NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 02 Chp 22


After making my declaration for them to take off their clothing, Sasori had remained staring at me with her mouth open, as if disbelieving that I wanted to go farther after just a kiss.

“Must we do this with Kira watching?” She asked, turning her head away shamefully.

“Kira, your mother still doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation. How about you strip her yourself?” I asked, leaning into Sasori. “I plan to keep having your daughter as well.”  

In this portrait, we decided to paint me as the villain. If that was the case, then the villain I would be. If I acted timid now, Mrs. Fukumi might remember that she was an adult and a teacher, and find some way to wriggle her way out of my trap. I needed her to realize that there was no such thing as resistance. Sasori was my plaything, and as far as she understood, so was her daughter.

“Please… anything else…” Sasori’s words came out weak and helpless, even as Kira started to unbutton her shirt.

I sighed, realizing her resistance was still there. I didn’t want to just weaken her or break it down. I wanted it annihilated. I wanted her to fall quickly and completely, without feeling any hope that she could pull herself out of her pit of despair. Was it a bit harsh? Probably. However, I was juggling with fire now, and I needed to take these risks or lose everything. I had come so close to losing everything just a few weeks ago. The threat was real, and only by attacking would I have what I wanted.

I pulled out my last card, the files full of the images obtained by Kira. I threw them in a way that the images slid out of the side of the folder and spread out before Sasori. In an instant, I revealed every naughty image to her. They were all of my father. He had the mask on, but his body was pretty unmistakable. He was at the orgy on Sunday, and the images included pictures of him getting his cock sucked by at least five different girls, and penetrating another three. I wasn’t certain, but I think one of the women was even that one that had hit on us in the pool last weekend.

Sasori’s eyes widened in shock as she realized what she was looking at. “He told me he wouldn’t go.”

“That’s Father for you.” I shrugged. “Do you think he really loved you? No. He just wanted to use you to trade up for other women. Well, he still got his wish. Do you think he was trying to get back with my mom? No. He just found another woman to bang on the side. I reckon you’re one of at least five women he enjoys on a regular basis.”

“I… thought I was special…” She said, as tears were forming in her eyes.

“Oh… you are special.” I chuckled darkly. “Only you were slutty and stupid enough to let dad trade you for other women. After all, you were happy to ride my dick this weekend so that he could enjoy your own daughter!”

She let out a gasp, her entire body freezing. Kira winced but then continued on, finishing with the last button on her mother’s shirt. I went a bit off script there, huh? She probably didn’t want me to reveal it was her who was at the weekend thing with me. I reckoned that once Sasori calmed down and thought about it, she would have realized the truth eventually anyway. Attacking her with it right now though, it was exactly what I needed to bring her down into a more submissive position.

“Honey… I…” She wanted to look at Kira, but couldn’t, as she was too ashamed.

“Mother decided to ruin her relationship with father over him.” Kira spoke quietly. “It was only right that I had a taste of what Mother felt was worth losing our family.”

Sasori looked away, covering her mouth and looking slightly ill. Finally, her shoulders collapsed, the last light of defiance leaving her eyes, a hollow look taking over. It was the same kind of look Akiko had when I had made her my slave.  It was a look that said she had run out of directions to run and there was no more hope left. It was exactly the expression I was hoping to see from her.

I pulled down my pants. It felt strange doing this in the family room of my childhood friend, where we used to play together, but Sasori’s chest was now exposed, a white bra showing her large mammories, and I was already at full mast.

“Start by sucking my dick. Both of you.” I commanded, not letting up in the slightest.

Sasori didn’t move, just staring dead-eyed in front of her. Perhaps I had shocked her system a little too much. Kira swooped in for the rescue, she grabbed the back of her mom’s head and then leaned her forward, I brought my cock up to her lips, and Kira had to force her mouth open so I could slide my cock inside. With a warm hard member inside her, Sasori’s muscle memory seemed to return, and she started sucking my dick of her own accord.

Meanwhile, Kira looked up at me through her specs, one hand on the back of her mom’s head and the other holding her chin, moving her mom’s head back and forth on my dick. The feeling wasn’t the greatest BJ ever, but something about a daughter using her mother’s mouth to pleasure my dick made it extra stimulating, and I was already really close to blowing my load. I met Kira’s eyes and gave her an awkward smile. Her face was expressionless, and I couldn’t begin to guess what was going through her mind.

Once her mother’s head was moving in rhythm, she pulled her hands away and then cupped my balls with them. I was a bit surprised that Kira was taking the initiative. I knew she had claimed she would join her mother in sex, but I hadn’t completely believed it until she brought her mouth forward and sucked lightly on my balls. With the lips of two girls on my sex organ, I was in complete heaven. I had increased my endurance significantly from the virgin I had been, but all of this anticipation mixed with a dual blowjob, and my load couldn’t be contained.

“Ahn… I’m cuming.” I announced to the two girls under me.

I blew my load into Sasori’s mouth. She barely reacted as my cock swelled and cum came out. Kira actually responded to my announcement, as she began to suck my balls more enthusiastically as they pumped cum down her mom’s throat. I came for a solid minute, and Sasori sucked it all down like a good girl. By the time I was done, my knees were wobbly and I was a step from falling back down into my seat.

