Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 85

Gwynevere was gently put to rest on a sofa to digest the barrels worth of thick ooze swelling her belly. Despite being a very high tier superhuman, the high priestess still couldn’t withstand Leo’s savagery. Before the boy’s monster, her spiritually enhanced body was handled like a toy.

“Thou art too kind,” Gwenyvere was still barely able to speak and used telepathy instead.

The three women in the room had their gaze fixed on the monster rod steaming with heat and hormones from the white ooze that coated its surface. The high priestess now personally understood how attractive the cheese could be to the embers within her and her believers. Seeing Leo was about to clean the rod himself, she called out to her confidants.

“Anna, Emma, do not let our lord be unattended. Provide thy service to the great pillar please.” Oblivious to the moral of this world, Gwenyvere asked her confidants to seize the opportunity to savor the enriched energies as well.

The high priestess herself did not know she just demanded an unspeakable act against the social norm; however, all she knew was that the vast potential of Leo’s essence can provide to their body was irresistible to any female host. From what she observed, her confidants were already dying to get a taste.

Sitting on a table, Leo saw Timmy’s mother and sister came crawling down to his crotch. There were two lines of clear liquid that traced behind them on the floor.

“Leo… could we?” Emma didn’t know how to complete the sentence. She was extremely embarrassed in her mind but she knew that her body was thirsting for the cheese. However, the mother had already lost it and was about to dig in.

“I would appreciate it,” he responded.

With Emma on the right and Anna on the left, the two women started from his twin orbs with their tongues and worked their way up the length of the heavy mass. Every scoop they took with their mouth, their body and the embers within them excitedly vibrated. The branded signs on their skin were slowly morphed into a different shape.

Leo didn’t think there was anything wrong with the scene and just let it happen. The high priestess didn’t think there was anything wrong and thought it should have been a great pleasure to service a magnificent existence such as Leo. The two women also didn’t think there was anything wrong and felt blessed for the opportunity to indulge on the thick cheese coated on Leo’s rod. It took a while after the deed for Leo to realize what he had done to his best friend’s mother and sister.

He closed his eyes and went back to process the new knowledge that was transferred to him while enjoying the service below. Barely a few minutes in, the coating on his monster was replaced with the two women’s saliva. Anna and Emma were pressed against each other’s face for the spot to seep off the pre-cum drooling out the tip.

“Anna, Emma. My womb is ready. Please carry me to our lord.” Given the time to digest, Gwenyvere’s honeywell may be ready, but her legs were still without strength.

The voice of the high priestess brought the fighting to a stop and restored some senses back into their minds. Leo nodded his head at the two women.

Holding the high priestess by her back and her thighs, Anna and Emma helped carry the priestess from the sofa and spread her legs open to reveal the ripe tender flower in front of Leo. The hairless mound had a smooth beautiful shape; amply budding out, but charmingly pinkish in its color.

Leo lets the monster rest on top of Gwenyvere’s abdomen, suggesting the depth it will reach when the behemoth is fully inside; not even the womb will stop its advance. The two women gasped at the sight and their wombs itched accordingly. Feeling the heat on her stomach, the high priestess was ceaselessly spraying sweet watery perfume from her honeywell.

With the rod in position, Leo slowly inched in. All of them could see the location of the monster inside by the obscene bulge traveling along her belly. For a brief moment, the outline of the behemoth became even more apparent when Anna and Emma temporarily lost strength while holding the priestess.

Several moments (inches) later, the remnant of the first flame was linked anew. A great fire, that which commanded the souls, giving life its fullest brilliance. This was easily observed on Gwynevere; the high priestess was surrounded by a layer of gentle flames, conjuring and emanating the warmth of life. Radiating her powerful aura in all directions, those who witnessed such bright light would kneel before her holiness.

However, Leo was still not done ejaculating and the high priests even with her fire was at the limit. What seemed to be an image of a divine goddess was ruined by the white stains bursting out from her crotch and tainting her skin. Unfortunately, recognizing the bucket was at maximum capacity, he had to pull out at the end.

Did Leo just think of the high priestess as his cum bucket? No, no, no. The innocent boy was definitely not having this kind of disrespectful thought. He was just too conditioned by his harem because they all referred to themselves as such. Gwenyvere was both noble and charming to Leo, the lustful look that is on her face now was definitely due to the fire influencing her.

The moment the monster was freed to see light from its long stay in the dark and wet tunnel, Anna and Emma finally lost all strength and collapsed on their knees. Surprisingly, with her body glowing in light, Gwenyvere was floating in the air. The fire was transforming her body, for it was too weak before after the merge to perform the deed.

Leo fixed his gaze on the high priestess, but the two women fixed their gazes on him. Being in such close proximity with the behemoth while assisting their priestess, they had already been intoxicated by the smell of Leo’s manhood.

He noticed the heated stares and remembered he was still feeling stuffy in his orbs. It didn’t take long for Anna to find the strength to climb on his rod. Without surprise, the flower was introduced to a male endowment once more, but this time the invader was of a scale far beyond which it had ever experienced. The ecstasy it brought forth overwrote her comprehension of manhood, the pleasure the monster provided far exceeded the thrill of any normal man’s.


Mary was on her way back to the guest room. It had been hours since they left and she was wondering what was taking Anna and Emma so long. Leaving the group to check on her superiors, the nun was lured in by the thickening smog of Leo’s hormone down in the hallway. There was a large puddle of white viscous substance flowing out beneath a certain door.

There was no response when she knocked. Feeling the rise of her body temperature, the nun silently opened the door and was petrified by the blasphemy within the room. Leo stopped pounding on the bountiful body that was Emma; seeing the nun was flooding the ground beneath her, he intuitively assumed what the woman could possibly want.

“Ehm… do you want to join us?” Leo asked after a short pause and rested Emma down beside Anna’s cum drugged body; the sister was about finished as well.

The nun reflexively nodded her head and stood mindlessly on the spot. Before she knew, she was embraced by Leo and moments of immense pleasure and ecstasy soon followed. Mary’s virginity was lost to such a worthy endowment; an auspicious day she will forever imprint in her memory.

However, within the pounding and thrusting, the door was left open and thick steamy fog was let free to roam the exterior. More and more pure maidens were lured into the evil grasp of Leo. They simply showed up one by one at the door and the generous boy invited them all to the buffet. Fortunately, all the nuns stationed in the HQ were awakened by the fire and were able to receive the grace from Leo.

There was a little girl that stood quietly by the door, watching the scene of unfathomable one-sided dominance being asserted on her sisters. She looked down and took a deep scoop of the white jelly with her finger. Tasting the chewy, heavy and rich aroma within her mouth, her face turned red with glittering eyes and a cute puffed expression.

The order had mostly female members at its core and the male were mostly outside of the inner loop. However, the overall gender ratio of the members within the order was not too exaggerated for it to be immediately obvious.

As to why the order had mostly female awakened, was due to the fact that Gwenyvere herself is a lady with massive feminine proportions. Her natural body biology, which influenced the fire, inclined towards the female side of things when selecting compatible subjects. Hence, there were numerous customers lured in by the smell of Leo’s all you can eat buffet within the HQ.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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