Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 109 Ext 18

Protagonist Feminisation-Arc 2*Contains an Illustration-like thing

Author Note:

Requests had come in now and then for this, so I wrote the continuation.

Are you sure you really want this, you guys!?

I think the reason why he was feminised was because he incurred the wrath of god and was turned into a girl.

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Kokoro, who returned home late at night, bought dessert for dinner.

While snorting in a bad mood, I stuck my fork into the prepared dessert and presented it to Kokoro.

“Here, Kokoro.”

“E-Erm, Master?”


While dangling the fork haphazardly, I waited for Kokoro to act.

While slightly confused, Kokoro brought her mouth closer, and-


“Whoops, it fell, huh?”

Deliberately relaxing my hand, I dropped the fork to the floor.

With her small mouth still open, Kokoro stared at the dropped dessert.

“This happened because you didn’t act quickly. In other words, you dropped what I so graciously presented to you.”


“Eat it. That’s something I gave to you, you know?”


“Demon, you really are-!!”

Kokoro kneeled before my eyes and began to lick the dessert that fell to the floor.

Seeing her eating it up like a starved dog gobbling up leftovers, my annoyance grew softer.

Sunou, who was beside us, involuntarily stood up from the table and flared up at me.

“Demon!! Really, why do you do stuff like that!! It’s not like Kokoro-nee-san went over to Tokyo to go play, so it can’t be helped that the cake shop was sold out by the time she came home!!”

“I just dropped it.”

I was in a little bit of a bad mood so things just happened to turn out like that.

“You’re deeeeefinitely annoyed, aren’t you!?”

“I’m not irritated.”

“There, that’s a lie! I can tell, after all! Doing such a pitiful thing to Kokoro-nee-san who came back late after buying a replacement–“

“Pitiful, is that so?”

“Of course it……necessarily isn’t, huh?”

“Nn *smack*……”

Perhaps aroused by the fact that she was on her knees by my command, Kokoro shook her hips while spying on my condition several times.

“*lick*……aah……Master is enjoying watching me.”


“Please feel free to say whatever you like. If you have any complaints, then you can hit me as much as you want……aahn!!”

As though anticipating her treatment this time, Kokoro’s entire body shook as she smiled with a slightly feverish face.

While laughing, I placed my foot on top of Kokoro’s head.

As though making an amazed face, Sunou sat back down in her chair as though having given up.

“That sort of thing, you see……wait, aaah!! That’s my portion, you know!!”

“Mine dropped, you see.”

“The Demon’s the one who dropped it!! Besides, why is it mine and not Kokoro-nee-san’s!? Don’t go venting it out on everyone just because you’re in a bad mood!!”

“Haha!! Currently my mood is good, though.”

While groaning vexedly, Sunou snarled while resting her chin on top of the table.

“Someday, punishment will definitely befall the devil.”

“I was wondering what you were about to say, but if I suffer, then Kokoro will suffer too, you know?”

“……yessh, Master’s sad face……I don’t want it.”

“That won’t be punishment. A situation where Kokoro would be happy and only I suffer—that in and of itself cannot be produced. In other words, such a thing happening to me is impossible.”

While laughing in good humour, I bit into the cake that I stole from Sunou.

I woke up when the morning glow leaked in through the gaps in the curtain.

Normally, I would sleep in until Kokoro woke me up, though.


Upon stretching my back inside of the futon, I felt a soft sensation stroking my entire body.

Certainly my futon was soft, but it was better than usual. Somehow, the softness has increased two-fold.

While feeling a sense of discomfort, I awoke.


In doing so, my centre of gravity was slightly shifted to my shoulders. And the region around my butt was fluffy, as though a japanese cushion had been laid out atop the bed.

“I wonder what this……is……!?”

I leaked out my voice while still drowsy, but opened my eyes wide upon feeling discomfort from that voice.

“T-This voice is……!!?”

After instantly bringing my hand to my throat, I slowly lowered my hands to both of my breasts.


The texture of plump, soft flesh and a tingling sensation was sent throughout my entire body.

