Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 49

The following morning, Leo woke up to the two non-human beauties besides him on bed. The boy looked into Zomi’s eye, the big girl had her eyes opened and was awake the whole night.

“Welcome back, Zomi.” Leo said as he gently patted Zomi’s head. The maid outfit really got him excited last night and he didn’t really give Zomi the proper greeting. Seeing the sweet gentle smile on Zomi’s face, the boy felt blessed. Speaking of which, did Zomi get shorter? Her feet used to extend further out from the bed.

Leo had already known what the girls in the family did to him on bed every night, it was no surprise to him that Zomi was part of the party as well. It just felt odd that he would never wake up after he fell sleep, but still could faintly feel the presence of the girls riding on the manhood in his subconscious.

Now, as for the little girl sleeping on his crotch and using his limp dragon as her hug pillow, Leo and the family still had no idea of her origin. Zomi only briefly introduced the little girl as her subordinate she found when she awakened from the tree, the big girl herself didn’t really understand that Shalltear was a zombie king or a patriarch of the hordes. Simply because she couldn’t see how ruling over bunch of weaklings would count as anything significant based on her understanding.

Similar to Zomi, Shalltear also didn’t need rest. However, being the first time in ingesting Leo’s thick ooze, her body needed sleep to digest the heavy substances. The boy naughtily poked the sleeping girl’s cheek, her face really seemed doll like.

“Good morning, master.” Shalltear suddenly opened her eyes; it was crimson red then slowly turned back to dark.

“Morning. Shalltear?” Leo said.

The little girl got up from Leo’s crotch and gracefully kneeled on the bed.

“Ku, ku, ku~ You were not half bad last night. I will recognize you as my master for now.” Shalltear proudly stated her allegiance.

Even though she was forced into all kinds of position like a toy all night, the little girl still had her pride. Feeling the vitality within her body, it’s no wonder her rival was so strong. If she keeps sleeping with her master from now on, she will get there too!

“Yeah, thanks.” The boy had no recollection of what happened last night, but he continued to ask. “I know you are a zombie, but we never asked you how and where you learned to speak?”

Leo never heard Zomi uttered a word, so he was curious.

“Uhm…now that you mention it. I don’t really know. I was able to speak the moment I got out of my nest, but none of my minions ever speaks, so I never spoken this much until now.” Shalltear thought out loud.

“Minions? Why do you have minions?”

“Do I have to introduce myself again? I am the aristocrat of the night, king of the black mist…”

“Stop, stop, stop. That’s all you say when we asked you last night.” Yesterday they were all too focused on Zomi and didn’t really pay much attention to the little girl. Now, Leo was just continuing the interrogation. “How many of your underlings are there? And how strong are they?”

“They are all really weak and are just numbers. But numbers were all they need. Let me count….one, two, three.”

The boy watched the little girl counted number with her fingers like an elementary school kid, which was befitting of her look. It seemed like math was a major weakness of the zombie kind; Zomi couldn’t really count as well.

Shalltear was a high tier zombie that awakened from a gore nest like Zomi, so controlling zombies must be one of her abilities as well. It also appeared that she and Zomi were rivals, and Shalltear was the one that lost by a “small margin” according to her. That’s pretty impressive Leo thought. That’s all the boy got out of the short conversation; he will put in the trust on Zomi that Shalltear will be safely under control, not that she was much of a threat anyway.


The family had breakfast at the dining table while Zomi and Shalltear stood at the side in maid uniform. Today’s grand course was prepared by Zomi herself with the help of Catherine, the big girl was able to recall some of her past life culinary skill and put it to modern application. Sarah picked out the monster eye ball from the bat soup and passed her judgement.

“This taste surprisingly good.” The sister was very impressed.

“Of course, it won’t be on the table if it weren’t.” The mother smiled.

Catherine was surprised at first by the look of the meal Zomi prepared; she had to brace her soul to sample the dishes under Zomi’s intense stare that desired acknowledgement. After the flavor exploded in her mouth, the mother decided that she could entrust the cooking to the big girl from now on.

