Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 42


Within the foggy street, only corpses of thug were littered on the ground. Violet and Jean had already picked off the bandits one by one. The awakened human from the bandits felt weaker than the ones they faced before, which turned the battle into a one-sided slaughter by the women. Sharon alone probably took out more men than the rest combined, the aunt was also feeling excited from bloodthirst.

“I think the boss escaped. I don’t see him here.” Jean was checking the corpses of the awakened they fought.

“So be it. Check if anyone is hurt or missing and clean up the bodies, those firearms could come handy.” Violet issued her command.

Shortly after the battle was over, Violet canceled her ability, but the fog will still take some time before it dissipates into the air.


Amy reflected back to what happened earlier and she can’t believe what she had done! The girl felt she was a different person and as if another Amy was taking control of her body. Yet, the girlfriend felt very conscious when she performed the deed and was able to vividly recollect every second of the event, especially the explosive feeling of her body when Leo’s thick cheese entered her mouth.

“How could I do this to King! I am so sorry to my boyfriend…” The girl wanted to weep, but she was still entranced by the guilty pleasure. Amy looked back to her canteen and couldn’t help herself but to take another sip, which gave her more pleasure than her boyfriend ever had given her.

Speaking of which… where was King again? The girlfriend finally remembered she was chasing after her boyfriend! Recalling to the horrified expression on his face when he ran off on his own, Amy was severely worried and once again set out to look for King. By some voodoo magic, her womanly sixth sense was telling her to head to the back alley.


While everything else was happening, King was scurrying through the back-alley way to avoid his predator. Within the thick fog, he could not see the figure of his enemy, but the radar on the system menu still showed it was catching up to him. He didn’t know how strong the enemy could be, but he was somehow terrified by the overwhelming pressure coming from its bloodthirst and never thought about putting up a fight.

The young men still got a brain in his head after he made the run. He understood that it will be a disaster if he completely separated himself from the group. His best hope was to find any of the stronger awakened human and pray that they can protect him. He regretted panicking at the start and failed to run towards either Violet or Sharon. All he could do now was to juke around in circles within the perimeter until he bumps into someone that can save him.

He already wasted all his soul fragments on temporarily speed enhancements; however, the enemy would always catch up to him after the effect wore off. King was already bled dry of resources. His speed was slowly down, the body could not hold on for much longer.

A sharp pain was suddenly felt on his leg. It was a flying knife that stabbed into his flesh, causing him to tumble onto the ground. Before King can lift himself up, his head was stepped down onto the ground by a small foot, which broke his nose. The culprit was still not yet to be seen due to his positioning and the thick fog.

The foot belonged to Mindy; the little girl was quick to seek revenge. It was just a common ethic ten years into the future to properly return a favor as soon as possible. She bended down and threw a watch that landed in front of King’s face.

“Where did you get the pollen on this watch?” Mindy interrogated and pointed the sharp end of her knife at the back of his heart. “You have five seconds to answer.”

“Wait! Someone gave this to me.” King frantically replied; his side lips was kissed the ground as he spoke.

He could tell the voice belonged to a little girl and instantly recalled it was Mindy. The young man might have a fighting chance if he chose to resist from the start. However, Mindy didn’t survive all the way through ten years into the future for nothing. She probably had killed more people than the siblings combined at this time. The bloodlust emitting from the little girl suppressed all thoughts of resistance.

Another sharp pain was felt on his arm and King screamed in agony.

“Who?” Mindy crudely pulled out the knife.

“R2, is there any way I can get out of this!?” King ignored the little girl and pleaded in his mind.

[A mature and capable host needs to be able to handle all kinds of situation without reliance on the system, please do thine best to survive.]

“R2! Please!”

In response to the begging, a menu popped out in front of the young men.

[ Item: Teyvat Fried Egg

Class: A

Effect: The legendary dish from the continent of Teyvat. Reives the host after death.

Cost: 1000 SF (Soul Fragments) ]

[The host may sign a contract with the system to receive this item at zero cost.]

As the young man dwelled in thoughts, he cried out in pain again.

