Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 10

Touhou Sunou Introduction-Arc

Author Note:

There is almost no ero in the introduction scene.

This happened when, with nothing to do, I was reading a book in Kokoro’s apartment.

“Counselling, huh?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

With an air of profound respect, Kokoro performed a seiza on the floor, returning such an answer towards I who was sitting with crossed legs.

“Although it may be impudent, I would like to ask Master to give counselling to that child.”

“Me, huh……rather, you want me to use my hypnosis, right?”

Furrowing my brow, I answered listlessly.

I don’t have any sort of counselling technique. The fact that Kokoro relies on me in spite of this means she’s talking about my hypnosis techniques.

“Kokoro, do you think that I am just a convenient boss or something? Besides, counselling is your job. Even you should have pride in that. No matter what reason there could be, do you properly understand the meaning of asking for my help?”


“Then show me your sincerity.”

Kokoro earnestly asked a request of me. There should be a reason behind it. There should also be significance behind me doing such a thing.

That being said, readily accepting such a request would be out of the question. I need to demonstrate that a single action is worth more than a hundred reasons.

Now then, what will she do?

Kokoro deliberately removed her clothes. Folding her casual wear on the ground and taking off her underwear, Kokoro turned towards me and performed a dogeza.

“……is that it? No, it’s fine. For the entirety of today, Kokoro will stay naked, and walking on two legs is prohibited. You are not allowed to walk other than on all fours.”

“I shall accept.”

“Then talk, there’s a reason for this, yes?”

Without raising her face, Kokoro opened her mouth.

“Um, the one I want Master to counsel, a child who wants to go to school like normal, is a distant relative of mine. To be precise, she is the child of my uncle’s wife’s little sister.”

“So she’s family, huh.”

Certainly, that is quite the predicament.

I sat on the back of the kneeling Kokoro. And then, I wordlessly squeezed her ass in my hands.


“But what’s the meaning of having me perform counselling on your family member?”

“That is……this child is currently a student of this school……”

“Well, that sounds about right.”

I placed my hand against Kokoro’s vagina, realising that it was wet. Feeling a little pissed off, I slapped her ass.

There’s no point to this if you’re enjoying it.


“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Kokoro recommended that I take action. It’s likely that she sees such an act as rather meaningful.

The next day after school, after finishing the setting, all that was left for me to do was wait for them to come into the Counselling room.

I knocked on the door.

“Yes, please enter.”

“Excuse me.”

Although the interior of the room was familiar, I tentatively surveyed the surroundings as if it seemed unusual.

And then, on one of the pair of usual sofas, I noticed the presence of an unknown individual.

This girl, in a nutshell, looked like a small doll.

“S-Someone from the Middle School Department?”

“Yes, her name is Touhou Sunou, Sunou-chan. She is from the Middle School Department.”

If anything, this school is gigantic.

Touhou Sunou grumpily turned her cautious eyes towards me.

Even without her ill-humoured glare, the expression on her face was more akin to putting up a wall against strangers rather than being just straight up aggressive. Her hair, which was so smooth to the point that one would wonder how she maintained it, was completed in a refreshing straight style. As according to the information about her being a half that I learned beforehand, no matter where one looked, both the colour and ambience of her skin was different from normal people. It seems that it was the mother who was the foreigner.

And the most eye-catching of all was the girl’s attire. As if it were order-made, a frilly Gothic-Lolita dress stylishly covered her delicate body.

Both her facial features and the ambience which matched it were so perfect that it seemed it would break with a single touch–a girl who was like a doll sculpted from ice.

“For the time being, please sit down.”

“Ah, ok.”

Being urged by Kokoro, I positioned myself so that I faced the girl named Sunou .


Sunou’s small mouth opened. My gaze was transfixed upon her lips which likely no one has violated.

As if trying to play this off, I drank the juice that Kokoro brought me.

“Are you Kokoro-nee-san’s boyfriend?”


I spewed out the juice I drank due to surprise.

“Are you alright……?”


Kokoro promptly rushed towards me, carefully wiped my mouth.

Without being shaken at all, Sunou motionlessly watched the entire exchange.

“W-What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Lately, Kokoro-san has become very pretty. Also, when we met here, she was happened to be gazing at the sky, almost as if she were daydreaming about someone. And when you appeared, Kokoro-nee-san’s expression was–how do I put it–one that I’ve never seen before, so-”


Upon turning my gaze towards Kokoro, she averted her eyes. I’ll look into this later.

That being said, this had also matched my intelligence.

Touhou Sunou is very sharp when it comes to people’s emotions.

It seems that, by reading someone’s expression without letting even the smallest of changes slip by, she’s able to understand immediately if they are lying or agitated.

She was apparently born with such a talent, but had been kept at a distance by her parents because of it.

Of course, this also ended up hindering her school life, reaching to the point where she is currently refusing to attend school.

Outside of her studies, she perfectly demonstrated her talent through Analogue Games, apparently becoming an actual World-Famous Board Gamer.

As if sensing something from my gaze, Sunou’s cautious expression further frowned.

“Kokoro-nee-san, it’s better if you break up with this guy.”

“Eh, what are you saying, Sunou-chan?”

“This guy is definitely no good.”

Sunou tried to jerk Kokoro, who was next to me, to her side.

