Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 80

Since Shalltear was no longer with the group, Leo thought he finally could enjoy a proper meal in peace. By now, Leo knows the little maid long enough to figure this would be the exact moment for her to sneak underneath the table and intoxicate herself with his cheese. Whenever it was time for his meal, it was also time for his harem’s lunch or dinner as well.

But then, just as he had such a thought, he felt a tender hand touching the bulge in his pants. Leo held back his surprise and slightly raised his head from the food. Looking through the women around the table, they were all present in their seats with their hands busy with the plates.

Now, he could feel someone was rubbing their face against his crotch and he couldn’t figure who it could possibly be. Finally sneaking a peek down to check, Leo found Samara was already unzipping his pants to release the limp dragon in public space. She returned the look of her master with a naughty smirk. With a slight confusion, he looked back to the other Samara on the table, who was eating her food with a blank expression.

Leo finally remembered that Samara had the ability to materialize her spirit, but it seemed that the spirit learned to control her zombified body better. Slicing the meat into even pieces, the natural movements of her physical body looked indistinguishable from normal humans.

With a bowl against the tip of his limp dragon, Samara was trying to squeeze out some pre-cum to go with her food. How was she supposed to eat all these meat without any sauce? With a light squeeze of an orb that might break someone’s bone and a few gentle strokes of his rod that would tear someone’s skin, an obscenely thick glob of yogurt dripped down and viscously filled the bowl.

Well, at least she didn’t tear his pants like a certain maid does sometimes, and was well mannered enough to stuff the giant back inside the pants. A bowl of dense white cheese steaming with Leo’s manly fumes appeared on Samara’s hand without anyone noticing.


Walking out of the restaurant, the women of the group all had their skin slightly painted red. They felt strangely enticed by the scent in the air when they were enjoying the meal. The food tasted the same as before, but the smell was certainly condensed with strong flavor, Emma and Anna thought.

The next destination for the group was a flea market filled with trinkets and spoils of war from survivors that ventured to the surface. It was the center where all the resources and information were exchanged; and also, a place where many survivors hoped to win the lottery and hit the jack spot. Rumors had it that people have awakened from random small finds off the stall; hence, the flea market never lacked people trying their chances there every day.

Strolling through the street while Emma introduced the market, something caught both Reina and Samara’s eye. Placed neatly on top of a ragged carpet on the ground was a selection of stones with interesting markings. A figure of a man cloaked in a dark robe was sitting behind his goods with crossed legs.

Leo remembered the markings looked oddly familiar and took out the stone that Reina dropped at the abandoned station. Although it was not the exact same patterns, he could still tell they are of the same kind. He was intrigued as well; he hadn’t forgotten the mystery of the stone tablet that evaporated in thin air.

Reina curiously picked up a stone and examined it in her hand. She felt something inside was calling out to her. It was a strange feeling; her instinct tells these stones could be beneficial to her in the future.

“Do you find them interesting? Little girl. These are stones that I found during one of my scavenging trips; they seemed to be unique and I thought they could fetch a good price,” the man in a black robe spoke. “But for you little girl, a few scraps of bread or drinks would do the deal. Haha!”

The man finally revealed his face, he was a rowdy looking middle-aged man with a wide beard. The type that looked like your average noisy neighbor with a loud voice and also happened to be a good uncle.

“Really? Thank you, grandpa,” Reina delightfully smiled, different from her usual attitude.

“Hey, hey! I am not that old!” The man’s hair and beard were messy but were still healthily dark.

Samara bent her body to pick up a stone herself; she did not bend her legs and her plum shaped buttocks protruded outward, stretching the fabric of her dress with her ample proportion. Timmy wanted to feast his eye on the glorious sight, but Leo was in close proximity to the round peach and blocked his view.

She even ‘accidentally’ bumped her rear on Leo’s crotch, rubbed against the bulge with a few shakes and acted as if nothing happened. It seemed like the spirit was getting naughty again, Leo planned to properly educate Samara once more in another time.

Playing with the stone in her hand, Samara drew her head close and whispered into Leo’s ear. Leo nodded and looked towards the vendor.

“Sir, where exactly did you find all these stones?” Leo curiously asked and generously tossed forward a piece of crimson jelly.

“Oh wow, this is truly rare, not often do I see one this big,” the man picked up the jelly in amazement; the value of the crimson ruby was enough for an average person to get by freely for a week. He certainly did not expect to earn himself a ruby in this manner.

“To the south, at the bank of the river, there is a hospital not too far away from the shopping district…,” the man said while inspecting the ruby. “But just to let you know, that place was unpleasant as hell. Stuff creeps into your head, I probably wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for the fire’s blessing.”

“Victor, glad to see you are alive still,” Anna walked forward and spoke with a noble and calm aura.

The man was frozen in place for a few seconds; his expression was filled with surprise and shock.

“You were… that lady,” Victor stumbled on his speech. “You saved my life.”

Victor was a fervent believer of the fire; and as a reward for his faith, he was given the opportunity to be blessed by the miracle of the flame. The blessing was able to prevent the evil spirits from corrupting his mind. Anna and Emma were given the task to perform the blessing, they were the only selective few that had such power within the order. It was the only art that was revealed to the public; but given its nature, not many people believed the intangible miracle.

“The power of the flame has largely faded away, what did you see at the hospital? Could you please tell me? It is important to the order,” Anna urged and her atmosphere turned solemn; the high priestess had warned them of such matter.


“Please forgive my mom, we owe a great deal to the order ever since our stay in this place; especially to the high priestess personally.” Emma apologized to the group.

After quickly bidding her leave to the group, Anna had stormed off in the direction of the order’s headquarters with superhuman speed. Leo was impressed with Anna and Emma’s level of awakening; they were on par with the harems of the dormitory.

It appeared that they learned a matter of grave importance to the order from the middle-aged man. Leo didn’t understand what was so serious about some evil spirits in the south, his group met plenty on the way here. And look, he even tamed one that had been flirting with him non-stop.

With Anna gone from the group, everyone decided to head back and call it a day. Emma invited Leo and the rest of the group to move into their home; given her and her mother’s positions in the order, their dwelling was spacious with extra rooms to spare.

Packing up the baggage, Leo suddenly remembered the bag that Timmy asked him to give to his sister. He trusted his best friend on this and returned the bag to Emma when he saw the opportunity. She recognized her belongings and hesitantly took the bag from Leo. Emma was caught off guard seeing her bag of panties and bra in his hands.

She took a quick peek at the content inside and finally blushed while her eyes met with Leo’s.

“Tha… thanks. Where did you find this?” Emma looked slightly to the side and asked.

“I think it was when we visited the station that you all escaped from. Timmy found this and gave it to me. Told me to… uhm. You know,” Leo shrugged, he didn’t check the content due to his good manners and didn’t understand why Timmy had to ask him to do this. He didn’t know he just sold out his friend.

“Oh… I see,” the sister was still shy, but….

Timmy is dead meat.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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