“Now… both of you, pull down your skirts, turn around. Show me your pussy and assholes. Spread them!”

Sasori once again seemed adrift, but Kira spun her around and pulled down her dress. Soon, I was looking at both daughter and mother bent over on the couch. Their knees were on the ground and their upper halves were lying on the seat of the couch. Kira put Sasori’s hands back behind her, and she opened her cheeks instinctively. Had my father made her do this pose so often that just putting her hands out there made her do it?

Amazingly, Kira did it too. She showed no restraint. She could have not spread it and just looked like it to her mother, but she was going all out. Pushing the coffee table out of my way, I got on my knees behind the two girls. Licking my fingers, I stuck one in each girl. Both let out very cute moaning noises, although Sasori’s sounded considerably more mature. Both girls had many similarities too. One of my many curiosities with my mother was whether she was similar to her daughter when it came to her pussy. I didn’t have that answer, but these two women supported that belief.

Sasori was a lot looser than her daughter, but both lewd women had a similar smell and feel to their pussies. I found I could get three in Sasori, but her daughter only took two. Both women were moaning loudly now. This was right in the living room, with the entrance only a few feet away. If there was a reason her dad got back early, he’d see me finger banging his daughter and his wife.

My cock started to recover thanks to the lewd feel, smell, and sight of these two women. Although Sasori seemed to be running on autopilot, her body was still very erotic. I decided to pull my fingers out of the pair of them, and then stick my cock into Sasori. I did want to taste Kira, but I still didn’t know where I stood with her. Our friendship was a strange and unstable thing. I couldn’t imagine it becoming more stable now that I was banging her mom.

Either way, I respected her enough to not put it in. I touched her a little, but I wouldn’t go all the way with her for now. She was probably messed up emotionally, and I wasn’t so much of a scumbag that I wanted to take advantage of my friends.

“I’m going to stick it in!” I declared, grabbing my teacher’s rump and giving it a little squeeze.


Mrs. Fukumi had seriously shut down. I suppose the only thing I could do was give her a good time. I started rocking my hips, taking my teacher from behind in the middle of her living room. Her daughter looked back, watching me as I banged her mom. At the moment, most of my clothing was still on, and I didn’t plan to pull it off here. Even if Deacon came back for some reason, things might turn serious and I wanted the ability to leave in a hurry.

“Ahn… ahh…” Sasori finally started moaning, unable to take the rough treatment of my cock any more.

Her daughter also slid her hand between her mother’s legs and was now stimulating her clitoris, forcing the woman to have pleasure she was trying to pretend wasn’t there.

“N-no…” She moaned to herself, a seeming denial of her own reality.

“Ah… I’m going to cum.” I told Kira.

She nodded. “Cum inside her. Cum in my mother.”

Her words came out expressionlessly, completely devoid of any romance. However it wasn’t those words that motivated me to do it or not do it. Rather, I couldn’t stop myself at this point, the taste of my teacher being too tantalizing to resist. For my second time, I dumped a load in this woman, this time from the other side.

“Ahhn…w-wait…” Sasori gave a measly resistance but was cumming herself, my cock injecting stuff deep inside her, while her pussy contracted and sucked it all in lewdly.

Finally, I pulled out, my cock going a bit flaccid. I looked over at Kira. She cocked her head, but then sat back on the couch and spread her legs slowly. Her body was extremely erotic in this pose. Her mother had collapsed on the floor, a bit of my cum leaking from her wet and slightly gaping vagina. In order to fuck Kira, I’d literally be doing it on top of her mother.

Looking into Kira’s eyes, I saw no sense of regret or hesitation. She said that I could have her if I took her mother, and she was fulfilling her promise. Part of that made my heart feel a pang of regret. Closing my eyes for a second, I calmed myself down.

I leaned forward and kissed Kira on the lips. At first, she was surprised, but her eyes finally closed and our tongues began to entangle. Her body grew more and more excited. She wrapped her arms around my back, kissing me more roughly. There was almost a neediness, a desperation in the way that she kissed me. Her legs started to wrap around me too, pushing my dick up against her naked bare pussy.

I reached out and grabbed her legs, gently pushing them back open. I moved my hands gently to her shoulder and then applied pressure, pushing away from her. My lips separated from hers and she finally took in a breath. Her ferocity was tempered for just a moment, and she looked up at me with confused eyes. I smiled at her.

“Kira… you’re still the best friend that I have.” I said, causing Kira’s expression to widen.

For reasons I couldn’t even understand myself, I pulled my pants back up and put away my pecker. Reaching down, I smacked my teacher’s ass enough that she looked up.

“We’ll be enjoying many more nights together,” I told her, causing the woman to shake slightly.

I then stood up and walked to the door. Kira had closed her legs but was still sitting on the couch naked. Her arms were wrapped around her, making her look somewhat vulnerable. She was watching me with expressionless eyes. No one could tell what thoughts were going on behind them. When the door closed behind me and I was outside, I stood there for a moment.

“Was it enough?” I asked, letting my heart calm after what I had just done.

Netori appeared next to me. “Congratulations, you’ve met your goals.”

“Then, let’s end this.”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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