Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 60

A maid’s duty was to take care of all master’s personal needs. Every morning, Zomi and Shalltear had to pacify the throbbing of master’s morning wood. The mistresses seldomly managed to calm the beast down themselves. Hence, as Leo’s personal maid, the two inhuman girls had to take over whatever flame the women ignited, but failed to extinguish.

Then at night, the maids warmed the bed for their master, and made sure their flowery gardens were well moisturized and lubricated for Leo to enter anytime. Now that the boy sometimes would actively look for sex with the women in the family during day time, the night had become the precious time to rest their battered bodies after Leo’s rampage.

Even with the addition of the new recruits at the dormitory, Leo hardly ever felt satisfied, which had been troubling for him. The boy had already pleasured the women in the family; therefore tonight, he can only look to his two adorable maids to quench his heat.

“Shalltear, you are so tight, like always.” Leo savored the sensation of his rod in a certain tight spot.

The small zombie girl had her upper body buried in Zomi’s deep valley of mountains as Leo was on top both of them while ramming his oversized rod into a certain narrow tunnel. Zomi had her hands placed on the little maid’s stomach, attempting to give her master that tiny bit of extra pleasure by caressing the bulge.

“Master, you are too big!” Shalltear pleaded.

The little maid never managed to actually take the whole thing to the base before simply due to her body stature. Now, because Leo just had sex with Zomi, the boy had allowed his rod erected to the fullest and didn’t bother suppress the size back to its original form. Therefore, the behemoth was several inches larger in both length and girth when it penetrated deep into the narrow tunnel. If it weren’t for Shalltear’s inhuman constitution, even as a superhuman, it probably won’t end up well taking Leo’s overcharged rod with such of small stature.

“Don’t worry, I won’t put it all in.” Leo assured.

The boy had some restrain after all, only two third of the length went inside the gut. The little maid’s eyes already roll back in white and her lower half was spasming out in ecstasy. Deep in her conscious, Shalltear was thinking she will need some adjustment to her body in her next evolution. Zomi was able to take on the size with ease, she didn’t want to be bested by the big girl.

A couple inches later, Leo retracted the rod from the little maid. All of sudden, Shalltear felt empty on the inside; she already got used to the feeling of having something enormous within her womb. Most importantly, it was the heat and life energy radiated from the rod that felt missing, those were the only things that made her feel she was human again.

The manhood went back inside Zomi’s sanctuary. Bracing for impact, the big girl tightly held on to the little maid who was on her breast. Unable to struggle free from Zomi’s iron grip, Shalltear’s head completely sunk into the deep valley and was never to be seen again until the end of the session.


Three days had passed since Timmy last made the request to venture out west to look for his family. Leo had almost all the necessary preparations completed. For starter, the boy paid a hefty sum in crimson jellies to the old man at the survivor guild house for a particular baby. It was a large modified Jeep truck with hand crafted guards and plate armor, and a makeshift turret with guns in binding on the top.

The old man even drove it around the neighborhood to show off before arriving dropping it off at Leo’s house. It was a very profitable dealing; he was advertising his product for future orders.

The Jeep looked like a tank without the treads and the main cannon; it was armored to the teeth and gave the boy adrenaline just from seeing it. The road to the central district will be ridden on this. It should be able to smash through anything not too clustered. This will be the first time Leo will be traveling so far from home, the destination was much further away than the Great Mall. To conserve time, a vehicle carrying all the supplies will be necessary.

As for his second important preparation, the boy had fully utilized the three days to pay his dividend to all the women a few weeks of love in advance. Who knows how long he will be gone on this mission? Hence, Leo needed to make sure the harem was well fed before he embarks on the short journey. It was also the upmost vital importance that he let out the pent-up pressure, or else this trip might end up being a little inconvenient.

The family was supportive of Leo for helping his friend. Now that all the women basically looked at the boy as the patriarch of the harem, they won’t be against most of his decisions if there were no harm to the overall interest of himself and the harem. However, the women elected to stay behind as there were no need for too many people.

Zomi and Shalltear will be tagging along though, since they are his personal maid. The real reason was that the two zombie girls often roamed the city of New Londo before becoming domesticated, they would know the current state of the central district better than anyone here.

However, there was one issue, the big girl will be too big to fit in the Jeep. But Zomi professed to Leo through the link that she can follow the Jeep on foot if needed and even scout ahead. The boy glanced at the sexy killer dynamite long pair of legs and thighs under Zomi’s buttock, powerful enough to crush stones with ease, then nodded his head.


Timmy’s eye sparkled at the sight of the armored vehicle, the Jeep was full of man’s romance.

“Where in the world did you managed to get your hand on this?!” Timmy excitedly asked.

“From an old man at another base camp. I will bring you to see him next time, he is got a lot of cool stuff.” Leo proudly showed off the Jeep.

Reina was staring at the two non-human girls in confusion. Why is there a young girl and why is that girl ridiculously tall? Her mind was full of question marks, but didn’t bother prying into them; instead, the girls exchanged simple greetings.

After packing their stuff, the four got into the vehicle, while Zomi sat on top of the Jeep. Switched the knob to drive and stepped on the gas.

And a few seconds later.

At the driver seat, Leo had cold sweat droplets forming on his head. The Jeep was crushed into an abandoned house. Everyone oddly looked at Leo as the boy obviously had no clue how to drive the vehicle. Ah…they needed a driver. That part slipped Leo’s mind. The boy intuitively thought driving was easy.

Reina let out a sigh and asked the boy besides him.

“Timmy, do you know how to drive?” Reina wasn’t expecting the little girl at front can drive, and the big girl was too big to be even in the Jeep.

“Ugh, me? No…” Timmy was giggling and had to stop when the girl questioned him.

Well, since Reina was the oldest among the three humans, she happened to earned her license before the apocalypse. Leo had to give up the opportunity to drive the beast and gave the honor to the girl who was actually equally excited to go speeding on this baby.


Reina’s driving was rough, but at least they were moving forward. They can’t ask for too much given the road condition anyway, but it seemed like Timmy was close to puking. The boy had a blue face and held his head outside of the window, placing his face against the window fence that was added for the vehicle’s protection.

Meanwhile, Zomi already gave up keeping balance on top of the Jeep and leaped off the vehicle to scout ahead. Her powerful legs propelled the big girl to a roof and kept steady distances while traversing on top of the buildings. Leo and Shalltear enjoyed the roller coaster while holding hands at the back seat.

Crushing into a poor lost soul wandering the streets, the girl had a fierce sadist smile on her face. Leo was starting to worry for Timmy if Reina was a girl his non-awakened friend could handle. Nobody dared to question how Reina got her driving license.

It was a pleasant ride, the zombie hordes attracted by the sound were unable to catch up to the speeding Jeep. Not that the zombies were matter of concern as Zomi and Shalltear would simply order them to stay out of the way.

And thus, with the winds at their favor, the journey to the west had begun.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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