And lastly, I gently placed my hand into my crotch-

“My son, it’s not there……”

A shrill voice of despair ruminated in my ears.

“What in the world……?”

“Master, are you awake?”

“Guh! I’m awake!!”

Kokoro entered the room in order to wake me up. Her gentle smile was dazzling.

Faced with such a Kokoro, I immediately stood up in fear.

I, who was bad with mornings, immediately left the room and examined my figure in the bathroom.

“As I thought……it happened again.”

It was something that, for some reason, wasn’t in my memories, but now I can remember it.

“It’s a woman’s body. Once again, my son isn’t there.”

Feeling dizzy from the shock, I fell to the floor.

My long hair annoyingly rested on my shoulders, and my legs naturally closed themselves due to the lack of penis.

“Master, what is the matte—-“


Anyways, be calm.

Let’s organise the information.

Last time, I returned back to normal after sleeping for a day. I want to think that this is also the case this time.

The people around me, or at least Kokoro didn’t feel anything strange about me when I first became like this. In other words, the only who notices this anomaly is me.

And because my vocal cords have changed, the Hypnotic Keywords won’t work on Kokoro. I can’t let her realise this, and if she gets into a pervy mood then I’ll meet the same ending as last time.

“I’m brushing my teeth, so get out. I’m in a bad mood this morning.”

“My apologies. I have been too presumptuous.”

With a start, Kokoro left the washroom. Although she seemed dejected, that woman is a beast.

“Anyways, let’s spend today in peace. That and nothing else. As for looking into things, that can wait until later.”

I suspected that I had been hypnotised, but I placed a suggestion on myself so that I wouldn’t be hypnotised. In other words, if even that had been overcome, then there’s nothing else I can do.

In any case, let’s put off the verification for later and spend today normally.

“Why is it this troublesome even though I’m just washing my face?”

My long hair was annoying as it hung down when I was washing my face.

Upon touching my face with my hands, my hands were more sleek than I expected, making me want to raise a scream.

I brushed my teeth, and then took a comb……

“Do I brush my hair with this long comb……?”

For the time being, I headed back to my room and tried to change my clothes, but I hardened at once.



“Dress me.”

“I shall gladly accept that order!”

Since I didn’t know what to do, I decided to throw it all to my slave along with the comb.

Kokoro grew cheerful as she took out my bra and panties.

I wonder why my bra and panties even exist?

“Put on the panties. Attach the hook on the back of the bra. And, there……”

Having been lifted, my breasts settled inside of my bra, but somehow there’s a sense of discomfort, huh?

“Oi, isn’t this the wrong size—?”

“Please excuse me.”

Kokoro gently placed her hands inside of my bra, using them to firmly raise my breasts.

The sensation of those soft fingertips caused something to shiver through me.

When my breasts were cleanly placed inside of the bra, Kokoro easily released her hands.


“If it’s Master’s breast size, then there are many cute underwear available for them, unlike mine. I shall choose several more of them for you.”

“…………hurry up and move on.”

I received an incredible shock over the fact that the position of my breasts had been corrected by Kokoro.

And then, after being terrified once more at how a female high school uniform exclusive to me somehow existed, I was finally able to get breakfast.

“Master, somehow you do not appear to be well, but-“

“Don’t worry. I’m just going to go to school normally today.”

“Uih, morning.”

Quickly finishing up my preparations, I rushed Sunou, who woke up, and went to live out my morning.

Although I had trouble using the washlet that I never thought I’d use in the toilet, I left the door behind me without any problems for the time being.

“Why do I have to wipe even though I’m just taking a small leak? It tingled a little.”

“Hah? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Demon.”

“Why do I have to deal with this sort of thing……?”

To think that I’d have to perform something akin to comforting myself with these highly sensitive genitals every time I use the toilet.


Even while Sunou tilted her head, she walked beside me.

“Somehow you seem relieved.”

“Isn’t your head really weird today? Ah, Nao!”

“This slave……”

Normally, I would screw her right now, but I don’t have anything to screw her with.

