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The next morning, Leo woke up early and found his unconscious little maid was impaled on his monster while leaning her weight on the rod inside her womb. To his side was the naked Reina sleeping soundly besides him, hugging his arm while the thick cheese inside her flowers flowed out from her bottom. A faint word of “papa” could still be heard from her lips.

To his back, Leo was resting his head on two mounds of soft pillow. With two arms gently hugging the boy, Samara, who was also called Saeki, was looking affectionately at her master’s sleeping face while using her soft body to cushion Leo from the hard and old sofa. Leo felt his head was sunk into the clouds, floating freely above the marshmallows.

Saeki is Samara’s true name as a spirit. The one that possesses the knowledge of her true name also possesses her soul. This knowledge naturally appeared in Leo’s mind when the woman submitted under Leo’s crotch. It was transferred subconsciously to Leo from the spirit during the intermingling of their energies as he was too overly dominant.

When the boy revealed her true name back to Samara, he essentially freed the spirit from his grasp; even though it was an accident. However, the woman returned her name to her master once again as she already became inseparable from Leo’s behemoth. Having the monster inside her was a more effective domination to her soul than any voodoo magic or ritual ever will. She planned to offer her name in the first place anyway.

Meanwhile, Timmy slept soundly on the other side of the room. Yesterday had been a tiring day for him and he was not going to wake up anytime soon. Yet, he once again missed out on the wonders that happened during the night. The two girls he liked clashed their cheeks when they fought for the position to service Leo’s rod with their tongues.


It was difficult to tell the time of day within the metro; but the time was almost around noon. Timmy was the last to wake up and everyone was getting ready to explore the Central. Shalltear had already left to the surface with the permission of her master. The little maid was instructed to deliver Zomi’s share of daily protein to her superior.

Near the entrance of the rental space, Pavel was already waiting for them at the corner. The man greeted the group as soon as they came out of the door.

“Good morning, must have been a tiring night, eh. You know, with all the traveling you guys did,” Pavel glanced at the two beautiful women and looked at Leo and Timmy with a face that all men understood.

“Yeah… sorry if we kept you waiting. I took a bit too long,” Leo apologized. Zomi was a big girl that needed more servings after all.

“Understandable, understandable. Not an issue at all, I just got here too.” Pavel nodded his head.

“Do you already have the information? That is quick,” Timmy excitedly asked, the status of his family had been weighing on him all this time. The guide said he would show up here when he has the stuff ready.

“Ah, yes. The information came quite easily. Two names you were looking for are quite a big shot around here. They are also looking for someone with descriptions just like you,” Pavel inspected Timmy.

“I knew they were alive!” Timmy cheered.

“Do you know them personally? If you do, then you lucky bastards are likely set for your stay in this place,” Pavel enviously said. “Follow me, I will take you to where they are.”

The group traversed the crowded streets of the underground shopping center. The level of activities in the Central was several times higher compared to the stations they saw before. However, with a larger population came other issues, such as sanitation.

At the corner of the street, Leo saw a gathering of people surrounding an old man giving a sermon. The hustling voice of the speech overshadowed the bustling crowds. The group’s attention was naturally drawn to the gathering.

“That old man is a deacon of the first flame. A new religious order that came popping out of nowhere recently. They believe in some sort of fire. Their voices used to be small; but after taking in the waves of survivors that sought refuge at the Central, their popularity skyrocketed,” Pavel explained to his customers.

“What made them attractive to the survivors?” Reina asked, Leo and Timmy were curious as well.

“Some say they can help people awaken, but it wasn’t the first-time people came up with this kind of stunt. I personally don’t believe it. But if you want to learn more, you will find out more about them at the place we’re about to go,” Pavel smiled and explained.

Pavel continued to disclose some of the politics and events going on in the Central, the base was not as stable as it seemed on the surface. There was a power struggle inside the governing body; multiple factions from within were swaying the public opinion. The chancellor may be the leader here, but he did not hold all the power.

Each of the faction leaders would often invite refugees from other stations to come, take in their combat power and able men to strengthen their own force. This led to the overpopulation the station was having now, which caused the survivors to be even more divisive. As things cannot be allowed to continue on like this, a drastic action was taken.

“But the chancellor sees a way to unite people in this station, and that is through faith. It is not a big secret that the old man is now working with the order of the fire. How else do you think the order is allowed to preach openly on the streets?” Pavel divulged.

“I see, things are complicated, huh,” Leo commented.

“And we are here, just right on time,” Pavel said.

The group arrived at a small home appliance store; its entrance was already crowding with people, waiting to go in. Soon, the door opened and a busty nun in white uniform welcomed the survivors; the bottom of her robe was stripped open at the side, revealing a portion of her juicy thigh.

At the center of the store was a platform. A priest was standing in front of a small bowl of fire. At the back two elegantly dressed women in clergy uniform sat on the chair. Leo and Timmy both recognized the two women; they were Timmy’s mother and sister.

Both of the women were extremely well endowed with erotic figure, the dress that latched on to their skin only helped outlining their voluptuous curves. The mother had a youthful appearance. If Leo didn’t know better, he would’ve mistaken two girls as sisters. Back then, when Leo first met with Timmy’s family, he knew that Timmy was a friend he absolutely was going to make. And much was the same for Timmy vice versa.

Timmy wanted to shout out to his mother and sister, but Reina covered the boy’s mouth to prevent him from making a commotion. Leo also shook his head to Timmy, hinting his friend to be patient.

“I don’t like this kind of setting. If you still need me, I will be waiting outside.” As much as the women were alluring to Pavel, he knew if took the bait and stayed, he might fall into the same trap like everyone else.

Finally, the sermon began with the bowl of fire showing a little bit of magic. The priest recited some lines and started his speech.

“Welcome, friends. The age of fire is upon thee, let us rekindle the flame of humanity. May the fire…” Yeah, just who was listening to the old man? At least not Leo. His eyes were feasting on the thick juicy thighs of the nuns. The ladies here have unique charisma. His glance then slowly shifted to the mother and the sister.

The dress on the two women certainly pushed their appeal to the maximum. Gloomed with a bud of flower on their head, the silky long hairs flowed down like a river. A diamond necklace was resting in the valley of their open cleavages. The smooth fabric of the white silk paired perfectly with their milky skin texture. Leo wondered at the image of his harem dressed into one of these clergy uniforms.

The sister noticed the heated gaze from Leo without even noticing her little brother. There were always a myriad of eyes staring at her and her mother, but they never felt anything from their stares. But somehow, she can feel the boy’s eye piercing into her body, and her temperature begins to rise.

“Emma sure changed a lot, Timmy’s mom too,” Leo muttered to himself.

Emma felt Leo’s face looked familiar and was able to recognize him at last. When their eyes met, Leo secretly waved his hands at her and pointed his finger to Timmy. Seeing her little brother amongst the crowd, Emma quickly turned to the mother. Timmy’s mom was already looking at her daughter and nodded her head.

Both sides had the mutual agreement to wait until the sermon was over. For the duration, the women of the order remained seated as that was all they had to do. Leo could not sense anything from the fire and the ladies; but from his vision, he could tell neither of them were normal.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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