Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 44


The intense intercourse between Leo and the young mother was nothing unusual, the boy enjoyed the service as he watched Cindy took on the entirety of his monster while he laid flat on bed. The young mother had gotten quite good; Leo could feel the enthusiasm behind her movements.

However, as Cindy lifted herself up after the final climax, the fusion stone beneath the bed reacted compulsively. Black mist visible to the eyes started to form into multiple streams from below and all gravitated towards the tip of Leo’s manhood. The black mist all congregated at the orifice as if it was being sucked in.

Leo was unable to move; his body wasn’t responding to him. The boy could only watch the black mist being absorbed into his behemoth as its surface popped with more veins. Within the suspense, Leo’s entire asset painfully expanded. Cindy and Mindy could hear the loud sounds tearing within the rod and the twin orbs as they swelled into another level of monstrosity.

Cindy panicked initially and didn’t know what do; but she calmed down herself after seeing Leo’s tranquil demeanor. She can physically feel the boy’s life signature was getting stronger as he let out an intimidating aura. However, the emotion within the boy’s mind was definitely opposite of what he was showing; Leo was agitated for sure.

Several minutes past and pre-cum was already flowing out; it was a hefty amount even by Leo’s standard, which easily dwarf what a normal human can produce. The colossal rod was radiating with incredible energy.

Cindy gasped at the sight of the enormous tower, temporary lost control of her lower body and drenched the sheet again with her nectar. At the door, Mindy’s also leg lost strength as she collapsed on her bottom, then a puddle of liquid spread on the floor beneath the little girl.

“Leo, are you alright? What is happening to you.” Cindy saw Leo inhaled a deep breath and finally asked.

“I don’t know! But I can’t hold back much longer! Is there anywhere I can release it?” Leo felt an enormous pressure coming through his rod.

“Release?” The young mother instinctively touched the colossal beast with her delicate hand, the girth was already wider than her palm. Through its length, Cindy could feel huge clump of globs traveling through by the bulge. That was when she understood the imminent danger.

“You going to cum? Oh god, not here. Follow me! Quick.” Her guts told her if the boy discharged in the room, she and her daughter would have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight.

Leo regained control on his body and struggled to get up from bed while moving his massive colossus, slamming his oversize rod on the furniture left and right. Cindy led the boy to the restroom and had him aimed his torpedo at the bathtub.

“Uaah!!” Something caught the young mother by surprised.

While Cindy bended down to plug the drain to prevent clotting, Leo thrusted his colossus between her thighs and lifted the young mother up from the ground. Her bottom sat on the base with all of her weight supported by the behemoth; the woman was now literally riding on Leo’s manhood.

The boy finally relinquished control on the gate, a thick stream of white jellies fired from the widened orifice and produced a loud splash sound as it made contact with the wall of the tub. The thick puddle flowed viscously down along the wall and filled the volume of the bathtub.

Cindy watched the monster discharging by the gallons as she savored the powerful surges of thick cum traveling beneath her crotch; she can feel multiple bulges passing through between her thighs. Leo once again exceeded her understanding of insanity as the boy displayed the inhuman level of sexual prowess in front of the woman.

Feeling she might fall due to the erratic jerking of the turbulent stream; the young mother leaned forward and hugged the gargantuan rod with her body and snuffed its girth between her breast. Her face now was now close to the tip and she could see the orifice widened before every stream of thick cheese gushing out. The hole must have been able to fit at least three of her fingers.

From Leo’s point of view, Cindy looked like an accessory hanging on his colossal behemoth. Her weight helped balanced the recoil of his heavy cum shots. The monstrous discharge ended with the bathtub being slightly overfilled.

Leo’s enlarged manhood finally returned to its normal size. However, the boy’s standard of normal was still large enough to support the young mother’s weight all by itself.

Feeling refreshed from the earlier discharge, the boy was still extremely energetic and didn’t want to end the matter here. Before Cindy could recovered from her stunned shock, Leo lifted her up and tried to thrust his length into the flower. However, it was not easy to insert something so thick accurately into a small hole.

“Wait, let me move.” Cindy returned from awe and said to the boy.

The young mother stepped her two feet on Leo’s twin orbs and slid the tip of the towering rod to her entrance.

“Now, lift up my legs and push it in.” Cindy gave the confirmation.

“How deep do you want it?” Leo politely questioned.

“As deep as you can go…HeeeeeK!!!” The young mother got what she asked for. The womb was crushed, there was no question. The bulge on her stomach outlined the shape of Leo’s behemoth told the story of what happened to those that stood in its path.


After Cindy brought Leo out of the bedroom, Mindy rushed in to check the dark stone beneath the bed. The once gigantic stone was now only one-third of its former glory. Nonetheless, it was still by far larger than the average fusion stones that could be found in the future.

“This must be fate.” The little girl sighed and muttered “Leo is going to be even more of a monster in the future.”

Mindy recalled to the original owner of this fusion stone in her future timeline. The stone was said to be able to awaken compatible humans with relatively low risk and had respectable chances. Furthermore, the stone was a powerful catalyst in boosting one’s evolution. The first owner of this stone became a high tier awakened early in the apocalypse and used his influence to found a city that functioned with the fusion stone as its core. It became the faction with the most awakened in its roster after the Harem king’s faction.

Putting back the stone, Mindy patiently waited until Leo came out of the bath. The little girl watched Leo awkwardly escaped under her intrigued eyes and went in to check the aftermath of Leo’s domination. The steamy bathtub was still oozing out heavy cheese with stench of the boy’s thick hormone. Mindy licked her lips and took a scoop.

“Maybe it’s not a bad trade after all.” Mindy savored the vitality that spread throughout her body, the heavy yogurt was extremely potent and even exceeded the catalyst effect of the fusion stone.

Finally, Mindy shifted her gaze onto the ground to her unconscious mother bathing in a pool of white substances. The blissful face Cindy had definitely showed she enjoyed every single moment of what happened.

The young mother was only knocked out for a brief moment after she told Leo to leave; she opened her eyes and saw her daughter crouched on the floor staring at her face with large droopy eyes.

“Mommy! Did Leo just bring us lunch? I see a whole bathtub of yogurt! It tasted even better than before.” Mindy happily said.

“… Yes, this time Leo personally delivered the lunch himself. Make sure to thank him next time. Now, can you help mommy boil some water?” Cindy giggled at her daughter’s excitement.

“Aye, aye mommy.” Mindy saluted.

After sending her daughter out of the bathroom, Cindy turned to the bathtub of cum and took a scoop herself.

“Wow, it does taste better.” The young mother was also feeling the ravaging tide of energies within her bloated stomach; she was getting stronger every minute absorbing the energies.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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