Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 63


Leo and Reina could feel the tension in the air. The man just made it apparent that there was something obviously wrong with the food being served. It wasn’t confirmed yet, but the thought alone made them feel uneased.

The protein of the dish looked different from anything they had seen before. Timmy was about to dig in, but Reina stopped the boy by grabbing his hand. It was then, the boy caught up to the awkwardness in the room.

Observing the silence from Leo’s group, the man continued to talk.

“The ideal situation is for you all to join us permanently; we will offer you everything we have and do anything within our capability. However, we know how low that possibility is even if we begged.” The man mockingly said. “Oh, forgive me, you can call me Sader. Governor of this base.”

If the awakened humans worked with them, it was a matter of time before they found out the truth. Hence, for the sake of maintaining future relationships, the man deemed it was wiser to be open from the start. Seeing their hesitation to dig in, the man digressed after taking a bite.

“Rest assured, the food tastes perfectly fine. And I am sure there won’t be any symptoms if you are already awakened.”

“Symptoms?” Leo finally spoke.

“Yes, maybe some stomach ache if you ain’t accustomed to our dish. Some of us died from withdrawal after prolonged ingestion, and even turned into one of them.” Sader blankly answered.


“But a few of us were just totally fine eating the food. We never had an awakened one eaten it before, but you should be fine too considering you people also consume those brain jellies.” He continued to reassure the group.

“Wait what?” Reina blurted out.

The group inspected the food once again, was it not what they were thinking what it was? But it wasn’t like they could exactly tell anyway. Shalltear was the only one gracefully smirking from the start to finish; she even elegantly let out a cute burp as she finished the plate.

“Ohoho! Seemed like we had a big misunderstanding, although it was part of the plan to satisfy my eccentric humor.” Sader laughed and explained. “Eating too much of these things get into your brain after all.”

“What exactly is it?!?” Leo didn’t want to wait any longer to find out.

“It’s the zombies, low tier ones rotting on the streets.” Shalltear finally answered since her master asked the question.

Everyone shifted their gaze to the little maid.

“It seems like we have another fellow gourmet among us. Where did you learn to appreciate the delicacy of this cuisine?” Sader humorously asked for his amusement. Though he was a little bit surprised as well.

“Oh, I have eaten plenty whenever I was hungry. Big ones, weird looking ones. I even ate them raw back then. How nostalgic.” The little maid spoke in a jesting manner, inciting giggles and laughs from her dark humor.

Everyone at the table besides Leo took that as a joke from the little girl. The boy inspected the meat again up close using the fork. Yeah… Nope!

Sader finally decided to reveal the second part of the story. When the times were desperate and they had no choice, someone thought of the idea of eating the stray zombies that were abundant in the city. A man took it for himself to try the first bite and nothing happened. That man was the genius sitting before Leo’s group.

However, the reaction to eating those meat differs between individuals, most people only suffer severe diarrhea after eating the food. Hence, it was not a solution to the colony’s food crisis and only a few in this place were able to enjoy the cuisine.

Men who needed to maintain the strength going outside for scavenging were mainly the ones that took the risk of eating zombies. Surprisingly, those who adapted were able to observe a slight increase in strength over time. They even tried mutated zombies a few times and the effect was even more apparent.

“So, our request is for you guys to help us hunt down the stronger zombies, or even the beasts. We only want the bodies and you can keep the red jellies. We are at a bottleneck from eating the normal ones.” Sader said.

One of his men even sacrificed himself to take the risk of eating the crimson jelly, hoping that his body had been adapted for evolution, but the result did not end well for him.

Sader felt he was getting closer to a breakthrough; however, the stronger creatures were much too difficult to hunt. If the governor and his men were able to awaken using this method, then the long-term stability of this colony could be ensured.


Back on the corridors of the stations, Leo’s group was let out to revel in the buzzling streets of the saturated ghetto. Even though many of the survivors were starving, the governor and his leadership team tried their best to maintain order. They had to make the conscious choice of feeding only a portion of the population, the slums near the entrance were those that were left behind.

