Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 61

With the Jeep truck plowing through the car debris on the road, the group was steadily moving closer to the central district. After passing by the university campus. they had to stay off the main roads and take detours to avoid overly congested traffic. Shalltear and Zomi was particularly helpful in providing information on the locations of the hordes and monster dens, making the route a lot easier to plan.

According to the two maids, the area around the Great Mall had been occupied by mutated beast that came down from the mountains. It was now a breeding nest for all kinds of mutated hybrid that cross bred with different species of animal. But of course, don’t expect a cross breed between a squirrel and a bear. Shalltear is a special case for being able to take on Leo’s rod with such disproportionate sizes between the two.

To the south, that area of the city was still submerged underwater due to its low elevation. The sewage system there must had completely failed without the proper maintenance. This in itself may be irrelevant for the trip, but they would have to watch out for more monsters migrating north due to the flood. The detour they were taking treaded closely along the southern region.

As for the central district, with Shalltear the zombie king being domesticated by a certain family, the main hordes of zombies had largely scattered. The war of zombies ended with both side’s leader gone from the battle. The little maid did not put too much effort conducting the war waged upon her after she killed the enemy leader. Her priority at the time was seeking revenge on Zomi instead of spending precious moments to clean up the small flies.

When Leo asked the little maid if she knew anything about the survivor colonies in that area, Shalltear explained that all the humans were like rats hiding underground or had escaped like the groups at the campus. She never bothered hunting down the humans unless they were convenient as “snacks”. Though the same could not be said for other zombies.


“It is said that there are still tens of thousands of survivors hiding throughout the metro stations in the city. I don’t know how accurate is that number, but the station I was in had more than seven hundred people.” Timmy began his monologue.

The subway stations were usually very spacious and can be easily defendable from the threats above. Its underground network system such as the manholes, vents and other maintenance entrances also allowed easy access to various part of the city without exposing to the risk of going above ground. However, there were still dangers lurking beneath the city from the creatures that dwell in the dark, and the rain water that had to be constantly dealt with due to the recent sporadic weather. Timmy was giving all these info dumps to the group.

“Resource was scarce, and the awakened ones hoarded all the valuables; but it was still enough for our entire family to go by without starving.” Timmy then took a pause to look at Leo before starting to speak again.

“You know how my sister looked. I hate to admit it but she is got uhm…a decent figure. It is hard for the women to go around the station without being molested. Luckily, there was some form of government that organized the survivors in the metro, so there was still minimal laws and order.”

Timmy by now had mostly recovered from his motion sickness, once he started talking; it was almost impossible to get him to stop. Meanwhile, Shalltear was completely uninterested about the survivors and sneaked her small hands to the bulge above Leo’s crotch. Leo was too occupied on jotting all this information down to notice the tender feelings of his rod over the pants. Being so accustomed to the sensations of his behemoth being caressed, rubbed and stroke every day, a slight touch from Shalltear would not yield any response from the boy.

Unsatisfied by the reaction, the little maid slid down from the seat and slipped her small body in between her master’s leg. She tauntingly looked at Leo in the eyes while taking out the semi-hardened rod under his gaze. Did you expect Leo’s rod to be soft? Even when it was not erected, the sheer mass and density of the girthy muscle guaranteed the degree of hardness regardless of the state.

“During the period when it was unsafe to go outside, our station was attacked by a large group of hideous looking grotesque creatures. I remember the awaken humans at the station call them necrophage.” Timmy went on speaking, without noticing the exciting development that was happening behind him.

“I don’t know if you two have seen it or not, they are rare around the campus. But those creatures had a nest right next to our station all along. I can’t believe the we didn’t discover it before it was too late.”

“I only seen it once, it was easy to kill.” Reina said while driving.

“I have seen a few of those that you described. They have many arms like tentacles, right?” Leo was still attentive.

“Yap! Like tentacles.” Timmy said.

The little maid had been the one that kept making the move for naughty plays recently. She was stealing all the spot light. Didn’t she try something similar like this before? Leo was giving Shalltear the “don’t do it” look, but he was ignored. The boy didn’t want the two in front to notice what was going on between his legs, so he didn’t dare to make a sound.

Shalltear held the dragon with both hands and rubbed it against the cheek of her small face. Along the tender texture of her skin, the seductive glance from the little girl and the erotic posture were turning him on. Eventually, after stretching her mouth, Shalltear took the dragon down to her throat.

“Sigh, anyway, when we were under attack…” As Timmy said that, a loud howling screech resounded in the air outside of the vehicle. And soon, more screeches were heard from all sides.

Everyone had a strange look while Reina and Leo glanced at the awkward Timmy. At the same time of the howl, Zomi sent Leo a transmission to warn of the incoming enemies.

Outside of the vehicle, numerous necrophages burrowed up from the ground as the Jeep passed by and gave chase to the group. One of the abominations almost landed on top of the Jeep, but justice came from above as Zomi landed on top of its head first and crushed the skull with her foot against the ground. The number of creatures soon added up to become a large horde, there was only so many Zomi could stop.

It seemed like they ran into a nest of necrophages the moment Timmy mentioned them. Pretty sure someone had already told the boy, that opposite to his luck, this mouth of his was cursed. Something similar happened at a certain subway station before it was under attack.

Another abomination was catching up. In the heat of the situation, Reina stepped on that gas, ramming through the obstacles ahead. The vehicle accelerated and violently shook while Leo’s rod slid deeper into a wet slippery depth. Credit to Leo’s fortitude, the dragon was still flaccid, but it was still thick enough to create a bulge deep in the throat.

“There are limits to this Jeep, it’s not an actual tank you know?” Timmy said to the driver.

“Don’t worry, its fine.” Reina assured while nonchalantly ramming into another necrophage.

“Thats a lot of them, but I think we can stand our ground if we stop and hold. Just that Timmy will have to stay in the car.” Leo suggested.

“I said don’t worry! I got this.” Excitement was visible on Reina’s face; the girl got some real talent.

Zomi sent another transmission saying she will try to hold back as many of them as possible, but there were still many chasing after them. Leo and the two maids will have no problem surviving, but the same may not apply for Reina and Timmy.

“I thought you said this area is safe.” Leo looked down and asked.

“Woo!! Woo!” With tear drops in the corner of her eyes, the maid was not in any position to speak with a massive rod blocking her air duct.

The road ahead was a sharp turn, Reina fluently steered the vehicle in a perfect drift with the tires printing on the ground. While everyone was thrown off by the shift in momentum, the little maid took the opportunity to free herself from the rod. Then, without a pause, she opened the vehicle door and jumped off alone. Fortunately, little Leo was not yet fully erected, the boy quickly calmed himself down through sheer will.

“Why did she jump off?!” Timmy was surprised.

“Close the door! Hurry! Another curve ahead!” Reina shouted.

“She is going to help Zomi, that girl will be fine.” Leo calmly closed the door.

Zomi was not happy that her subordinate was having the fun sucking off their master while she had to do all the dirty work alone. An executive order was given to the little maid and Shalltear could only regrettably skip the bonus meal.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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