Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 43


Dark clouds once again descended upon the city of New Londo for the nth time and bestowed its blessings on the land. The city’s inhabitants grumbled at the peculiar weather. The mountain ranges used to ensure the city with stable climate; however, ever since the black mist, the elements had been coming in and out of the city sporadically. Today was another day where every sentient being holed up under their shelter, bidding for the rain to pass.

Leo woke up to the usual stimulation at his manhood. Before opening his eyes, he plays a game every morning with himself to guess if was Sarah or Sharon that pleasured his rod. The boy’s eyebrow frowned, the technique and sensation felt a little bit different; yet it was still familiar to him. He felt that portion of his rod was surrounded in softness and another portion was covered in somewhere warm and wet.

Leo gave up guessing, opened his eyes and saw his mother kneeling between his legs with tips of the monster in her mouth and her motherly bosom covered the rest of his rod.

Catherine was looking at her son with a seductive smirk. She noticed that Leo was awake and patiently waited for his reaction. And indeed, the reaction was superb and the mother was very satisfied that Leo surrendered a heavy load the moment he saw her face. She squeezed the heavy sack beneath the great tower in midst of the ejaculation.


The boy had a dumbfounded face, but not because the fact her mother was giving him a blow job. She had already given him plenty in the past. It was the first time Leo saw Catherine ever made such an erotic gesture while seductively pleasuring his manhood, something only Sarah and Sharon would do in this house.

“Good morning, Honey. Thanks for the breakfast. Yours is waiting outside.” After cleaning up the cheese, the mother kissed the mushroom head and then flicked towering rod as she got up from Leo.

The mother stretched her dynamite body and revealed the full view of her thick assets under Leo’s gaze. Her figure had developed to be even more erotic.

Pleased with Leo’s undivided attention on her voluptuous breast and rear, she walked outside the room, exposed the two women that were peeking through the door, then continued her way back to her room while humming joyful melodies.

The boy overslept; he didn’t wake up after being milked by Sarah and Sharon almost all night long. Catherine had to personally take the helm to wake Leo up from bed, and for some reason today, the mother was in a very good mood.

“Isn’t she more confident than usual?” Sarah asked.

“My sister is always confident, but I see what you mean.” Sharon replied.

The mother always tried to act reserved when engaging sex with her son. Yet today, she looked like a starving leopard on the hunt.

“Maybe it’s that time of the month. When it came for me, I begged the boy to destroy my ass.” Sharon speculated.

“No, that is because you are just a hopeless pervert.” The dubious sister retorted assertively.

“Uhm…sis …aunty, I might still need some help.” Leo interrupted the two women.

The monster was still beating powerfully with energy; Leo stamina was getting stronger as the days went by and the family started to struggle in keeping up with the boy’s endless libido. Both of the women shook their head frantically in response to Leo’s plead. They hadn’t need actual food for several days because the heavy cheese was getting too thick to digest.

“Go cool it down with cold water or something.” Sarah already swallowed enough thick yogurt that she felt she could have drowned.

“Maybe go visit Cindy downstairs, I believe she will like them fresh.” Sharon was much the same.


Leo watched the two women escaped his room in silence. He looked back to his towering rod, flicked oversized meat himself and sighed.

“What am I supposed to do with this? Maybe I will look for an onahole outside when I get a chance. Timmy always bragged about it being his girlfriend.”

He thought back to Timmy, his best friend in school; Leo hoped he is still alive.


After spending half of the morning cooling down his rod, the boy was not in the mood to play any games. He walked around the house and found Catherine doing Yoga at the living room. The mutation certainly helped increase a person’s flexibility, but not to the extent of those that regular practice yoga. Being flexible was definitely an important attribute to have in combat and the mother practiced it with this goal in mind.

Leo watched Catherine stretched the fabric of her clothes to the brim with her well-endowed feminine proportions. The tightness of the fabric actually made her seemed more erotic than naked. Leo quickly escaped the place in fear of his dragon risen again from slumber; he didn’t want to spend another hour in the shower cooling it down.

The boy walked past the window, where he saw his sister at the balcony outside the house.

Sarah was practicing her ability. The sister had been neglecting her power and got flexed by Sharon when the aunt demonstrated her range attacks. Recognizing the current weakness of her power, the sister wanted a range attack of her own. To this end, a certain anime figure came to her mind.

“What are you doing sis?” Leo called out from the window.

Without shifting her gaze, Sarah flipped a coin in the air and flicked it with her finger. Eletric arcs were zapping out from her hand and the projectile launched at a laughable trajectory. The sister sighed and finally looked back to her little brother.

“I am working on a new skill, can’t let Sharon have me beat.” Sarah said.

“Are to trying to mimic railgun? How scientific is that?” Leo knew what Sarah tried to do from the posture of flicking the coin. “You should give up; railgun was a flat chested middle school girl. You are quite the opposite of that.”

A spazz of electric arc was seen on her hair.

“You got a problem with my giant useless fat?” Sarah sticked out her chest, which bounced with momentum.

