Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 73


Within the steamy shower, Sarah was cleaning herself from the morning orgasm. The tender hand gently rubbed the hairless mound as she let the residual fluids flow out. It was very fortunate that today was a bright light day, which ensured stable electricity from the solar panels to the water boiler. However, while she was relaxing under the shower, the water abruptly stopped. Sarah disappointedly looked at the shower head and let out a sigh.

“At least it lasted a while this time… ” Sarah said and proceeded to exit the shower.

The moisture on Sarah’s tender skin reflected into an alluring luster. A naughty water droplet slid from her bare neck to the grape of her large marshmallow and dangled at the tip before it dripped down. Soon after she changed into clothing and headed out, she saw Sharon and Catherine were already waiting for her in the living room.

“That was fast, did it already stop?” Catherine asked.

“Yap, my bad. I used up all the water.” Sarah apologized, her mom and aunty hadn’t got to use the shower yet.

“Well, hopefully we can restore the water supply on this trip.” Sharon said then sighed. “I should have showered before waking you up.”

“Let’s head to the meeting point now, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting.” Catherine picked up her bags and headed to the door.


After the rainy season, the lack of water reservoirs at the mountain finally caught up to the city. The dam that was destroyed by the military was partially responsible for keeping the city’s water supply. Fortunately, it was not the only dam near the region. The lake on the mountain was large enough to split into two rivers. Two dams were built to keep the water reservoir high during dry seasons.

It had been a while since the problem persisted; the tap water had been going on and off irregularly. The surviving engineers and workers at the base camp proposed to lower the flood gate of the second dam; but to do that, they would need to be escorted deep into the mountain range. And depending on the situation, it might require permanent staff stationed at the place to keep the water flowing.

All the survivors quickly agreed to the idea. Having a convenient source of water was even more important than electricity and was vital to their survival. After Sarah rallied the girls at the dormitory, everyone else was onboard as well.

Although the harem originally planned to wait for Leo to come back before commencing the operation, as it would have taken a while before all the preparations were completed; the survivors from other base camps had been trying to push the agenda. Apparently, they were having it worse off and many of them were dependent on the water. Hence, the family felt obligated out of compassion, and they were confident that they could take care of themselves.

Agreeing to do something was one thing, actually doing it was another. But surprisingly, when the family thought the survivors would be going into perpetual arguments before concluding on a resolution, a certain young man leading the northern base camp was able to get through all the diplomacies and hammered down on a plan with ruthless efficiency.

Some awakened humans had already scouted the mountains and found that the dam was infested with nests of mutated beasts. Leo’s harem was probably strong enough to take on the nest with themselves alone, but the enemy numbers were daunting nonetheless. There was no reason for them to risk taking casualties. Therefore, this will be a district wide effort merging the combat force of multiple survivor bases.


Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Lisa and the girls were already in position, waiting inside of an abandoned tourist shop. The awakened humans and armed combat personnel of other factions were rallying across the street. The groups of survivors living at the campus were also operating independently. Leo’s harem left most of the diplomatic dealing to Lisa, since the former student council president excelled at this kind of work.

Should the family be afraid of Lisa and the women breaking off and forming their own rule? Well, not if they still desired to be used like toys under Leo’s crotch. Oops, Lisa just slipped in her own actual thoughts. The women’s loyalty to Leo was ingrained in their soul when they were awakened by his thick milk; the pleasure Leo brought to them was the only reason that they managed to enjoy being alive; and nothing was going to sway their faith.

Regardless, Lisa always pouted whenever she had to handle this kind of tiring work. She could only convince herself that she was just working part time under Leo’s cheese factory, LLC and patiently waited for her next pay check.

The leaders of the two survivor camps were present with their respective officers. The young man leading the northern base close to this rally point were followed by other equally young awakened ones. And of course, for the muscular old man, a couple old geezers and middle-aged men were his left and right arms. Surprisingly, most of them were just normal humans.

The leadership teams of the two factions really insinuated the structure that the respective bases were being governed by. With most of the awakened humans working directly under him, the young man had a more centralized leadership running the show. Hence, the ruling body there would have the strongest say and the young man ruled with an iron fist.

As for the old man, the base he created was more of a resting spot for the survivors to use as a platform for material or informational exchanges. The headquarters looked just like a tavern after all. If the reception desk was replaced with a beautiful blonde hair big breasted onee-san instead of the old man, then it would have been a perfect replica of an adventure guild, Leo once thought.

In a small meeting room, all of the leaders and their men showed respect when Lisa and Sarah arrived. The two girls may be young, and the population they represented were the least amongst all the factions, but they were perhaps the strongest fighting force in the entire city.

The “survivors” often warned their brethren to not mess with those pretty girls just because they looked sexy, those women were amongst the cruelest cold blood killers they had ever seen. There were many men that ended up on the verge of death for stepping too far onto the line. It’s a trait the harem of the dormitory ended up having due to what they had experienced.

To this day, even with the reputation the girls at the dormitory had, none of them knew about Sarah and the family. Lisa had always been pushed forward as the figurehead representing the girls. The old man personally knew Sharon, but only to the extent as a strong ability user. Little did they know, the family was the real powerhouse. Sarah was seen as Lisa’s follower during the meeting.


“Now that everyone is here, we will briefly review the plan again. And pleasure to meet you all, I am Light, you can me L.” The young man had a robust and serious tone uncharacteristic of his appearance.

Turning on the projector, L then pointed at the map.

“First, we will clear out a safe route to the dam by eliminating the beast that dominated their respective regions. We will leave the bone carcass near the route to scare away the roaming monsters and continue to patrol the route to clear out any stragglers.” L took a sip of water then continued.

“Once we secure a route, we will have to deal with a full nest of mutated beasts. Intel says that those monsters looked a lot different than the ones we used to see. To be safe, we will set up traps around the region and try to lure them out a couple at a time. Try to be patient with this process, we will be divided into teams with our own groups, and some of us will be responsible for securing the escape route in case things go south… ” After a long while, L finally took his hand off the map.

“The preparations are already completed. The supplies for the traps were delivered here a moment ago. This operation is estimated to take three to five days. I won’t go over the details again this time. Thank you everyone for coming, are there any questions?” The young man concluded his long-winded presentation.

Once the clearing operation was completed, then the engineers and the workers could be escorted to the dam. The current rally point will be established as a temporary base for logistic purposes and the engineers will be on standby at this base. Besides Leo’s harem, every other faction brought non-combatant along to support the effort.

“Phew, we are finally out. I thought I was back in school.” Sarah said in relief.

“Now you know my pain.” Lisa added.

“We will raise your salary in the future. I promise.” Sarah looked at the student council president with eyes of pity.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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