Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 11

Touhou Sunou Time Reverse Bathing-Arc

Touhou Sunou, a cute and delicate girl who looked like a doll and was dressed in Gothic Lolita, had been forcibly brought into a hypnotic trance. Since her intuition was so sharp, I had a hard time despite the fact that I’ve managed to finish things up to this point.

With her hollow eyes, Sunou continued to sway unsteadily. The girl who bore such hostility only moments prior had become quiet, as if she were an ornament.

“A doll is made to be played with, right.”

Upon looking at such a figure, a single, dark emotion swelled within me.

As I thought, when hypnotising a beautiful girl, one should have sex with them.



It would seem that Kokoro also understood my intentions from the beginning. Rather, it was because of this that she called upon me in the first place.

To tell the truth, Sunou’s appearance was actually quite to my liking.

“Of course, I’ll also make some adjustments so that she can live as a normal girl, just as Kokoro wishes.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Then let me ask you this: what’s it mean to be normal.”

“……um, to not be different?”

I believe that the question I posed to Kokoro was quite inelegant. To the point where she would likely become irritated if she weren’t a slave.

“The fact that others are not different from oneself leads precisely to the birth of one’s sociability. According to my analysis, such a quirk is seen as heresy in our current culture. In Sunou’s case, this fact is ever more striking.”

“However, denying her quirk like the school is-”

“I won’t do that. There’d be no meaning in hypnotising her if I were to do so. What I’ll teach Sunou is just a pretext. Basically, it’s a technique to mislead the masses. In order for her to remain unique, she will be skillfully made to believe in the lie that she is not unique in the eyes of others.”

(TL Note: I can’t piece this one together. Feel free to give it a shot.

RAW: 「しない。それでは催眠した意味がない。すのうに教えるのは外面。つまり集団を欺く技術だ。個性的であるために、他人に個性的ではないと思わせる嘘を上手にさせる」)

Although I feel as though I’m denying the school as a whole, it is correct that schools are places where one learns sociability.

Because people are processed and handled as a group, it simply means that they are no longer able to maintain their individuality.

“I guess I’ll keep Sunou’s method of fighting against enemies alone, as well as her accompanying strength.”

“Just what on earth?”

“I’m giving her a trial.”

While saying that, I approached Sunou’s body.

Sunou, who was trying to take distance from me up until now, did not try to run. I grew excited by the fact that she was unable to escape.

I pushed my index finger into Sunou’s closed mouth. I stirred her tongue with the tip of my finger.

Sunou’s cheeks turned red. The usual suggestion of going into heat upon being touched seems to be working.

“Before that, I want my benefits. Sunou, you can hear me, yes?”

“……I can, hear you……yes.”

“Do you remember when you entered the bath yesterday?”

“……in the evening……9:20……”

“Did you seriously remember it in such detail……well then, right now, you will experience a Time Slip. Please turn the clock inside of your body backwards.”


“Also, please have the clock hands stop at yesterday evening’s 9:20 PM. Where are you right now?”


“That’s right. The hallway. Right now, you are in your house, right?”


“Then, let’s see–for the next 30 minutes, please go back into your past once again and repeat what you were doing. Right now, you are inside your own house.”

“……repeat what I was doing……yes.”

It’s a hypnosis that returns only her consciousness back to an earlier time. As confirmed earlier, Sunou returned to her past and recognised not just the place, but everything that was there at that time.

Even though this is actually a different place, she will try and repeat what she was doing at that time.


Whilst in a daze, Sunou began to walk. She’s probably heading towards the changing room.

After walking for a bit, her feet stopped.


In that spot, Sunou removed her own hair accessories and flung them onto the floor. It’s likely that, in reality, there was a basket to hold clothes.

From there, she removed the ribbon on her chest and lowered the zipper that was on her back with a *bzzzzz* sound. Slowly, starting from the nape of her neck, Sunou’s back was revealed.

“It’s a nice view……”

While remaining seated, I boldly observed Sunou undress.

The Gothic-styled one-piece that Sunou wore fell to the floor with a *rustle*. Tossing them aside as well, only her knee socks, knickers, and bra remained.

Just as Kokoro said, this relative fundamentally dresses in a manner that doesn’t expose her bare feet, huh. Absolutely wonderful.


