Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 106 Ext 15

Houjou Kokoro Regression-Arc

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In a fit of anger, I jumped out of the washroom.



Kokoro immediately responded to my call.

Apparently breakfast preparations were already finished, as a pleasant aroma came from the table.

“First, sit on the floor.”


“Don’t take off your underwear. Seiza.”

Kokoro was restless in anticipation of what was going to happen. The proof of this was how she was fidgeting around the waist.

I was angry.

“I woke up this morning, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. Suddenly, I got concerned and opened up the front of my shirt. Do you know why that happened?”

“……I don’t kno-aaahn!!”

“Don’t lie. Only my right nipple was sore. You did something to me again while I was sleeping, right!?”

Taking the fact that I don’t wake up as a good thing, Kokoro sometimes gets up to mischief.

“Well, I’m also generous. There’s no harm if I don’t notice it, and if you’re just going to the extent of sucking my member, licking my armpits, or lying next to me while I’m asleep, then I was willing to allow it out of the depths of my heart.”

“Then licking your anus or pressing my breast against your mouth and having you suck it is-“

“It seems that punishment is necessary.”

“My apologies. Master’s breasts were just so beautiful and adorable, that I-“

“Don’t just do one of them. It’s super discomforting, and what were you thinking after making it this discolored? I won’t be able to wear a swimsuit like this.”

Her cleanup was usually perfect and I was fundamentally unable to tell when she does it. That’s why it’s troublesome.

While ashamed in the face of my denunciation, Kokoro sent me a side-long glance.

“If it’s both, then……would it be permissible if I remedy that?”


Kokoro was this kind of person. She was expectant while her mouth, hidden by her hand, was twisted into a devilish smile.

No matter how angry I get, she’ll be happy. If I ignore her, she takes that positively and starts seducing me.

Even though I had made her that kind of slave, it would seem that it is necessary to have her understand our hierarchical relationship.

“[Let’s play together.]”


Deprived of her smile, Kokoro lost her expression. Her whole body limply weakened as she entered a hypnotic trance.

As she swayed with a *wobble*, I felt that those large breasts of hers were sexually asserting themselves.

I stepped on Kokoro’s breasts with my toes.


“I can’t even think of how to punish you anymore. That’s why I guess I’ll just play with you as I please.”


“Now then, Kokoro. Right now, please imagine a baby in your head. An unintelligent animal that cries, screams, and is unable to even speak words.”


“Place your hand against your chest, and gradually that baby will overlap with your own image……look, the baby’s image and yours are slowly melting into one……”

Ultimately, I’m having Kokoro believe that she, herself, is a baby.

Then I would enjoy how things would turn out when Kokoro is rendered into such a state while retaining her memory and personality. It would be too time-consuming to regress her fully into a baby, and she probably wouldn’t take to me either.

“I am……the baby……ah……bu……”

“Now then, I will now start counting, Upon doing so, the baby inside of you will steadily emerge and become one with you. 1……”


Kokoro drooled. It was a face that never appeared from her usual calm appearance.

My expectations swelled a little as I counted.

“10……Kokoro, you are a baby. Wake up and be pampered by me. Now!”

With a *clap*, I released my mind from the hypnotic trance.

Kokoro’s shoulders shuddered as she turned her gaze towards me.

“That’s a fitting appearance for someone who doesn’t listen. Do as you please to your heart’s content.”


Kokoro tilted her head, looking at me with innocent eyes.

it was a freshness that was not found in my most recent slaves.

“Haha, this looks like I can expect a lot out of this, huh?”


“Niih. Morning, Demon.”

Suddenly, a half-asleep voice approached from the neighbouring door.

While rubbing her eyes, Sunou exposed a waking yawn.

“Sunou, you–come to think of it, you stayed overnight, huh?”

“Wake me up for breakfast……”

This girl, who was similarly bad with mornings like me, had yet to notice Kokoro’s abnormal change.

