Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 107 Ext 16

East-North Early Morning Foolery-Arc

Author Note:

This time there is erotica, but no hypnosis content.

Even though the morning glow was blocked by the curtains, there are times were badly placed gaps cause the sun rays to hit against my face.

“Master. It’s morning, please wake up.”

Kokoro’s gently called as she touched my shoulder with her warm palm.

As I was in a bad mood due to being asleep, I naturally ignored it. Let me sleep.

“Fufuh, is Master unable to wake up?”

As Kokoro’s whisper was like a lullaby, I could feel her kindness of putting me back to sleep instead of trying to rouse me.

Let me sleep. Let me sleep during the holidays.

“That’s no good. To support Master in having a healthy life is my mission, after all. If Master leaves it to me, then I will manage everything for you……”

Even if you say such a scary thing, I won’t wake up.

Perhaps convinced that I, who had become obstinate, would continue to remain stubborn, Kokoro started petting my head.

Her fingers slowly fell from my forehead to my chin just like that, and, upon entering inside the bed cover, they traced across my chest while diving down to my lower body.

“Fufuh, this down here is a good boy who gets up early.”

When her fumbling found my penis, which had morning wood, Kokoro placed her hand inside my pants and began stroking it.

“I’ll also dive inside of the bed, okay?”

Stirring restlessly, Kokoro slipped into the bed covers and clung herself to my body.

Even though she should be waking me up, this woman was hanging over me, making it so I couldn’t move and could only stay sleeping. Her soft female body transmitted both its heat and pulse to me.

“Fufuh, it’s filled with Master’s smell……”

As she was underneath the futon, I couldn’t grasp what she was doing there.

However, Kokoro seemed happy as she swayed through the bed covering. The top of her butt was shaking like a dog.

My penis, as though seemingly being sucked by something, received a moist sensation.

“Nn *smack*……*smack*……”

Kokoro rubbed against my body while still holding my penis in her mouth, the sensations of her soft crushed breasts being felt around my stomach.

My heat-filled penis burned, seemingly shivering despite being inside of the narrow futon as it became erect.

“Nnnh……!! *slurp*……*slurrrrpp*……!!”

It appeared that Kokoro was have fun by herself, blowing her breath countless times on my penis which rampaged inside of her mouth.

As its tip was licked, my penis grew enraged when its head was stroked by the tip of Kokoro’s tongue.



I can’t stay asleep.

When I thought this, I grasped Kokoro’s body underneath the futon, squeezing it hard enough that it could leave a bruise.

Perhaps aroused by that powerful physical contact, Kokoro rubbed her entire body against mine, happily appealing to me.

My penis, which had morning wood, ejaculated into Kokoro’s mouth just like that, as though accepting the rising sensation.


While moving her body back and forth despite this and rubbing against me, Kokoro continued to suck my penis so that the futon wouldn’t get dirty.

Altough I wanted to sleep more, as expected I don’t feel like sleeping again as things stand.


Kokoro, who brought her face out from under the bed covering, still made the expression of a female while, like me, appearing to have no intention of getting out of the futon.

Kokoro adeptly changed her position so that she was on top of me while facing me. And in that state, she traced her hand again towards my crotch—-




“You’re being called.”

From a distance, Sunou’s call could be heard.

Kokoro appeared to intend on ignoring it, but made a troubled face at my inquiry.

“Perhaps the cause for this may be because she was loved by Master late into the night yesterday.”

“Cause for what?”

“Master……because you were intense last night……I was jealous, but it appears that it was a bit tough for Sunou-chan . I believe she still couldn’t place any strength in her hips, even when it became morning.”

Kokoro didn’t want to let me go, but she leaned over me, pressing her chest against my breasts in an appeal to me.


“Please do not worry, she will be able to move naturally after a period of time has passed.”

“Then why is she calling you?”

“It’s likely because she wants to go to the bathroom but is unable to. I shall take care of the clean up.”

So she’s saying it’s fine if Sunou leaks, huh?

As I suddenly came up with something interesting, I pushed Kokor aside and got up.

Perhaps reaching an understanding from such actions of mine, Kokoro became dejected. If she had a tail, it would have curled up.


“I’ll go wake her up.”

“Master……um……is that so?”

Kokoro cowered, hiding her face inside of my futon.

