Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 67

The little maid finally got to indulge in her long-waited meal of the day; though this time it was not in the form of a solicited act. Leo sat next to the unconscious Reina and erected his towering skyscraper in an effort to pump out some thick jelly.

Shalltear naturally was the one that lavished on the giant mass with her whole body and mouth, even digging her agile tongue deep into a certain gap. Repeat! This was not a solicited act; it was a solemn and rigorous process to extract the holy medicine to cure Reina’s illness.

Shalltear smirkingly dug even deeper into Leo, nimbly twisting her tongue within a meaty glans. Seeing the blissful expression on her master’s face and the powerful throbbing of the behemoth, she just got another idea on how she should evolve her body in the future.

At this point, Shalltear had resolved herself to be her master’s best sex toy and she will dedicate her evolution with that goal in mind to satisfy all kinds of his carnal desires. This was the only way she could realistically work towards beating her rival.

“Ku, Ku, ku, master. How does my small tongue feel inside your obscenely large gland?” After sliding her tongue out of the orifice, the little maid continued to taunt and played with fire.

“Good job Shalltear, I am almost there!” Leo was close to finishing brewing the medicine in his orbs and pre-cum started to leak from the tip.

The little maid sticks her tongue deep inside again and scoop out a heavy glob of white jelly. She chewed on it and opened her mouth, revealing the thick sticky cheese clinging on her rows of razor-sharp teeth.

However, instead of enjoying the lewd performance Shalltear made with her erotic gesture, Leo took that as an invitation to slam his rod right inside of her throat. After brutally stretching her mouth wide open, the monstrous rod ground against her sharp teeth as it made its way in. The little maid suddenly worried that her teeth would turn dull after this.

The tingly sensation from her teeth poking on his mass was always the best part of fellatio with his little maid. But to get to climax, he just needed to squeeze inside a couple inches deeper. The boy slightly positioned his rod and there you go. After a gentle push on Shalltear’s head, a visible bulge started to travel through the length of the thickening rod and unleashed tidal waves of seed down her throat.

He remembered that he was not just feeding his maid, but also preparing Reina’s medicine. He pulled back his rod until it exited her throat and shot the rest of his essence within her mouth. Shalltear still had to obscenely gulp down several thick portions of cheese before she let the seeds fill her mouth. Now that the medicine was ready, it was the little maid’s turn to feed it to the patient.

The lips of two innocent girls came in contact. Shalltear opened Reina’s mouth with her tongue and guided the medicine to flow inside Reina along the same length. After a minute of hot kiss, she let go off Reina’s lips with her tongue stuck out and a thick string of cheese still dangled at the tip.

Doctor Leo continued to diagnose Reina’s condition. With the intrusion of giant blobs of energy, it seemed that her body was able to suppress the erosion. He placed his energy filled hand on Reina’s stomach, guiding the energy to force out the dark spot. However, when the energy from his essence came in contact with the darkness, it consumed the dark sign and made the dark energy its own.

Leo could hear faint screams and cries from within the dark spot. Soon, the dark spot was completely eradicated and Reina’s body finally relaxed. The glowing light of her skin had also stopped and her sleeping image suddenly looked a lot more tranquil. The bulk of energy within Reina started to circulate by itself and there was nothing left for Leo to do.


Leo waited patiently in the room and keenly observed the energy changing within Reina’s body. As the turbulence died down, Reina suddenly opened her eyes and cluelessly looked around the room. Then, her innocent gaze met with Leo’s.

“Reina? Are you feeling alright?” he kindly asked.

“Papa!” Reina gleefully jumped onto Leo and hugged his waist, then adorably rubbed her face against his abs. Her respectable swelling on the chest also firmly pressed against his dormant dragon as she savored Leo’s manly smell with heavy breathes.

“???” Leo was taken by surprise. “What are you doing and why am I your papa?”

“Papa is papa. Papa smells so good and it feels warm.” she even drooled from her mouth as she twisted and turned on Leo’s lap.

He lifted her back up and Reina looked at him with teary puppy eyes.

“Papa, you don’t want Reina anymore?” Her voice was incredibly cute and childish, unlike the usual fierce and rigid tone.

Shalltear was already giggling at the side. Humans sure are interesting. Maybe this is what her master likes; she will take note of that.

“No, I don’t. Shalltear, do it.” The little maid knew exactly what her master wanted her to do and knocked the girl unconscious with a chop of her hand.

Leo tiredly rubbed his eyes and temple. This was one of the few times he ever felt fatigue of this level. It seemed that this power drains more stamina than other kinds of ability and there was the problem with Reina bugging his mind.

Reina quietly opened her eyes again from her short slumber and calmly checked the surroundings. Her body was full of energy and she felt as if she just had a very filling meal. The girl retained a portion of the memory when she first woke up earlier and her face flushed red as she saw Leo sitting by her side.

“… Thank you for saving me… Again. An… And please forget about what you saw earlier.” Reina bowed while sitting on the Sofa.

“Glad you returned to us. No problem. And welcome back.” Leo smiled.

Leo did not ask her what happened or what she saw back in that tunnel before she collapsed. She would either tell Leo the story herself or she didn’t have a clue of what happened. From Reina’s hazy memories, she told Leo everything she knew; but there was not much valuable information.

Leo decided against checking out that tunnel. The day was already late and it was raining heavily outside according to Zomi. They have already delayed their trip more than they planned. Most importantly, they kind of skipped lunch and it’s almost dinner time, so he was starving.


For the rest of the day, dinner was top priority. After waking Timmy up, the group returned to the surface and met up with Zomi. They found a decent apartment unit and made themselves at home for the rest of the night. Leo and the two maids rather spend the night in some private space rather than in a crowded subway station.

The smell of food permeated in the air, but there was no one else to interrupt their meal. The two boys fixed their eyes on the golden luster of the meat that was cooking by the fire. The carcass of the giant lizard they found lay pitifully at the corner of this room. Under Timmy’s craving gaze, the head maid handed the first portion of cooked meat to her master Leo.

Zomi already had a hefty meal from the corpses of the necrophages. The big girl simply absorbed the vitality from the corpses through her fingers. There was a group of strange humans that showed up after and took the dried corpses away. But since they were not hostile, Zomi let them do what they pleased without paying them any attention.

Shalltear just had multiple servings of Leo brand yogurt shot directly into her stomach earlier. The little maid was already satisfied for the day; her master’s cheese just kept getting thicker to digest. Reina was much the same, but her tongue still craved for a few bites on the meat. She stared idly at the boy eating the first serving; she may not have noticed herself, but perhaps it was the other meat she wanted in her subconscious.

After the event at the brothel, Timmy was back to his usuals lively self as if nothing had ever happened. The shock of seeing his best friend’s gargantuan rod dissipated in no time and Leo was still his only bro. Neither the fact of rejection from Reina or the unintentional humiliation from Leo could affect his excited mood for today’s dinner.

Of course, the poor boy did not know what just transpired between Leo and Reina when he was asleep in the next room. Timmy was the perfect definition of happy go lucky, perhaps the heavens and the stars will be gentler on the boy next time.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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