“Ah, Kokoro-nee-san, good morn……hm?”

Sunou’s intuition was sharp, and so her weak face instantly woke up upon taking a glance at Kokoro.

Meeting Kokoro’s eyes lacking of will, she strongly stared at each other.

“What did you do here?”

“I cast magic on Kooro and turned her into a baby. What do you think?”

“What, you ask……?”

Sunou blamed me with a clearly sour face.

“Turning her into a baby was just a whim of yours, right? Having done so, what’re you gonna do when she needs the bathroom?”

“That’s not my fetish, so I was gonna ask Sunou to take care of it.”

“Don’t I also have to clean up after breakfast……?”


Kokoro innocently frolicked. As she was moving around regardless of the place she was, Sunou held her back.

“What, if we do it together, then this life isn’t so bad.”

“Demon, you need to think less with your waist and a little more with your head. Even me staying overnight yesterday was because you raped me all night long and I fainted and……well, whatever. Let’s properly take care of her together.”

“I shall praise slaves who can adapt quickly.”

Before having breakfast, the three of us sat down on the sofa.

Since we’re doing this, I played around by having Kokoro sandwiched in between us.

Sunou and I petted Kokoro as though getting rid of our remaining morning drowsiness.

“Kyah, kyah!”

“Man, I was a little frustrated so I wanted to make her take a humiliated appearance.”

“If you took more care of Kokoro-nee-san, then she wouldn’t play any weird pranks. It might be good for us two to occasionally babysit this large child for a day, though.”

“Even though you said it was a hassle just a little while ago.”

Sunou’s mood somewhat improved. I wonder if she woke up on the good side of the bed this morning?

“Fufun, it’s just that today we’ll be spending the day just as a family. Doing this makes it seem kinda like we became a married couple who are living calmly together. Yes, almost like lovers-“

“Dahh!! AAAAAAAHH!!”

After Sunou harrumphed proudly, Kokoro jumped in.

Kokoro, while still in a low posture, attacked Sunou as a strange *thud* sound echoed.



“That was an amazing sound just now! It was almost like meat hitting against a cutting board, huh.”

Upon looking closer, Kokoro’s coiled hands had sunk into Sunou’s solar plexus.

Sunou collapsed on the spot, tumbling down to the floor.


“Kyah, kyah!”

As Kokoro’s body originally had outstanding reflexes, said reflexes were managed further by the hypnosis. Although she was a baby without skill, that single blow of hers was heavy.

“Oi, oi. Are you alright?”


Sunou leaked out a hoarse voice as she became teary-eyed. Perhaps because she was unable to breathe, her shoulders moved up and down as though breaking out into convulsions.

“Kah……ah……*cough*, geh!!”

“…………how nice.”


“Ah, no. Seeing that expression of yours, I was reminded of the time when I first fucked Sunou.”

With an expression of agony, Sunou became teary-eyed as she desperately suppressed the pain. Closing her trembling legs, she rubbed her knees together.

Finding such a figure adorable, I wanted to direct my sexual desire towards Sunou.

“Just bear with it a bit, I’ll take it off. It’s also been a while since I’ve fucked Sunou like this.”

“Y……you, you really are! You…..!! Baahhhh!!”



When I tried to take off my pants, Kokoro jumped in.

Hanging over me, she applied her weight against me.

“Get off, you’re heavy!! S-Stop it!”

“Kyah, kyah!”

When Kokoro hugged me with both of her arms, she pulled me as though dragging me away.

I couldn’t win against Kokoro’s arm strength.

Sunou, who made an expression that seemed like she wanted to be ravaged right away, was becoming more distant. I reached out my hand, but I couldn’t reach her.


“Haah……the Devil should take care of her. I’m going to sleep……”

Completely exhausted, Sunou fell asleep for the second time on the sofa. I wanna fuck her.

When I came to my senses, Kokoro and I were in front of the table where breakfast was prepared.

