Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 71

Leo did not react to the soft texture of Reina’s hand caressing his monster; such an act from any woman no longer surprises him. The boy had already been conditioned to think this was the norm as it happened too many times with his women. The deed only amounted to simple greetings from the girls whenever he visited the dormitory.

However, Leo was more concerned at the obvious personality change from Reina. The instance occurred once right after he eradicated the dark energy in her body. Leo didn’t think too much of it back then, but it wasn’t like he knew what to do with Reina; he was more shocked at the time for being called papa.

While he was rigorously checking out Reina’s body with his vision, the girl dug her small hand deeper into the pants and grabbed a certain massive orb. The bloated scrotum was dense and heavy; she barely even held half of its mass within her small palm. Reina squeezed it with all of her superhuman strength, thirsting for the milk inside; yet, Leo did not even flinch and was still fully focused in his inspection… of Reina’s youthful body.

“You are not Reina. Who are you?” Leo finally spoke; he couldn’t find a certain way to tackle this problem. Knocking her out obviously didn’t work and was only a temporary solution.

“What do you mean? I am Reina.” The girl tilted her head with an innocent look, and did not forget to give another mighty squeeze at the orb while blinking twice with her eyes.

“Sigh… Well, let me ask you another question. Why did you call me papa?” Leo decided to approach this from a different angle, while completely not minding the playful hand swimming in his pants.

“Because papa fed me milk! Papa’s milk is very delicious!” Reina cheerfully professed then rubbed her face against Leo’s chest. “And it feels really nice to be around papa.”

Once again, Leo felt cringe full send on all sides of his body from a girl older than him enthusiastically calling him papa. This time, it was a tad bit too much.

“Stoooop! Don’t call me papa. Can you please call me by my name?” Leo sincerely begged.

“Hmm… How about daddy?” Reina’s eye still shines brilliantly as she gives it another squeeze.

“I am not your daddy either.” Leo said. “You won’t get any milk if you keep calling me that.”


Reina pouted and suddenly pulled down Leo’s pants, which somewhat surprised him. Not all of his women were this bold, at least she still had the courtesy to not rip open pants-Kun instead. The limp dragon and the bloated twin orb were shamelessly dangling in front of his self-proclaimed daughter.

The girl crouched down and continued to squeeze the giant orb with her two hands, wondering why the milk was not coming out. Reina learnt from her memory that this is where the milk was stored; she can feel the immense energy from within the thick wall of the sack. Looking at the angry veins on the scrotum, the girl couldn’t help but to rub the massive orbs with her cheek, doing what she could to bring her closer to the energy that drew her into this world.

Seeing Reina adorably rubbing against his crotch like a pet animal, it was impossible to find any malice out of the girl; but Leo still had no idea what was going on. Reina could have been possessed by another entity, or maybe this was one of her personalities all along; he didn’t have a clue.

‘Well, feeding them girls’ milk is my specialty,’ the generous Leo thought and saw no reason to be stingy, there hasn’t been a girl that his milk couldn’t figure out.

Leo decided to go with the flow and see how it would play out; it was about time he needed a release. At least now he knows what Reina wanted and can have the leverage on her in the future.

A glob of pre-cum dripped on her back; Reina’s attention now shifted to the massive meat slab that was limply resting on her shoulder. The girl finally spotted the delicious milk at the tip of the dragon. With a small tongue protruding out of the mouth, she excitedly savored the thick milk with a gentle lick, then repeatedly licked the mushroom head like a cat drinking milk, smearing her lips and hoping for more to come out.

The monstrous rod began to swell and harden, forming another dense glob at the tip. Now that she understood that her method was effective, Reina was even more diligent in servicing the mushroom head.

Having a girl calling him papa while licking off his manhood, Leo was definitely not feeling guilty at all. Instead, the boy patted her head, caressed the silky black hair, and looked at the girl with gentle eyes. It was then, the boy realized the two small hair bun on Reina’s head looked like cat ears.

Reina looked upward with an innocent childish smile; then continued to enjoy her meal. The scene would have been heartwarming if Reina was actually a cat and Leo was feeding her a cat treat… well, a big cat treat.

Suddenly, the twin orbs bloated and the rod started to swell. With the orifice gaped open, thick streams of ooze began to burst out in ropes. Reina was caught unprepared and had the condensed milk splattered all over her face. However, most of the shots went above the girl and flew straight into the shadows.

“Ah… my bad. I should have warned you.” Leo apologized; the climax came unexpected for him as well. Don’t be deceived by Reina’s current innocent look, her skill with the tongue was leagues above his personal maids.

“Hehe,” the girl grieved at the puddle of wasted food on the ground, but still smiled brightly at the boy.

With the thick creams oozing viscously on her face, what supposed to be an adorable smile turned into erotically lewd smirk. Reina looked back to the intimidating monster; this time, she will take the thing inside her mouth so no food will go wasted!


Loud slurping sounds echoed upon the empty station. The girl was ferocious despite the way she acted and looked. Soon, faint noises began to accompany the symphony of Reina’s blowjob. The surrounding darkness slowly lit up and the whole station had gotten brighter before they noticed.

“AHHHH!” A scream was heard from a distance, it sounded like someone was being burned alive.

More screams and sounds of chaos followed, fire suddenly appeared in the surrounding out of thin air. The air began to smell like smoke and charcoal. Shadows of panicked figures running left and right were seen on the ground. The station was re-living the memory of when the disaster happened.

A loud explosion was then heard from behind as more fire spread. Small debris began to fall behind Leo, but the boy was still enjoying the service of Reina’s throat. At the same time, Leo released his heavy load into the girl with a series of exploding sounds in the background, but was still not enough to mask the sound of Leo’s ejaculation.

Satisfying the girl in front of him was the number one priority. Not even when he was surrounded by gun fire, did Leo forgo the opportunity to pleasure Shalltear when she was riding on his manhood. Something puny as fire and small rocks won’t slow him down one bit.

” …Leo, Reina is feeling hot and very itchy down here,” she scratched her crotch.

Pulling out from the monster, Reina began to digest the energy within her body. The feeling of the tiny discomfort at the crotch was just a small side effect. Looking at the girl helplessly touching herself, he felt the need to take responsibility to the very end. Leo was feeling slightly sorry for Timmy, but it was already too late anyway.

Leo lifted her up from behind and placed her body on top of his behemoth. With the massive tower protruding out of her thighs, she violently twisted lower body to scrub her garden against thick veins of the rod. Reina was soon completely in heat; the nether region of her pants was conveniently ripped open by the abrasion and her scratching.

A few inches later…

“Papa…is so big. It is already this deep inside.” Reina touched her swollen stomach.

Virgin blood dripped down along Leo’s rod. With his hands holding her waist, the monster penetrated into the very end of depth. Reina’s body was a lot stronger than she looked and there was no need for Leo to go slowly on this one.

Neither of the two paid any heed to their chaotic surroundings. There was a burning man running wildly on the platform, charging straight at the two. However, while Reina’s legs were still hanging in the air, she mercilessly kicked the man down into the track. Her shoe flew away as well, revealing the soft sole of her foot in the socks.

Within the fire and the flame of the scorching the station, the screams and the cries for help, the boy and the girl only minded their own business and continued the thrusting. If Leo were to use his vision now, he would see ominous black energies surrounding them, but were unable to approach closer to the two.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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