Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 81

The air was riddled with the smell of blood and the echo of savage cries scarred the land. From the roof of a tall apartment building, Zomi and Shalltear oversaw the battlefield of zombies and necrophages. No humans dared to venture anywhere close to the war zone; the gore was too extreme for the average human’s faint heart.

The mutated zombies and the abominations engaged in gruesome exchange of flesh and blood while the regular zombies and the hatchlings served as cannon fodder. Only madness and insanity were left in between the two forces; no mere mortal could watch the scene without corrupting the mind.

The little maid was in a gothic dress and held a small parasol above her head to block the high noon sunlight. She let out a long yawn of boredom that sounded more mature than her body as she watched the gruesome spectacle below her.

“Can I go down already? My hands have been without blood for far too long, a disgrace for a noble lady like me,” Shalltear complained to Zomi, who was bathing in the sunlight wearing a revealing shirt and hotpants that were too tight for her explosive figure.

“… ” A paragraph of words were said in those three dots.

“Fine… I will keep waiting,” Shalltear couldn’t really go against her superior; the big girl had the monopoly on her existence.

The current of the wind began to shift. The day was bright and beaming in sunlight, but the air was starting to feel frigid. On the battlefield, two presences finally decided to show up. The stalemate had been going on for too long and the boss of both sides had the impeccable synergy to appear precisely at the same exact moment.

Zomi stood up next to Shalltear on the ledge and pointed her finger at the two figures. She blankly looked at her underling, telling her ‘I choose you! To fetch their gems for our master’. The two premium grade livestock were what the head maid had been waiting all along, they were qualified to be served as snacks. The rest of the small flies simply weren’t worthwhile.

Shalltear was finally excited and released her intimidating bloodlust; the attention of all creatures were turned to the apartment roof. She hadn’t been able to properly test her strength after being graced by Leo’s essence; even without Zomi’s command, the little maid would want to take on both of them herself. With a powerful leap that crushed the building bricks, the small figure launched at an incredible speed towards her prey.

The big girl shifted her sight from the slaughter to another battle; a lady zombie with a beautiful face and a top tier figure was fighting solo against two necrophages. Her body was already battered with scars and covered in blood, but her enemies were in no better state. With an expression of resolve not often seen on a zombie’s face, the woman fought with rage and fury.

The female zombie was a former survivor of the Central; before her death, she was just a normal human trying to reach ends meet. Betrayed by the group she trusted; the young lady lost her protective father because of the treacherous men that wanted her body, ended up severely injured and was left stranded in a shop after fleeing for her life.

Seeing the similar will to live and the intense hatred from Lily in her eyes, Zomi gave the woman a piece of large crimson jelly on a whim; and some share of her own treasured protein shake that goes well with it. Despite being almost bled dry of blood and on the brink of death, the woman still managed to create a large pool of love juice on the ground before she evolved into a high tier zombie.

Within seconds, the two necrophages collapsed on the ground, the female zombie was the last woman standing. Zomi’s expression revealed a rare faint smile; the new born had passed her trial, she will have a very exciting and heart throbbing future ahead of her.


The night beckoned and the group nested in their new dwelling. Anna and Emma had their own room and had always slept together. In dire times, family was above all else as the two very well ‘grown’ women chose to share the same room despite having the luxury not to. Leo and the rest were given a large room with sofa and small beds; Reina and Samara hoped the sound proof of this room is up to standard.

While having a quick dinner with the group and some discussions over the plans for the future, Anna announced that she will invite everyone to a ceremony of the order tomorrow. It was an internal gathering that only allowed members of the order, but given her status, bringing a few extra people in was no problem.

The group did not plan to leave the Central so soon, and the family of the trio did not make up their mind on a conclusion. If Anna and Emma refused to leave the Central, Timmy might choose to stay with his family. Leo decided to check out this order that he kept hearing on the streets and to find just what it was that made Anna and Emma hesitate to leave the Central.

Coincidentally, after Anna’s return from the headquarters, the mother had been glancing at Leo with strange looks. The high priestess had told the mother that she was very interested in a certain boy, and the physical appearance she described perfectly matched that of Leo’s.


With the candle lights burnt out, everyone that was human fell asleep in their room; except for Reina, well, the other Reina. The girl assumed control of the host’s body once again while the real Reina was asleep. The clock ticks to midnight and both Reina and Samara open their eyes, staring down on the obscene bulge protruding from the blanket between them.

“This time I will go first! You sneaked some milk earlier today already,” Reina demanded.

“Fine, fine. Go ahead little girl,” Samara smirked, she found it amusing to toy with Reina’s alter ego and enjoyed her company; perhaps because they are both of similar breed.

Reina excitedly flipped the blanket over, exposing the hardened thick pole and the dense hormone accumulating under the sheet. The girl’s greeting to the behemoth was a little different than other members of Leo’s harem. Reina hugged the meat stick to her face and used her weight to rock the monster as it rebounded from side to side.

“Papa, good to see you again today.” The girl paid her respect and gave it a kiss like she would do to her daddy’s cheek.

However, Reina soon frowned and looked down, Samara was covering the base of the behemoth with her ample bosom, stuffing the meat in between her softness and warmth.

“What? You’re not going to take the whole thing in anyway. Let me have some fun as well,” Samara said. “This will help you get your milk faster.”


Reina did not complain and moved on to her late supper that had been oozing out from the tip. Then, with just a few licks at the mushroom head, the already swollen rod began to convulse and swell unevenly once again. The orifice soon was widened and a thick torrent of premium cheese milk splattered Reina’s face.

The girl was caught off guard since everything happened so quickly. Reina let go control of the rod in surprise; however, Samara was able to save the night by aiming the tip towards the corner. Loud splashing sound on the wall along with the thunderous pulse of Leo’s ejaculation resonated within the room.

“Ara, my bad. Seems like it was too strong this time.” Samara used her power to excite the energy within Leo’s massive twin orbs; it was the same ability she used to cause Leo a sudden erection when she first revealed herself, and it remained super effective.

Reina wanted to give Samara an angry look, but then she felt something from the other side of the room. She turned her head in the direction of Timmy, the boy covered his whole body under the blanket and seemed to be still asleep. Before Reina could confirm her suspicion that someone was watching them, Samara started to lick the thick cheese off the girl’s face and even kiss her mouth to suck out the residuals inside her.

“You…!” Reina was too pure to have any vocabulary that matched the context.

“Hehe,” Samara had a playful taunting look; she noticed he was awake from the start.

The two girls continued to savor the monster and rode it however they wished. From the back, between a small gap on the blanket, Timmy’s eyes were wide open and was profusely watching the scene. Reina may have rejected him once, but she was a girl that Timmy truly liked and still fancied with hope. He was truly perplexed in his mind, but that did not prevent him from getting excited watching his first love ravaged by his best friend’s monster.

However, Timmy was not the only bystander that was excited. The two women in the next room were feeling the heat as well. They had been woken up from Samara’s loud erotic moaning and the intense hormone that seemed to be able to penetrate the wall. The night was a sleepless night; Leo became the only one that had sleep.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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