Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 46


On a certain morning, the clouds seemed to have dispersed completely faster than anyone would expect. The weather in New Londo had been having a mood swing. The humidity from the heavy rain few days ago cleared without a hint as the radiant beams of sunlight scorched the city. However, the floods in the southern area of the city still accumulated and spread even more.

Leo found Catherine at the backyard; the loving mother was watering the crops. Having been in the house playing video games all day yesterday, the boy found the need to bath in the sunlight once a while this morning.

“Come here, son. The plants need some fertilizer.” The mother called out to her son.

“Aye, Mom.” Leo saluted.

Understood what his mother wanted, the boy unzipped his pants and took out the massive meat rod that reached right above his knee and limply dangled between his thighs. Catherine inspected the weight of the heavy manhood. Yap! Her son was healthy as ever. The dragon easily awakened from its slumber from the delicate texture of his mother’s hand.

Heavy strokes with two hands and a few kisses to the mushroom head were needed to provide enough stimulation for her little boy. Once she saw the twin orb expanded and felt the tremor from the rod, Catherine had to carefully aim and control the towering rod to prevent some of the plants from being drowned within Leo’s thick ooze. The grip had to be strong, beyond normal human strength, as the monster jerked heavily while gushing out the torrent of thick cheese. Seeing the skillfulness of how the mother evenly distributed the fertilizer, one can tell she had done this fairly frequent.

“Looks like the veggies will be ready soon.” Catherine nodded her head and was pleased with her gardening.

The next day, all the vegetables were all fully grown and exceeded in their normal sizes, they also tasted extra delicate and nutritious. Unlike other survivors that fertilized their garden with their own excretion and gained little yield, the family was certainly more self-sufficient with their “cleaner” approach.


On the day of the harvest, the family had a very fortunate guest that came to visit at an unexpected time. It was Jean whom Sharon invited on a whim from the last time they visited the eastern district. Before the door, Jean was a little bit nervous.

“Hello~ I am Sharon’s friend. My name is Jean.” The woman was surprisingly polite, different from her usual interaction with Sharon.

Sarah looked at the women with flat chest intrigued; inspecting the woman from bottom up, the sister would rate this pair of thighs a suffocation out of 10. Catherine was surprised as well to find Sharon had invited someone; her sister was actually not the type to have too many girl friends in the past as she hanged out with mostly men for her “hunt”.

The two women welcome Jean into the house and called out to Sharon and Leo, telling them to finish their business quickly.

“Jean! Thanks for coming by, heh~” Sharon came out of a certain room with slightly messy clothes.

“Hiya! Did you just come out of your bed? And what is this?” Jean scoop off the cluster of white substance around Sharon’s mouth and had a taste herself, then electric spikes spooked the woman.

“It tasted amazing! What is it?” Jean’s eye sparkled and fervently looked at Sharon.

“Since you are here, you will find out soon and have your fair share.” Sharon smiled mischievously.


At the dining table, Jean felt intimidated just by looking at those massive racks; the three women in the family all leaned forward and rested their heavy breast on the table as Jean told her exciting story on how she survived the first few weeks of the apocalypse. The gene of large milkers must run deep in their bloodline, the red hair thought.

“And so? What happened next!?” Catherine excitedly asked and her great bosom were jiggling like waves.

“What are those insane knockers?! The shapes are so lewd!” Jean silently muttered and gulped.

Jean continued her story as she felt more and more inferior in front of those three perfect bounties. As the story ended, she reminded herself the reason she came visit.

“Sharon, where is your nephew?” Jean asked.

“Oh, Leo is taking a shower right now. It is going to take a while; he didn’t mean to be rude.” Sharon apologized for her nephew; since she was the one ignited the flame and didn’t properly extinguish it.

“Well! Food is ready. I will prepare a separate portion for my son. Let’s not wait, shall we?” Catherine clapped her hand and walked to the kitchen.

The dining table was soon populated with myriad of fresh vegetables, monster meat and a large side dish of white cream cheese placed in a luxury bowl. Jean was extremely impressed how bountiful the meal was; the amount of meat alone was many times more than what she had for days.

Meat from mutated beast and fresh vegetables were pricy commodities among the survivors, and something only awakened human could afford for the most part. Many of the survivors get by the days through can food and scraps of expired bread or anything that was left in the supermarket. The days were only going to be tougher as the remnants of the past runs dry.

Jean’s favorite dish was the family home made special cream cheese; it sent shivers down her spine the moment the cheese made contact with her tongue. The lasting warmth in the stomach gave her the feeling of bliss and satisfactory of being alive. The family looked funnily at the woman. With a flushed cheek, the red hair secretly hid the fact that she already drenched her pantie.

