Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 99

It was late into the afternoon; Leo began to stroll his way back to the dormitory. Looking at the settling sun, the boy thought what a relaxing and peaceful hour. He felt he had been very productive these past few days. What has he done? Well, the stud stuck his gigantic mass into numerous women for like the past 72 hours straight with a few intermediate breaks… only because the subjects of his blessings needed rest.

By the entrance, Leo could already hear the clamor in the lobby. It was certainly lively inside. He politely walked in and was surprised by an unfamiliar small group of women surrounding the guest table. The casualties of Leo’s earlier ravage that occupied the crime scene had already been moved upstairs for recovery.

Currently, sitting on the other side of the table speaking to his sister Sarah were Marla and Porscha. It seemed like the two former prostitutes brought the gang with them. According to the two women, they picked the best-looking ones from the station, colleagues or not, and gave them a taste of Leo’s essence. Naturally, the group of new faces were all acquainted with the two women in the first place and had received help from them since their awakening. With the promise of being as powerful as them, the gullible ladies were led into a monster den.

Before he knew, the boy was sitting on a sofa watching Sarah’s smirking grin. Marla and Porscha were on each side of his shoulder massaging the stud.

“Remember that we told you about a surprise?” Marla whispered to his ear.

“I hope you like our gift.” Porscha softly spoke from the other side.

Leo inspected the new faces; the ladies had been staring at him with lewd gestures. After staying in the lobby smoldering with the boy’s testosterone, the women were incited of their lust from Leo’s mere presence. And thus, Leo concluded another average day where he spent ninety percent of the time being inside of women’s warmth.

But that was only the day. This night belonged to the boy’s personal maid team after all other women were incapacitate from the earlier dominance. Shalltear was the first to show up, Zomi brought her little disciple with her, Samara was eagerly present as well. Reina was dragged along with her new spirit friend, but for some reason the girl felt she doesn’t fit within the group. And who is this girl with ashen white hair? Well, before the gravitating male pheromone, those were just minor details.


It was a clash of fangs and claws; a battle between monsters emerging on the streets. A new war erupted with the absence of Zomi and Shalltear to suppress their bloodlust. Only sounds of war cries and howling roars echoed the city district. But if one listened carefully, there was another foul voice within the air, whispering the melody of corruption.

Right below the ground where blood of monsters shed, a platoon of men was fending off enemies from closing in on the station’s entrance. Necrophages and zombies that caught the scent of human blood came down in search of prey in midst of their battle. A three-way fight ensued underground, locked in stalemate as the corpses continued to pile up.

In the heat of the battle, faints tolls of bell were heard from afar, which brought excitement to the soldier’s faces. The bells drew closer; as if hypnotized by the sounds, the enemies slowed their movements and became less aggressive, giving chances for the platoon to retreat.

Covered in hood and white robe, a concert of maidens carrying talismans advanced in a row. The women reached forward one of their arms in stance and light began to bloom from the talismans within their palm. Their other hand also gripped onto the talisman, drawing a string of light forming a curve like a bow. Luminescence arrows formed of lustering radiance were nocked on their draws; with grace and elegance, the maidens were ready to decimate their foes.

The searing lights were fired from the line of maidens, piercing through multiple necrophages and mutants alike, burning through their flesh and disintegrated all enemies within their path. Within two volleys of the miraculous fire power, most of the creatures in front of the ladies were annihilated.

The few remaining stragglers were enticed by the smell of burnt flesh and charged towards a single lady standing isolated at the front. As the monsters drew near, the girl held up her palm and a force field emerged around her, knocking back the creatures to the wall and smashed them to piles of meat pie. All the men and women were looking at her in awe.

The talisman within her other hand cracked under her tremendous power; she looked at the broken pieces with a pitiful face and was sadden by the inevitable lecturing she will receive from the high priestess. There was a price to pay for showing off and stealing the spotlight. Though it was not completely her fault; it was because the power up from Leo’s essence was simply too great.