Well, I’ll leave her for later.

Leaving the room as I was, I headed to the room where Sunou was in.


“Morning. It’s a fine morning, ain’t it?”

While still crawling on all fours atop the bed, Sunou shook with a *tremble*.

As she had slept while still being fucked last night, nothing apart from the bed covering concealed her body.

“Who’s fault do you think this is!? This Demon! Both the futon and my body have become crusty!!”

“Yeah, I’m a demon. In other words, I’m going to be a demonic helper.”


I easily lifted Sunou. I was holding her up by using both hands to hold the back of her knees.

Both of Sunou’s legs were spread out, putting her into a posture where the slit in her crotch was clearly visible.


“So you make that sort of reaction to being seen, even at this point, huh?”

Sunou’s face became bright red as she struggled.

Finding that amusing, I recoiled from that shaking and my balance collapsed.

“Ah, aaah!! P-Please don’t drop me! I won’t forgive you for that if you do!!”

“Then don’t flail around. In the first place, you were thoroughly hammered, so isn’t it fine if you’re seen?”

“This and that are completely different matters! The Demon is such a retard! In the first place, don’t feel as though you have obtained everything just because I permitted you to use my body! Thinking that you can do it again after just doing it once is cheap!”

Even while screaming and squawking, Sunou gathered the weight of her body near me, perhaps because she didn’t want to fall.

Carrying such a hilarious naked girl to the toilet, I stood in place.

“……hey, since we’ve reached the toilet, lower me gently.”

“Just do it like this.”

“Isn’t it obvious that I don’t want to!!”

Perhaps imagining such a scene, Sunou’s face turned red as she flared up at me.

Carrying Sunou while supporting the back of her knees with my elbows, I placed my now-free hands on her lower body.

“Now, whereabouts is the bladder again?”

“What’re you doing by yourself……fggh!!”

I pushed my fingers around the lower region of her abdomen.

In the face of the sudden attack, Sunou *jerked*, placing strength into her hips. After that, while her open mouth remained unplugged, she turned back towards me.


“Come on, let it out! Going pee pee while being carried like this, you’re like a baby, huh? Haha!!”

Sunou, after glaring at me vexatedly, resolved herself and looked at the toilet.

And then, while covering her face with both hands, the pitiful *trickling* sound of water could be heard.

“Noo……don’t look……”

The urine drew an arch as it flowed into the western-style toilet.

Perhaps feeling a sense of release, Sunou unconsciously leaned the entirety of her body’s weight on me with a listless face.

“What about this makes you so happy?”

“Nah, I just wanted to see Sunou’s face distorted by humiliation, you know?”

“You’re the worst……the worst!! This thing here is also the worst!!”

Perhaps venting her anger, Sunou placed her weight against my erect penis that touched her back.

I wonder just what is the worst thing that she’s on about? Naturally, this part is just enjoying this spectacle.

“Don’t say such a cold thing. You gobbled it up and wouldn’t let go last night, didn’t you?”

“You’re the one who never pulled it out!! Lifting up one of my legs, that’s because my body isn’t as soft as Kokoro-nee-san’s, right!?”

“Come now, let’s wipey-wipe it away with a tissue, kay~”

After taking a certain amount of toilet paper, I wiped Sunou’s crotch.

While furrowing her brow, Sunou vexedly pursed her lips into a へ-shape, sighing as though having given up.

“……we’re going to do it, right?”


“If we’re doing it, then do it from the front!! It’s scary when you do it from behind. Or rather, even though I don’t want to see the Demon’s face, if we’re going to do it then I really want to see it.”


“I’m scared of being shaken when there’s no one in front of me!!”

Well, I guess I should be nice for a little while. It’s the carrot and the stick.

Upon holding her butt and turning her so that we faced each other, Sunou, as though springing upon me, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

“I-I’m scared, so……”

“I see.”

It’s a little surprising, but she’s quite the scaredy cat, huh? I didn’t think that she had a fear of heights, though.

Sunou strongly hugged me tightly, entwining both of her legs around me.

“Geez, doesn’t this make it hard to insert it?”


While raising Sunou’s butt, I slowly applied the tip of my penis against her vagina.

Using both fingers, I spread open her vagina and inserted my penis into that small slit.


Sunou closed her eyes and brought her body closer to mine.

She was rather scared of falling.

