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After the awakening ceremony, the old man continued to ramble on for hours. Timmy was already asleep by the time the bishop allowed the audience to leave; he was in a posture that would end up with a sore neck.

Leo wanted to rest his eyes and fell asleep as well; the ability put a drain on his consciousness. He accidentally leaned his head on Mary’s shoulder, she had her cheeks red the entire time while Samara and Reina glanced in jealousy.

During his sleep, Leo dreamed of a foreign land, a glorious kingdom ruled by brave warriors of the sunlight. Erected from the etching of boulders and rocks, in midst upon a stony height stood the ancient city of Lordaeron. Through the pavilion and into the palace; it seemed that nobody was able to see him. A time skip occurred and his vision fast forwarded. Leo arrived at the palace garden; where he saw a young lady with an extremely matured figure, unfitting for the youth of her spirit.

Leo could not clearly see her face, but he felt like he had seen a woman with this kind of dynamite figure from somewhere, and just very recently as well. Slowly drawing closer, the young lady noticed the boy the moment he stepped foot into light. With a gentle smile, she approached the boy in elegant steps and curiously looked into Leo’s eye. Then without warning, the woman kissed Leo and dug her tongue deep inside his mouth. At the same time, he felt something slip into his body and he was forced to awake from his sleep.

He was cluelessly looking around the hall, he could only remember bits and pieces of the vision. It felt so real; the scenery was vivid. Even after he woke up, he still couldn’t believe that it was a dream. But the memories of the dream were fading inside his mind as he continued to ponder.

“Are you ok? Leo?” Reina caringly asked.

“Yeah… I am fine.” Leo shook off his hazy consciousness and answered.

On top of the stage, the high priestess was startled by a shock and raised her eyebrows. She lifted her head to check the audience and her sight stopped at Leo’s figure. The high priestess demeanor suddenly changed into that of delight; it was a tender smile with so much charm that she just earned herself even more die-hard believers.


Under the guidance of Mary, the group were placed in a well decorated guest room to wait for Anna and Emma’s return. Leo was still absorbed in thought about the scenes in his mind; for some reason, he just couldn’t shake it off as a simple dream.

Emma entered the room alone and greeted the group, she now had a perplexed and curious expression like her mother earlier when she glanced at Leo. He had just arrived at the Central, but he already managed to pique the interest of a certain person. Her hunch was correct; she knew there was something special about him aside from his attractive manly presence.

“How did everyone enjoy our performance?” Emma asked; the one that conducted the choir was actually a close friend that she helped train.

“It was fascinating, Emma,” Reina complimented first.

“Not bad, I suppose,” Samara commented as she understood the craft behind the chorus; she wanted to say it’s child’s play, but realized that performance was beyond her capacity before being blessed by Leo.

“I found it amazing, if I can, I wish to learn about how the performance was done. I think you know what I am talking about,” Leo was honestly impressed.

Timmy’s opinion didn’t matter; before he could speak, Emma turned to Leo with a more solemn expression. Reading the mood change from his years of difficult traumatizing experience living with the sister, Timmy knew it was the time to shut up.

“Leo, the high priestess wants to see you personally. I don’t know the details, but she seems very eager. Will you please meet her?” Emma sincerely asked.

“Uhm? Sure… I guess.” There was no particular reason for Leo to reject seeing the overly sexualized body of that high priestess.

“I thank thee, gracious one,” a voice resonated within everyone’s head.

The door was opened once again; this time it was Anna holding the door open for the high priestess. Due to her height, the priestess had to bend down before walking into the room, and it so happened that Leo was in the perfect angle to witness the cleavage of a great mountain range.

“Thou hast journey’d far, chosen of the flame. Can thou and I speak privately?” Words were spoken, but no one saw her lips moved; the mature charming voice of the high priestess appeared surreally within everyone’s mind.

“Chosen? When did that happen?” Leo had an oblivious expression.

“Mary, could you take our guests out for a walk?” Emma whispered to Mary while giving the rest of the group an apologetic look.

Reina and Samara were a little afraid of the high priestess presence and quickly left the room. Timmy obediently followed Mary out of the room and walked right behind her. However, when Anna and Emma were about to leave as well, another line of speech appeared from within.

“Thou two may stay, for I shalt speaketh the truth of the first flame. And t’is the knowledge rightfully thine.” The high priestess bore high trust for her two confidants.

“So… what do you need from me?” Leo curiously asked while scratching his pants. His monster and the twin orbs had been itching for a while now.

The high priestess gave Leo a deep bow and began to speak in monologue.

“I am Gwenyvere. Daughter of Lord Solaire; and Queen of Sunlight. I have awaited thee…”


In a world far across in time and space, a prosperous kingdom united the land upon the golden age of fire. Ruled under Lord Solaire, the king of sunlight, and his faithful knights, they banished evil and worshipped the fire. The first flame was the center of their world; it gave them power and the art of controlling it. But by this point of the story, it felt so generic that Leo was already falling asleep once again.

Gwenyvere was the princess of this mighty kingdom; unwedded and unsullied, a virgin maiden that was chosen by fate. Her destiny was to tend to the flame as a firekeeper and await the end of time; she was the only candidate of her era fit to lift the mantle.

Until one day, the dark mist descended upon their land, shrouding the world in darkness. And within the mist, came greater evils that followed. Abomination from the outer worlds, twisted and deformed into shape by the power that once consumed them. A horde of monsters to be reckoned with.

The prophecy had foretold that this was the fate of this world; yet warriors arose to challenge fate, and led their brethren to battle. Years of warfare and alongside other troubles, the enemies were only getting stronger and the fire was put into strain. The kingdom drew power from the first flame to fight against their doom, and the miasma of the evil slowly eroded the fire.

Eventually, in a call for desperate measures, great warriors with great souls offer themselves to the flame, to link the fire and fuel the life line of their world. One by one, Gwenyvere watched her family rest without peace, until she was the last of her line. They had either been slayed by their foes or had sacrificed themselves to link the fire.

The princess assumed the title as the Queen of Sunlight after her late father and held the last stand. In the end, the once mighty flame was only left with embers, tiny sprites waiting to fade out. In hope to preserve the first flame, Gwynevere rested the ember within her bosom and absorbed the fire.

By some miracle, the essence of the flame was perfectly merged within her body and became a part of her. At the same moment, a rift appeared before her and the rest was history.


“My kingdom hast endeth; yet the fire must live on, for t’is the legacy of our world,” the high priestess held her hands above her cleavage.

That was a lot to digest for him; but for now, Leo only wondered what all of this has to do with him. However, the priestess’ action soon answered his question.

Under Emma and Anna’s shocked expression, Gwenyvere untied her laces and her white priestess robe swiftly dropped to the ground, revealing her voluptuous naked body. That totally woke the boy up from the sleep inducing long story earlier, Leo was asking himself why he didn’t see this coming.

Gwenyvere slowly walked forward and embraced the boy into her bosom. Leo can finally feel the existence of the fire within her body. Different from the sprite of flame he examined from during the sermon; its presence was faint, a flicker of flame that was about to be extinguished any moment.

“The fire… has fused inside me, and this body… desires your nourishment,” this time, the priestess spoke with her own voice, it sounded a lot cuter than her mature elegant voice within their heads.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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