Sader did not urge the group to make the decision right away, but told them to look around the station and stay for as long as they wanted. The governor also added an extra reward at the end in hesitation; he will reveal a secret about the awakened ones that left the station if there was a deal.

Leo and Shalltear walked behind Timmy and his first love, giving them the space for a more intimate relationship. However, the girl seemed to be disinterested through and through, even though she had favorable opinions about the boy that tried to save her.

“Shalltear, what do you think?” Leo turned to his maid, hunting a few mutated zombies should be an easy task for her and Zomi.

“At your will, master. Those lowly creatures will present their lives to you.” The little maid bowed.

Leo and Reina were very interested in the method described by the governor; if possible, they would like to see the results themselves. Timmy fantasized at the chance of him becoming awakened, but quickly abandoned the thought knowing he had to eat those stuff seen on the streets.

The phenomenon behind human awakening had always been a mystery; even now, Leo still only had a vague idea of how his cheese was able to awaken the girls. Maybe it was all the energies he absorbed being transformed into a more benign state in the form of his milk, which helped the women to easily take into their body. As to why that was the case, Leo had no clue.

Speaking of which, should he donate some of his thick yogurt? No, no, no. Once again, the boy was absolutely, definitely, 1000% secured in his masculinity; he ain’t letting any man drink his stuff. But if there were women…

“Leo, let’s go somewhere quiet…” Interrupting Leo’s thought, Timmy came to his friend dejected; did he get shut down?

“Sigh, Shalltear, you are free to walk around as well. I will take my friend for a breather.” said Leo.


The two boys wandered back to the red-light district under Timmy’s coincidental guidance. It was an area with a gentle atmosphere. The women here had decent figures even with the food shortages going on; it seemed like this was a business that still thrived even under such circumstances.

Timmy’s spirit was fully recovered in an instant upon the glance of ladies sitting by the stall, waving alluringly for his attention. The boy’s mental resistance was fairly weak to temptation. After checking the energy bars in his pocket, he silently led his best friend into the shop under the company of two scantily clothed women.

Leo went along with the flow; he was not the type that would look down on these ladies that sold their bodies for survival. If he did, what would that make of his harem at the dormitory? He pitied the survivors in this station, so maybe he will provide them some extra help.

In a poorly furnished room, the lights were dim and the air was blasted with perfumes. The two women introduced themselves as Porcha and Marla, both had above average looks with Marla being slightly more endowed. Their respective target had already been settled by an intense battle of rock paper scissors. With the score of 2 to 1, Porcha sat on Leo’s lap and joyfully embraced the stud’s strong body while Marla pushed the other boy down on the sofa and asserted femdom.

Marla unzipped the boy’s pants and went straight for business; it was a size she already expected from his figure. “How cute” she thought. The woman enjoyed Timmy’s embarrassed reaction upon her masterful baby strokes. She was also feeling wet, but she seemed to know it was not due to the boy she was servicing.

Porcha licked her lips thinking how she should savor the grand meal before her. She placed her nose near Leo’s packed chest. With a slight inhale, the woman climaxed uncontrollably and drenched her bottom. Leo already did a good job holding back his presence, but the boy’s body was still irresistible to any woman.

The woman simply collapsed on top of the boy with her body still twitching from orgasm, but still diligently got under him to unzip his pants. An enormous giant sprung out, dangled twice before her eyes, then limply fell forward towards Porsha. Enthralled and in shock by the glamour of the radiating monster, she let the limp dragon rested on her face. The weight pressing down made the woman feel even more excited.

The boy could just feed the woman his cheese and call it a day, but it would be a shame to not put it in when visiting a brothel. Leo thought he needed to take the lead instead, or the woman might break herself by riding on his rod.

“Direct sex with a non-awakened woman huh?” Leo muttered to himself. Having to do it without utterly destroying her hole, her womb and her mind, this will be a tall order; which would require a special method.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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