Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 79


Locking herself behind the restroom door, Anna examined the wet panties between her meaty thighs. Strings of love nectar clung stubbornly to her hairless lewdly shaped plum. More clear fluid was flowing out and dripping down to the toilet, her body was still reacting to the scent of Leo’s dense hormones.

“What has gotten to me? Could it be that I haven’t done it for a long time? Maybe it’s also the stress in these past few months…,” She unwittingly thought. Ever since the death of Timmy’s father many years ago, Anna had never experienced the pleasures of the night again.

“But that boy has grown so manly…,” Anna thought back to the bulge touching her thighs when she hugged Leo and her face blushed with crimson red hue once more. “Was he excited because I hugged him? It was… so enormous. Does he like an old lady like me?”

While thinking about him, Anna’s hand slowly lowered back down to her crotch. She spread open the flower pedals to let the pool of nectars freely flow out, exposing the pink texture of the soft budding that have been shying away for too long.

“His body felt so strong and reliable…,” unlike her husband’s frail figure, all signs of Leo’s body indicated his potential prowess of certain capabilities.

Before she knew, her finger was brushing against the clit, poking at the entrance, and eventually slipping through the interior of her honeywell. The second she felt something slid inside, a cute moan that sounded similar from a young girl escaped her mouth. Nothing had visited her sacred garden for years and the long-forgotten sensations shook her whole body.

Drowned in her own pleasure, her fingers reached deeper into the tunnel and stroked the inner wall of the sanctuary as more juices were lavishly forced out. Anna folded her legs with her feet and her whole body up on the toilet, facing the ripe tender flower towards the front, without stopping the movements on her fingers.

The current image of Anna pleasuring herself would baffle anyone that saw her during the sermon. No one would believe this was the same woman that sat gracefully at the backstage, brimming with esteemed charisma without uttering a word. The disparity was simply mind blowing.

Anna was no longer holding back her volume; the movements of her fingers grew fierce. Her other hand was kneading her enormous marshmallow; its voluptuous volume overflowed the grasp of her palm. Soon, clear fluid was gushing out, filling the restroom with sweet womanly aroma. The puddle of clear nectar flowed outside from beneath the door.

Just as Anna was savoring the aftermath of climax in an enlightened state of epiphany, the outer restroom door was cranked open. The mother remained frozen on the seat and watched the figure step on the puddle of love nectar from underneath the door. Without minding the stickiness of the strange fluid, the figure walked past. Judging by the footwear, it was her daughter.

Within the quiet restroom, she heard the long dripping sounds of water followed by a weak flush of the toilet. Then, a knock was heard from her door.

“Mom, are you in there? What’s taking you so long?” Emma asked.

“Ye! Yess, Emma. Give me one more minute.” Anna quickly cleaned up the mess of her nether region and put back the drenched pantie that was fortunately still warm.

However, while frantically trying to dress herself, the clumsy mother accidentally slipped on the pool of juice. Now, her elegant dress was embedded with the sweet scents of her own heavenly aroma. Hearing the commotion from within, Emma forcibly opened the door and saw the unladylike posture of her mother.

“Sigh, mom. Alright…let’s get you cleaned first,” Emma said in defeat as she looked at her helpless mother.

Anna was your typical big titty goth girl that had a very disproportionate distribution of nutrients in her body. With a relatively short figure, she had a pair of great bosoms that rivaled Catherine on every spectrum. It was by no means surprising to Emma that her mommy was such a klutz, the daughter had already gotten used to cleaning up after Anna every time she made a mess.

With such a careless mother, no wonder Emma took charge in auditing her little brother. However, under certain situations or in times of danger, the mother was always unexpectedly reliable; especially during the crucial moments.


After half an hour had passed by, Anna and Emma returned to the private quarter together, drawing the attention of the room back to themselves. The two ladies changed into normal clothing but still retained their womanly appeal with their bombastic body curves nonetheless.

“What took you and mom so long? We are starving,” Timmy complained. Emma said she would bring them to lunch after a quick restroom trip.