“……I guess I’ll eat.”


Already finding this to be troublesome, I sat in a chair.

Kokoro had lowered my already undone pants, looking up at the penis that wasn’t able to ravage Sunou.

After sniffing my erect member and making an enraptured expression- 


“I didn’t think that you’d bite it, but……are you gonna suck it? Is my thing your pacifier?”

Kokoro sucked my penis with an expression of elation.

Of course, even if she’s a baby, the insides of Kokoro’s mouth still maintained its experience.

Rolling my penis with her tongue, she sucked it up with the lukewarm saliva she drooled.

“Just what’s so fun about just licking it?”


When I raised my breakfast milk cup, the sensation of my lower body being sucked suddenly struck me.

Kokoro looked up at my meal while still sucking my penis.


“This woman, does she want to eat while sucking my member? What an indulgent fellow.”


“At least choose whether you’re gonna eat food or blow me.”

I helplessly decided to bring my drink closer to Kokoro’s mouth.

Kokoro quickly released my penis from her mouth and, after taking milk into her mouth, once again sucked my penis.

She was so fast that, even if I pulled my waist back, I doubt I would’ve been able to escape from Kokoro.


Perhaps in a good mood, Kokoro shook her head, causing my penis to hit the backsides of both her cheeks.

As she licked my penis as though climbing the underside of its head, my lower body trembled as though feeling that it was the time to urinate.


“Mbbbhh, nnn, *smack* *smaack*”

Aiming for the gap where I raised my hips from pleasure, Kokoro hugged my waist and greatly gobbled up my penis.

Kokoro’s innocent eyes sparkled as she wielded the oral sex technique imprinted into her body.

In the instant that I turned my attention towards that gap, my penis was strongly sucked.

“*slurrp*, bgh, *smaaaack*……”


While simultaneously holding down Kokoro’s head, semen spilled out from my penis.

Kokoro shut her eyes and received my semen, gulping it down.

“Nkh, nn *smack*……”

“You really are Kokoro, huh?”


After my ejaculation finished, Kokoro left the semen stuck in her throat that she had yet to swallow as she sucked my penis.

Pulling back my waist, I separated my penis from Kokoro’s mouth.

“Okki is quite cheeky, huh? I’ll push you down.”


“Spreading your legs like a baby. You’re a really lewd slave, you know?”

Kokoro lied on her back like a dog showing its belly. She had already taken off her underwear, and her lower half was asserting itself with a twitch, perhaps in arousal.

Also forgetting about breakfast, I leaned over such a slovenly Kokoro.

“Well now then, I have to give such a bad baby an injection.”


(TL Note: Injection = Chuusha. Kiss = Chu. Kokoro mistakes Book for saying kiss instead of injection.)

“Not that, an injection.”

“Kishiie, kish!”

Kokoro grabbed my penis with both hands while still keeping her legs spread. She rubbed the tip of my penis around her pubic mound, coaxing me.

“This is not a punishment at all for you, huh?”


“That’s not it. I’m gonna do this.”

Upon inserting my penis into Kokoro’s vagina, I mercilessly started to pump her.

Speaking of Kokoro, she was happy, of course. She hugged me and wouldn’t let go.

“H-Hugsies!! Ah ah!”

“Hugging is impossible in this condition.”



Kokoro lost her temper and started to shake her hips. Her vagina relentlessly tightened up, trying to devour me.

My penis was sucked in by the strong back-and-forth movement, making it seem like bodily fluids were about to be pushed out of my urethra.

I moved my penis back-and-forth as though to pull back against Kokoro, causing the sound of flesh colliding against flesh to ring out a countless number of times.

“What? Ultimately, even if you’re a baby, nothing changes, huh?”

“Mash, tah……aah, mmmhhh!! Oh, gguh!”

Seeking only sexual desire from me, Kokoro twisted her hips.

