Otherworldly Warrior with Erotic Skills Vol 01 Chp 09

Epilogue (#Serina)

 The next day, I went to the dojo as usual, and Ione told me that unfortunately She couldn’t find the culprit. Well, it couldn’t be helped.

 She had been looking for him since then until the sun went down, and well, I guess he’s a woman’s enemy.

 If I see him, I’ll at least report him to the soldiers.

 In the afternoon, I went out into the field with Ione to hunt for caterpillars.

“I’m going to try to find the bandits again.”

“That’s good, but you don’t want to get too deep into it.”


 Ione left the hunt early and went to look for bandits.

 Meena and I went back to the inn, where Serina was waiting for us.

“Hou~l, I’m surprised you kept your word. Criminal.”

“Kughh, you can say what you want. Then, let’s finish it today.”

“I will, but I don’t want any recriminations.”

“How dare you, after what you’ve done…”

“If you want to hurt Master, I’ll be your partner.”

 Meena stepped forward and said.

“Mu. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt him. It’s just that I missed it.”

“Hmm, When I came here, there was a criminal who hit me with a goofy punch out of nowhere.”


 I went into my room, undressed her and touched her from the chest up.

“Nnhh, Ahnn, Haah”

“Then, calculate the interval minutes yourself.”

 I’m not counting on it. I have enough.

“I-I know without you telling me, Nnhh, Aahnn”

 I thought I wouldn’t be able to touch her that much in less than ten minutes, but Serina, who hadn’t told me she was done, started to get good and wet again.

“Haah, haah, Aahhh! Kuughhh!”

 Twenty minutes passed. I’m not sure if this girl actually just wanted to do it with me?

“Okay, that’s enough. I’m going in.”

 I took off my clothes and inserted myself.

“Ehh! Hey! That’s not what you promised!”


“That’s why, don’t move it, kughh,”

“Ahh, I’m sorry. I got it all wrong.”

 But it would be a shame to stop here. I’ll move it.

“Murgh, that’s why, Ahhn, hey, don’t move it! I’m going to kill you later. Aahhh!”

“Oh, man, that’s scary. But you’re moving on your own than I’m moving it, aren’t you?”

“Th-that’s not possible, Ahn, Wai, Noo, that’s lie”

 Well, you’re only reacting because I’m leading you to move. But still, it’s very tight and soft. It’s really good.

“Then, I’m about to came inside you.”

“Wha!? D-dont! That’s no! No!”

“I’m gonna pour it all in you.

“Uughh, Aahh, it’s so hot. kuughh, no way…”

“Hmm? Didn’t you at least take your birth control pills?”

“I’ve been drinking, but that’s just insurance. It’s the worst thing you can do. I don’t even know how well this stuff works.”

“It’s supposed to work.”

“I don’t trust you. Anyway, that’s enough. Pull it out.”

“Ahh, my bad. I thought you wanted to do it with me.”

“W-Why would I do that, you idiot!”

“Well, you didn’t stop me until 20 minutes into the interval, did you?”

“Ahh, I-it was that long. I-I forgot to look at the time.”

“Hmm. Well, I’m sorry.”

“Murghh, you’re apologizing so nonchalantly, but you did it on purpose, didn’t you? You didn’t take it out right away.”

“Because, you’re beautiful woman, you’ve got a lovely pussy, and It’s felt good inside you. As a man, I can’t help it.”

“Kugh….I’d appreciate it if you’d get out of here.”

 She seemed to have lost her back and was unable to move. Well, if she’s feeling that good.

“It’s my room, but that’s okay. Now, Meena, just prepare her for a hot bath.”

“I understand.”

 I was afraid of what would happen next, so I decided not to harass her any further. There was blood on the sheets, so she really was a virgin.

 Well, that’s nothing compared to the pain in my arm and the attempted murder.

 The next day, Serina came to my inn again, and I shuddered to think that she had come to kill me, but she said she needed to talk to me.

“So, what’s the talk about?”

“I want you to let me join your party for a while.”

“What’s your reason? What happened to Erwin and the others?”


 According to her story, they had a dispute over a difference in policy and the party ended up breaking up temporarily.

“I see.”

“You’re not going to say it’s my fault, right?”

“No. I mean, you’re a member of the party, so you’re probably responsible in your own way, we’re Japanese, but we’re strangers, right?”

“Well, yes, but as we’re a the same heroes――”

“Throw away that heroism. It’s useless in this world.”


 She seemed to have an idea, and Serina fell silent.

“I’ll let you join my party, but I’m the leader. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, because I have a feeling that I am not suited to be a leader.”


 This girl seems to be able to serve normally, but Erwin also seemed like he could be a leader, and I’m sure Keiji also wanted to do it too.

“It’s pretty hard trying to get everyone to agree.”

“Well, I’m sure Keiji does, but does Erwin?”

“Yeah, he’s willing to compromise, but he’s not happy about it and we’ve talked about it a few times. He wants to be cautious.”

“Well, of course he does. So do I.”

“But I felt like we were going a little too far. …… On the other hand, Keiji wanted to keep moving forward and Erwin wanted to learn magic, so that’s how it happened.”

“I understand the general situation. I’ll take a look at it and if it’s okay, I’ll let you in.”


“Isn’t that what you’ve been trying to tell me?”

“I did, but …… and there are no condition for r*pe everyday?”

“I didn’t say that. Or do you want me to do it?”

“Bahh! Don’t joke about this! Who said that ……”

 Serina bit her lower lip in frustration and looked away, but her cheeks were somewhat embarrassed. She was feeling a lot, and she liked the sex a little bit.