The women feigned ignorance of Jean’s state. Sharon was the one who made the call for today’s event, Sarah and Catherine were only playing along. The aunt never stopped bragging about how manly her nephew was in front of Jean; she thought it would be nice to show her friend a little bit of the magic before she got to know the boy for real.

“Hello, Jean.” Leo finally showed up from the shower and sat next to the red hair. The woman’s heartbeat hastened at the boy’s presence.

Dinner resume with Leo only aiming for the meat, the mother didn’t have to force her son to eat vegetables because she knew Leo was an extremely healthy boy when she checked on him every time. But a more plausible reason should be that the diet of awakened could be quite different compared to normal human, especially for Leo.

As the family finished their plate, Sarah and Catherine left the table to clean the dishes. Sharon had a funny look on Jean, waiting for her to make the move.

“Big boy, I will ask again. Do you mind having a girlfriend? If you do, we can come over to my place tomorrow.” The red hair started to flirt with the boy as she rested her hand on Leo’s lap.

Jean may not have crazy milkers like the girls in Leo’s family, but she was still confident in her figure. Sharon had told her that Leo was extremely gifted on a certain department and Jean did not question why the aunt would know such detail. Instead, the red hair attempted to find the truth in Sharon’s words and slowly inched closer to Leo’s crotch with her hand.

The size of the mass she felt brought question marks to her head; it was not the mass she was expecting. Not for a second did Jean thought that massive gigantic slump of swell she touched was actually the boy’s manhood. The red hair finally looked down to her hand. Now that she pressed on the fabric of the Leo’s baggy pants, the outline of behemoth revealed its form.

Yet, even through the heat transmitting to her hand, Jean still didn’t think that the swell could possibly be a man’s junk. Jean was a virgin despite the way she acted and the collections she had, but the red hair had watched enough R18 films and played enough dildo to know what to expect. She continued to scramble her hand and tried to guess what this massive swell was. On a side note, Jean broke her membrane long ago when she was younger.

“Miss, are you looking for something?” Leo asked.

The boy thought Jean was looking for his manhood, like many other women had done; but the way she moved her hand around his massive meat didn’t seem to be the case. Then suddenly, behind his calm expression, Leo had a frightening thought. Just since when did he learned the habit of letting a random woman touch his crotch and thinking it was normal?

Sharon giggled at the visible confusion on the Jean’s face, the aunt was not sure what the woman was thinking; but it was hilarious to watch regardless.

“My little boy is big isn’t he. You been touching it all over.” Sharon smirked.

“…Wait. Could it be?” Jean turned her face to Leo, saw a confused face, then looked back down at the swell.

This time, the red hair was even more aggressive and slid her hand inside Leo’s pants. Soon, her whole body turned red and accidentally tightened her grip on a certain rod. Jean was embarrassed; but more importantly, she was extremely shocked and her demeanor collapsed before Sharon’s smirking grin.

“Is thiiiis fo..for real?” The red hair was heavily stuttering.

Sharon nodded

“Miss, if you keep holding me so tightly, it will be bad.” Leo warned, the boy didn’t just want to make any good-looking woman he met into a walking cum toilet.

Jean quickly retracted her hand and stood up.

“Thanks for having me! I think it is time for me to go. Leo! I will ask you out again when I think I am ready, mentally and physically.” Jean said as she escaped to the door.

The red hair hastily took her leave; she was not ready to have her holes being annihilated by something of that size anytime soon. Just like Sharon before she had her first actual sex, the aunt also turned timid at the last moment when she engaged the deed.

“She is gone, huh?” Sarah returned from the kitchen with the mother.

“What a shame sister, I quite liked that girl.” Catherine added.

Catherine could see why her sister and Jean got along so well; Jean was practically a younger and less endowed version of Sharon. Hence, Catherine had a rather positive opinion about their guest today. She won’t had minded if Leo had a relationship with that girl. Hmm….but wait, her son already had many relationships with many girls on bed. Well… as a mother, she should take pride in that her son was easily dominating any woman he met.

It was then, the dining table was bumped by something and shook.


The whole family looked at Leo, the boy could only scratch his head and wryly smile.

“…I think I will need some help. I already had cold shower earlier.” Leo said.

“Well, it’s all you Sharon, you were not done with our boy anyway.” The mother pointed to the aunt and left to the stairs. Sarah gave Sharon thumbs up and escaped to the stairs herself as well.

Now it was just two pairs of eyes that stared each other over the slightly tilted dining table.

“Your room?”


Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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