“Sorry for the wait, we can’t go out wearing the uniform of the order; so, we changed our clothes first,” Emma came up with a random excuse. But indeed, if they walked around the streets in those lavish dresses… it would be free advertisement for the order.

The mother was standing behind Emma like a shy little girl; she wasn’t sure if her daughter noticed what she was doing and still felt extremely embarrassed. And when she glanced at Leo, her heart also throbbed accordingly too.

“Yeah, we haven’t had breakfast. What’s on the menu?” Leo added. He was always starving regardless how much he ate; the meager amount of food probably won’t do justice for him, but he simply likes to eat.

“Something light for me and Samara will be fine, we have already eaten.” Reina’s belly was still packed with extra saturated condensed milk; they are not easy to digest. Samara also nodded heavily at the same sentiment as well.

“I am taking us to the only restaurant in the station that serves mutated beast. They are not so cheap even for me and my mother, but the chefs over there have my approval,” Emma proudly stated, she was excited for the meal as well.

“Don’t worry about the price, enjoy yourselves when we get there,” Anna finally reclaimed her composure and smiled gently to the group.


While being further away from the mountains, the meat of mutated creatures were a little harder to come by. But many of the beasts in search of easy prey still roamed the city, while domesticated animals that turned feral were also in the numerous.

If there was a known local commodity of the Central, it would be their snake meats. There was a dwelling of mutated snakes not too far away from the station. Luckily, they were not venomous, even the originally poisonous one somehow turned mule when they mutated. The owner of this restaurant should be thankful to a certain snake enthusiast that raised dozens of snakes in his house before the apocalypse.

The subway restaurant brought slight reminiscence to the days before the black mist. The interior was well furnished and the tiles were clean. A portable radio was playing soothing music popular back in the days.

With the appetizers on the table, Anna and Emma finally shared their side of the story to the group. The story was fairly simple. After they separated from Timmy, the two women survived the arduous trip to the Central, where they were scouted by missionaries of the order.

In exchange for the offer of food and shelter, they attended the sermons and were judged by the fire. The priest was astounded that both the mother and the daughter had great aptitude to be awakened by the first flame.

“When we absorbed the flame, we felt warmth spreading through the core of our bodies. Even now, I can feel a spark of fire living inside me,” Emma explained. “And when we took power from the fire, a sign was branded on our body.”

Emma proceeded to show a tattoo on her arm; the shape looked like a ring of fire. Anna reflexively showed hers as well, the clueless mother pulled down her shirt at the chest to reveal the branded mark on the side of her bountiful marshmallow.

Noticing the strange gaze at her direction, Anna quickly realized what she had just done and tucked away her breast in a hurry. Fortunately, only a portion of the bounty was exposed and Leo was the only boy that had a good angle to look. Reina and even Samara were in disbelief that a woman who exerted such a noble aura during the sermon had such a side to her.

The daughter masterfully ignored the awkward atmosphere and continued back on the topic. So far, there were no adverse effects from the sign. The high priestess claimed that those who were branded with the fire will reunite their souls with the lord after death. Similar concept to how the deceased’s spirit will ascend to heaven and be with God in certain religions.

The high priestess had been very kind to the two women, partially due to the fact that they possessed extremely high affinity to wield the power of the first flame. The fire did not just awaken the two girls, but also granted them an ability. Not the power to simply command the element of fire, but it was the ability to perform miracles.

“As to what those miracles are, the high priestess requested us to keep it a secret. She said the time has yet to come. So yeah, this is the most I can share,” Emma explained.

“Miracles are so fun to play with, but sorry we can’t show it to you guys just yet. The order had been kind to us, we can’t betray their trust,” Anna added.

After their explanation, Leo began to understand the unique pattern and the abnormality of energy flow in their bodies; but now was not the time to dwell on this thought. The main dishes were finally served on the table; it was an assortment of monster meats and a few batches of valuable fresh vegetables. Leo and Timmy gulped at the sight; the smell of the grilled tender even brought back the appetite of Reina and Samara who had been full. While steering the conversation to a more light hearted direction, the group began to feast away in joy.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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