Sunou was waving at the brat that she was usually with. I think she was called Non, a girl who always glares at me, perhaps because she doesn’t like me.

“Good morning! You’re pretty today as well!”

“Nn……nnh!! Me?”

It would appear that she was in a good mood today.

Nao greeted me. Her graceful features were brighter than usual.

“When the two of you are side by side, you and Sunou look like sisters.”

“W-Why must I be connected by blood to this Demon!? No, I don’t mind being family, but–rather, that’s not what I mean!”

“I know, it’s totally unpleasant.”

“The two of you getting along is so picturesque and wonderful.”

Nao became fascinated on her own, placing her hands against her cheeks.

While perhaps feeling a sense of incongruity, Sunou   once again resumed her commute as usual.

Well, I guess it’s this kind of thing. If I live out my day normally, then I should be able to spend it normally even if I am a woman.

After a while, we arrived at school, and so I ended up separating from Sunou who goes to a different school building.


“Then, Dem-……what’s wrong?”

“Somehow, isn’t today different than usual? How should I say this–I don’t see any of the male students?”

“Isn’t that because they’re at another of those regular Gyoza parties? At the campsite, I mean.”

The male students had been moved away from the school to another location.

With a start, I noticed the gazes of the female students in the surroundings.

“I see, today’s the day that I put a suggestion for……”

“Yup. To forget something like that, you really are a Demon.”


“Aah, I’m going, I’m going. See you.”

Sunou mercilessly left me and walked towards the middle school department.

Failing to grab Sunous twin tails, I looked over the school building alone.

“……what was today, again?”

For some reason, when I look around, I locked eyes with a female student.

I had a bad feeling about this.

The instant I thought this, I started running.

“As I thought, today is reverse rape day! Why at a time like this!?”

Upon seeing me, the girls all followed me like carnivores chasing prey.

It’s not like they were running, but the girls approached as though to surround me.

By the time I reached the shoe boxes, girls were waiting both in front and behind me.

“…even though, under normal circumstances, I’d be more than willing to remove my underwear right here.”


“I’ll refrain for today.”

I switched on the hypnotic voice terminal that I had prepared in my pocket.

In doing so, the irregular sound rippled through the air, spreading with me as the epicenter as the girls surrounding me relaxed.

“There’s still a hypnosis I can use, even when I’m not a man.”

Suggestions through the hypnotic tests can still be performed, even if it wasn’t me.

To think that the element I thought was a risk would be useful in such a situation.

While snorting, I approached the girl who was right in front of me and rolled up her skirt.

“Geez, why are the school girl’s bottoms this breezy? It’s awfully short, too.”

I stroked the thighs of the girl who stopped moving before me, as though to leave finger marks on them.

However, after a while, I remembered that I couldn’t screw her, and so became a little sad.

“If it’s reverse rape day, then I won’t be able to go to classes, huh? I can’t just keep playing the tone forever, so I guess I have no choice but to skip, huh? Why did things become so troublesome?”

Thinking about where I should go to play hooky, I looked hard at my own body.

I had already seen it naked, but upon seeing this figure wearing a uniform and legs that were wrapped in tights, I felt a little horny even though it was my own body.

When I was fucking girls, I had often felt that they looked more sexy when they were wearing something.

“Is there a need to examine this body of mine for the future……?”

Thinking this, I headed to a place where I could be alone.

Of course, Kokoro’s counselling room was dangerous.

In other words, through process of elimination, I decided to use the empty room.

“If it’s this place, I have the key so there should be no problems with enteri……ngh!!”

“Don’t move, I can make love with you even if we’re the same sex.”

I instantly activated the hypnotic tone.

However, it didn’t work.


“My body’s burning a little bit, so I’ll use you as usual.”

Rein caught me and locked me in the empty classroom.

Or rather, this was originally Rein’s base. Furthermore, my hypnosis wouldn’t get through to her as I was now.

Things turned out extremely badly.

“W-Wait, Rein!”

“I’ll strip you, so stay still.”

Upon facing me head on, Rein pushed me against the wall and pressed herself on me.

