Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 53


At a certain morning, Leo took a cold shower before entering the dining room, where he saw a familiar guest at the table. It was Lily sampling the home-grown salad dipped with their special home-made blue cheese. The girl had a satisfied and blissful expression, a face Lily seldomly made when she was alone.

“Leo, morning~~ Look who is here.” Sarah greeted to her little brother.

The sister had a complete change of opinion about Lily. Ever since the night when she gave her body for Leo, Lily was no longer the spoiled brat that Sarah once knew. The girl had been very loyal to her little brother, that was why she could trust Lily to help her handle the stuff at the dormitory.

“Lily, how you doing?” Leo said. He sat down next to Lily and was received with a warm smile from the girl. The two started a conversation while breakfast time continued.

“Well, then. We can start the meeting. Lily, please go ahead.” Catherine clapped her hand, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Lily came to the house to report to the family about the myriad of issues that went on at the university campus. All the problems really only originated from the refugees that moved in. At the moment, they do not directly affect the family or the girls in the dormitory; however, they were problems that they can no longer ignore.

The first major headline was that there had been people or groups from the refugees reported missing whether they were on the campus or outside scavenging. It was not much of the girl’s concern initially; however, just yesterday, there was a fortunate witness of a men hunt that escaped capture. The news sent every survivor at the campus into shock, including the sixty-nine girls.

Sister Miranda personally came to Lisa to discuss the issue of their children being captured by an unknown group. Now that they possessed such knowledge, it was intolerable for everyone on the side of the family to allow such atrocity happening on their turf.

The rest of the minor problems were fights between the survivor groups for resources and other kinds of similar variant. Two of the groups at the high schools had been showing dissatisfaction with the authority from the student dormitory that they had to pay regular tributes in order to continue their stay.

Lily would like to express that who the heck cares about them anyway. Get their sorry ass out if they don’t like it here. That was the type of attitude Lily used to have before everything happened.

“We should just chase them out of the campus.” Lily muttered in low volume, but was still heard around the table.

“Lily, like I said, unless you make them “disappear” completely, it is useless to just chase them out.” Sarah explained. “And of course, we can’t just simply make them disappear.”

“Even if we have them leave the campus, they will just settle somewhere else nearby and causing troubles just the same.” Leo continued.

“Yes, it’s better to keep them under our nose so we have more control and can react accordingly.” Sarah added.

Lily wanted to rebuttal, but since Leo disagreed with her idea, she immediately started nodding in accordance. The girl peeked at the boy and her blank face turned slightly red. Leo had a stern demeanor, but if Lily was watching closely, she would have seen the twitching on his face.


Let us turn to the wonders happening underneath the dining table. Leo felt a strange sensation at his special region; it was a small hand that reached out into his sweatpants and rubbed the dormant dragon. Sarah is the type of girl that would make this kind of play, but she was sitting in front of him on the table.

“Why is there a group of thugs trying to capture other humans?” Leo asked then secretly peeked down; the face of a small figure gave him a huge surprise. However, the boy quickly regained composure and continued. “And from what Lily reported, they seemed to mostly target awakened ones. Doesn’t that remind us of anything?”

It was Shalltear hiding beneath the table and looking at her master with a smirking taunt. Her delicate small hands were caressing the giant masses of meat. She then brutally ripped down Leo’s pants and took out the dormant dragon under his glance. It seemed that being the pants of this stud usually ended up in tragedy. A moment of silence for sweatpants-Kun.

“I thought so as well. It makes sense to be them. That organization feed live human to zombies for their brain jelly.” Sharon vehemently said. “I never found a trace of them after they tried to capture me.

Leo’s brain had not reacted fast enough to warrant an erection. The small girl took the oversized limp rod into her mouth while she had the chance. Once the monster fully awakens, there was no way it would’ve completely fitted in her small body.

“I won’t stop you all this time. They might eventually have us as the targets as well.” Catherine said as she looked the siblings.

“Right? We are going to deal with it sooner or later.” Sharon added.

The rod began to expand inside Shalltear’s throat; yet, the little girl still tried to force the rod even deeper into her. By the time little Leo was fully erected, the tip of the gland was now touching the wall of her stomach, taking form of its shape on the obscene bulge. The boy was struggling to keep his form under the warmth and tightness inside Shalltear’s body.

“But how would we find the thugs from that organization? We have no lead.” Sarah questioned.

Leo’s monster was extremely powerful. Without something to hold onto, the little girl was lifted up into the air by the monster inside her and bumped onto the table from below, which startled everyone.

“Uhm sorry, I bumped my knee.” Leo apologized and suggested his thoughts. “I think we need to take action. One way we can find them is by disguising as scavengers from a group and bait them out.

“That is a great idea. I will arrange a meeting with the only survivor from the last incident. He might be able to tell us some more info.” Lily took the chance to affectionately gaze at the boy.

“Sounds good. I will tag along as well. They still got a debt to pay.” Sharon eagerly volunteered.

At this moment, Lily accidentally dropped her fork due to having all of her attention shifted on Leo. The girl went underneath the table and saw Shalltear was hanging in the air from swallowing the oversized man meat. Lily had a silent grasp at the sight and the two underneath the table exchanged with a quick eye contact. After a deep breath to maintain her bearings, Lily steeled her expression and quickly returned to her seat.

The little girl still needed to provide enough stimulation somehow to earn herself a second serving of breakfast. She grabbed on to Leo’s iron orbs to give her master a massage as it was near impossible for her to move her mouth. While sinking her fingers into the twin orbs, her nails grew and turned sharp, which finally made Leo felt the exhilarating sensation he needed.

“Leo… Leo! Are you there?” Sarah waved in front of the boy’s face.

“Ah yes. I was lost in thoughts.” Leo returned to his stoic demeanor. “Of course, that is something we can do.”

“Well, then. Are there any other concerns? If not, this concludes the meeting.” Catherine clapped her hand again then turned her head to the girl sitting next to Leo. “Lily, why don’t you stay with us for lunch too before you go. The plan is not that urgent and we don’t often have visitors.”

“Yes, I will! Thank you ma.am.” Lily happily bowed to the mother.

“Great. Leo, make sure to keep her company.” Catherine smiled and left for the kitchen.

“Aye, mom.”

Leo ate the food slowly and became the last one on the table. Lily was standing next to the boy, waiting for him to finish the deed down below. The girl recalled to the day when Sarah brought the two maids over.

“Maids…huh.” Lily thought.

“Lily, let’s go to my room.” With a ripped pants, the boy grabbed Lily hand and quickly made his way back into his dwelling; leaving Shalltear twitching on the floor underneath the table and collapsed over a thick pond of ooze. The poor girl still had cheese flowing out of her mouth while she remained incapacitated.

Zomi gracefully came over, bended down and pulled Shalltear out of the table by her leg with one hand. The big girl shook her head looking at the small girl in bliss and roughly threw the her into the shower. Now, she had to cleaned up after her subordinate’s mess under the table and proceeded with a mop.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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