Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 96


While pleasuring Mercy and giving her boyfriend a show of alpha male dominance in his sleep, Leo had a sweet and innocent dream any boy with his size would have. In a large imaginary mansion, all of the harem from the dormitory, the high priestess with nuns of the Central, Violet’s all female scavenging team and of course, his close family all lined up to form a maze with their hips raised towards him.

Every worthy woman that he had met were all present to offer their sanctuaries in exchange for his blessing. Without even looking at their faces, he felt he could somehow tell the women apart by the shapes of their round buttocks and the dripping flowers. While he feasted his eyes at the wonderful sight, his monstrous rod was throbbing with power and his scrotum was bulging painfully. The musk of Leo’s oozing testosterone alone overwhelmed the flowery smell of sweet nectars from hundreds of women.

The time flow in the dream world was convoluted. Before he knew, all of the girls already collapsed and passed out with his overly abundant seeds flowing out like rivers. Leo’s enormous mass laid flaccidly on top of a woman’s body, the swell on his orbs for the first time looked round and smooth instead of veiny and bulky. Leo finally experienced the epiphany he had sought for, the feeling after one was satisfied from the deed, at least he thought he did.

It was just a simple dream for a simple boy, all Leo wanted was the burden of his bulk being lifted off of him and fulfilling his responsibility as their alpha in feeding the pack; the lust for women was on the bottom of the list.

However, there was one woman that rose from the ash and approached the boy; her hair was blue and had a gentle face that looked soothing to the heart. The face looked somewhat familiar, but Leo was not expecting for anyone to rise again and challenge him; the stud thought he thoroughly went through all the girls. With a stern demeanor, it only took Leo a few seconds for his monster to return to its former glory and his orbs bulging and veiny once again, the boy’s male pride would not have him leave any woman be left unsatisfied.


Back in reality, the blissful girlfriend got up from Leo’s rod as her bloated stomach slowly shrunk back to flatness. Her body was finally satisfied, that was more than enough for her evolution and the rest were internally stored for the future. Mercy’s foot pushing down on her boyfriend was set loose due to Leo’s powerful ejaculation. King managed to get up on his knees and caught a glimpse at the fist sized gap of his girlfriend’s garden entrance before getting stomped back down to the ground again by Mercy.

“Stay down, Harlem” Mercy after her evolution easily surpassed King in raw physical strength, not to mention of his current feeble state.

“Hehe, this gap is not closing. It won’t be possible for me to have sex with a normal human again. You see what I mean, Harlem? You want to try to compare yours to my master’s size?” Mercy accidentally saw King’s adorable pigeon once during their time together; it was challenging to hold back her giggles even when she was still her gentle self.

“Now listen to me and don’t try anything funny, I am no longer the Mercy you once knew. If you want to live… ah!!?”

Mercy wanted to give her former boyfriend a chance to live. She did not know what kind of temper her new master had and it wouldn’t be surprising for Leo to kill the young man on the spot in this day and age. Knowing Harlem’s rather ‘spiteful’ personality, she did not want to give him any chance in angering the beast.

However, before the girlfriend could finish her sentence, Leo’s hands suddenly grabbed onto her waist and she felt her rear was being rubbed by something hot and gigantic. The tip of the behemoth was already touching her rim and it forcefully impaled deep into the tight rear tunnel within the next instance. The boy’s eyes were still closed; it seemed like he was having a good dream. How Leo was able to perfectly aim his monster to Mercy’s rear gap was something that could only be described as instinct.

Mercy did not try to resist; her body was already at the command of his will. Even while being at her limit, she still embraced the monster into her body with delight. Within that moment, the girlfriend quickly forgot about what she was going to say to King and enthusiastically anticipated the pounding that would soon proceed. To prepare a solid footing for when that hammer drops, her feet even accidentally stepped on the young man’s back as he tried to get back up again.

As the engine starts and the piston plunges, she endured the shockwave of Leo’s powerful thrust with pleasure and King endured the same with pain. Leo was not being as gentle as when he was awake, the floor and the furniture cracked under his inhuman force while a certain King coughed off blood. The pounding shook the ground and sent tremor to his victims; the ripple of the boy’s brute force was transmitted to the young man’s back through Mercy’s feet. While she could withstand such rough handling with her enhanced body, it was another story for the poor guy down below.


Leo opened his eyes to the morning sunlight and was surprised to find a girl hanging on his mass. While wastefully dripping out Leo’s holy essence from her other two entrances, Mercy’s rear tunnel was devouring Leo’s rod with great suction that she managed to attach her weight on the behemoth without any other support.

He scratched his head and was confused about what to do but what surprised him even more was the body of a young man that collapsed on the ground. His clothes were tainted with wet discharge from the girl; a pool of blood flowed out of his mouth and mixed the white creams on the floor. Leo recognized the man’s face; it was Amy’s ex boyfriend that had beef with him for no apparent reason and tried to kill him.

Leo pulled out from the girl, gently placing her on the sofa, before grabbing a knife and inspecting the body on the ground. He was thinking about giving him a stab and making sure he doesn’t escape again like last time; he wasn’t particularly interested in what King had to say. But soon, he found out there was no need. The body on the ground was already a corpse, Leo’s visual ability could not find any traces of a life signature, as if the corpse had been dead for a long time.

While confused by the current situation, Leo heard the lobby’s front gate being opened. He was so used to being naked in front of women that his first reaction was to not cover himself and his giant mass but simply stand there and watch as several women walk into the room.

It was Violet’s team returning from the mountains; they were invited by Sharon to take a rest at the dormitory and throw some parties with the girls. Cindy and Mindy were amongst them as well, the two girls had grown stronger after training in the mountains.

The ladies of the scavenging team blushed as they saw Leo’s oversized endowment while their nostril bombarded with the potent smell of heavy pheromone; it was their first time seeing him in full form. Sharon and Jean rolled back their eyes for an instance; they thought the boy should have been done with the orgy, but they shouldn’t have expected anything less. From behind, Mindy was the only one not surprised at all as she watched her mother’s crotch starting to wet her pants.

“Are we interrupting something?” Violet tried her best to hold back the temptation to worship the majestic pillar; it had gotten even more alluring than before.

“No, I just woke up… and found this corpse on the ground,” Leo pointed to King’s dead body; the girls were all surprised by the face they all recognized.

“Hey, forget about that thing on the ground, big boy. Want to have a round with us?” Some girls from Violet’s team were rather enthusiastic.

“Ahem. You girls, now it’s not the time. Let’s figure out why Harlem is here first.” Violet had a priority, but apparently the rest of the ladies had a different one in mind.

Then, Sharon and Jean suddenly grabbed hold of Violet from both sides and pushed the woman onto Leo’s rod. Holding onto the monstrous meat pole and the bulky scrotum to keep her from falling, there was an immediate change of priority.

“Never mind. Leo, would you mind if I take a small sample?” An unnecessary question, when has the stud ever refused.

Amy looked at the face of the corpse on the ground and did not feel the slightest bit of remorse. She should be having a perplexed feeling right now but her sight simply kept being drawn back to a certain assertive presence. Her mind was telling her she should feel sad; yet, her body certainly didn’t feel that way as she approached the rod and serviced it in front of her former boyfriend’s corpse.

Mindy watched the situation unfold to an eventual orgy, before she knew, her mother joined the fray as well. The little girl was the only one that looked at the corpse with suspicion; she was sure this man should have been dead long ago by her hands.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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