Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 51


Leo recovered to his senses as the urge for sex died down with that single load and he quickly looked around to observe the surroundings. The boy still remembered he was attacked before accidentally dominated someone else’s girlfriend and made her faint on top of his towering rod.

He carefully placed the girl on the bed and picked up the poison dart on the ground; it was the same dart that was stopped by Jean. So, it was the same guy that laid all the traps, and it seemed like he was the one being targeted.

Recalling to the attack by the mutants and beast this morning, it sure looked like the same attack when he was with Cindy and Mindy. This meant that the culprit had been targeting him since the time he joined the group. Hence, the feeling of being watched this morning wasn’t just his imagination.

At this moment, Leo heightened his senses and felt the slight movement in the air. The pressure from Leo was finally lifted and King wanted to escape as quickly as possible. However, the young man was already within Leo’s sphere of domain and he was sensed the moment he abruptly got up.

The boy suspiciously walked towards a direction, raised his hand and grasp onto the air as King carefully took a step back.

“Am I really not imagining things?” Leo muttered and turned around. At the same time, the boy also did find it strange that the culprit didn’t do anything to him when he lost control due to the poison, perhaps the enemy escaped the moment he shot the dart.

King let out a sigh of relief and cursed out his luck. From the overwhelming pressure that froze him earlier, the young man finally learned that Leo was the biggest monster he had encountered.

However, just as King relaxed his guard and started to inch his way towards the door, Leo turned around and poured a cup of white substances at the young man’s direction. The white ooze colored the invisibility coat as it was thick enough to be stuck on the fabric and revealed the hidden man.

The boy feigned giving up to prepared the cup, baiting the culprit to move so he can pinpoint his location and catch him off guard. There was another thing, the smell of Amy’s holy water on King’s face was also giving his presence away.

With the culprit revealed, Leo leaped towards King and pinned him down on the ground. Leo was in no mood for interrogation and grabbed the knife from his pocket. The enemy was invisible, so who knows what kind of tricks the enemy got hidden in his sleeves. It was best to end the enemy’s life as soon as possible.

However, just before the knife was about to land, the feeling of grasp on Leo’s hand disappeared and the knife snapped upon contact with the floor. Leo could tell the enemy just vanished into thin air under his grasp; the enemy’s presence could no longer be felt.

“He escaped, huh. This will be troublesome…” Leo muttered; he will have to warn everyone soon.

Looking back to the woman in bliss and sleeping soundly on the bed, the boy’s first priority now was to wake her up and ask her some questions.


[ Item: Teleportation scroll

Class rank: A

Effect: Teleports the user to a random location within a certain radius.

Cost: 500 SF (Soul Fragments) ]

King had no choice but to blow his saving on this escape item. The teleportation was certainly an unpleasant experience, the young man dizzily got up and opened his eyes. It was completely dark and he can hear sounds of cry and gossip. After King got used to the darkness, he could tell he was in a small room cramped with bunch of people.

A creaking sound was heard and bright light was revealed from a door. There was a man wearing sunglasses and with an assault rifle on his hand.

“Wake up! Piglets. It’s time for you all to march towards the feeding ground!”


Leo was able to get some valuable information out of Amy. Judging from what the girlfriend said, the culprit must have been that obnoxious guy. It seemed that Amy had no clue of what went on, but she obediently told Leo everything he asked; although it did take a while for her to remember the existence of her boyfriend.

The recent changes Amy observed from King did appear strange; perhaps he awakened a new power such as invisibility? In the middle of the thought, Leo once again felt warm sensation on his manhood. He looked down and the girlfriend was already greedily savoring on his rod. Amy was just reminded that she had a boyfriend, but still couldn’t resist towering manhood in front of her. The boy scratched his head.

“Well, here we go again.”

Leo was a lot gentler this time on the girl; he had to make sure that Amy could still live as a functional human being after drowning her in pleasure. By the time Leo was done with the girl and brought her back to her senses, the sun was almost setting and it was time for the group to return back. Everybody had a strange look when Leo and Amy showed up together like a couple. They never seen Amy clung onto her boyfriend like the way she was doing now on Leo.

“See, I told you. King is no more.” Girl A.

“I can’t believe we let Amy landed the first strike!” Girl B.

Jean was slightly envious but was overall indifferent to what might had happened; she never had any fantasies and already knew from Sharon that her man had pleasured plenty of women on bed. The red hair was about to ask Amy how she felt for her first time with Leo, taking that enormous monster must had been quite the experience.

Sniff, sniff… “This strong smell, that girl must had a buffet.” Yuno mumbled to herself. The girl glanced at Subaru; he had a face like he was deprived from days of sleep, perhaps it was time for her to get a new toy. And maybe she should get rid of her virginity as well. A handsome and strong man like Leo could do the job before she enjoys the meal.

The boy relayed the encounter and all the information he knew to Sharon, Violet and Jean. There was not much they could do for now but to watch out for anomalies in the future. Invisibility could certainly be a pain to deal with; however, there was no chance for King to pull a sneak attack at close distance. He could only completely hide his presence few meters away from the target.

As for Amy, Leo doesn’t think that the girl would be a threat. Not after she revealed that her boyfriend still had a teddy bear underwear in a heartbeat, even Leo was past that age.


Leo gazed at the ample pink flower before his nose. Despite having an overall lightly tanned ebony skin, Jean’s flowery garden had a gentle color and a beautiful shape. The boy took a deep breath to savor the sweet fragrance from the river flowing out and placed his tongue to feel the soft texture of the budding.

It was night at Jean’s place. The events that happened during the day did not change the mood of what they were going to do tonight. Leo even had a snack earlier today, hence he was a lot more patient this time around.

Jean stretched out her legs and pointed her bare feet into the air in response to the sensation of her crotch. Finally, under the woman’s erotic moaning, Leo sticked his tongue further into the sanctuary. The red hair easily reached climax and clamped the boy head between her skull crushing thighs. Leo also felt excited from the texture of the tender smooth skin that surrounded him.

This was not the first time Leo gave a girl a reverse fellatio; however, Jean was the first the boy performed the service to outside the family. His skill with the tongue had the approval of his sister and a diploma from the academy of wincest, hosted by the legendary founder, Sharon Gremory.

The woman looked at the boy with watery eyes, this wasn’t the rough sex she anticipated from a man as hung as Leo due to all the R18 she watched. If Sharon was here, she would nod her head in satisfaction and claimed that she had taught the boy well.

With abundance of love nectar after the climax, Leo stuck his fingers to scoop a bountiful, then insert the same fingers into the rear hole.

Jean was caught by surprised. Was this part of the foreplay that Sharon taught him?

The entrance seemed well lubricated, then lastly, Leo scooped the love nectar to lubricated his rod, lifted the woman up and placed it at the hole of his discretion.

“Wait…! Could it be!” Jean muttered.

Leo thrusted down before Jean could react, the boy was gentle this time, only half of the massive length was inside her body.

“Nooo~~” Jean cried out, but it was too late.

“Are you hurt? Should I pull out?” Leo calmly asked, he thought he was being very gentle. See? The bulge barely passed her navel.

Jean was kind of upset that her first time with Leo went to the rear hole, after all the foreplay with the front garden she thought for sure Leo wanted her at the front. However, she didn’t know that the boy had a thing for back dooring.

“I am fine, just continue. I was just caught by surprised.” The red hair had teary eye. Not sure if it was from the stimulation of the throbbing rod or from the fact that her first time wasn’t as ideal as she had imagined.

Couple inches later, Leo had successfully indoctrinated the woman to fully embrace the joy of anal sex before the end of the night.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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