Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 117 Ext 26

My libido becomes stronger once every few months.

Since there are days when you just want to gorge on food, and other days where the weather makes you drowsy, such a pattern also applies to sexual desire.

Even though I hadn’t done anything particular, I was horny and gradually felt like wanting to assault anything that came my way.

It wasn’t because of my special constitution, it was just a phenomenon that would happen to anyone.


I arrived at school in the morning. Being a weekday, it was only natural.

While self-aware of the fact that today was my day of strong libido, I sat in a chair with my arms crossed and waited.

The last time when my libido became stronger was during a holiday, so I used Kokoro.

Breaking my promise to go out with her, I brought her into my room and violated her.

I ignored all of Kokoro’s attempts to call out to me, and just single-mindedly unleashed my libido.

After forcibly making her go into heat, we spent the day like beasts without exchanging words. We didn’t even drink water, and by the time we regained ourselves the sun had already set.

The appearance of the slave whose lower body convulsed while lying on her back in the centre of the room filled with the smell of sex was rather nice.

After seizing the opportunity and drinking the water that she probably brought with her, I used the unconscious Kokoro like a sex sleeve and finally got tired of her after night had passed.

“That was pretty good for what it was.”

I tried remembering what happened last time in an attempt to distract myself, but on the contrary it made me no longer able to stand it anymore.

Leaving the classroom, I walked towards the entranceway with swift steps.

Thinking about how to relieve myself this time, I decided to use Mai.

Although there were many ladies to pick from, it becomes a hassle when it comes to actually choosing one.

When extremely hungry, I want to eat a lot of hamburgers instead of a high-class full-course meal.

“She’s pretty late today.”

While voicing my annoyances, my mouth slackened at the fact that my desired woman was at the entrance.

Mai was in the middle of changing her shoes at the entranceway. She placed her hand on the shoe box and raised one leg.

I immediately pressed a button and the hypnotic tone played from the broadcast room.


For Mai, I had directly instilled a suggestion into her.

A Time-Stop Hypnotic Suggestion.

I chose this as it was a much easier way to clear up my libido rather than thinking up an elaborate play.

“Rein is also off, and the male students aren’t coming today either.”

I received a report on my cell phone from Kokoro that she closed the gates so that no new students who could move would enter, and that she would monitor the situation for a while.

I quickly approached Mai. I grabbed her breasts tightly.

“Geez, it looks like you’re just on time, huh? I guess you have good intuition during times like these, huh? Rein is also resting as well.”

Mai didn’t reply. She stiffened in the state where she was bent over, her hand against the shoebox with one leg raised.

My hands lewdly groped Mai’s chest. My eyes could tell that she had a soft body, unlike that of a doll’s.

“Anyways, you’re already ready for this, huh? Even if I touch you just a little, you’re rather wet. I guess even Mai has gotten used to it.”

As I kneaded Mai’s chest like mudballs, her cheeks gradually turned red.

Rolling up Mai’s skirt, I placed my fingers on her underwear.

“How soft…I’m rather grateful for you being like this considering I can’t stand it anymore.”

Dragging my fingers down, I disorderly pulled them off.

Removing Mai’s panties from one of her raised legs, I dropped it around her ankle.

“Don’t worry. Even the entranceway at this school is clean so even your cute lace underwear will be fine if you wash it later……well, I guess it’s also fine for you not to wear any today.”


As Mai didn’t change her facial expression at all with her still-paused consciousness, I removed only her panties.

I removed my trousers on the spot and placed my erect penis on Mai’s thighs.

“For the time being, I’m gonna put it in since I want to. Tell me if you don’t want to, alright?”


I didn’t feel like holding back.

Holding Mai’s raised leg with my right hand, I spread open her crotch.

My penis was more aroused than usual as it turned upwards. Just in front of it was Mai’s vagina which had nothing to protect it.

“If I rush it, then it won’t be able to enter as well as it used to, huh? How annoying……oh-“

While rubbing the tip of my penis against the vagina several times, it was buried in the feeling of spreading flesh.

When the labia majora was pried open and the head of my member was buried inside, I jerked and pushed into the narrow vaginal interior.

The lower half of her body trembled in pleasure, almost as though she were conscious.

“Haha, it’s at times like this where the value of Mai being the same as usual is completely different. Aaah, it feels so good.”


Mai’s body didn’t move. If I pushed her away, then she probably would fall down in that pose.

“I’ll properly support you, so you better be grateful. Thanks to me putting it inside your p〇ssy, you won’t ever fall.”