Placing her hands on both sides of her knickers, Sunou lowers them. So the knee socks come off last, huh.

Although what covered her chest couldn’t exactly be called a bra, this was also easily removed as her nipples were displayed without shame.

Although there was very little to her chest, it was beginning to swell. The feeling of only her nipples slightly protruding evoked the image of a sanctuary which none have tread upon before.

Finally, she began to remove the knee socks that remained on her naked body. Bending her body down forward, she took off her knee socks. Ogling at her from behind, I could see the shape of her defenseless ass protruding outwards.


After performing the pantomime of opening something which seemed like a door, Sunou took something in her hand and pleasantly raised her chin.

“Shower, huh.”

“So it would seem.”

Intending to take a shower, Sunou stretched her spine, stiffening as if to display her entire body. It looked like she was posing.

I want to touch her.

I should’ve placed a suggestion that eliminates discomfort when being touched during playback. What should I do, I’m getting tired of just looking.

There’s also the option of saying the Keywords and forcibly stop this as well.

“Hm, what’s this?”

The moment I thought this, Sunou made a strange move.

After finishing taking her shower, Sunou raised her finger and began to trace something.

“She is……writing something on the wall?”

“Something, sure, but what?”

“Sink into the glorious soil, those who govern flesh and blood.”


I raised a strange voice in spite of myself.

It was because Sunou suddenly said something incomprehensible. Closing her eyes, she pressed her finger against the place she was tracing.

“Assemble and trample upon the earth, your champion’s fingertip now draws you! Demon’s Coffin, Summon-!!”



Sunou smiled whilst making a face as though she had accomplished something grand. It was a proud and cheeky expression which I had never seen before. Well, since I only met her today, I haven’t seen her in a bad mood either, though.

Kokoro was also perplexed. It’s likely that she couldn’t comprehend what was just said.

Acting as though nothing had happened, Sunou crouched before falling silent. It’s likely that she was immersed in the warm water.

“J-Just what in the world is-”



I laughed whilst holding my stomach.

“Are you ok, Master!? Just what exactly caused you to have such a laughing fit!?”


I became even more fond of Sunou’s figure.

It’s my bad that I likened her to a doll. Sunou is a wonderful woman. She is one of the people that I should train with all of my being.

“A chant to summon a demon……although I don’t go as far as talking to myself, I’ve thought of such things in the bathroom. Geez, just talking about this is enough to threaten Sunou.”

“Um, I can’t seem to follow along.”

“That’s fine, I’ll tell you about it later, Kokoro.”

While holding my head between my arms, I began to think about what would happen from here.

Although I was somewhat at my wits end earlier about how to play with her, it looks like things have become quite interesting. If Sunou is this sort of person, playing with her whilst using this would be the most enjoyable.


It was about several seconds after Sunou was put to sleep on the sofa following the end of the past-replay.

Sunou slowly opened her eyes.


“Are you awake? Sunou?”

“Ah……ah!? You!?”

I welcomed the awakened Sunou who stoutly assumed a defensive stance on the sofa that I was facing.

Although Sunou was a little half-asleep, it would seem that she immediately remembered me. She furrowed her brow, exposing her caution.

“What did you do to me!? I remember everything, even that you took out something weird!”

“Now then, I wonder what exactly I did?”

“……hah!? That’s-”

Noticing what I was holding, Sunou pointed her finger at me.

In an easy to understand manner, I lifted the string that I held in my right hand.

“What about this?”


As if conforming to this motion, Kokoro, who released a scream, lifted her head.

Kokoro was wearing a collar, and I was holding the cord that was attached to it. As for where the collar and cord came from, Kokoro prepared it.

“Why, Kokoro-nee-san!?”


“This woman is my slave. Because she’s the nearest and dearest human to you.”

“W-What are you saying!?”

“You don’t remember? Let’s see, it about 2 weeks ago, try remembering what you were doing around 10 PM.”

Although this is a farce, I could do it quite spiritedly. Kokoro, especially, seemed really happy just by being connected.

Faced with my words, Sunou immediately grasped what I meant.


“That’s right. Sunou, you summoned a demon that day. Well, the summoning itself seems to be happening on a regular basis, though.”

“I-I haven’t done it that much! Only about once a month!”

“Either way, that one time just so happened to have succeeded by change. I was summoned.”

I fluently lied as I spoke of the setting I had fabricated.