Our breasts were crushing against each other. Both of our sweetness and breaths tickled my nostrils.

I couldn’t push Rein away from me, perhaps because I had even less strength than when I was a man.


“Even though you always do it against my will, is that the kind of play we’re doing it today?”

When I became pigeon-toed, Rein placed strength into her knees and spread my legs open.

Using her thighs to roll up my skirt, my bump-free crotch was rubbed by Rein’s legs.


“I really want to kiss before we do it, though. It’s fine to do it today, right?”

Perhaps because it was rare for her to be on top, Rein gave a small smile as she placed her fingers on my chin.

My chin was raised, and I was kissed in a situation where I couldn’t escape.

“Nnn!! Nnnnh!!”

“Nn *smack*……nnh……*lick*. Aaahh……”

Rein’s kiss was forceful as she devoured me. Upon pinching my tongue with her lips, she tugged it and brought it inside of her own mouth.

The sense of defeat from having my saliva sucked and the back of my teeth licked caused my waist to give way.


Even though I would normally only get hot in the crotch, my body became red as though my entire body had a slight fever.

When Rein licked her lips while looking down upon me, this time she placed her hands on the buttons of my shirt–

“Heya! Rei-Reii……”

“……Mai. Mai! This is not what you think! I’m not like that with this girl……”

I felt relief at this time.

Luckily Mai also came to this place.

Rein took a few steps backwards due to her guilt towards Mai, her mouth running off as she began to make excuses.

For some reason, even when in such a situation, Mai laughed.

“Eh, why’re you smiling……?”

“Aah Rei-Rei, you really have started already, huh? If you want to do that, then contact me first, okay?”


“Today is [Reverse-Rape Day], so if you’re going to rape Book, then let’s do it together!”

It was in that instant that a realisation dawned on me.

That’s right, I had given these girls such a suggestion so that they wouldn’t hold any sense of incongruity at school.

In other words, it was legal to fuck me in this place. That’s the situation we were in.

“Ah……that’s, right. I was also thinking that I’d do my best for the school event. It’s not like I was trying to do it with this girl, it’s just that she’s the only target, so-“

“I thought that it’s nice how Book was the target.”

“S-Stop, you two! Don’t come any closer!”

Hugging both of my shoulders as though to hide my dishevelled attire, I drew backwards.

My butt that was soft to a surprising extent was crushed against the floor, and my slender legs couldn’t move very well.

Mai and Rein slowly began to undress, as though putting on a strip show before my eyes.

“Fufuun! Prepare yourself, Book!”

“Fufuh, together with Mai, we have to love this girl today.”

“Ah, no, wait wait wait! Don’t go venting your libido on other people who haven’t even given their consent!!”

The two who were so enchantingly beautiful approached with the intent to ravage me.

I desperately pushed down my pulled skirt, but before I knew it both of my arms were forcefully raised into the air, and so I was no longer able to resist.

My skirt was lowered, and their hands touched my underwear. I closed my legs and desperately resisted, but that didn’t even stall for time.


I was made to lie on top of the sofa that was set up in the room for napping.

I’m going to be raped.

“I-I’m scared, so……you know? That sort of thing is no good. You shouldn’t do it.”

“Wah, Book’s p〇ssy is so beautifully maintained. It’s so smooth.”

“That’s because Kokoro–hyaah!!”

Mai was curiously looking at my vagina. She stuck out her index finger and traced it quickly.

I became numb from the sexual pleasure that was akin to having my glans traced.

My closed legs pathetically opened, and my mouth, which lost its strength, couldn’t close.

“Look this way.”

Rein stared at me while still holding my arms down. Reflected in her eyes was the girl me’s figure in tears.

“Lick me, I’ll do the same.”

“Hyah, aaah!!”

While licking my left breast, Rein pressed me against her right breast.

It was a sixty nine performed through breasts.

I tried to bite her with my teeth, but due to the throbbing ingrained into my body, I couldn’t put any strength into my body.

“Play biting……nnh!”

