Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 75


Cold wind seemingly rose from the ground and the lamp burns dim inside the chilling room. Within the suspense, the possessed zombie then smiled alluringly at Timmy.

“Timmy! Stay away from her!” Leo shouted, but his friend remained in shock and did not budge a muscle. Timmy continued to stare into the darkness within the woman’s eyes.

“Got you this time~,” Samara cheerfully said.

Samara’s body was glowing in an ominous dark aura, visible to everyone’s naked eyes. The female zombie finally revealed her mature and seductive face behind her black hair. She drew her lips closer to Timmy and opened her mouth; Timmy’s mouth uncontrollably opened by itself as well. Without coming into contact, a blue stream of energy flowed out from the boy and entered Samara’s mouth under Leo’s vision. With Timmy firmly in the woman’s grasp, Leo wasn’t able to make a move.

Timmy fainted on top of the woman’s breast. Samara gently patted the boy’s head and licked her lips.

“Ara, already fainted? I only took a small bite,” the possessed zombie disappointedly said then shifted her glance onto Leo. “But it was a nice little snack before the main dish. Hopefully you can fill me up.”

The boy’s lifeless body was tossed onto the sofa. Timmy was still left alive, but his pulse had become extremely weak. It was only a matter of time before the boy would part ways with life; well, at least he wasn’t going to die a virgin.

With a serious and grim demeanor, Leo approached the lady zombie and ordered the two girls to block the escape routes. However, the boy did not rush into an attack; instead, he was steadily closing his distance on Samara. With Timmy’s life energy being absorbed by the woman, Leo needed to figure out if there was still hope to save his friend before killing her.

“Give that back to Timmy, and I will consider sparing your life,” Leo coldly said as he unsealed his presence and the relentless amount of energy poured out from his body, forming into a magnificent bright aura visible to only Samara.

“Incredible!” The possessed zombie was initially taken aback by Leo’s energy, but was still undaunted and lusted for Leo’s life force.

Leo wanted to intimidate the woman and only released a portion of his aura; he recognized that they were in a populated area with numerous normal humans around. If he went all out, it might not end well for others and will draw more unwanted attention than necessary. The first one to bite the dust might just be Timmy instead.

“Amazing! You are simply incredible!” The female zombie panted.

Samara creepily circled around him and no one saw how her feet moved when she walked. There were sounds of water droplets dripping on the floor. She put her hand under her skirt and pulled it back out to see her fingers were drenched in sticky warm fluid.

“And this body is reacting to you so strongly,” Samara licked off her fingers.

Reina and Shalltear were in no better state. The seat of their pants were already wet from their love nectar soaking through the fabric. Shalltear was entranced in admiration of her master and Reina looked at Leo with awe.

“So, what will you do?” Leo plainly said.

“Let me get a taste of you and I might just return his life energy,” the woman rested on Leo’s shoulder and whispered into his ear, then she pointed her finger at the pulsating behemoth. “Put that monster inside of this body. Don’t you want to? I was very confident of my figure when I was alive.”

Leo’s monster twitched at the tingling sensation of her breathing at his ear. During all of these moments, the towering rod was still standing tall and proud since it was first erected. She naughtily sneaked a scoop of pre-cum with her finger from the tip and erotically licked it off.

“Ara… this body of mine is too sensitive.”

Samara’s body was compulsively twitching from savoring the cheese. Her legs gave up strength and fell onto the ground. Loud squirting sounds were popping within her skirt as she created a puddle on the floor. She had a face of ecstasy but still managed to speak in a calm manner.

“I can do what you said, but you will have to bring Timmy back first.” Leo had a hunch of what it might have come down to. He was no longer oblivious to the immense life energy in his body.

“Very well,” Samara released Timmy’s life energy into the air and it flew back to its host by itself; it’s a characteristic of the life force owned by a living being. However, within the blue stream a small speck of dark came within.

“He should be safe for now, but I still have control over his life,” She tried to smirk with her climaxing face. “It’s to make sure you uphold your en… da… woo! woo!”

“Well, then. Let’s get down to business,” Leo said before she finished her sentences as he suddenly grabbed onto Samara’s head and re-positioned himself.

She was still on the ground with her mouth open. In quick succession, the boy mercilessly thrust his monster into her delicate mouth, going deep into her throat, passing by the esophagus and poking at the wall of her upper stomach.