After the breakfast session, Sarah brought Zomi and Shalltear to the dormitory to introduce them to the rest of the girls. As for Leo, the boy got a special date today. Sharon relayed the message from Jean that she wished for Leo to join her on the scavenging trip.

Leo initially looked at Sarah on he should decide on the matter, but the sister simply smile and said “Decide for yourself.” Well, the boy knew what was going to happen if he went to the dormitory and he just went a few days ago, so Leo decided to go with Jean today.


On the way to the northern shopping district, Jean happily clung onto the boy’s arm and rubbed her flat titanium plate against him. Leo kind of regretted not going to the dormitory to enjoy the softness of the bountiful girls. But regardless, Leo still enjoyed Jean’s company.

At the back of the group, Amy was sort of envious at the two being lovely dovely. She let out a sigh and shook her head as she was not supposed to have such though.

“Amy, don’t you think those two could make a great couple? How envious, I wish I can be the girlfriend instead.” A friend of Amy said.

“I think a lot of the girls wanted to have him as their boyfriend.” Amy replied.

“Speaking of which, where is King? I haven’t seen your boyfriend lately.” The girl questioned. King had not showed up once since the incident with the bandits.

“Harlem said he got his own matter to take care of. I have no idea where he is now either.” Amy felt dejected as she answered.

The girlfriend always called King by his first name when he is not around. Amy liked the name, but apparently King hated it for his life.

King had been going out on his own without the girlfriend to do his mission assigned by the system. Of course, the girlfriend was kept in the dark about that. Amy only saw King left early in the morning and returned home late at night, battered and tired. After the initial few days of avoiding sex from her boyfriend, Amy wanted to make up for him; but the young man always fell right to sleep after he came back.


[ Species: Humanoid

Life Force: 9 ]

King let out a satisfying smile at his power up after completing the mission. He had been tracking down a certain mutant for three days and finally acquired the special ingredient “requested” by the system. The young men thought it was not so bad after all, the rewards for the missions had been generous.

Since he completed the quest early today and the system didn’t issue anything more, it was a rare moment that he finally had free time. The young men decided to visit his girlfriend who was on the scavenging trip to the shopping district and take her to a certain massage parlor once again. He was already pretty close to the place.

Violet’s all women group was easily found. Under the invisibility effect of a hidden coat rewarded by the system, King was able to stalk the scavenging group undetected. He had to be careful of not showing himself to Mindy; he may strong enough to fight her now, but still won’t stand a chance against Mindy’s mom or Sharon.

He planned to show himself to Amy when no one else is around; however, just as he approached the group, the system issued a random time-based event.

[Assassination contracts issued! Please pick one of the following three to complete within 24 hrs.]

[ Target: Violet Holmes

Difficulty: B

Reward: 1000 SF (Soul Fragments)]

[ Target: Sharon Gremory

Difficulty: S

Reward: Soul of the frost witch (Special ability)]

[ Target: Leo Ackerman

Difficulty: ??

Reward: The great soul of fecund divinity (Greatly boosts male fertility and reproductive capability.)]

The system picked targets whose soul could greatly boost the system’s capability. It was not the first time King had done the contract; the invisibility coat was the reward for one of the assassination quests.

“Let’s see, Violet huh? Heh, heh, 1000 soul fragments. That’s all the fragments I saved up until now and the difficulty is not bad.” King had zero remorse on the thought of killing someone he knew. He moved on the to the next on the list.

“Sharon. That sexy hot bitch. The reward must be her ability to control ice. The difficulty is as high as I would expect. Damn! I don’t think I will be able to kill her with what I have. This one is out.”

Last but not least, the young man moved on to the third choice.

“Nice! That fucking kid is on the list too. And the reward…”

King felt unease by the question marked difficulty; but judging from what he knew of Leo, he didn’t think the boy was anything too special. Now, the reward that attracted him the most was the one that boosts male fertility. The fact he failed to take his girlfriend’s virginity still haunted him. The young man checked his inventory for poisons and trap that could kill, he decided to give it a go on Leo from the shadows. If he failed, he will retreat and go for another target.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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