Sunou’s eyes flashed sharply as she quietly opened her mouth.

“That’s a lie.”

“Yeah, the summoned day was a lie. Since I can’t talk about the actual day I was summoned.”

My lie was quickly seen through. This much I understood.

In which case, it’s fine to make her think that there is truth mixed within the lies. Even though she can see through lies, it’s likely that she’s unable to determine how much of it is a lie.

She should be weak at interpersonal interactions and negotiations that exploit loopholes within the rules.

“T-Then……I ended up-”

“-Summoning a Demon.”

These words might also be suspected as lies. In which case, I’ll simply state that I’m concealing the methods that don’t involve summoning.

Even if she’s a person that can differentiate between truth and lies, there are ways for me to work around it.

In any case-


If she continues to doubt Kokoro’s current situation like this, then the conversation won’t move forward.

“Return Kokoro-nee-san back to normal! If I summoned you, why didn’t you target me first!?”

“In order to have fun. Sunou, for you, who summoned me, I wanted to give you the present of despair.”

“Master……is in high spirits, kyaah!?”

“You kicked Kokoro-nee-san just now, didn’t you!?”

Although Sunou came forward as if to stop me, she stopped in her tracks. In reality, she was no longer able to move.

“W-What’s happening……”

“I’ve casted my magic on you. So that you won’t be able to harm me.”

I’ve set it so that Sunou will feel uncomfortable when doing something that puts me at a disadvantage, or when thinking of inflicting harm on me. I implanted the instinct that, no matter how indirect she may be with her attempts, it would be psychologically impossible to execute.

For example, her running away from here would be inconvenient for me. Even though Sunou wants to flee, actually realising such would be impossible.

“C-Coward! Why!?”

“Sunou failed the summoning. Inside of the magic runes, there was barely any magic that controls my behaviour.”

“But to pin that on me is-”

“Because you’re an amateur, this is the result.”

It seems that Sunou judged that it was impossible to resist. Lowering her waist quietly, she endeavoured to remain calm.

“What’s your goal? Taking the trouble to meet me who had summoned you.”

“Because you’re a source of unease. To tell the truth, due to the influence of the magic runes, the number of things I can actually do to Sunou are few and limited. That’s why, after removing that restriction, I was thinking of living as I pleased.”

“……there are restrictions.”

“Of course, I won’t tell you what they are. Naturally, they’re not something easy to take away.”

In the face of Sunou’s mental state, let’s give her a little bit of hope. Let’s give her some material which she can use to some how manager her enemy (me).

“That’s why, let’s play a game. Putting my freedom and your restrictions on the line.”


“Yeah, if you can win this game, you’ll limit my freedom and your power rises. Conversely, if I win, my rights to remove my limits will increase.”

“The Sabbath of Twilight, huh……I know it. It’s a game where you bet your life and dignity to fight.”

The hell’s that? I don’t know about this.

“That’s right.”

“What game are we playing?”

“What, it’s not that difficult.”

I slowly placed my hand inside of the bag Sunou brought. I heard about it in advance via hypnosis, so all of the contents have already been surveyed.

From inside, I took out a single board game.

“Are you perhaps……”

“That’s right, we’ll use the board game that Sunou brought. I’ll be changing some rules, though.”

Whilst playing the game, I was thinking of developing Sunou, in addition to having sex throughout.

It was a method that kills two birds with one stone.

“What will you do?”

“I absolutely cannot win–are you going to make such a rule?”

“Nope, although I’ll make it so I’ll have a slight advantage over the Gamer Sunou, I’ve made it so Sunou can still win.”

It’s not a lie. Although the victory line is thin, Sunou can still pass it.

Sunou is likely trying to see through my truths and lies. Hearing my words, even though it was slight, she smiled.”

“……I’ll do it. As long as my chances of victory are 1 percent, I won’t lose to someone like you.”

I wonder if that’s how confident she is as a gamer? Or maybe there’s basis supporting her claims that she can win even with a less-than-1-percent chance? How ominous.

“Then it’s settled. Let’s start the game.”

If we’re talking about games, Sunou has world-class skill. From this subject matter that’s easy to enter, I’ll have her learn about sociability in my own way. I shall bestow upon her a challenge.

While playing this game, I will simply enjoy the things that I can to the utmost.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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