Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 52


Leo woke up from the bed with the feeling of his erected manhood being rubbed by a tender hand, which was not an unusual occurrence to the boy. His eye met with the sleeping face of Jean, who wrapped her two arms around his neck, peacefully drooling on the pillow. Wait a minute…. Leo’s head turned and looked up; it was Violet sitting on a chair with one hand holding a book and another stroking the length of his monster. His rod was already covered with a condom that barely fitted.

“Violet?! Why are you here? Isn’t this Jean’s place?” Leo asked in surprised.

Her leg was crossed in OL stocking, the boy could see the purple pantie from his angle. Violet didn’t need to take her eyes off the book to know that Leo was staring at her pantie.

“What do you mean why I am here? I live with Jean; didn’t she tell you?” Violet blankly stated with an indifferent demeanor while reading her book and continued stroking the rod.

It had been a while since Violet started stroking, the woman was inconceivably good with the hand. Leo manhood forfeit a load into the condom and filling it to the brim. Violet seemed have absolute confident in the condom’s durability and was unsurprised by the humongous volume of Leo’s fertility.

“Thanks for the sample, this is all I need.” Violet tied the condom and took her leave to the door under the boy’s dumbfounded face. The woman never gave Leo the eye contact as she concluded the whole session.

Leo heard the sound of Jean waking up and looked back. Now that the red hair was awake, the boy had got a lot of questions that he wanted to ask.

Essentially, Violet was a doctor and the head surgeon of a particular hospital. Jean was a nurse that worked underneath Violet. When the outbreak happened during worktime, Violet and Jean escaped from the hospital and lived together ever since. Jean found out from Sharon that the cream she ate was the boy’s cum and excitedly told Violet how it increased her strength, which led to the situation that happened a moment ago.

“I see…and I don’t know what to say.” And Leo also didn’t know what kind of face he should make.

“I think Violet is just going do some studies on them. She said she was very interested.” Jean assured and licked her lips. “But anyway, she is quite eccentric. As an apology, I will take responsibility for what she started.”


There was a group of children traversing through the back alleyway. A middle school girl with silky long black hair tied in a knob was leading the way for her brothers and sisters. She warily scouted the street before making the hand gestures to signal the rest of the group to follow.

“Timmy, give me a lift. I need to get on that ladder” The young girl asked in whisper.

“Yes, sis.” Timmy saluted.

The boy readied his two hands to form a knuckle for her to step on; however, the young lady simply jumped on his shoulder for a boost to grab the ladder on the 2nd floor. Standing on the balcony, she spotted several roaming zombies ahead.

“Five zombies on the street. Someone lure them over here; I will jump on them from the top.” Said the girl while taking out her butcher knife.

Timmy volunteered to do the dirty job; there were only few reasons a man would be willing to risk his life for, and one of them was to impress a lady. Even though most normal zombies walked limply, some of them could move faster than one would expect.

The boy was ambushed by a zombie hiding in a corner while the other five chased after him. Without panicking, Timmy was able to handle himself and reached back to the girl safely; as expected from someone who escaped the metro alone. The middle school girl plunged down the zombie on the tails end and proceeded to take them out one by one from the back. The rest of the kid gang banged the last zombie closest to Timmy.

“Are you ok?” Asked the girl.

“Yeah~~ not a scratch.” Timmy boasted.

The group of children were the scavengers under Sister Miranda. There was no way a few women could find enough food to feed the people in their shelter. Able children had to venture out to make ends meet. They were led by Reina, the only awakened child here.

The adult woman that normally led this group called in sick today; however, Reina still insisted that they head out. Otherwise, there might be no more supper in a few days. After crossing the streets, they only needed to walk one more block to reach the shop of their destination.

Gunshot sounds were heard, attracting the surrounding zombies to the area. The children were already in shop looting for food, but now they must hurriedly leave from this place. Reina cursed out to the idiots having a gun fight and led the group for an escape.

Unfortunately, they quickly ran into a group of zombies and had to turn back, where they then bumped into an unexpected scene. There was a group of thugs surrounding another group of survivors. The few corpses on the ground told the tale of the fight that just finished. The children recognized the group of survivors that had their hands up in the air, they were the refugee from one of the three groups at the campus; the group that had most people in it.

“Looks like we bumped into some lost souls. Extra portion on the menu today and I hope those things like tender meat.” The thug with sunglasses smiled.

Few of the of the children were immediately spotted by the thugs and taken into custody, the rest managed to hide and was attempting an escape. Timmy and Reina along with several children hid behind the cover of a bus carcass; it would be impossible to move all the children together unnoticed and several men with AKs were closing in.

“I will distract them; you guys make the run.” Reina was the one that led the children out today and she felt she had to take responsibility.

“Reina…” Timmy wanted to speak out against it, but don’t know what he could do instead.

“Just go!” Reina hushed and rushed out. She planned to put up a fight to buy some time.

“Take down that brat!” Thug A.

“Ughh!! She is fast” Thug B.

Timmy and the rest made the dash for escape. They ran next to the zombie horde to avoid the chase. However, in the end, most of the children were still caught by the thugs or killed by zombies. Only Timmy and one other boy were able to make it a building where it was safe.

The other kid had a bullet wound on his leg. The bullet drilled into the bone and he was bleeding profusely. Some first aid was applied but the kid could no longer walk. Timmy, however, not even a scratch was on his body, just like the time he escaped metro. A bullet landed on his rear, but was blocked by his ancient Nokia in the rear pocket. The plot armor was thick with is one.

“Timmy, leave me here and go get help! You are the last one left.” The boy cried.

“I will be back…” Timmy bit his lips then ran on his own.


“Pack anyone alive into the van and leave the corpses. The blood will attract even more of them.” The boss ordered.

“Yes sir!” A tall thug responded.

“You! Did you get them all? It will be troublesome even if you let one of those children escape.”

“Yes sir!” A short thug responded.

Another gunshot sound was heard and a bullet hole appeared on the short thug’s head. The man then bended down onto the corpse.

“No use lying to me, your body pulse was giving you away. I might had let you lived if you told the truth, but…maybe not anyway.” The boss said then moved up to the next matter. There was an extra big fish that picked a fight with the net.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Another awakened human, and a little girl at that.” The man in sunglasses walked around the girl who was tied down and heavily wounded. “Maybe the boys could have some fun before we send her over.”

Reina was giving an intense threatening stare at the man’s face. Even when she was all tied up, the girl was still fierce as a wild beast. Before she went down, several thugs had gone down with her. But for the price of an awakened? That’s a trade the boss will take any day.

“Aaaaah yes. Thats a good expression, I like it even better.” The boss added.

“Uhm…boss, I don’t like little girls. I like them thick and round and tall.” Thug A said.

“Yeah, me too. Most of us are like that. I think it’s only you, boss. Thug B said.

“No, I only like them dead.” The boss said.


The gang was speechless and continued to work as if they never heard anything.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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