Her darkened eyes widened in surprise; Samara was not expecting Leo to just ram down his monster. She could feel her mouth was ripped open; her throat brutally stretched and created a thick bulge along her upper body in the shape of Leo’s rod.

However, it was the intensive and powerful energy radiating from the rod that had the most impact on her soul. It sent shock waves like a ravaging tide down to her spirit and disrupted her consciousness. She lost control of the possessed body and could only let Leo freely move her head like a toy as he kept ramming the monster down to her throat.

‘What is this!? How could someone like him exist!?’ Only now, did Samara begin to witness the magnificence of Leo’s presence and wanted to submit under his crotch. Having become a spirit, Samara was keener to the flow of life force. Before Leo’s unfathomable prowess, she felt like an inferior being several tiers below his existence.

There was no need for Leo to be gentle with this woman. He only needed to make sure the monster didn’t physically rip apart her body. But for the liters of mucousy burning lava brewing inside of his orbs, there will be no holding back. He can pump as much as he wants inside her. She did ask for it after all.

After several long strokes of back-and-forth action, Samara suddenly felt a garden hose gushing out a thick stream of lava hitting her stomach’s inner wall. Within the slurpy sound of the torrent, her belly expanded from the volume inside of her.

There was a gold mine of high-quality life energy just within her body, but she was already near her maximum capacity. It came too quickly and way too voluminous for her to absorb anymore. Instead, the energy found its way and forcibly entered into Samara’s soul, bringing the woman into heavenly pleasure inexplicable by words.

Within the thunderous beats of his pulsating rod, the woman felt that time was frozen in eternity. When his ejaculation finally came to an end, he pulled out his behemoth from the woman and the sound of popping resonated the room as the mushroom tip escaped her mouth. A thick musky stream of Leo’s milk overflowed from her mouth with the release of pressure. Her body collapsed forward, resting her face on the giant twin orbs.

Leo wasn’t even remotely satisfied; but since there was a toilet where he can dump his excess, he will gladly make use of it. He lifted the woman’s body up and pressed the tip of his behemoth to her bottom. There was still a thin fabric of the panties covering her garden entrance and one could see the outline of her plump flower being spread open by the mushroom cap.

“Wait! No, please. I am full!” Samara pleaded, but the boy remained silent. Her voice was finally trembling.

Leo pushed the woman down onto his rod and violently thrusted as deep as he could. The insertion forced out the thick ooze from her stomach out of her mouth and her words were muffled by the viscous milk choking her air duct. The thin fabric was also ripped through as a portion of the cloth was also forced into the tunnel.

As the thrusting continued, virgin blood of the female body flowed out along the length. Her mumbles started to sound like moans of ecstasy. Leo thought the garden felt surprisingly pleasant and quickly forfeited another load. Samara’s mind was on the brim of breakdown due to the overflowing energy drowning her consciousness. Pulling out his monster, Leo aimed his tip at another entrance. There was one more tunnel that he had not visited.

Samara’s spirit was able to possess and animate her own body due to it being turned into a zombie. But a better way to understand it was that Samara’s spirit was within the body the entire time. She just didn’t have a physical way to move her dead body and the zombie biology made it possible. The spirit was only able to take control of the body since Zomi was away. The big girl did not use the same type of control as she had on Shalltear.

“No… more. It’s too much…,” another large glob of the slurry escaped her mouth as she pleaded.

The woman was still unable to move her body, any more of Leo’s obscenely thick voluminous ooze and she would completely lose her sanity in pleasure, unable to recover from being Leo’s personal cum toilet. The spirit escaped the body, an ethereal form of naked Samara flew out of the female zombie. But Leo grabbed onto the spirit, aimed his monster and thrusted the rod into the rear hole.

The spirit had absorbed enough energy from Leo to even materialize in human form. Dropping the cum wasted female zombie on the ground, Leo pressed the spirit on top of her own physical body and started humping away.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” The spirit wanted to beg for mercy; but even in spirit form, when the monster entered, Samara became incapable of speech and could only sing the symphony in the rhythm of Leo’s thrusting.

“Woo!” The thick yogurt surged from her throat and overflowed her mouth. Leo was relentlessly pumping in his seed into the rear tunnel, but the boy was not stopping his movements, there were many more rounds left to go. The cycle of pleasure and ecstasy continued indefinitely within the dimly lit room.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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