Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 84


The luminescent body of the high priestess was the envy of all women. Blessed with overly abundant endowments and a tall stature, she had a curvaceous figure that only Zomi could rival. The silky long blonde hair flowed down and covered the end of her buttock and her smooth skin was cleansed without a sign of imperfection.

Anna and Emma viewed the high priestess as their idol, the story she told and the action she did just now definitely sent them both into bewilderment. However, this did not stop Emma from drooling at the luscious figure of Gwynevere’s dynamite body.

“Please… inherit the fire of my world… and inherit me, for I am one with the flame.” Gwynevere stuttered in her speech; she was alien to the language of this world and it was impressive that she managed to pick up so much within several months.

Telepathy was her primary means of communication as it overcame the language barrier and transmitted pure thoughts across to others. It was similar to Zomi’s link with Leo, but Gwynevere used it in a more refined and skillful manner.

“What do you mean by inherit?” While bathing in the womanly scent of the high priestess, Leo lifted his head and asked.

It was obvious to Leo what the high priestess could possibly want from him, he had absolutely zero problem with that; but he was still confused by the term inherit. He could feel his twin orbs were getting heavier by the hour these past few days. Without the main bulk of harems with him, he never had the chance to properly discharge all the excess. He hoped this fire of hers will have enough appetite.

“To link the fire… for a great and powerful existence like you… a small fraction is enough,” while linking the fire, one became the fuel for the flame and hence inherited the flame. It was the terminology they used in her world.

“Ok, I understand what you want… cough… cough…, that won’t be an issue. But before that, I still have many questions…,” listening to the story from Gwenyvere, Leo felt the sceneries she depicted were oddly familiar.

The next moment, Gwenyvere covered his mouth with her own and aggressively invaded the interior with her tongue. Within the wet exchange of saliva, Leo was installed with knowledge of her world, a portion of her memory and the complex arts of welding souls. However, knowledge itself wasn’t sufficient; Leo would have to put them into practice and gain proficiency in using those arts.

The sweet taste of her mouth had finally completely aroused him; Leo was already at the limit of holding back from seeing Gwenyvere’s impeccably lewd body. While still absorbing this new knowledge in his mind, his body reacted honestly to the temptation. Suddenly, Leo widened his eyes due to an impending danger; a loud tearing sound was heard from below and the monster ripped through the sturdy fabric of the pants.

Another watcher of the beast had fallen during its duty; press F for respect for our brave warrior.

Revealed for all to view, Leo’s veiny rod was forced in-between the priestess’s thighs and protruded out of her rear. Gwenyvere felt the monster burn even hotter within her thighs than the fire inside her. With the rod pressing against her garden entrance, she lubricated its surface as surges of love nectar came pouring out.

“Such a majestic pillar, worthy of a great one like you,” Gwenyvere turned around and reached down her hand to feel the veiny texture of the behemoth; its presence was more formidable than any monsters she had faced. “The fire calls for you; hence this body yarns for your grace.”

“Heh, you flattered me.” Most of the women in his harem were all too eager to get dominated by his endowment to take the time appreciating the boy with words. Usually by the time they remembered to do so, they were already too intoxicated or incapacitated of speech by the thick globs of cheese in stuck their throats.

While Emma was both in shock and in heat, she heard a sound of saliva being gulped down. She looked towards her mother; Anna was already panting heavily with steam coming out of her mouth. Her eyes were burning with fervent passion; Emma almost thought she saw Anna’s pupils turned into the shape of a heart. The flood on the floor reminded her of what she saw in the restroom with mother.

“Are you ready?” Leo politely asked while lifting the large woman up and he slid the tip under her buttock.

“Yes… the fragments of the fire are woven in my womb. From there, a new flame shall be re-ignited from the old.” The high priestess spoke in a mysterious manner as she hugged the boy.

Leo did not understand any of the parts of that after the ‘yes’, which was the cue for him to get down to business. The boy also ignored the word ‘womb’ being mentioned and stuck his mass into the rear garden instead.

With a gasp of surprise, Gwenyvere’s body shook from the impact of the monster ramming in. Given her large stature, Leo thought the woman could handle all of his size at once. Bulging above her navel, the powerful rod was already seeping off plenty of energy that revitalized the flame.

“Too deep… too far,” Gwenyvere spoke using her mind.

Forcefully asserting its dominance, the behemoth inside her was radiating with immense power. Even though the pre-cum was too thick for the fire to burn on and digest, the dense liquid reigned free within her body like in any other woman’s and injected its essence to her cells to boost the host’s evolution.

Soon, the high priestess gasped at awe once again. She underestimated him. This was the moment Gwenyvere finally realized what kind of monstrosity Leo actually was. The extraordinary mass of energy within him is currently lying dormant. But one day if he truly awakens….

Gwenyvere was thinking about the potential of reclaiming her world with the boy’s help if Leo ever became the existence she didn’t dare to fully imagine. However, for the moment, all such thoughts were down in the toilet as she drowned in the heavenly pleasure she never remotely experienced before. As the rod reached deep into her guts, sweet and cute sounds of moaning finally escaped her mouth.

Anna and Emma watched the thickening girth painfully stretch the rim of the high priestess’s rear garden in horror. Everything happened so quickly; the next moment they knew, the priestess they secretly idolized and worshiped was being savagely ravaged in the rear tunnel by the obscene endowment of a young boy that they thought used to be cute.

Anna’s eye was tracing the bloated sack of twin orbs that sluggishly bounced with heavy inertia at the momentum of Leo’s thrust. It seemed like Leo had been holding back for a while now, the scrotums were being stretched to the brim and the veins popping on the surface were almost as thick as her pinky. She was squirting while on her knees, and her daughter was in no better state. The powerful aura of Leo’s monster was resonating with the sprite of fire within their bodies.

Leo finally released his load in full force; even though he just ejaculated the other day, he felt it had been too long. From the pulsating orbs, waves like large bulges travel along the length of the rod and fill the stomach. The priestess’ belly expanded and contracted; Gwenyvere’s body was strong enough to momentarily keep up with galleons pumped inside.

From her rear end, thick globs of cheese hung stubbornly halfway to the ground; too viscous and sticky to even fall off. Leo let off his densest load he had been saving up; but he couldn’t be possibly satisfied with just one ejaculation.

Seeing her belly managed to contract, Leo understood that the woman still had more room to absorb his obscenely thick cheese. Continuing to hammer away with heavy thrusts, another generous load soon followed, and another… and another.

With the passage of unknown hours, the room was filled with loud noises of intense mating; but none dared to trespass the room their high priestess was in. Though the nuns were all flushed red in their bodies; a strong presence was calling for them. By the time Leo’s dense hormone smoldered the room in steamy fog, thick yogurt was already oozing out of Gwenyvere’s mouth.

“Oops, sorry. Are you full?” Leo got carried away thinking she could take more than Zomi.

“Wagh! Wah!” The high priestess wanted to speak, but choked on the cheese instead. While she coughed off another batch of slurry, she used telepathy. “Thank thee for the generosity, thou’st transcended my body, but the fire has not been fully catered to. Please reach to the womb and feed the flame.”

“Eh?? I have been doing it wrong the whole time? My bad,” Leo apologized, but was happy to know that he still can discharge more inside her.

Pulling out the monster from her rear, gallons of thick ooze came gushing out and flooded the floor. Gwenyvere climaxed for countless times again by the movement of Leo’s rod when it exited her guts. Seeing the high priestess in a state of ecstasy with a broken expression unfitting of her charisma, Leo thought she should take a rest before he accidentally breaks her mind.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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