Meanwhile, south of the central district, by the hospital near the river bank, Gwenyvere wandered the silent streets alone. The ambient was eerily quiet, only sounds of her graceful footsteps were heard. The high priestess could feel the environment was hostile, unwelcomed and frightened by her presence. Yet, her bearing was elegant and full of confidence as she walked towards to the building, immune to the low whispers of foul voice in the air. Even the way her overly endowed royal marshmallows bounced from every step she took look majestic and holy as well.

The hospital seemed to dim the lights that traveled inside, and swallowed all of their luminescence into the perpetual darkness. Gwenyvere walked blindly into the dark interior, unfazed by the wandering spirits that roamed the building. Before her radiant aura, any ethereal being that approached her was nullified.

The high priestess arrived at the basement, where she took a pause to inspect the pitch-black surroundings. Suddenly, a pair of candle fire lighted up at the columns in front. Row by row, the fire ignited and provided vision into the hallway. She stepped forward, following the candle light. At the end of the corridor, thirteen humanoids in black robe greeted her with their menacing and sinister appearance.

There was a large monument of stone erected from the ground, inscribed with symbols unknown of this world. After briefly examined the monument, Gwenyvere made a rare a belittling look towards the figures in robe, as if questioning them where they got the confidence to stand before her.

Then, a mature feminine voice ordered the thirteen to step down. A dark shadow began to conjure before the etching stone, morphed into a figure, and finally formed into the tall body of a seductive lady in pure black dress and black hair. Portion of her face was obscured by the shadow, but there was no doubt she was a top tier beauty behind her mask.

The lady in black and the high priestess stood at a similar height, much taller than most humans; even their divine figures were similar. Seemed like the former princess wasn’t the only one that ported into this world. Gwenyvere had a pleasant smile and a delighted mood, while the other lady bitterly bit her lips. A brief moment of silence ensued and Gwenyvere was the first to break the ice.

“Long time no see, dear sister.” The high priestess spoke in the language of her world.

“I knew I wasn’t the only one here, but I certainly didn’t expect to see you before me so soon. And you’ve changed, princess.” She caught hint of the high priestess existence when she let a certain man that stumbled here live.

“Filianore, come back to me.” Gwenyvere went straight to the point and said with firm confidence.

“Come back?!” The mocking tone was followed by a vehement screech. “Your father the king was the one that put me in this sorry state, he broke his promise!”

Filianore was a close cousin of the former princess, a woman who was exiled due to all sorts of royal shenanigans that went on in a typical royal court. The story of her pilgrimage, revenge and salvation was another hundred thousand words novel of its own.

A slight stimulation of her emotion triggered a certain rage and malice planted inside her. The lady in black drew power from the monument to summon the shadows and attempted to trap Gwenyvere within. However, it was easily dispelled by the high priestess, the shock wave even brough some senses back to Filianore.

“I can break your curse.” Gwynevere took a vial from her breast pocket and opened the cap to reveal the white substance within.

“This is!? What in the world is this?” Filianore said in awe.

“A gift from the true god. It took some time to find all the alchemy ingrediencies and condense them.”

Before Filianore could recover from the irresistible odor emitting from the white substance, the high priestess tossed the vial forward where it landed on the bare cleavage from the opening of Filianore’s black dress. The substance spilled out and smeared the pale white surface of her bountiful bosom and slowly sunk into the skin, which revealed a crest imprinted her chest.

With the substance fully absorbed with tingling feeling at her breast, the crest quickly faded and Filianore looked down on her body in disbelieve of how easily the curse was broken. What followed was a swell of emotion that got quickly overwhelmed by a sudden climax of bliss. But at last, after the brief moment of ecstasy, tears finally fell from her eyes as she looked at Gwenyvere like a little girl weeping to her mother.

Gwenyvere brushed Filianore’s long dark hair with her hand and gently guided the weeping face into her wide bosom. Feeling the warmth touching her cheek and savoring the sweer aroma, Filianore finally let her emotion burst out. The big sister continued to brush the silky black hair while letting the weeping child wet her bosom with tears. It was a heartwarming scene of two tall voluptuous figures hugging each other that would literally turn on the heat to any man that witness the sight.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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