Thinking to stir up such fears of hers, I greatly shook her body as I pumped her.


Sunou’s mouth firmly closed, enduring whilst holding me.

Her small breasts rubbed against my body, her clinging arms bringing our two bodies even closer together.

Facing the weight of Sunou’s small body, my penis entered even deeper. Pushing against the interior of her vagina even more than before, my penis pried it open.

“Ah……AaAAH……!! Don’t let go……just, stay like this……”

“Haha, here, since you look scared.”

I lifted Sunou’s body with great momentum as though to frighten her.

Sunou simply clung to me desperately, without raising a scream. On the contrary, she gathered her strength so that she wouldn’t let go.

As Sunou was afraid of being dropped, it had become unusually quiet.


Both of our strength was nicely transmitted to my lower body, making me destroy the insides of her vagina even more strongly.

Mercilessly thrusting my penis upwards into her narrow vagina, I continued to pump her as though smashing her stomach.

Sunou endured despite that. On the contrary, she embraced me strongly as though to encourage it.

“Are you scared? Or do you want it to finish soon?”


“Well, which is it? Give me an answer.”


This penis is probably painful for Sunou’s small body, after all. She’s always screaming without being able to become accustomed to it.

Because she was obeying me as my slave despite this, she might have a lot of guts.

“M-My butt……!!”

As Sunou’s butt was being squeezed by my hand to the extent of biting into it, it would probably leave a mark afterwards.

However, the nails of Sunou’s fingers that were hugging me were also digging into my back.

In this position, where it was almost like we were hugging each other strongly, violent pumping continued countless times.


Perhaps her limit had come after a while, but Sunou was no longer able to keep her mouth closed as she raised her chin.

Even still, her fingers didn’t let go.

“Well, I guess I’ll stop scaring you any more than this.”


“Just kidding.”


As though saying it was the last time, I also hugged her even more strongly as I pushed my penis into the depths of her vagina by force.

After swaying forward with a start, Sunou convulsed as she seemed about to foam at the mouth.

Like this, my penis ejaculated along with the sensation of my hips rising.

“Gigh!? Aah……!!”

Large waves came several times at Sunou, her entire body pulsating each time as though having been struck by electricity.

As though matching those movements, my penis poured semen into her, forcing Sunou’s vagina, whose insides couldn’t fit it all, to swallow it.


“Oi, Sunou. You going back to sleep again?”

After a while, Sunou’s entire body slumped exhaustedly, placing her entire weight against me.

I could feel that Sunou’s drool spilled onto my shoulder.

“Geez, what a troublesome child.”

After pulling out my penis, Sunou’s limbs, which still had strength, wouldn’t let me go as only her torso had become worn out.

While exposing a slovenly face to me, semen *gurgled* and flowed out of Sunou’s vagina, which no longer had its plug.

“Haha, isn’t that perfect? There was a toilet below us.”

While gazing at the semen falling into the toilet, as well as the meat-toilet that was spilling its contents into said lavatory, I was immersed in morning satisfaction.

After that, showing consideration for Sunou who had gone for a second slumber, I once again hurled her onto the bed.

“I’m also troubled because of my kindness.”

Upon returning to my room while saying such-


Kokoro was sleeping in my bed.

Wait, no she isn’t. She’s pretending to sleep.


“Oi, Kokoro.”

Kokoro continued to feign sleep with a pouting expression. She’s in a bad mood.

Well, I did cast her aside, but that’s no reason to mess around.

“Oooi, aren’t you gonna wake up?”


Kokoro simply placed her nose against the bed cover I had slept in and smelled it with a *sniff*.

She has some nerve to ignore me.

“You’re quite the unwaking, slovenly slave, huh?”

Lifting the bed covering from the bottom, I discovered Kokoro’s slender legs and turned my gaze upwards.

Her wet, twitching vagina was hidden underneath the bed covering.

Upon flipping over the futon, I saw Kokoro’s figure, feigning sleep while still nude, surface before my eyes.

“Haha, this part is properly awake, isn’t it? What a bad girl.”

Getting on all fours while laughing, I got on top of Kokoro.

Like that, I placed the bed covering back on again, causing my body to be completely hidden.

Kokoro’s expression was the same as when she had feigned sleep, but I could tell that she was restlessly expecting something.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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