Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 65

Zomi sat on the Jeep and stared idly at the midday sunlight while taking small bites off the BBQ snake in her hands. The sunshine beaming on her impeccable body curves reflected the jade-like luster of her smooth skin. Facing towards the tranquil breeze of the autumn wind, her silky long hair danced in a charming spectacle. With a rare soothing expression on her face, the big girl looked just like a gentle neighborhood big sister that happened to have a dynamite booty and a pair of delicious milkers.

Bathing serenely under the warmth of the sunlight, it mildly reminded Zomi the same warmth that surrounded her when Leo graced her with his essence. However, in the midst of her reminiscence, a dark shade hovered over her closed eyes and Zomi plucked her eyebrow in response. It was a black cloud that blocked the sun, heralding what was to come, which soured her mood.

In moments like this, there was only one thing that could brighten her spirit. The big girl took out a container from her breast pocket and poured a serving of thick viscous sauce evenly on her BBQ. There was no demeanor change when she took the bite, but her golden pupil still reacted honestly from the familiar taste.

After finishing her food, a trace of water droplets fell on Zomi’s forehead and she continued to sit in silence. Sounds of rain drops hitting the ground soon followed. Within minutes, the beaming rays of sunlight all disappeared and thunderous storm clouds filled the sky.

Letting the rain soak through her clothes, Zomi continued to stare at the darkening sky. Then slowly, she lowered her sight to gaze at the streets straight in front of her. From the shadows of the clouds, a large figure approached from the horizon. And soon, from the buildings surrounding her, more presences silently loomed closer.

The large figure fully revealed itself, it was a giant necrophage formed of multiple dried corpses that extruded outward like branches and twigs from its plump body. It had razor-like teeth with mouths similar to insects. Yes mouths, the thing had about five mouths all over the body, and one of them might just be an exit for excretions.

The lord of necrophages from the neighboring nest had tracked down the smell of the intruder that slaughtered its brethren and escaped the nest. The creature was the patriarch of another necrophage pack that traversed into this world. It wanted revenge, but most importantly, it wanted their body. By now, its minions already had Zomi surrounded on all sides.

Zomi jumped down from the vehicle and slowly walked towards the boss. At a distance of about five meters apart, the two inhuman beings entered into a staring contest, waiting for the other side to make the first move.

The necrophage boss broke eye contact and made the first move as it was being intimidated by Zomi’s piercing glare. It cried out in sharp screams and leaped forward with its mass. The big girl stood still, planning to meet the charge straight on. Zomi redirected the brunt of the momentum with a ninety-degree high kick, twisted her ankle and sprung her body around to send the boss flying to the other side of the streets.

The tight hot pants that dutifully covered her rear bottom painfully tore due to Zomi’s wide movement, but there were no sentient beings present to witness the heart racing view of the glorious sight. While she was sad for the comfy hot pants she tore, the rest of the minions all leaped towards her mindlessly without fear.

Zomi grabbed the head of a necrophage with her bare hand, dodged a strike from the appendage aiming towards her face then crushed the creature’s skull within her palm. She grabbed another necrophage by the appendage and tossed it across to another poor soul. Zomi was still overly dominant in the battle, but she was still getting out numbered with more coordinated and synchronized attacks from the abominations.

This time, two bone blades like scythes grew out from the wrist of Zomi’s arms. In a swirling blade dance and a swing of the scythes, the monsters surrounding her, limbs were chopped off and lay dismantled on the ground, if they were lucky enough to keep their head. This was the first time Zomi used her new mutation in combat; the result was very satisfactory. But still, culinary was where this skill is best.

Stepping her foot on a necrophage that tried to crawl back up and crushing its neck, the big girl slowly walked towards the building debris where the boss had crashed into.

Another scream was let out and the giant necrophage jumped onto the street. Its form had been altered with six giant sharp poles extending out of its body like a spider. Yet this time, Zomi made the first move and climbed along the building walls as she ran upward. Even with the spider legs, the creature still struggled to follow Zomi with its large body.

Pulling a flagpole out of the roof, she aimed the rod at the necrophage’s head from above. The creature was met with a flying rod cracking through its skull as it tried to climb the walls; the strength behind the toss also slammed the creature back onto the ground.

Then, with a leap of faith, Zomi landed on top of the creature’s head and brutally rammed the rod deeper into its brain using the momentum from free fall. After several seconds of twitching, the giant necrophage finally stopped moving. The big girl just planted the flag of the nation on the creature’s head and claimed it for the Anurica!


In a wide corridor of the large station, Reina aimlessly wandered around and was deeply perplexed in her mind. A certain boy just proposed to her, even though the time and setting weren’t right at all. Yet, it was from someone who she might have feelings for… if Leo didn’t exist. Regrettably, the girl chose to carefully reject the proposal in a subtle manner.

“Young lady, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior?” An old woman suddenly approached Reina and spoke from behind.

Reina was startled by the sudden appearance of the woman; she didn’t notice the woman was close to her at all. The girl remained cautious, but the tranquil appearance of the old lady somehow made Reina lower her guard.

“Lord and Savior?” Reina asked.

“Yes,” the old woman handed her a piece of stone with unique marks. Instinctively, Reina reached out her hand before her brain could make a decision. The moment Reina curiously touched the stone, something breached into the depth of her consciousness.

“Follow me,” The old woman said with a faint smile.

Moments later, Shalltear saw Reina wander off again to somewhere isolated. The little maid thought her master would not be happy if anything happened to the girl, so she decided to follow as well. Not that she had anything better to do.

Walking down an empty and silent tunnel, the old woman began to speak, “Young lady, do you believe in spirits?”

“Spirit? As in something like the soul of a person?” Reina could still consciously think, but couldn’t notice the influence within her mind.

“Yes, indeed. It is called souls.” The old woman paused and looked back with her pupilless eyes then continued walking.

“When the black mist came, the order of this world had been altered. Those who were living… have been mutated, but so did their souls.” The old woman began to speak in a monologue.

“After death, a person’s soul may no longer simply dissipate as energy back into the world. But instead, some spirits now lingered on earth, with nowhere to go, confined to the place they once died, existing on the last memories before their consciousness faded…”

Suddenly, at the other end of the tunnel, the sound of a horn reverberated from a giant ball of beaming lights. It was approaching closer to Reina and the old woman and illuminated the dark underground. Beyond the ball of light, it was a subway train traversing on the track. Yet, as Reina stood at the side watching the train passing by, she noticed that there were no operators or passengers and the whole train even looked ethereal.

“And re-living the moment over and over again.” Then, as the woman finished her monologue, loud crashing sounds could be heard from another end of the tunnel. The train derailed and crashed into the incoming train on the other side of the rail traveling in a reverse direction. It was a dramatic scene that seemed almost straight out of an unlimited budget five-star movie. The fire spread like a wildfire and faint sounds of cries could be heard from a distance.

Reina was stunned for a second by what she had just witnessed. But then, a heavy scrap flew past the girl. Just as Reina blinked her eyes to look back at the old woman, she was no longer there. Before she noticed, Reina was all alone and the surroundings returned to a quiet darkness. The girl looked forward again, and there was no longer anything there, as if the whole thing was just a dream.

“Grant us peace.” Words were muttered in whispers.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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