Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 88

Near the university campus, in a certain vacant house, a gentle looking girl was tending the wounds of a young man. The maiden had a slender stature, long curly light green hair covering to her shoulders and a respectable figure. The pale young man lying weakly on the bed was our Harlem King. Broken and battered, King managed to survive yet again from another impossible mission assigned by the system R2.

Despite having the invisibility robe, King failed to escape the organization’s feeding ground and was trapped within closed doors. After being personally captured by the branch master prior to the destruction of the branch by Leo’s harem, King had been locked away in a room for transport to their HQ. It was there, the young man met his love at first sight, a girl that made him look past the pain and rage of his previous girlfriend being turned into his enemy’s slut before his eyes.

The girl’s name was Mercy, a female awakened artificially induced by the organization’s failed experiment. While having a sturdy body, Mercy had feeble strength relative to other awakened and suffered periodic bouts of pain and ache in her body. However, despite her own misery, it was her gentle words of encouragement and her charming smile that saved King from a mental state of despair.

Reclaiming his will to live on, the young man started to plan their escape with the help of the system. It was then, rowdy awakened men of the organization wanted to use Mercy to quell their carnal desire. Through very thick and heavy plot armor and sheer will, the main protagonist wanna-be somehow miraculously rescued Mercy and escaped the clutches of the organization.

Since then, they wandered north, going through many hardships together and finally arrived at the heel of university campus, where they sought asylum from their pursuer; which also drew the organization’s attention to the potential livestock in the campus.

However, King did not escape the punishment from R2 as he failed the mission to assassinate Leo. As a result, the young man was forced to fight several difficult monsters near the mountains and retrieve their loot for the system. Each time, he always came back from the brink of death and revived under Mercy’s tender care. He cursed Leo for his fate while also glad that he had met Mercy.

“Harlem, I am going to the campus tomorrow. I think I will visit the dormitory.” Mercy liked calling King by his first name despite King’s futile resistance.

“What for? We don’t need help or pity from those women!” King still retained his pride as he feebly spoke out; though he did not know those women were already a certain boy’s harem.

“I want to help you Harlem. I want to be strong and beautiful like the sisters there. I heard there is a way for me to get stronger if I join them. It hurts my heart seeing you all beat up like this every time,” Mercy gently said.

“…” King could not speak out against that and remained silent.


The group went ahead to set up shop for the night or dispersed to hunt for tonight’s dinner; Leo alone followed Max to meet the station governor. Well, at least he thought he went alone; Samara’s spirit was stealthily following behind her master.

From the conversation with the team leader, it seemed like the governor wasn’t doing so hot after he ingested the meat of mutated zombies. Sader was still alive, but had to be isolated and confined in a sealed room. Apparently, the man became easily incited by his lust for blood and turned uncontrollably hostile every once in a while. Fortunately, it was Marla and Porcha that managed to restrain him during their first meeting as awakened humans.

In front of a fortified cell room, the governor was quietly reviewing the reports of the station’s inventory and making plans for the following weeks. The man looked extremely pale and a dried bloodstain could still be seen near his lips. Surprised by the visitor, Sader wiped his mouth and took off his reading glasses.

“You came back… that was fast. Well, even if I am in this sorry state, I still have to thank you for giving me this chance,” Sader seemed to not feel a shed of regret.

“How are you holding up?” Leo solemnly asked.

Instead, after seeing the Sader’s state, Leo became the one that felt slightly regretful for providing the zombie corpses. He was curious when he helped the governor; now he saw the result and thought it was naïve of him to satisfy that curiosity. Regardless, this was also a decision Sader made on his own discretion, Leo did not hold the sole responsibility.

“Not bad actually, I am starting to regain control. It’s only been a day or two and I can tell the time I spent in madness has decreased,” Sader optimistically replied.

Their exchange continued and the governor of course left out many details regarding his condition. For starters, his diet had slightly changed to a more primal side of things; Sader thinks this will help him calm down. Next, he could feel his strength is still increasing if he keeps on consuming the mutated zombies; though he tries to restrain himself before he descends into a mindless beast.