“I don’t know. Well, that’s enough talk for now. Let’s see your status first.”

 This is what I’m really after. She was beautiful, and her body was in pretty good shape, but she was rebellious and dangerous. I’d like to at least get an idea of what she’s capable of.


 Status browsing, but not work.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think you should see my status. I’ll join the party, and I’ll be a part of it, but I don’t fully trust you, and I’m not going to show you my hand.”

“Tsk. If we’re going to be a party, we should at least know each other’s capabilities so we can work together.”

“That’s something you can try out in a real fight.”

“Is that what you’re trying to do, catch me in the act?”

“No, I’m not. I think I’m stronger than you, but as long as Meena is around, it won’t be that easy. In the meantime, you’re a man who keeps his promises to a certain extent, if not in the end… no, I’d rather not.”

“Either way, do what you want. That’s the end of the story then. Meena and I won’t be going on any more adventures today, so we’ll meet at the city gate tomorrow afternoon.”

“I heard you’re going to the dojo in the morning.”

“You’ve got quick ears.”

“Well, I was curious to see what the other heroes were up to…”

“Yeah. Well, did you think I was attacking people in the city as I passed by?”

“O-of course not.”

 I’ve heard that’s rather accurate.

“You’re persistent. You can ask Meena directly later. Then we’re going to have consensual lovemaking, so why don’t you leave as soon as possible?

“You’re not going to let me talk to Meena, are you?”

“You’re a pain in the ass. You’ve got fifteen minutes, then”


“Ehh? Well, maybe you can do it over dinner. Later.”


 Meena used all her strength to push Serina out of the room. Serina sensed Meena’s voluntary part and left without much resistance.

“That’s enough.”


 The rest is having sex.

“Master, Nnhh! what are you going to do with her?”

“Well, I don’t know. Well, I’ll use her if I can, but let’s wait and see.”

“I understand. Ahnn!”

 The next day, I spent the morning in the dojo, and the afternoon hunting in the field with Serina and Ione.


“Okay, that’s pretty much it.”

“That’s a pretty good move, Serina.”

 Ione praised her. In fact, her movement is good.

“Fufu, thank you. Ione-san, you are indeed the daughter of a Kenjutsu dojo.”

 Serina also smiled and complimented Ione. The two of them were able to work together quickly.

 They continued hunting for a while and returned to the city as the sun was setting.


 When I was about to return to the inn, Serina called out to me.

“What is it?”

“I think I’ll stay here, too. We’re in the same party, after all.”

“I don’t mind that. I’m sure there are rooms available.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

 It’s more convenient to stay at the same inn, since the parties can easily contact each other there.

 The three of us will have dinner together, but even Serina will be in my room.

“What are you doing here?”

“Let’s just have a little chat, let’s get to know each other a little better.”

“It’s pointless. I’m gonna have sex with Meena. Get out now.”


 She’s not going to leave, but hmm, suit yourself. I don’t care, I’m going to have sex with Meena.

“Uh-uhmm, Master, we’re being watched. Ahnn.”

“Because I suspect that peeping tom is forcing herself on us. Meena, show them how much you love me.”

“I understand. Now, if you’ll excuse me… Nnhh!”

 Meena straddles me and starts to move herself.

“Eh? Ehh? S-she’s doing it herself…”

 Serina was puzzled, but she was watching intently, as if she was interested.

 We don’t care, we just keep doing it.

“Ahhnn! Masteeer! Masteeer!”

 When Meena was cumming and immersing herself in the act, I found Serina was masturbating in the corner of the room.

“Nnhh, Aahnn, Uuhhh, It’s little moore.”

“Come here.”

 I took Serina in my arms and headed for the bed.

“Kyaaa! D-dont, I didn’t mean to…!”

“From my point of view, It looked like you were inviting me, didn’t you?”

“Y-you’re wro…Noo, Hey, really, no, Ahhn, If, you touch me now. Nnnhhhh!”

 Serina didn’t resist, so I just touched her and insert it when the time was right.

“Nnhh, Aaahhhnnn…again, kkuhh, You’re, uuhhh, deep inside me.”

“You look like you want it.”

“O-Of course not. Of course not, but…,Nnhh! Ahhnn! This is no good!”

“Yeah, right. You’ve already moving your hips”

“Aahnn! Y-you’re wrong, this feels too good, Noo! This is really, really weird. I don’t even like him. I don’t wanna, pull it out!”

 As she say this, Serina shakes her hips and tightens herself.

 When I kiss her, she responds.

“You don’t like it, but you feel it. You’re a horny little bitch. Here.”

 I switched to Doggy Style and used my r*pe skills to give her a rough shove, but she still seemed to enjoy it and finally climaxed.

“Noo, I can’t feel this, I can’t feel this, I’m not supposed, Aahhnnn, to feel thiis, why does it feel so good, Ah, Aaaaahhhhhh!”

 I was so excited that I sprayed semen all over her face, thoroughly humiliating her.

Otherworldly Warrior with Erotic Skills

Otherworldly Warrior with Erotic Skills

Eroi Skill de Isekai Musou, Erotic Skills are Unparalleled in Another World, Record of Erotic Warrior, エロいスキルで異世界無双
Score 6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
I stumbled upon an RPG while surfing the net, and it was the nostalgic bonus point based character building. I found a skill called “Blowjob” among many other skills, and decided to continue playing the game. But it wasn’t a free game. I lost consciousness and was summoned by a magician to a kingdom in another world as a hero. There, I was beaten by a schoolgirl who was also summoned as a hero, called an old man by a junior high school hero, and while fighting the reality of mass-produced heroes, I mastered my erot*c skills. Eroticism will save the world!



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