“I said you have five seconds, don’t give me a half assed answer.” Mindy coldly said as she carved another hole in the young man’s body.

“I will sign it! I accept the contract! Quick!” King shouted in his mind.

A sharp pain stopped all his thoughts, Mindy ran out of patience and stabbed King in the heart. The little girl then pulled out the knife and wiped off the blood on his corpse. After confirming the young man was dead with a few kicks, Mindy nonchalantly walked away and adjusted her demeanor back to her usual nine-year-old self.


There was a soulless zombie that wandered within the mist; it had not eaten for days and desperately looking food. The zombie smelled blood from the back alley and let its instinct guided him. The hungry hollow found a fresh corpse on the ground that still had blood flowing out. Just as it was about to feast, a baton smashed its head from behind, brutally cracked its skull into pieces. The culprit was surprised on how easily the zombie head shattered, but there was a more urgent matter that demanded attention.

“King! Oh god, please…” It was King’s girlfriend that finally arrived at the crime scene.

Amy looked at the bloody corpse worriedly; she quickly checked the pulse and let out a sigh of relieve. King was still alive. The system helped secured his vitals at the last moment and faked his death. The item that the system recommended was just a useless bait, what really happened was once the host accepted the contract, a covenant was born and the life of the host would be imprisoned by the system.

Now, the young man would be alive as a puppet of R2. Accepting the contract meant forfeiting control over his own destiny. A puppet does not fear death, the system could choose to revive its host as long there was energy. The cheap system only kept King alive hanging by the thread; it was fortunate that his girlfriend found him.

Moments later, King woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling on a bed. All his wounds were patched and started to heal. The young man remained silent until the system finally called out to him.

[Congratulations to the chosen sentinel on forming a covenant with the system. Do not fret, thy are in good hands.]

“R2, what happens now?” King solemnly asked.

[The chosen sentinel will be mandated to complete series of task issued by the system. The missions could be spontaneously assigned to the host at any given moment. Failure to accomplish certain tasks may result in deduction of soul fragments, or in some cases, withdrawal of the chosen sentinel’s life.]

[ Mission: Accumulate 1000 soul fragments within 7 days.

Difficulty: B

Time remaining: 167.99 hrs.

Reward: Dark shards of Manus ]

The young man returned silent once again and remained deep in thoughts.

“King! Thank goodness you are awake!” Amy returned from fetching water and called out to King.

The young man guessed that his girlfriend was the one that found him and brought him to safety. He was indeed thankful to Amy; however, there was a lingering emotion of hatred that prevented him from showing any gratitude. Instead, without saying a word, King pushed Amy down on the bed and tried to rip off her clothes. The young man wanted to use her body to vent his vexation on all the things that happened today.

He was supposed to be a the chosen of this world; yet, now he was just a slave to the system. Only if all of them died at the department store. Only If Leo wasn’t grabbing all the attention and made him jealous. Or maybe if he had enough strength. That little girl…Mindy, was it? The young man’s heart was full of contempt.

Amusingly, the girlfriend resisted after getting caught off guard and pushed down the relatively feeble King back onto the bed. Now the position of the two were swapped. Amy looked at her boyfriend like a misbehaving child.

“No dear, not now. You need to rest and try not to move. Your wounds might re-open” Amy lectured.

King was surprised how easily he was overpowered. He was fairly certain his girlfriend was never this strong, but she just handled him almost like a child. Reflexively, he used the system meter on the girl.

[ Species: Humanoid

Life Force: 7 ]


King remained speechless; he felt like a hot garbage.


Night was upon.

After her boyfriend fell asleep, the girl couldn’t hold back on taking another sip from the canteen in secret. Just like that, Amy climaxed in front of her boyfriend after swallowing another man’s cum.

There was actually another reason why the girlfriend refused sex from King earlier. Having witnessed the glory of Leo’s massive manhood, she couldn’t bear herself to be disappointed again by seeing her boyfriend’s insignificant pigeon. She wondered how easily that monster could deflower her if Leo was her man instead. Amy spent the rest of the night thinking about a certain oversized rod as she slept peacefully next to the young man.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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