Lastly, he found a strange looking stone that mysteriously appeared in his cell. The stone had unique markings that Leo and his spirit girl would recognize. Ever since, whenever he felt the urge for blood, by holding the stone tightly in his hand he somehow managed to retain his sanity. Sader sometimes felt a voice was calling him within his mind, but he treated it as part of his ongoing symptom.

“This man is hiding something; I can feel a soul stone in his possession,” Samara’s voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

Slightly startled by the voice, Leo finally noticed the spirit was following him; Samara had always been good at hiding her presence. He did not let his surprise show on his face and calmly bid farewell to the governor. He figured it was best to not dwell further into this matter.


Heading back out on the streets, Marla and Porscha were impatiently waiting for Leo. Seeing the delighted look on the women’s faces when they saw him, Max already knew what’s up. Only a fellow awakened human of their kind can tame the two thirsty beasts after all. The team leader gave Leo a pat on the back and went on his own way.

The solemn duty falls on Leo to quench the women’s thirst, no female should be left unsatisfied before his massive presence. Under the accompaniment of the two ladies, burying his arms within their valleys on both sides, he was led to Marla and Porscha’s new dwelling as the only awakened humans in the station.

Leo let the ladies push him down onto the bed, and before he knew it, within a blink of an eye, his body was already stripped naked. He looked up and found Marla and Porscha were already naked as well. Leo gasped and took a deep breath, they managed to strip him and themselves bare down to socks within an instant before his eyes could react. Terrifying… never underestimate the professionals. He was right to respect all women and never look down on them.

However, the moment Leo’s erection began, Marla and Porscha lost all strength and collapsed on the spot with their bodies spasming out of control from their intense orgasms. Leo was surprised himself; he didn’t remember his erected monster being this potent. The two ladies were not merely normal humans but still couldn’t resist the dominating presence his manhood emitted. He could tell his body was indeed slowly changing after rekindling the fire.

It looked like Leo will have to feed the women himself when he thought he could just lay back and enjoy the service. He picked up the convulsing Marla and aimed his rod, then slowly inching in while brutally stretching her openings. Marla’s pupil rolled white and her mouth uncontrollably opened with her tongue sticking out.

But then, just as the behemoth penetrated the womb, violent streams of voluminous thick milk filled the interior in an instant. Leo was surprised once again, this time by his own sudden ejaculation. He stared blankly at the bloated stomach for a moment before deciding to pull it back out. Well, that was one woman being overfed at least.

Resting Marla on bed, Leo picked up Porscha and helped lubricate her rear entrance. Once again, brutally stretching her rear garden, again he let out a sudden massive torrent the moment his monster reached her guts. Wait a minute… Leo was starting to notice something was wrong.

While pulling out by a few inches, the gargantuan tide was released again before the rod could exit the tunnel. Porscha’s mouth became a water fountain gushing out dense yogurt of obscene volume. He sighed and looked down to his crotch, the figure of a busty woman began to materialize.

Samara was rubbing her face on the large bulky orbs with a smirking expression, the spirit still had the ability to tease her master in such a way. According to her, it was simple to incite the massive stored energies within his veiny scrotum. After all, an unholy amount of power was all cramped inside those “tiny” spheres waiting to burst out.

Now that the mystery had been solved, Leo still planned on properly satisfying the ladies. He felt terribly bad that he didn’t get to do any thrusting and had barely experienced any pleasure himself. Leo continued to pound on the woman in his hand while Samara brought in several large buckets that she knew would end up being overfilled.

By the time all the buckets were stacked like ice creams on the top, he finally spared the women from extreme ecstasy and pleasure. Of course, Samara did not escape Leo’s clutch and ended up in no better state than the two “professionals”. However, the spirit was able to recover faster and helped her master to clean up the mess on his rod.

“Phew… that was a nice warm up,” thanks to the spirit, Leo let out more steam than he normally would.

When he meets back up with the group, there will be several more ladies that will need to be fed, for this is a core responsibility as the head of the household.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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