Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 54


At the morning next day, Leo carried the crippled Lily out of the house and headed at the direction of the campus. The girl was having the dream of her life, delightfully lied her head on the broad shoulder of Leo’s back.

Lily was supposed to head back yesterday around lunch time; but before the presence of Leo, there was no way she could have kept the itching of her womb in check. She serviced the boy with every inch of her body from head to toe, attempting to pleasure Leo like she was born with only such purpose. The girl ended up staying on Leo’s bed from yesterday morning until today sunrise, which caused more delay to the plan than expected.

“Are you ok with that girl getting so close to Leo?” Sharon questioned her niece with feelings of uncertainty.

“That is fine. It’s a reward she deserves once a while. Also, don’t think you it was damn satisfying watching her getting dominated all over her body by Leo?” Sarah enjoyed the show last night, and of course, joined in on the fun.

“It just feels so good watching her degrade into a life-sized sex doll for my little brother when you know the type of person Lily was during high school.” The sister added.

“Now that you explain it this way, it did feel exciting.” Sharon agreed and nodded.

Only Shalltear was grumpily looking at Lily, she didn’t get to service her master last night because all the seats on Leo’s bed were booked. Oh, the little girl tagged along because Zomi told Leo that she might be of help. The head maid wasn’t able to explain why very clearly, but it won’t hurt to bring the little maid along.


By the time Leo’s team arrived at the campus, Lily somehow magically recovered and was able to stand on her feet. The girl headed to Sister Miranda’s place in haste to arrange the meeting while the rest went to discuss other matters with Lisa in the dormitory.

At the lobby, all the ladies present were looking at Leo with fervent eyes; however, the man was on a mission and had no spare time. Fortunately, the considerate little sister already brought the home-made premium cheese, freshly produced this morning, to the women as an apology.

“So, a small skirmish happened on the campus between that two groups over a new scavenging spot that was found from few days ago. We managed to stop their fight and prohibited any fighting on the campus from now on, but the situation is getting more fragile.” Lisa complained at the mountains of work she had to deal with due to the refugees; being a student council president was way easier than this.

Amusingly, the main culprit of this whole chain of events was sitting at the corner in maid uniform while eating a share of the produce.

The student council president was a very responsible woman; since she accepted the job of taking care of this matter, she planned to deliver the best result. Initially, Lisa wanted to consolidate all the survivors into their own and form a new force under Leo’s banner, but it was proving more difficult than she anticipated.

However, Sister Miranda seemed to be very willing to join with the ladies in the dormitory. The girls had been getting along with the kind hearted Sister. Thus, the captured children were something they were advised not to ignore; it’s a good opportunity to confederate the group.

Soon, Sister Miranda and Timmy arrived at the lobby under the guide of Lily. Leo immediately recognized his club president from school, but Timmy was looking at all the sexy Onee-san(s) around the room.

“Timmy!” Leo stood up and rush towards Timmy. “I am Leo! I am glad to see you alive.”

“Leo?” Timmy looked questionably at the tall figure, but was finally able to recognize Leo from the figure’s face after his growth spurt. “It’s actually you! Holy shit, you got so tall!”

Disregarding the minor details, the two brother for life firmly held their hands and celebrated their reunion. Timmy was Leo’s best friend and the founder of the gentlemen’s cultural exchange club in school which Leo was part of. The club activities involved questionable knowledge with the mission of spreading their culture far and wide; the teacher that approved the club in the first place was obviously “uncultured”.

“Alright, lets briefly go over the plan.” Lisa interrupted the touching reunion between the two bros and went straight to business. “There must be a base for those thugs nearby the campus. From the frequency of attack, there also might be eyes mixed in our turf that has been giving the enemies our intel.”

“There is no time to weed out the potential spies here, but we can make use of them and let the enemy know we have a group going out for scavenging.” Lily added on.

“Timmy, is it? I am Leo’s sister; I believe we have met.” Sarah said

“Yes!” Timmy attentively responded. How can he not remember her friend’s hot sister. Although he also had a hot sister himself, but he would rather not remember that.

“Can you tell me about the strength of the thugs you encountered. How many were there? What weapons they used? And how many awakened humans?” The sister questioned the witness.

“Ugh….” Timmy was not able to pay attention to all those details in the middle of his escape, but still tried the best he can to inform the group.

From the description, Leo and the rest felt the enemies were easily manageable. They had gotten a lot stronger from the last engagement when they fought thugs with firearm. Although this time the enemies had possession of old military hardware such as the AKs, the siblings still believed that they won’t be a match.

Back to the drawing board. Leo and his team will join in on a regular salvaging mission outside the campus, the group was already decided and can be made ready to leave anytime. The priority here was to search for the enemy’s base and destroy it. To do that, they will have to find the enemy first, and the plan was to have the enemies find them.

“Leo, I will go too. I want to rescue Reina.” Timmy had an expression of resolve. It seemed that the boy fell in love with a certain girl.

Unfortunately, rescuing the children and other survivors may be important, but it was not on top of the list. There was no way of knowing if they can still be rescued. The team can make the call to destroy the base themselves, look for any survivors, or report back for reinforcements. But given the prowess of Leo’s team, reinforcements might be unnecessary.

“Of course, brother, we will look for her together.” Leo was supportive of his friend, whoever this Reina girl was.


The day was still young and the team joined with the scavengers waiting for them at the high school. Since everyone on Leo’s side except Sharon all look relatively young, they joined under the pretext that were under Sister Miranda. Lisa already made a deal with the group leader to allow Leo’s team in their scavenging trip in promised of reduced “tax”.

“Four girls and two guys, and most of them are kids.” A scavenger raised his eyebrow. “They are going to be quite useless; we are really just babysitting them.”

“Shut it, Mike. It’s an order from the boss. The outside has become more dangerous recently, so Miranda probably begged the dormitory for help.” The group lead said.

“And they passed the job to us. Couldn’t they just spare one of their awakened ladies to help the group? They have so many.” Another scavenger complained.

While marching towards the destination, the scavenger gossiped among themselves about the new members of this trip. The awakened of Leo’s team, including Shalltear, had to lower their presence and act as normal humans. As much as the girls were hot and sexy, the scavengers worried that they will be useless and hold back the group in times of danger.

The group arrived at the destination without much of resistance. The group leader warily inspected the surrounding before ordering the rest to start work.

“Hey, captain. Is it alright to let them wonder off on their own?” said Scavenger A.

“Don’t worry about it. We are not completely responsible for their lives.” The group lead responded.

Leo’s team diverged off towards the crime scene that happened recently under Timmy’s lead. The zombie horde that was attracted by the gun fight had already dispersed. Those that were left were just corpses with bullet holes punched into them. However, marks of fighting between two groups of humans had been erased, little clues were left behind that could serve as anything useful.

“Shalltear, were you able to notice anything? Leo asked his maid who just came back from scouting.

“I smell humans and their blood, that’s all. The trace seemed to lead towards south. Those foul stench usually could last a while, but it completely dissipated somewhere in the middle.” The little maid dutifully reported.

“But master…your little maid is still hungry and haven’t had a meal since yesterday. All the tasty human around here are enticing my appetite. So….can we?” Shalltear seductively licked her lips, the little maid was a lot more aggressive than your average maid.


Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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