My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem Vol N/A Chp 933


The one who didn’t look pleased by my words was Kaia. First, I still had the blade to her sister’s neck. Secondly, I wasn’t the Fey she thought I was. She may have helped some humans escape, but she was ultimately still a haughty Fey noble. She likely saw us all like dogs. It was one thing to help and shelter an abused dog, but it was quite another when you found a vicious, muscular dog who had just killed someone and with a mouth full of blood was growling at you. In her mind, I wasn’t the same as Demetri and the humans she rescued, and I could see that clearly in her eyes.

“So, Fey only have one life,” I spoke out loud, looking down at Nerissa.

“Kaia… to ally yourself with these dogs! You have truly disappointed me.”

To hear Nerissa voice my very thoughts, I could only shake my head. “Lying on the ground, and you still act this way.”

“What if I do?” Nerissa laughed. “You won’t kill me. Humans don’t have the guts! Right sister?”

Kaia shook her head. “Shut up, Nerissa.”

“Haha… you know, Kaia recognized your ability to use resurrection but did not. Are you one of those White Mages? In the war, we tried to wipe them all out. It’s a shame that some must have survived.”

So, there were once White Mages, and they were wiped out? She seemed to speak as if she didn’t know Priests could use resurrection. Unless… perhaps humans lost too many white mages and couldn’t replace them, and so what happened when you couldn’t do something? You rely on faith. The religions of the country might have sprung up as an answer to the lack of White Mages. Priests might not have existed during the first war. Well, it would have been stranger if a bunch of monsters crawling out of dungeons did have a church.

“Of course, there are no White mages here… do you understand now?”

I frowned at her words as she shot me a gloating smile. Kaia gave a panicked expression, and it took me a moment to realize what was being implied. She had suggested that because I resurrected the humans, that everything was even. However, on this continent, the resurrection spell didn’t exist. Since Fey couldn’t be resurrected, they naturally didn’t learn it. Maybe, they couldn’t learn it. So, every human that had died on this continent… had died permanently. When Nerissa had murdered the woman and her little girl, she had no intention of bringing them back. It was always intended to be for good!

As realization formed in my eyes, the smile grew on Nerissa’s face. “You understand now? Your species is nothing but ants to be squashed. When I leave here, I will report to my father, and our army will find your nation and wipe it out!”

“Sister, stop!” Kaia cried out. “Please, human king, I will do everything in my power to protect you. You cannot kill her. If you do, the king will attack your island in retaliation!”

Even Kaia’s words meant to be disarming were filled with veiled threats. This was the plight of humans on this continent. They were animals to be dealt with. I let out a sigh, lowering my blade.

“Kaia, your sister will betray you, and me as well. She thinks nothing of murdering others. Humans may have come from dungeons, but it is clear who the monsters are.”

“P-please…” She went as close to begging as her pride would allow.

I looked away. “Elaya? Is it time?”

Elaya walked out of the cave, causing Carmine to cry out in surprise, and everyone else to look warily. “Enough mana has been absorbed. Also, I could sense an army of these so-called Fey on the way here. We have about five minutes before we’re overwhelmed.”

“I see… then I suppose it’s time we’re on our way.”

“There is no running!” Nerissa snarled.

I looked down at her and shook my head. “No. There isn’t. Which is why I’ve decided to fight. The war between us is inevitable. I’ve considered my options carefully, and you can not be allowed to exist!”

“Wh-what?” Her eyes flashed for the first time in surprise.

“No!” Kaia was only to get out a single word before I raised the sword and took Nerissa’s head.

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

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Deek has never had success with the ladies. He’s poor, overweight, and generally unliked. Feeling like a burden on his mother, with his life going nowhere, he spends his days playing video games. However, when a mysterious game ends up in his bag, he is teleported to another world. The only way for a talentless slob like him to get by is to venture into dangerous dungeons for fame and money. Regrettably, Deek always preferred to play support roles. In a world with slavery, where he can purchase beautiful and powerful women as his allies, this might actually work.



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