Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 41

At the moment when the fogged thickened, King felt a bloodthirsting chill behind his back. This time it was much more aggressively transparent and he can feel the air stiffened around him, suffocating his throat.

[Warning! Warning! Imminent danger approaching. R2 system advice the host to run for thy life.]

He didn’t know what was the threat, but the frightened young man raced for his life, leaving his girlfriend behind. Not too far behind him, a small figure chased after him with incredible speed.

Amy tried to catch up to King, but the speed of an awakened was not something she could catch up to. The girlfriend soon found herself lost in directions within the mist; her position was already too far for Violet to accommodate for her.

Unfortunately for the girlfriend, she bumped into several thugs that were also lost in the fog. Those unruly man restrained the girl as she screamed for help. Just as Amy continued to struggled, frost started to surround the thugs. Soon, the girlfriend felt the grip loosen and she took the opportunity to run away with full speed without turning back.

“I thought I heard someone crying for help…” Sharon walked forward, but couldn’t see any further due to the fog.

Several corpses with icicles piercing their bodies were littered beneath Sharon’s feet. The aunt had finally unlocked new skill for her power! Despite awakening her power later than Sarah, Sharon was much more proficient using her ability.

While being unable to see the obstacles ahead as she ran aimlessly, Amy soon bumped into another figure. This time it was just a single man. She couldn’t see the person’s face behind the fog, but judging from the tall and muscular build, she assumed he was one of the thugs. Hence, just as the figure gripped her arm to prevent her from falling, Amy borrowed the momentum to do a 360 and gave him a crouching tiger flying kick at the crotch.

It was a powerful kick that landed precisely on the twin orbs of the man with all her strength behind it; however, the figure did not even flinch. Instead, it was Amy that screamed in pain as; she felt she was kicking into a block of metal. The girlfriend twisted her foot, not even the steel toe shoe could save her from the injury.

“Calm down, I am not one of them. Is your foot alright?” The figure walked closer, revealing a face of a young man; it was Leo.

The crotch kick definitely came unexpected from the girl and Leo failed to react. However, even with so much force behind the kick, his twin orbs was not hurt at all; but he certainly felt a strange sensation.

“Ouch! You are… that boy. I am so sorry! Does it hurt!?” Amy said while in pain.

It was not the first time she landed this kind of kicks; she understood that the pain alone might be enough for kill a guy. Her foot was starting to swell, she sat down on the ground to rest her foot. Even though Amy was shocked that Leo’s crotch felt like balls of steel, she still neglected her pain and prioritized the boy first since she was in the wrong.

“No, not really. I think are you are the one in pain. Can you still walk? I can carry you if you are unable.” Leo caringly asked Amy; he didn’t blame the girl for her rash attack.

Suddenly, the bulge in his pants expanded and visibly grew larger every second at an incredible pace. Under Amy’s gaze, his pants eventually ripped open and revealed the full glory of Leo’s erected manhood. The boy’s twin orbs were also angrily pulsating and its veiny scrotum was stretched to the brim.



An awkward silent ensued for a brief moment as both of them stared blankly at the monster.

“Uhm… sorry. I guess that kick earlier kind of stimulated it a little. Now it might be a bit of difficult to let this thing calm down.” Leo was the first to react and wryly smiled.

Leo did not like the fact how his manhood always erect so easily; he needed to find a way to have more control over the monster. However, the boy was also relieved in his mind that he had a spare jean in his bag. Now the problem was to lull his dragon back to slumber.

Amy was astounded by the view she was witnessing. The monstrosity of Leo’s manhood was making her dizzy and she felt like she could faint any moment. The girlfriend couldn’t help but to compare this behemoth to her boyfriend’s tiny stick. Yeah….no match, the scale was simply too extreme. Just how many King(s) needed to be added together to remotely match that?

“So, this is what a real man looks like…” She subconsciously muttered.

Suddenly, Amy felt liquid flowing down her legs. Her womanly garden was already gushing out tides of clear fluid. Her boyfriend never managed to make her climax, but now she was climaxing like a water fountain before Leo’s presence.

She was just a normal human after all, Leo’s existence was too many tiers above the girlfriend. At this point, the boy didn’t need to do much for Amy to throw her boyfriend behind her head and willingly become a slave to his gargantuan rod.

“Is… Is your thing… really not hurt? Want me to take a look?” Amy said as she heavily panted. Her pupils were turning into shape of hearts.

“I am fine. You probably should stay away from me.” Leo warned; he had a hunch of what might happen and took a few steps back.

“No! We still need to take a closer look to be safe! I need to take responsibility.” The girlfriend firmly spoke and inched closer beneath Leo’s swollen twin orbs.

Amy held the massive orbs in her hands, which fully covered her two palms and were throbbing heavily. The weight was as heavy as they were dense; the girl felt like she was lifting a dumbbell. The pair of heavy cheese tanks were certainly balls of steel. She found herself drawn the substance within and moved her head even closer.

“Chu~” A kiss was marked on Leo’s orb.

“Pain will fly away with a kiss. Hehe.” The girlfriend smiled adorably in shyness.

“I told you I am not hurt…”

Leo wasn’t exactly sure how he should shut down a girl who was being too overly aggressive. This kind of situation wasn’t described in the text! He would run away if he can, but he also worried about leaving her alone with a swollen foot in the situation they were in.

However, Leo didn’t realize he was close to orgasm, the kiss was all the stimulation he needed for a powerful discharge. His rod started to convulse and his orbs throbbed violently. The boy was in a bit of panic and was unsure where to release his load.

“Why am I panicking? Maybe I can just dump it on the streets.” Leo thought.

The girlfriend noticed the tremor in the monster and muttered some words in low volume. She then quickly emptied her water canteen and handed the container to Leo.

“Here! You can release your stuff in this.” Amy excitedly offered.

Leo instantly thought it was a good idea, maybe he was so accustomed to Sarah filling up the containers this way. He grabbed the canteen and aimed its opening to the orifice of his monster. His towering rod began to swell and torrents of thick cheese quickly filled the volume in few settings.

The girlfriend watched the powerful discharge in awe as she climaxed along Leo’s beating rhythm. Thick globs of white jellies overflowed from the opening and dripped down to Amy’s face. She caught the several drops of oozing globs with her hands and secretly scooped a mouthful with her tongue.

What happened next was the usual powerful throbbing and heat wave spread throughout her body, bringing the girl to an epiphany within her moans. However, her sounds of moaning were overshadowed by the thunderous tide of Leo’s ejaculation.

Leo finished his business and returned the canteen back to Amy. The girl didn’t expect how heavy the weight could be and almost dropped container on the ground. With only a single quick discharge, the towering rod still stood tall majestically. However, after reciting three thousand lines of Buddhist scripture and through sheer will power, he was able to stuff the semi-limped dragon back into his new pants.

The boy looked the flushed girl who was still deep in ecstasy and saw his thick ooze was smeared around her mouth.

“…” The boy sighed. “I have done it again…”


After a short moment of break as the perplexed boy waited for Amy’s climax to subside.

“Can you still walk?” Leo asked.

“Uhm…yes. I think.”

Returning her conscious, Amy tried to stand up and was surprised to find out her foot wasn’t hurting anymore. But in the end, Leo decided to be a gentleman and carried the girlfriend on his back and met up with the rest of the group. After the event, the girl couldn’t take her eyes off of Leo and almost forgot that she has a boyfriend. Amy shyly gazed at his back and her face dyed even more red when she noticed the wet stain she made on the back of his clothes.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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