Like a toothpick passing through gummy candy, my penis penetrated deep inside of Mai.

The interior of Mai’s vagina, which I had tasted countless times and was a perfect fit for my member, gave me a sense of fulfillment.

After feeling a sense of unity for a while, I pushed my hips up and began pumping her.

“Mai is cute and you feel good, you really are a wonderful girlfriend. This relationship has been going on for quite some time, so you’re the best for letting me do this sort of stuff.”

My penis and the insides of Mai’s vagina gave each other sufficient enough pleasure even without moving.

Upon continuing to pump her even more from here, both of our genitals squirmed as though trying to become connected.

It was almost as though they were hugging each other so they wouldn’t let go.

“Since I’ve complemented you this much, you won’t mind, right Mai?”

Mai’s consciousness didn’t move. Instead, her whole body twitched and convulsed, telling me how good our affinity was.

The rim of my penis kept scratching the insides of her vagina, and on the contrary, her folds firmly stroked the backside of my member’s head.

The foolish sound of water echoed throughout the quiet school building.


“I don’t intend on enduring it, so I’m gonna cum first.”

Releasing the hot feeling rising from my urethra just like that, I began ejaculating inside of Mai.

With a spurt, the semen that vigorously poured itself into Mai’s womb became stick as though trying to stay inside of her vagina.


Mai’s consciousness that had its time stopped didn’t move. However, her body began convulsing.

Although her figure that resembled an electrically vibrating stuffed toy looked ridiculous, I was further aroused by it.

“Haha, well even if you raised a scream after being able to move each and every time, that’d just be a hassle today. I’ve made sure that your body will react normally.”


“Well, even if you can hear me, you probably aren’t cognizant of what I’m saying, though.”

Normally I would stop with the pleasure and enjoy her reactions, but I didn’t do that today.

“I’m going to cum many more times, so I’ll be troubled if you get mentally exhausted.”


“Take care of me today. Mai is the best.”

While swinging my hips, I rested Mai’s chin in my hands.

And then I continued shaking my hips until I reached my second ejaculation, before decided to resume time for the time being.

“Alright, this should be good for the time being.”

After I did the minimum amount of cleanup, time began to flow signalled by the hypnotic tone playing through the broadcast system.

Although I had considerably readjusted her clothes, a sharp person would be able to tell that her attire was disorderly.

Mai’s eyes regained their brilliance, and she leaked a small sigh.

“Oh, if it isn’t Book!! Morn!”

“Yeah, morn.”

“Somehow you seem to be in a good mood today, huh? Doing good?”

Trying to put on her shoes and run up to my side, Mai staggered.

I was able to predict this, so I supported her body.


“Eh……t-thanks. How kind……somehow, did you eat something strange?”

“I don’t think I have eaten anything strange, though?”

“As I thought, today Book really is genero……ueh!”

Mai blushed from being saved by me, but that’s probably not the only reason.

She touched her butt, and was surprised to find that her panties were missing.

“Eh, eh?”

“What’s wrong?”

“N-Nothin’ at all! Y-You got it!”

Mai conspicuously held down her skirt, smiling as though trying to brush away the subject.

After our earlier sex, I only didn’t put on her panties.

Since either way we’re going to be playing many times today, not having them would be easier for her.

The people in the school weren’t capable of noticing the semen that dripped from the base of her thighs, but I could, causing my lips to slacken.

“What’s wrong? We’ll really end up being late if we don’t hurry, you know?”

“I-I got it……ah-“

Because she had been quickly violated upon her arrival at school, Mai’s legs swayed unsteadily.

Incidentally, for today only there was no fear of being late, due to the frequent time stops.

Or rather, I don’t know if the lessons themselves can be done well, so the lesson time will be shortened appropriately.

It’s at times like these that the Hypnosis Test improved the students’ learning abilities.

“Book in front! Walk in front of me!”


As we climbed the stairs, I was instructed to go ahead.

Even though we’ve just done a round, and it’s been decided that you’ll be spending the entire day going commando.

The school rules state that you shouldn’t wear jerseys or the like underneath the skirt.

“Well, before that, [Stop].”


While pressing the school-wide internal broadcast button, I stopped Mai’s time.

Circling behind her as though licking her all over, I wrapped my fingers around her skirt.

“Lookie, I can see it even if you hold it down with your hands.”


“As expected, it’s dangerous on the stairs so I won’t do it, but……there.”

Hiking up Mai’s skirt, I hung it nicely on the hem of her clothes.

I then released the time stop.