“Nnnh!! Nn, nnnh!!”

“Let’s make Book’s crotch squeaky clean~”

Although I could only see Rein’s breasts in my sight, I could tell that Mai was performing cunnilingus on me.

Although my waist wriggled and struggled from the rising pleasure, the duo still continued to restrain me without letting go.

“Nnnhh!! Nnnnnh!!”

“I don’t care if you scratch me. That’s just how much I love you, after all.”

“Aaah, no fair! Then I’ll put my tongue inside!”

It felt like my entire body was bathed in electricity. My resisting heart and pleasured body was about to fall apart.

Arching backwards to an extent where my spine would break several times, my body broke into convulsions.

Mai’s tongue squirmed countless times inside of me, pumping my insides.

I felt the disgust of a foreign object that wasn’t my member entering. Every time her tongue left me, I received a sensation akin to excreting, before the foreign object entered me once again.

Female sexual intercourse had the sensation of being conquered, almost like my body and mind were being violated.



“*slurrrp*, *twist*……”


I climaxed several times, and squirted.

Perhaps finding joy in that, Mai brought her face closer and received the love juice that came spilling out.

Seeing me in that state, Rein literally grinded her teeth, sending me pleasure. Upon grabbing my heart as though to appeal to me, she dug her fingers into my left breast.

Unable to endure the duo’s violent appeal, I was trampled upon countless times by the motivated girls.


I don’t know how much time has passed. The experience itself felt like it took ages.

Due to the shock, I huddled my body while holding back tears.



“Rei-Rei’s fallen asleep.”

Mai leaned on the back of her chair with a satisfied demeanour.

Perhaps because she was also satisfied, Rein was sleeping while hugging my removed clothes.

“What terrible fellows. Think a little about the side that gets fucked.”

“Nnn, sorry. I dunno how to say it, but I’m happy today.”

“You’re happy, you say?”

“I mean, I feel like the three of us were able to get along together in the truest sense. It might have been scary for Book, though.”

How? Just how!?

I’m sad.

Perhaps because she was too embarrassed to say it, Mai wrote on my cheek and then turned away.

“Aaah, I’m gonna go buy something to drink, ok! There’ll be more after this, so we need to stay hydrated!”

Upon speaking those parting lines, Mai quickly dressed and left the room.

“If I want to run, then now’s the only chance.”

I can’t predict what will happen after this.

I first approached Rein so that I could dress myself-

“This girl……she’s not letting go of my clothes……!”

No matter how much I pushed and tugged, she continued to hold on to it without letting go.


“This girl is laughing while sleeping……”

I can’t do any more than this and wake her up.

However, I can’t try and go outside while still naked. Both the hypnotic tone and my mobile phone are inside of my clothes.

-it was there that the ring of a cell phone resounded. It wasn’t mine.

“If it’s not mine, then…’s Rein’s?”

Upon looking at Rein’s cell phone that was left on top of the table, I saw the name of the caller before reaching out my hand.


[Yes, Master. I thought that Master may perhaps be unable to use your phone. Thus, I called Rein-san’s.]

“That’s good, come pick me up. If things stay this way, then I’m going to be violated.”

[My apologies. I am heading there right now, but I don’t believe I will make it in time. It seems that Mai-san is about to return from her trip to the vending machine.]


[That’s why I will guide you through a route where you won’t run into anyone. I thought that this may happen, so I had surveillance cameras installed today.]

“What, then you also know that I was together with these girls—“

[Please hurry, Master! She will come back if things stay this way!]


I hurriedly rushed out of the room. My important places were completely exposed.

All I could rely on was Kokoro’s voice that was coming from Rein’s cell phone placed against my ear.

While covering my crotch with my free hand, I could feel a slightly cold breeze hitting against me.

[Master, please follow my instructions. Otherwise, someone may find you and you may once again be taken to another classroom……]

“Really……what a day it’s been.”

For the time being, while wearing only torn socks, I walked around the classroom with tears in my eyes.

Normally this would be a situation where I could walk with confidence, but currently my trembling legs were closed.


Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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