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The bleak autumn winds carried the sorrows of the city’s ruins; whispering the faint cries and despairs that lingered quietly within the howling gust. The heap of the fallen leaves danced in the air from a sudden gale, parading the playful glee of life before withering away on the ground with the rotten corpses.

Mercy stood absent-mindedly on the street in solitude; whenever the chilly breeze brushed her hair, a swell of inexplicable feeling and emotion tendered her heart. Suddenly, she tightly held her hands above the left breast and crouched down in pain, while large droplets of cold sweat began to form on her forehead. The girl was suffering the worst of her withdrawal and there was not a single living soul within sight.

After a long excruciating minute, Mercy took a deep breath and got back on her feet. Without faltering from the earlier shock, the girl took steady steps towards the campus dormitory. Between her symptoms and the will to get stronger, she was putting everything on the line.

The recruitment drive for the dormitory harem had been ongoing for a short while. The main requirement posted on the job description written explicitly by Sarah was to offer everything, including the body and soul; which was always included in your typical corporate job listing, just hidden in between the lines. But apparently, Mercy didn’t really understand what that meant as she also accepted King’s confession to be his girlfriend just moments ago.

With an expression of resolve, the girl intended to come back to King as a different woman fresh anew, transcending from her current weak self and no longer be a burden. Her new boyfriend was still bedridden by injuries; she aimed to become strong enough to take care of him instead.


The areas surrounding the campus had been swept clean by a certain boy’s harem multiple times. Yet, few were willing to live by the campus outskirts when they could live directly under the protection of the dormitory girls. After being constantly showered within Leo’s potent essence, the harem’s life forces had been skyrocketing often without them even realizing. Many that witnessed the monstrous prowess Leo’s harem displayed already understood that they were a different tier of existence compared to the normal awakened.

Within the fortress of the harems, in a certain office, was the sister of the harem king lying lazily on the sofa in an unladylike posture. Catherine was present as well; the loving mother was accompanying her daughter in visiting the dormitory. And of course, the mother was very refined in her manners as she sat tall and elegantly taking sips from her ‘milk’ tea.

“Lisa, which group’s turn is it for tomorrow? I think L wants to make another trap to lure the beasts out.” Sarah spoke out in boredom as she dangled one of her legs in black stocking above the ground.

“Hmm, let’s see… It is Yuri’s group, they are already on their way it seems, but Lily will also head to the mountains tomorrow.” Lisa was acting more and more like a secretary for the family, which was a job the former student council president only appreciated due to the generous pay check.

Sarah and Catherine came back from the mountains this morning; their shift was over and it was finally their turn to rest. The progress in clearing out the beast den had been going slow but smoothly so far. Since most of the people wanted to do this in a safe and steady approach, the dormitory harem couldn’t push for a blitzkrieg and charge in guns blazing like what Sarah and Sharon wanted.

The valor of the dormitory girls had been rumored before, but it was only until the battles that took place within the mountain forest did more people began to recognize their strength; which boosted their fame even further and resulted in the mass of incoming applicants applying to join the dormitory in recent days.

That is right! The main purpose of Sarah and Catherine’s visit today was to examine the new recruits to the harem. The mother was also interested to know what kind of women her little boy will be dominating in the near future. Catherine was very proud of her son for constantly filling the gaps for those women in need; and being a regular in Leo’s gap filling services, she knew he was extremely proficient in filling said gaps.

Sarah looked through the list of names that had been selected during the pre-screening; no one below the standard was worthy of being her little brother’s toy. The sister entrusted this job to Lily, the onahole in chief, to select the best onahole(s) for Leo. Even with the whole harem including the family, the current number of girls was simply not enough for the stud. Having seen the unsatisfied look on Leo’s face every time after he went through the girls like packs of disposable condoms, Sarah was determined to provide the justice little Leo deserves.

“How is the storage looking by the way?” Sarah turned to Lisa again.

“Bad, we barely finished half of the tank,” Lisa sighed.

“Try distributing more portions to the new girls then, let them have as much as they can take.” Sarah suggested. “I will go check out the new recruits.”

The harem originally planned to finish up the reservoir that Leo occasionally filled up when the girls couldn’t absorb the excess. It was always heartbreaking to see the high-quality premium yogurt go waste on the ground or clog the drain. While the boy was away, came the perfect opportunity to tap into the reserves.

While that being said, the sister finally got up from her lazy butt and walked towards the door; but before she exited the room, she quickly turned back, picked up a cracker and greedily scooped up a large portion of the white viscous cheese cream before finally leaving.

With the two women left in the office, Catherine began to pry into the details of Lisa’s sexual experience with her son and asked how it felt when her little boy rammed his monster inside her womb. Bombarded by questions of how she was ‘gently’ handled beneath Leo’s crotch, Lisa could only obediently reply to the mother’s inquiries while blushing. For the rest of the morning while enjoying brunch, they continued to discuss the manliness of the ‘little’ boy.


Meanwhile, back in the mountain range, the surrounding forest looked like it just weathered a blizzard. The light drizzles of the rain turned into ice as they came hailing closer to the ground. At the center of the frost and ice was Sharon sculpting some frozen statues from the mutated hybrids. The aunt finally got to go all out against the enemies in the forest; areas within the radius of her presence were turned into arctic ground.

Behind Sharon was a redhead shivering in the cold. Jean was confident in her constitution and dressed lightly in the already chilly mountains. She was regretting every bit of it now. It was not because of her choice of clothing; it was the fact she followed Sharon alone into the mountain’s depths, all for her to show off her ability in front of her friend.

“Couldn’t you give me a warning? I would’ve stayed further back!” Jean complained.

“I honestly didn’t think it was going to be this powerful,” Sharon shrugged and her ample bounties lightly jiggled; it was the first time in a while that she went all out.

“Now, let’s figure out a way to carry them back. We will have another feast tonight,” Sharon pointed to the monsters frozen in ice.

“Just wait for more people to show up, I am sure everyone noticed this place just now.” Jean did not want to carry giant ice cubes on her back; she will let the others figure this out.

From a distance away, a pair of playful eyes was monitoring the two women. It was a girl with light pink hair and a sweet looking face. She scraped off the frost from a twig and blew the tiny ice dust into the air.

“Ara, to think they are already this strong. I probably won’t even beat that ice woman alone now. As expected, this world is special. We might find some other surprises while we are here. Don’t you think so?” Yuno looked to the side, there was no figure to be seen and no response was heard.


“Hehe, still mad at me I see. I need to head back to the group now. See you next time little sis~,” Yuno gave a flying kiss towards the empty space and quickly faded without a trace.

A team of women from the dormitory patrolling the area was the first to arrive at the scene, they all recognized the great sensei that taught them myriads of weird techniques and positions they could try in bed with Leo. They are all beyond the scope of our imaginations and could not be explicitly explained.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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