“……ah, aaah!! W-wha, w-wha-!?”

“What’s wr—-“

“No, no, don’t look this way! If you get it, then walk!”

Mai pushed my back as we unsteadily ascended to the second floor.

The relationship between Mai and I was a secret, so while walking down the corridor we naturally maintained a distance before entering the classroom.

When Mai sat down at her desk, her usual good friends approached her.


“What’s wrong, Mai, are you tired already?”

“Yeah, cause listen to this. Since morning-ah, wait, I’ll organise the story, so where should I start talking from?”

“What’s with that?”


I felt bad since it was immediately after she entered the classroom, but my libido gushed forth and so I approached Mai.

The classroom in which the hypnotic tone rang erased the hustle and bustle, leaving behind the figures of the lively school girls.

“I guess I’ll do it a little violently today, huh?”


Placing Mai on the desk and spreading her legs, I made it easier for us to have sexual intercourse.

I moved Mai’s face so that her time-stopped smile faced me.

“Haha, she looks like a baby who’s having her diapers changed.”


“It’s so convenient how there’s a hole I can penetrate when I open your legs—and there.”

Upon removing my pants and pulling out my penis, I smoothly inserted myself into her.

“Ah, so good. I really never get tired of it no matter how many times I put it in. Mai’s body feels like a familiar place.”

There was no reply.

Even though Mai had a stiffened expression like a doll. Her body trembled and glowed with heat.

I held down Mai’s body that was making awkward movements. I crammed my penis deep inside her.

Suddenly when I looked up I could see Mai’s friend looking this way.

“Everyone was in the middle of talking to you, weren’t they? Excuse me for a bit, kay?”

I reached out to Mai’s friend whose name I didn’t even know and unbuttoned her top.

During that time my hips continued to shake, my penis thoroughly enjoying Mai’s insides.

“Heeh, this girl is wearing a red bra, huh? Come over here for a bit.”

While my penis ravaged Mai, I was hooked on the other girls.

Hugging the girls closely, I groped around Mai’s body.

“Since it’s a hassle to take it off, I guess I’ll just put my hands in like this.”

Placing my hands in the clothes of unknown girls, I groped their smooth skin.

Even though my penis was violating Mai, I was shivering with joy from molesting another girl.

The insides of Mai’s vagina tightened to its utmost around my penis, but my consciousness was diverted towards the other girls.

“Although I said I’d only violate Mai, but as I thought, other girls are pretty fine too. Thanks to the Hypnotic Test, the girls in this school use cosmetics and go on diets, so their appearances and physiques are also good……uoh!”

Suddenly my consciousness concentrated on my lower body.

As my penis received a strong stimulus, I pulled back.

Even if I violate her this much, Mai’s body seemed to be on equal footing. We held two bodies, which had high compatibility, together and exchanged pleasure.

“Haha, Mai’s body really is the best.”

It was there that I mercilessly swung my hips, ravaging Mai’s vagina.

Mai’s body, which had been time stopped for a while, became tense, placing a lot of strength into her back as her hips rose.

While thoroughly enjoying her quivering vagina, my hand stroked a different girl’s butt.

“I was in a bad mood since I couldn’t settle my urges, but when together with Mai it’s so fun that I can’t get enough of it.”

I unintentionally placed strength into the movements of my hips.

Inadvertently squeezing the breasts of the other girl I was holding, I roughly laid her down next to Mai.

While devouring the girls lined up on the narrow desks in the classroom, I continued to shake my hips with undivided attention.

Mai’s expression remained unchanged, still smiling as it was turned to her friend.


“It’s fine, right?”

I affirmed to Mai who gave no reply.

Strongly sucking on Mai’s neck with my mouth, I left a suction mark on it.

My penis slammed Mai’s vagina with my uncontrollable libido.

The blood from my entire body flowed down towards my lower body.

As though to encourage this, Mai’s vagina undulated, and the movements of my penis became intense.


By the time I noticed it, my entire body shook and I had started to ejaculate.

With a splurt, I poured my semen into Mai’s vagina. Her body, too small to catch my runaway desire, was trembling from the shock.


Calming down along with my sexual desire that had finally settled down, I relaxed my shoulders.

With her legs still spread open on top of the desk, Mai’s entire body heaved from the climax.

“Thanks for looking after me for the day.”

Mai’s smile didn’t move, and her uniform was dishevelled, perhaps because I became violent with it at some point.

Returning Mai’s skirt that I had rolled up, I lightly hid the overflowing semen.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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