This can’t just be called ‘sharp’. This one sensed the danger I posed just from us facing off briefly just now. Seeing through my motives, she instinctively tried to run.

“W-Wait a second, Sunou-chan!”

“Hurry up and get over here!”

Sunou became desperate as she tried to separate Kokoro from me.

Kokoro was naturally flustered, but she didn’t try to leave me.

I guess I should say ‘I get it’ at this point.

I feel like I understand why Sunou ended up becoming a truant.

No matter how accurately you can read a person’s emotions, it can only be an ominous feeling so long as the person in question doesn’t take any action. Hawks are talented not because they hide their claws, but because they have the ability to hide their claws.

“This is a problem……”

I didn’t think that she’d be able to see through my true intentions this quickly. Although I heard that she was sharp, this has already reached the inhuman category.

It can’t be helped.


I stopped trying to gain her favour. With my usual tone, I spoke Sunou’s name, as if to attack her.

No, it wasn’t like I was going to attack her. I actually thrust a pen in front of Sunou’s eyes.

“Wha-!? What are……you……”

Sunou reflexively moved her eyes towards my incoming threat, gradually causing her consciousness to grow hazy.

Just by glancing at the pen for an instant, although shallow, she fell into a trance.


All according to plan. My preparations were worth it.

I predicted, to a certain extent, that Sunou would be hostile.

Unlike Mai, the level of hostility this time was different. Under the premise that I would have to force the hypnosis on her in the truest sense, I made some preliminary preparations.

The symbols I had crafted were installed everywhere inside of this Counselling Room. From a part of the curtain’s pattern, to something that looks like a stain on the wall. Even in the books on the shelf, it had been arranged so that, no matter where one looked, this symbol would be imprinted in one’s eyes.

It was a subliminal effect. The human brain cannot defend against something that they unconsciously recognise.

Furthermore, alcohol had been included in Sunou’s beverage. In order to ensnare Sunou with Kokoro’s good will. Such an act had gone unnoticed by her.

Without realising that this goodwill had bore its fangs, Sunou was completely defenseless before I, the true villain, had arrived.

After that, all I had to do was to strike the finishing blow.


Sunou may have noticed that something was wrong. Nevertheless, in a state where she has lost her judgement, as well as being exposed to the fangs of good faith upon averting her gaze, her resistance was futile.

Her eyes progressively grew clouded as she fell deeper and deeper into hypnosis.


“……K-Kokoro. Remove the marks.”


While I continued to point the pen, Kokoro collected the prepared hypnotic objects.

Actually, Kokoro’s eyes had already become blank as she fell into a trance.

This room, so to speak, has transformed into a space that indiscriminately causes its occupants to fall into a hypnotic state. Were I not familiar with the placement of all objects, even I couldn’t remain safe after staying in this room for a long time.

While confirming Sunou’s expression and her body’s swaying condition, I judged that things were already ok.

If cast for too long, hypnosis can adversely affect one’s mentality. The experiments and experiences I’ve fostered so far have become useful.

“I have……removed them.”

“Alright. Kokoro, lend me your ears-”

Whispering in her ear, I broke only Kokoro out of her hypnotic state.

As radiance was restored to her eyes, Kokoro silently watched over my actions.

“Sunou, you can hear me, yes? If you can hear me, please answer with a yes or a no.”


“Right now, you are in a very wonderful world. Even if you expose all of yourself here, no one will get angry. It is a space where you can be whatever you want to be. That makes you very happy and calm.”


“Now then……from here on, even during normal times, when I give the instruction [The Rule is Easy], you will always arrive in this world. I hold the key that opens this blissful world of yours. That’s why it is only when I say this that the lock will open and you will be able to go to this blissful world. Do you understand? If you do, then please answer what you understand while you are in this world.”

“……the key to this world is, your voice…………yes.”

After that, as if to confirm countless times, I once again meticulously implanted suggestion. Since she fell into her deep place in one go, I’m checking to see if there is any sort of shock to her mentality.

“Everything I say in this world is a rule that allows you to stay in this world. Although you will not be able to remember what you have been told, these rules will be firmly stored in the depths of your heart, and you will be able to follow them to the letter.”

“……everything you say……rules……I will obey……yes.”

“Now then, let us preserve everything you’ve been told up until now in an even deeper place. It is fine to take things slowly. And then, when Sunou believes that everything has been preserved securely, please announce your name.”

“……preserve it……yes.”


I believe I just made the biggest sigh since the start of the year.

It was such a troublesome procedure to follow, but it succeeded.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Bring a towel, Kokoro wiped my sweat.

Since Sunou was in a state of concentration, I couldn’t give her any instructions.

“……the target was even more dangerous than anticipated. One wrong step and I would have failed.”

“The one who is able to do so without making a single misstep is Master. Also, even if you made a mistake, it is my duty to properly correct it.”

Kokoro healed my fatigue with a gentle expression. Sticking to my body, she began to rub and massage my shoulders.

“If I recall, in the gaming neighbourhood, she goes by the pseudonym Laplace. I thought it was an exaggeration, but I didn’t expect for it to be so on-point.”

Laplace. Of course, there’s no twisted meaning or anything of the sort here, it refers to Laplace’s Demon.



Anyway, the hypnosis is complete. All that’s left to deal with is how to correct her.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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