Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 69

In the night under the starry sky, bloomed with meteoric asters shooting across the horizon, a luminescent full moon was bestowed upon the dusk and illuminated the land of converging twilight. On the other end of the horizon, a single solitary star shone with alluring brilliance, and surrounding it was the aurora of the northern lights.

Such breathtaking views of the evening stellar were not a normal occurrence upon the sky of New Londo. Was it because of the influence of the black mist that the planet witnessed this kind of abnormal phenomenon? But even on such a mystical night, Sarah still timely sneaked into her little brother’s room for a long-anticipated feast.

The sister was in an innocent looking white lingerie paired with soft white stockings. The theme tonight was purity in whiteness. With the moonlights reflecting on her fair skin through the window, Sarah looked like a living fairy glowing in the dark.

She licked her lips at the sight of her little brother’s stuffed undie, a swell was already building up in her crotch. Slowly sliding down the drenched pantie, thick strings of love nectar can still be seen flowing down. The clear fluid stubbornly attached to the cloth from her crotch, then finally broke into large droplets. Sarah tossed the soaked cloth onto the Xbox, the sticky fluid overflowed the fabric and sunk into the device.

Climbing onto her little brother’s bed, she once again assumed her favorite position. With her bare bottom smooshing against the boy’s face, Sarah buried his head deep into her ample soft buttock. The plump pink lips of the sacred garden kissed with the boy’s mouth as more clear nectar overflowed from its entrance.

Bending down to meet the dormant dragon, Sarah felt that it had been so long since she was before his majesty’s presence. Basking under its scents, the sister began the ritual with her mouth, providing the slippery sensations of her tongue to the rod. She even peeled the skin with her lips and savored the meat inside.

“Long time no see, little Leo,” the sister hugged the rod to her face like it was her baby after a few licks.

The boy’s monster started to swell and abruptly enlarged between her two hands. The official worshipping started when the dragon rose from its slumber. Its veiny texture looked as gruesome as it was menacing. Sarah traced the thick veins of the manhood with her hand and pointed the tip towards her mouth, kissing the orifice while sipping off the desert.

It did not take long before the monster ended up deep in her throat, creating an obscene bulge that reached just above her chest. The gentle steam of her flowery garden escalated into a violent torrent.

While deep throating the monster, Sarah suddenly widened her eyes from an unexpected sensation. The sensitive bulb of her garden was being caressed with a tongue. The little brother strikes back as he thoroughly serviced his sister’s plump pudding.

His skill with the tongue paralyzed the sister, the sensitivity of her sensory neurons was dialed to the maximum; but the little brother was not done. Another electric spike traveled through Sarah’s spine; something just slid into the entrance of her garden.

Sarah could feel the tongue swirling and twisting inside of her flower as her expression turned into bliss. Her face blushed in red and the strength of her bottom half started to weaken by the sudden insurmountable pleasure. A certain monstrous rod remained stuck in the sister’s throat as she held onto the base with both hands to support her upper body. Under his relentless attack, Sarah could no longer focus on the milking session.

However, the considerate little brother was always generous in feeding his family. With a heavy thrust upward, the girthy pole was pushed in several more inches through a certain tunnel. The boy started to utilize his lower body to pick up the milking session that Sarah had to pause without being able to summon her strength. This time, the bulge traveled even deeper and went past her chest as the whole monstrous length disappeared into her mouth.

When the boy retracted his tongue out of the flooding garden, Sarah had a slight mark of disappointment in her demeanor; but it was short lasting as the tongue quickly switched over to her rear flower. The little brother glanced at the lovely pink rear hole and dug into it with his tongue. Sarah felt another electric spike and spasmed while the giant member was still ramming into her throat.

Hours had passed and it certainly felt like an eternity, the monster had never left her mouth and was always deep enough to block the air duct. Yet somehow, she never choked and managed to hold in her breath.

“Just how in the world am I still alive?” Sarah questioned herself.

Around the same time, her little brother’s twin orbs angrily swelled in front of her eyes as they swung heavily at the momentum of thrust. With a final push, hot and thick cream were pumped directly into her stomach. Sarah was enlightened from ecstasy with the familiar swell in her belly.

After a short pause, Leo got up from bed and lifted Sarah by the waist, holding the sister upside down. The boy took a deep breath, savored the sweet fragrance of the flowers, then continued to dig in on his sister’s bottom.

Sarah took the chance to free herself from her little brother’s monster. She coughed off a mouthful of thick yogurt as the mushroom tip popped out of her lips. She hugged the gargantuan rod with both arms as she moaned from the pleasure her sweet little brother was providing. Her face also pressed against the girth, feeling its radiating heat, as she was still held upside down by the waist.

The behemoth could support Sarah’s weight with ease, Leo spared a hand from below and opened his sister’s garden entrance with two fingers. Thrusting through the tunnel with his fingers, the boy was enjoying himself while toying with his sister’s hole.

Leo was hitting all the sensitive spots in the tunnel within the reach of his finger; he seemed to know his sister’s body in and out. Humorously, this kind of technique was rarely utilized due to the size of Leo’s immense manhood. The rod always brutally rammed through all the sweet spots in her sanctuary whenever it visited inside of her, making the knowledge obsolete.

Another hand left the sister’s waist, leaving Sarah lifting her own weight with her arms holding onto the behemoth. Soon, her rear garden was spread open as well by a finger penetrating into the tunnel. Leo slowly dug deeper into the hole and felt the suction on his finger; a faint popping sound was heard when he pulled it back out.

A swell was building up in her abdomen. While tightly embracing Leo’s manhood, Sarah squirted like a fountain with her bottom facing the ceiling. Leo ejaculated as well, shooting his dense and heavy load far into the distant void. Within the heavy orgasm, the sister felt a certain sensation was getting close and closer.

It felt strange and distant, yet it felt real. The feeling was transcending her soul beyond this world. Her body started to relax; the carnal desire that was burning from within seemed to have burnt out. It was a moment of bliss that calmed her state of mind.

The surrounding began to get darker, until it was nothing but tranquil darkness. Then, a bright light illuminated her vision. Realizing something, the sister slowly opened her eyes.

It was the ceiling of Leo’s room. Sarah was still on her little brother’s bed, but she was all alone. There were wet and tingling feelings around her crotch. The sister panickedly tossed the blanket to the side and found a large map imprinted onto the mattress. The sticky fluid even formed a small puddle as it drenched into the fabric.

Sarah facepalmed herself and her face turned slightly red, sleeping on her little brother’ bed was a bad decision. At least the nectar smells very pleasant and sweet according to Leo, the sister hoped Leo would not mind that the bed smelled like perfume.

“It wasn’t the first time I was fucked silly on top of this bed anyway. Why am I panicking?” Sarah thought and sighed. The whole family must have already rinsed their fair share of “juice” on this mattress. The aroma must have been heavenly.

Finally, knocking sounds were heard from the door.

“Sarah! I knew you were sleeping in this room,” Sharon startled her niece with her boisterous volume. “Anyway, get up soon. Don’t we have a big operation today? You were the one that planned it out. It would look bad if we were late.”

“Relax, you sound more excited than me.” Sarah said.

“Hell, yeah I am. I will wait by the table.” Sharon left without opening the door.

Sarah let out a huge sigh of relief, it would be extremely embarrassing if her aunty found out she had a wet dream just by sleeping on Leo’s bed. Though she would bet her crimson jellies that Sharon would not have fared any better!

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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