My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem Vol N/A Chp 932


When a dungeon monster died, it returned to miasma and could then be reborn. This was an absolute truth. When someone entered a dungeon, it could theoretically toss monsters at him all day long, giving it hundreds and hundreds of chances to wear down and defeat the warrior. This is why dungeons were so deadly, and you had to always be wary. Only if you died in a dungeon did your soul get captured? Then, it would be ground down a little at a time until it became nothing but miasma. If it was strong enough and survived, just like a ghost with unfinished business, it would linger in the dungeon, becoming corrupted and serving the dungeon as a karmic soul. This was more or less what I had worked out from my time in Twilight after having been infected with karma and gaining the mimic job.

Human beings, demons, and other surface sentient beings could be resurrected various times. Only when the soul became old and no longer wished to remain bound by a body would the person pass away. Although there were other methods, such as spells and weapons that directly attacked the soul and the ever-dangerous dungeons. Plus, if no one resurrected you, your soul would eventually decay away. This was also an absolute truth.

Yet, it seemed like those two truths were connected. We could be resurrected because we weren’t born in this world. Our souls may have adapted to this world, but we were distinctly different. It seemed like the soul of a fey was too much like the mana stream from which they came, and if they died, their soul would not be recoverable like our own. Since no Fey existed on Faerith anymore, and every creature there derived from another world, this was no longer common knowledge.

This also explained to me why Feys, despite having greater abilities than humans, were able to be pushed off their continent and forced to flee. Humans could keep resurrecting themselves. They might be weaker, but they could keep coming back over and over again. They had to be… like a wave of undead zombies. No wonder the Twilight dungeon had represented humanity as the undead.

That’s also why the Demons haven’t been able to run over humanity like we did to the feys since both sides are more even. Two species fighting over a continent that had once belonged to a third. It was pretty ridiculous when you thought about it.

“Humans shouldn’t be so strong.” Kaia’s words brought me back to what was going on in front of me. “Where do you come from?”

“I come from a small island in the south. It’s an island free of the fey, where only humans live.” I lied.

“You are… the King there?”

“I am.”

The more I realized about the fey plight, the warier I grew. I didn’t want to explain to them that I came from the other continent. I was quickly realizing that my presence here was dangerous altogether.

“Human king!” Demetri fell to one knee. “Have you come to free us from the slavers?”

“My King!”

I had just been trying to spread disinformation, but my words seemed to strike a chord with these rebels. In their hopeless situation, they likely didn’t even know about the other continent. Just hearing about a small island where humans were free was enough to light their hearts with glee. They seemed to be seeing me as their savior and lord.

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

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Deek has never had success with the ladies. He’s poor, overweight, and generally unliked. Feeling like a burden on his mother, with his life going nowhere, he spends his days playing video games. However, when a mysterious game ends up in his bag, he is teleported to another world. The only way for a talentless slob like him to get by is to venture into dangerous dungeons for fame and money. Regrettably, Deek always preferred to play support roles. In a world with slavery, where he can purchase beautiful and powerful women as his allies, this might actually work.



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