Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 72

Reina happily collapsed on Leo as her belly was being filled up. The surrounding ambience had already been dispelled of its mirage. The station descended into quietness within the tranquil dark; however, the eerie atmosphere no longer lingered in the place.

“Reina is so stuffed~~~,” she turned her body around to rest her chin on Leo’s shoulder, the rod inside of her stirred the dense milk as she moved. While panting heavily, she spoke. “This must be what it feels like to be in heaven… “

Within a few moments, the swell on Reina’s stomach was shrinking visibly at an incredible speed, stopping only until the bulge of Leo’s monster was left in her stomach. No milk escaped her garden, all of the nutrients were efficiently absorbed by the girl.

“So… going back to where we started. Why did you come here alone?” Leo resumed the questioning.

The girl lazily lifted her head with a drowsy face. Her body was still clung onto Leo with a portion of her weight supported by the monster lifting her from the inside.

“Ah… Reina felt something was calling for me. It was a stone on the ground,” Reina looked back and tried to point at the stone tablet. “Eh? Where is it? Reina definitely saw it here.”

What used to be the location of the stone was now a puddle of thick cheese. The trace of the stone was nowhere to be seen. Leo checked the floor with his vision and could only see the brilliant blue lights of his own seeds. He also noticed that dark ominous energies that used to surround the place were mostly gone without a trace.

“I remember you were standing in front of it,” Leo recalled the same memory. “Doesn’t matter anymore, I guess.”

Leo wanted to further interrogate the girl; however, Reina leaned her chin on Leo’s shoulder again and slowly rested her eyes. No matter how much the boy called out to her, she won’t respond. Leo soon realized that the girl fell asleep, and couldn’t bear to wake her up.

Now this is awkward. With his giant pole inside of her sanctuary, any movements he made were going to violently stir the inside. It would be impossible not to wake her up if he tried to pull out his rod. But this was not the main concern! Reina’s honey garden was still tightly clamping on the length of his monster and the womb was sucking his mushroom tip like a vacuum, refusing to let him go.

He had no choice but to stand still within the suspense. Unsurprisingly, the worst part was that Leo wasn’t satisfied at all and felt a second load brewing within his orbs. If he moved now, the sensation might just bring him to an impending climax. The rod swelled slightly large within the girl from the built-up pressure.

Should he just release the torrent? That was the question of the day. Leo had a feeling that the incoming load will be slightly larger than the last.

Reina’s honey well was still producing plenty of love nectar. From the intersection of the garden and the rod, clear fluid flowed along the length down to the twin orbs and dripped onto the ground. With each drop of the love nectar dripping onto the puddle of clear fluid, the sounds of droplets permeated the silent station.

Leo wasn’t sure if Reina could handle another serving of his thick milk as he didn’t want to overload the girl in pleasure. There was still a journey ahead of them and having the girl incapacitated with a bloated stomach won’t do. He waited for Reina to relax her muscles so he wouldn’t hurt the girl when pulling his monster out. He patiently meditated while suppressing his urge.

However, just as Leo found the opportunity to lift Reina back up, the girl thrusted back down on his rod. With the extra added stimulation, the boy could no longer hold back his ravaging torrent and loud sounds of pressurized burst echoed the quiet station in quick succession.

“I think I could eat another meal. That girl took all the share herself.” Reina said upon Leo’s surprised look.

Reina’s actual consciousness was aware of herself all this time. To her, it was like watching a movie from the view of her eyes. Except that she could also hear, smell and feel what the monster was doing inside of her body. During the earlier engagement, the girl had already submitted her body to the pleasure that transcended above all else.

“You are finally back… so, you remember everything? Sorry about what just happened,” Leo planned to take responsibility to the end.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s mostly my problem.” Reina was unexpectedly calm.

If it was any other man that took her virginity in this manner, she would have been furious; but since it was Leo, she counted this as an absolute win. The benefit of remaining conscious when the other Reina took over was that she gets to experience powerful ecstasy all over again. She pressed her hand on her belly and watched it swell in front of her eyes.

The girl leaned forward and rested on Leo again to digest the food inside her garden. Leo’s broad shoulders and strong body gave her the sense of security she never had. Of course, the monster inside of her sanctuary was something no woman could resist. As much as she wanted to be Leo’s sex toy and call him daddy too, Reina was able to resist the urge due to her strong will and her desired to form a “deeper” relationship with her first time.

“Are you feeling ok? Do you know anything about that girl?” Leo asked while letting out another heavy shot inside of her.

Reina also wasn’t sure what was the existence that took control of her body. But if there was any hint, it was that the alter ego reminded Reina a lot of her long-deceased twin sister. This time when the girl woke up, she could clearly feel another consciousness inside of her mind; it resided somewhere deep within her soul.

“I also don’t know much about her; she feels like another me living in this body. But I am feeling great, just a little bit stuffed in the stomach. Didn’t you just shoot out a bunch earlier? You are a bigger mystery than that girl,” Reina teased.

“Then you might want to get off soon. For some reason, I feel another load incoming. You are a little bit too tight.” Leo scratched his head.



Reina was finally free of Leo’s behemoth and walked back to the group with Leo on a full stomach. With a tiny help of her hands, she had the pleasure to witness the boy jacking off his full load of obscenely thick cheese into the subway track. Overall, the girl was very satisfied with what happened today.

When the two arrived at the fork, there was one extra “person” that joined a group. Carrying the unconscious Timmy on the back was a tall and well endowed woman with long black hair. Her skin was fair but also extremely pale. Her messy and scattered long hair blocked a portion of her face. However, figure wise, she looked like a shorter Zomi. The big girl turned the well preserved corpse that suffocated Timmy into a minion of her own to carry a certain burden.

Reina was indeed surprised at the new addition to the group, but she had already suspected that Leo’s maids and the boy himself were not normal. Hence, a simple explanation from Leo was enough for her to move on. She was mostly piecing the puzzles herself during the time she was interacting with the group.

The group resumed their travel, the eerie feeling that lingered in this tunnel was no longer present. However, while they were moving forward, Leo felt a piercing stare behind his back. A presence was following them. He turned around and checked with his vision, but he could only see a tiny trace of dark energy that quickly dissipated before his eyes.

“What is wrong?” Reina asked.

“Nothing,” Leo shook his head and moved on.

Now if one observed closely again, one would notice the faint grin was always present on the woman carrying Timmy. The boy on the woman’s back shivered while he was asleep.

Before noon, the group finally arrived at a rest stop, where they met several travelers heading back to the Central. From a quick exchange of information after spending a few crackers, Leo learnt that their destination was only half an hour away from this stop. Another interesting thing was the chaos above the surface, where a new war broke out between the zombie hordes and a nest of necrophages.

The group decided to wait for Timmy to wake up before heading into the Central station. The broker that gave them the information offered to be their guide for a measly price of one crimson jelly.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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