Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 94

Leo wiped his non-existent sweat and let out a shallow breath; he dearly missed the feeling of unloading all the pressure building up within his body. Taking off the blindfold, he looked around the room and nodded his head in satisfaction to the diligent sowing and plowing he did on the heap of cum stained bodies. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work; just contributing to the greater good of humanity by uplifting a few female humans.

Thinking back for a few moments, he was slightly surprised by the numbers he went through this time around. There must be a lot of new faces on that pile of orgy; it was a shame that he didn’t get to speak to any of them or even see their face before he rammed them senseless. Remembering his obligation as the alpha, Leo planned to take time in the future to interact with a few at the time. The girls might not survive if it was only one on one.

Glancing through the window, a full moon was upon the sky. Unaware of the time, Leo did not realize that at least a full day had already passed and this was his second night in this room. Having become extra pent up from an unknown surge of thickening energy; any woman that managed to recover from the initial ravage was served a second or even third serving directly from the throbbing monster.

As the last man standing, Leo had no women left to clean his rod at the end of the deed. Owing to her due diligence, Sarah was the one licking the stain off of his behemoth; but the behemoth ended up in the sister’s throat instead and was coated in thick yogurt once again. With the post services being unavailable, he nonchalantly headed out to the bath while his third leg limply dangled as he walked.

However, despite discharging a sea of cheese bathing the unconscious girls in the room, the boy’s veiny, titanic orbs still weighed heavily beneath his crotch. He wagered he could easily take on another batch of harem and go on restlessly for another day, but the current loading will suffice for now to return him normal.

At the moment, he could tell the flow of life force was no longer congested inside of him and freely circulated within the streams of his vessels. Credit to the high priestess, he understood the importance of energy circulation from his newly gained knowledge; this was the pre-requisite to maintain his ever-evolving body.


After a quick wipe down, Leo sat at the dormitory lobby alone experimenting with the arts of some forbidden knowledge from the high priestess. Feeling refreshed and too energetic to sleep, he thought it was a good time to finally dig into the goldmine. There was a type of art that interested him; it was the ability to control space and time. Making sense of the enigmatic knowledge, Leo channeled energy into both hands and thin black smokes similar to the mist started fuming out.

According to the high priestess, the black mist that invaded both of his and her world has a strong property of permeating through dimensions; it also can be easily transformed between the state of matter and energy. Within this transformation, a rift could be created from its turbulence. The dark fusion stones often found after an opening of a rift were often its byproduct.

Many kinds of soul arts usually require a medium to perform, but he had a hunch he could make do without one due to absorbing the fire. Concentrating the mass of energy, the dark smokes started to condense and an ethereal layer of film covered his hands.

The high priestess would’ve been appalled by such a dangerous act but also astonished at the same time by the immense amount of energy Leo was able to freely conjure. Gwenyvere would have been delighted to know he was evolving into a divine being faster than she thought. The stimulation she put on Leo’s massive untapped reserve of energy was more effective than expected.

Leo reached out an arm to the space before him, his hand disappeared in midair and reappeared on top in another location. Seeing the inexplicable magic, he was thrilled by what he could do with this ability. The art of manipulating space was an extremely costly spell even by the high priestess’s standards; yet, Leo was lavishly funneling even more energy to play around in his little experiment.

While a pair of strawberry patterned panties from an unknown girl upstairs was within his hands, a cracking sound was heard; the space before the boy was fracturing like a broken glass in thin air. Startled by the sudden noise, Leo watched a small rift expanding before him, revealing a pitch-black darkness within its dimension. It seemed like someone got too excited and channeled more energy than necessary, rapturing the weakening space of this place.

From within, the black mist flowed out and Leo mindlessly stared into the perpetual darkness similar to his first encounter with the rift. However, this time around, instead of spreading around the perimeter, the comparatively meager amount of mist all flowed into his body, with the preference of going in through a certain gap on his monster.

The rift was short lived; yet, it released enough energy that Leo was forced into sleep on the couch to digest the unexpected buffet. Then, another loud tearing sound reverberated through the room; this time it was the sound of the passing of a comrade, pants-Kun. The thick, sturdy fabric tried its best to contain the massive beast; it was another futile effort.


Within the room that suffered the aftermath of Leo’s devastation, a certain girl rose from the softness of the voluptuous bodies pile. Thick globs of cheese were still flowing out from the sides of her lips and the entrances of her crotch in great abundance. The air was stifled with humid hot smog; every woman here enjoyed a free bath in a sauna of Leo’s oozing testosterone.

With a deep breath of the fresh air, the girl walked out with foot prints of white stain following her trail. The swell on her pregnant-like stomach slowly contracted, absorbing the nutrient inside at an incredible speed that rivaled Zomi’s. As she walked, water vapor began to form around her body, eventually condensing into droplets and quickly massed into a whirlwind of water surrounding the girl and cleaning off the stains on her body.

Leo’s fermented ooze had gotten so powerful that a girl managed to awaken an ability after binging on a full bucket. The girl’s bending of water was still relatively weak as of two days ago, barely being able to control a few large droplets. Now, she could conjure water out of thin air with ease, which brought forth a lot of utility.

Abiding by her instinct, the girl traced a certain presence downstairs at the lobby, where she was greeted by the colossal giant that shackled her mind and body and almost erased the memory of her boyfriend from her head. As she approached the towering rod, the young lady got on her knees and crawled her way to kiss the two bloated orbs hanging heavily outside of the torn pants.

While on the ground, she saw a pair of strawberry panties and blushed in embarrassment. She picked up her panties and tucked them away in one of the pockets on Leo’s clothes. Not even her boyfriend had received her panties as a gift, the girl was getting some wrong ideas in her mind; but it did not distract her from the assertive dominance a certain behemoth was emitting.

The girl was a glutton like Leo’s certain maids due to a strange mutation produced from a failed experiment. The absence of tremendous life force necessary for her growth was causing the pain she was suffering before; now, her body was demanding she make up for all the lost opportunity for evolution. Starting with the huge droplet of pre-cum hanging the monster’s tip, she planned to have her body filled to the brim once again.


In a certain house near the outskirts of the campus, King lay anxiously in bed, waiting for his new beloved to come back home. It was already near midnight of the second day and he was still left without any news from Mercy. He couldn’t convince the girlfriend in the end; Mercy was more determined and stubborn than she looked.

Ignorant of the ritual that took place at the dormitory, he was worried sick for his love. A tracker from the system King secretly planted on Mercy was showing that the girl hadn’t moved from the dormitory at all. With resolve on his face, a decision was made in his mind.

King got to his feet and stretched his battered body. His wounds had mostly healed and should not hinder him from a short trip. An extremely bad feeling was looming over the young man and aching his heart, something that could potentially be worse than Mercy’s death. He wanted to see her again as soon as possible, even if he meant dragging his ragged body.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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