenzy and only went after Leo or Cindy, completely ignoring the little girl. Mindy had the leisure to backstab all the enemies she killed. Their numbers were dwindling; however, Leo soon spotted something that made him broke his composure.

“NOO!!” The boy shouted out in a heartbroken manner.

A few zombies were fighting over his bag he dropped on the floor in a tug of war. He murdered the zombies in cold blood and painstakingly checked the contents inside, which were the games he treasured.

“Phew…everything is safe.”

There were no more enemies left in the store.

“Leo! Are you alright?” Cindy thought Leo was badly hurt for saving her, but all the wounds had already healed when she approached the boy.

“Yeah, I am fine. Just a few scratches and they heal very quickly.” Leo was in a good mood.

Moments after things settled down, Cindy laid her eyes on Leo again.

“I saw you panicked when your games were in jeopardy, but you were completely calm and composed when I was in danger. Does not mean I am not as important as those games.” The young mother uncharacteristically pouted.

“Whaa, No! Of course, you are more important.” The boy panicked again.

Cindy wanted to laugh at the boy, but tried to keep a stern face to hide the smile.

“Oh yeah? Let me see if that is really true.” The young mother then smirked

She gave Leo a surprise kiss while pressing her soft bounties onto his chest. The tongue dug deep into the boy’s mouth. While making sure Mindy could not see her, Cindy reached her hand to the boy’s crotch over the pants. The massive lump of meaty rod was slowly hardening. Even when it was limp, the behemoth was still much thicker than her arm.

Cindy then let go of her kiss, long strings of fluid were seen when they separated their mouths.

“It seems like you weren’t lying.” The young mother voice began to sound excited. “Mindy, I am going to check on Leo’s wound in the restroom. Keep watch for us, ok?”

“I think I am alri…”

“OK! Mommy, I will make sure no one gets close!” Mindy interrupted the boy and mentally gave her mother a thumbs up.


In the women’s restroom, Cindy was already on the floor kneeled in front of the boy. She stared directly at the bulge in his pants and the manly musk emanating from the crotch was already turning her moist.

“Seemed like you are swollen down here. Must be painful, let me help you take a look~~” Cindy playfully remarked.

“Ahem, yeah… This happens quite often time to time.” Leo looked to the side as he replied.

By now, the boy totally understood what the young mother wanted to do. Leo was told by many of his women that if a girl wanted to indulge on his monster, he should let her have it. What bewiled Leo was when did their relationship got so close that Cindy became as aggressive as she was now? The boy subconsciously ignored the fact that sixty-nine women at the dormitory submitted to his manhood after a short span of several days knowing him.

Cindy struggled to take out the giant out of the pants, but it sprung out on its own and landed on the young mother’s forehead. It was still semi-erected; the rod weighted like a lump of lead and almost knocked her dizzy. She pulled on to the rod as she helped herself back up.

“Are you ok?” Leo tried to ask in a stoic face and gently rubbed the woman’s head.

The young mother wanted to act seductive, but ended up looking silly instead. The boy couldn’t hold back his demeanor and giggled at the scene, though he soon stopped himself due a pouting look from Cindy.

The young mother finally got to witness the full glamour of Leo’s behemoth once again. She felt it had been too long. Without the need to put up an act of façade at this point, Cindy jumped straight to business and started savoring the towering rod with her mouth. Eventually, the rod ended up deep inside her throat. The torrent in her bottom was soaking through her pants and dripping onto the ground, forming a thick puddle of love nectar.

Several minutes later, with white jellies still overflowing her mouth from pre-cum, Cindy ripped open her pants, slid the drenched pantie to the side and offered her garden of fertility.

“Leo, make me yours!” Cindy said as she seductively spread open her entrance.

Looking at the tiny gap, Leo was still under the impression that he had never done it with Cindy. The boy placed the behemoth on top of her stomach, revealing the depth the monster will reach even with just a portion inside. It was intimidating. Not to mention the how wide her inside would be stretched due to the thickness alone.

“I am a little bit big, please bear with me.” Leo’s manhood finally erected to its full glory. He was being considerately and warned the woman. “Are you ready?”

Cindy instinctively gulped down her saliva, the monster seemed even more massive than she remembered. The young mother mustered up courage and looked at the boy.

“Put it in, break me… and remember that I am forever your woman from this point on.” The voice was resolute.

Leo still pondered on why Cindy offered her body to him; he thought he caught a hint yet it was still hazy in his mind. Seeing the young mother in such lewd posture, the boy stopped thinking about the complicated stuff and proceeded to quench the woman’s thirst. Leo tried to be gentle, but only a few seconds into the intercourse, Cindy’s expression was already broken and her mind wandered into the void.

Cindy was no longer sure if she wanted to captivate Leo for her family’s protection or she simply wanted to be the boy’s sex toy at this point. Leo had his way with her body until the fulfilling climax.


Mindy took out the watch from Leo’s bag while Cindy was keeping Leo occupied. She definitely thought this thing smelled familiar and she finally remembered what the stench was after the attack.

“How in the world did that King guy have such thing this early on?” Mindy thought to herself and her expression turned wicked.

Whatever his motives were, King putted her mother’s life in danger, the little girl will not be letting this go easily without seeing blood.

Moments later, Cindy peeked her head out of the restroom. Her mood seemed refreshed and high in spirit.

“Mindy! Could you help bring mommy a pants and a fresh pantie?” The young mother called out to her daughter. She looked back into the room and added. “And another pants for Leo as well.”

Mindy could tell from the moans within the restroom and Cindy’s flushed red cheeks that Leo had properly nourished her mother. With just the door peeked opened, the thick musk of Leo’s oozing testosterone overflowed the entire store. The little girl even felt that her body was starting to react to Leo’s hormone.

“Ok, mommy!” Mindy replied back, but then she clenched her thighs and muttered. “What an absolute giga perverted beast… this body is only nine years old.”

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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