“No, they are filled with our hope and dreams! Don’t call them useless.” Leo protested.

The sister never liked how large her breasts were; the thought of her growing into the same enormous size as her mother and aunt actually terrified the girl back then. However, after the mutation, Sarah found it easier to cope with the oversized breast as her body constitution allowed it; furthermore, she had found uses for them on the bed with Leo.

Anyway, back to topic. The theory behind railgun was to use electromagnetic force to accelerate a kinetic projectile along a magnetic inducive parallel track. The projectile would gain velocity and energy as it propels along the track of magnetic fields. To duplicate that, Sarah had to use her power to somehow form loops of coiled current in thin air to induce magnetic field along the initial path of trajectory after she flicked the coin.

Did you all understood that? Because Leo certainly had no clue when Sarah tried to explain this to him. The boy wished her good luck and walked away with dizzy mind.


There was still an hour until lunch and the boy wandered around the house not knowing what to do. Feeling the bulge in his pants, Leo knew the effect of cold shower was wearing off. Recalling to the advice from Sharon this morning, Leo decided to pay the younger mother a visit. Thinking back, he never went to the basement again after Cindy and Mindy moved in.

Hearing the knocks from the outside, Mindy was greeted by the bulge in Leo’s pants as she opened the door. Her height was perfectly leveled with the leviathan. Mindy was surprised to find Leo paying them a visit; but knowing him, the little girl could only wryly smile at the inevitable.

“Come inside!” The little girl invited him in by pulling his hand.

“Thanks.” Leo gave Mindy a pat on the head, which the little girl’s face turned red in response.

“Mommy is taking a bath. You can sit here.” The little girl went to fetch water. “Are you looking for mommy?”

“I am just here to check on you two. Since Cindy is busy, maybe I will come another time.” Leo disappointedly said.

“Have some water before you leave.” Mindy said as she climbed on Leo’s lap and pressed her bottom on a certain bulge.

“…” Leo wanted to say “little girl, you are not helping.”, but he held back the urge.

“Leo, what do you think about mommy?” Mindy asked as she was feeling the warmth of Leo from her back.

“Cindy? Hmm…I think she is a strong woman. A lot like my mother.” The boy gave his honest thought. He did find a lot of similarities between them.

“Do you like mommy?” The little girl sneaked in the question.

“Sure, I guess.” Leo answered without much thought

“Then… would you be my daddy?” Mindy shyly asked and rubbed her hands.

Mindy was feeling embarrassed to death internally. Her actual age was older than she looked after all. But for the sake of her mommy’s happiness, the little girl was giving it all as she put on a puppy eye for Leo.

“Wah? I’m not sure how to answer that.” Leo was caught off guard. But he replied in a simple manner.

“You know, we saw daddy the other day.” Mindy continued.

“isn’t that great?”

“But he was with another woman, and seemed to completely forgot about us.” Mindy feigned pity with tears in her eye.

“That is…I am sorry.” Leo didn’t know want to say.

Mindy then smiled and steer the conversation at other mundane matters until the young mother came out of the bath. The little girl quickly jumped down from Leo’s lap and ran to her mother’s side. The bulge in the boy’s pants was almost lifting her up.

Cindy was surprised by the guest; she was both excited and pleased to see the boy came visit her after what happened at the department store. Seeing the bulge in his pants, the young mother skipped all the small talks after a quick greeting and pulled the boy inside her room.

“Mindy, mommy and Leo are going to have a little talk in the room. Please wait outside.” Cindy said as she closed the door.

“Aye! Aye!” Mindy saluted.

The young mother and her daughter sleeps on the same bed. The little girl sighed at the fact that the bed will smell like heavy cum tonight. It could be extremely difficult to wash off Leo’s scent.

“…” Watching the young mother stripping her clothes, the boy did not expect things to escalate this quickly.

“How are you doing? I haven’t come down here for a while. The room looks completely different. Oh, and I am glad to see Mindy doing well and healthy.” Leo thought it was a little inappropriate to jump straight to sex and tried to start off with some idle chat.

“Thanks to you, we are doing great. Just lie down on the bed and stop talking, I will handle the rest.” Cindy too eager to get dominated to want to talk.

With the rod unrestrained, Cindy sat down on Leo’s chest and faced towards the erecting tower. She slowly mesmerized at the size and shape of the rod as she wrapped her hands around the circumference, and finally, took a deep breath at Leo’s manly musk like she was sampling an exquisite meal.

“You don’t have to force yourself to do this.” Leo was still thinking about the conversation with Mindy from earlier.

However, Cindy slammed her rear on Leo’s face as if telling the boy to shut up. The young mother’s drenched flower was rubbing against his mouth and the pleasant scent of the fair lady covered his nose.

“Cindy’s is pretty sweet too.” The boy thought; the sweet fragrance after the bath also helped the case.

Needless to say, once the sounds of drum started, the little girl cracked open the door and peeked into the room. Her mommy was already on top of the boy, riding the mammothlike rod to her glory.

“Hehe, I can’t wait to call you daddy.” Mindy humorously thought.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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