Conscious of the pliability of Kokoro’s waist movements, my penis reflexively continued to pump her.

“You really are a lewd fellow, huh?”


Stretching out her tongue Kokoro pestered me for a kiss.

Sucking her thumb, she licked it lewdly many times while giving me a seductive look.

“To think that you’d be like this even though you should’ve become a baby. Really, do you have no shame?”


“Haha, guess you don’t understand since you’re a baby, huh?”

All I could do was keep pumping her even more vigorously.

My penis penetrated the depths of her vagina with enough force to beat her buttocks, but Kokoro’s p〇ssy firmly received that, tightening around the base of my member.

“This is a punishment! Do you understand that!?”

“Nn, zhubuhu!!”

“Geez, you really are a slave that can’t be helped, huh?!”

Unable to endure it anymore, my penis trembled.

Perhaps having immediately perceived that, Kokoro strongly hugged my body and didn’t speak.

“Nn, nnnnnnhhh!!”

Kokoro’s fingers dug into my back, giving off the illusion that our bodies had merged into one.

Having the soft body of a woman and her chest pressed against me, my penis, as though resigning itself, ejaculated.

“Nnnhh, nggh……”

When semen was poured into her vagina, Kokoro’s waist shook with a *twitch* as though gulping it down.

That vibration was transmitted throughout my entire body, making it seem like even our heart beats had become one.


“You really are……wai-!”

A foolish *trickling* sound echoed between the two of us.

Apparently, Kokoro had soiled herself. It was covering my waist.


“This woman……”

Enough already. Even though she couldn’t control herself under normal circumstances, she had lost all reservations when I removed the limits of her reason.

While exposing a dog-tired, slovenly face, she began to lick my cheek as though coaxing me.

I sighed at the fact that both the floor and my lower body was wet with Kokoro’s accident.

“……Sunou, do something about this.”


Sunou threw a tissue box at me. Of course, she didn’t wake up.

“I’ll ram it into you later……first, before I take care of the floor-“


Removing my penis, I dropped Kokoro to the floor.

Kokoro rolled onto the floor with both her legs still spread into an M-shape, fixedly staring at me.

After taking out several sheets of tissues into my hand, I started wiping Kokoro’s vagina.

“Geez, why do I have to take care of this clean up……wait, I should just have Kokoro do it.”


“[Let’s play together.]”

Kokoro’s eyes lost their radiance while she was still innocently tilting her head. That appearance of Kokoro having her crotch wiped by me with her legs slovenly still spread open was truly that of a baby.

While regretting what I did, I released Kokoro from the hypnosis as she was.

“This should be fine, I guess……3……2……1!”

“……Mas, ter?”

“That’s right. I’ve already given up, so take care of it yourself.”

As though displaying that she should do it, I rubbed Kokoro’s p〇ssy with a tissue.

Unusually surprised, Kokoro’s eyes rounded as she hardened in that state.

It was surreal how only my hand that wiped her p〇ssy with tissues moved.

“M-Master. I am the one who takes care of you. That’s why, it’s disconcerting when I’m the one taken care of.”

“I fundamentally don’t want to do that either.”

“As such, I believe it would be best if you stopped that hand……”

Kokoro fell silent, closing her legs as she moved my hand away. She shyly became smaller as she separated from me.

As I naturally didn’t want to take care of her, I stood up and looked down upon Kokoro.

“Really, just what should I do to punish this woman……?”

“……I shall clean up, ok? That’s why Master should pay it no mind and eat breakfast. Ah, but since it’s become cold, I shall warm it up, ok?”

Kokoro began to diligently clean up, and so my usual castle returned.

“Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I will take care of you, after all.”

It was a result where it was hard to say whether I got back at Kokoro.

However, for me, I was able to clear up some of my pent-up resentment to a certain extent from fucking Kokoro.

Kokoro had become slightly meeker than usual, showing concern for the collapsed Sunou.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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