Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 12

Touhou Sunou Game Penalty-Arc

“That is Necrocraft……”

What I chose from amongst the games that Sunou had brought was Necrocraft.

It’s a board game that uses a board, cards, and dice. The story was a simple one, where a human fights against the Demon King that invaded the human world.

Played with up to three NPC’s on the Demon King’s side, and up to three players on the Hero’s side, each side established their own territories on the board. The Demon King is strong, but with time, even a weak Demon King can bring territory under their control. Victory is attained if the entire board becomes the Demon King’s territory.

While defending the territories, the Heroes must defeat the Demon King. Once the Demon King is killed, it can’t be resurrected but its possible for heroes to be revived many times. By making use of this immortality, they will invade the territory where the Demon King’s body is located. Victory is attained when three of the Demon King’s bodies have been defeated.

Because fights over territories are decided through the cards and dice, a considerable amount of chance has been added to play. It is a game that allows beginners and advanced players to fight against each other as is.

I got her to teach me the rules and tactics via hypnosis. Kokoro has also played the game a little bit.

And above all, the fact that this was Sunou’s favourite was the trigger that made me choose this game.

“What are the rules?”

Sunou immediately casted her doubts.

While preparing for the game, Kokoro simply looked this way out of the corner of her eyes.

“Oi, oi. Sunou knows this game thoroughly, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know. However, you also said it earlier. That you’d [change the rules slightly]. Not telling me what you changed would simply be out of the question.”

“I won’t tell you.”

I arrogantly folded my arms as I looked down upon Sunou.

As if to say that I was despicable, Sunou’s entire body trembled violently.

“Don’t screw with me! If you don’t, then how can we play the game!?”

“Calm down. The rules I added has practically no effect on the game’s progress. I haven’t done things like inserting strong cards that weren’t there before, or forbidding the use of iron plate tactics.”

“What’s with that?”

“That’s why Sunou can fight just like before. I haven’t interfered with the game itself.”

Sunou can discern the truth from a lie by reading a person’s expression.

I spoke freely, as Sunou tried to expose my expression in order to make judgement.

“……but, the rules will change.”


“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You’ll find out soon enough, but you should understand that the game itself has not been affected.”


“Then do you want to stop the game?”

In the face of these words, Sunou’s shoulders trembled with a start, her eyes staring at the board.

“That’s right, Sunou has no room to choose, after all.”

“If I win this match, you will release Kokoro-nee-san, right?”

“Yeah, I promise.”

Sunou stared at me with her clear eyes. Her eyes which seemed to peer into one’s true feelings held both hostility and charm.

“I understand, what you’re saying doesn’t seem to be a lie.”

“Then let’s start, Kokoro.”

“Yes, it is finished.”

Kokoro shuffled the deck of cards. Amongst them, several randomly selected monster cards were placed on the territories.

“I’ll take the Demon King’s side.”

“What’s the Territory distribution?”

“Territories will be split half and half.”

“Half? This is your first time playing this, right?”

I set the starting field with a 50/50 distribution. It would seem that Sunou already saw through the fact that I was a beginner at this game.

“Then let’s start.”

“To strike the hammer against this despicable demon! I shall receive the first move!”

Sunou moved the pieces of the three heroes. Since this time it was a battle between Sunou and myself, it was decided that one person would move three pieces.

Turning one piece to safeguard territory, the remaining pieces were sent towards the first Demon King.

Starting combat with the dice, the monsters were defeated so quickly that it was just disappointing. Can you even advance whilst defending a territory at the same time?

“I have defeated a monster so I will claim the rewards. Kokoro-san, draw funds for Hero B.”

“Yes, here you go.”

She took an item from the deck. As for whether she will use it immediately, I’m pretty sure that, according to the rules, you can save the cards and then use them, even though using them then and there would increase the number of draws.

Upon seeing my face full of doubts, Sunou returned a proud expression. It irks me.

“Fufun, I’ll finish with this. Night has come.”

“That means it’s my turn.”

As I thought, this has completely turned into that sort of game, huh.

Sunou was enjoying the game. I wonder if this was another reason that would guide her to victory.

In any case, I safely advanced my pieces and invaded a safe-looking location with a *bam. Monsters in this turn are quite powerful. It’s likely that the ‘night’ also included such meanings.

“I finish with this, so will morning come?”

“No, the sun will rise. The heroes awaken.”

Without hesitation, Sunou advanced her next piece. It’s likely that my way of moving them is considered as unskilled. Perhaps she’s performing a clever move. I’m saved by the fact that there are no more moves after death like in chess.

“Your turn, guided by the twilight, the demons awaken.”


Does she really understand that Kokoro’s life is on the line here? Well, it’s already too late, though.


Amongst the three pieces, I saw that one of them was weak. Hero B.

“I place a new monster in this territory. Using magical power like usual, I draw a single card from the deck.”

Just like that, I placed a suitable monster on the territory that Hero B was in. Upon entering the same place, a battle will occur.

“Battle. I roll the dice.”

“I’m next……I lost.”

Although it was quite close, I won.

Although I saw it earlier, Sunou’s luck with dice rolls is strong. She’s the type that’s dangerous unless thorough safety measures are taken.

In any case, it’s finally come.

“Hero B has died.”

“Yes, it can’t take any action next turn.”

“That’s not all.”

Faced with my words, Sunou grew puzzled. Then, with a burst, she reached an epiphany.

“……the special rules, right?”

“That’s right.”

“So? Is there a penalty besides halving my funds? Are you going to take away my cards?”

“No, it’s just like I said at the start: rules that affect the progress of the game have not been included.”

“Then what?”

“Death Penalty……or rather, think of this game in its entirety as a game where you face off against these demons.”

Sunou has yet to realise what I’m getting at. Perhaps it’s not possible for her to reach this idea.

That is fine. It’s because she doesn’t know anything that I need to teach her.

“The story of what happened in that world will become a reality. We are this word’s Demon King and Hero. Get it?”


“It just means that the happenings after the defeat will actually happen. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Since Sunou was still stunned, it seems that she has yet to comprehend the situation.

Towards such a Sunou, I mercilessly pushed her down.

“W-What are you doing!?”

“You still don’t understand, huh. You, Hero B, have lost. You will simply be receiving the humiliation that comes with this loss.”

“I a-……nnghh!?”

In the face of Sunou’s glowering eyes, I closed in and kissed her.

Sunou desperately tried to resist, but her body doesn’t move.


Sunou’s face flushed furiously as her lips trembled with a *quiver*. That was probably her first kiss.

While I like this type of expression, as expected, I’ll make it so it’ll change into one befitting of a defeated hero.

“I’m pretty sure the card that defeated Hero B was……an Orc, huh. [The one who defeated you is an orc.]”

“……!? W-Who are you!?”

Sunou’s eyes that fell upon me were suddenly filled with fear.

This is my suggestion. The events that occurred in Necrocraft have begun to take place in reality.

It is precisely because of this that, while making Sunou recognise me with the figure of (what she imagined to be) an orc, I will have her taste the flavour of disgrace.

“D-Disgusting! Don’t come any closer!”


The Orc card had the shape of an ugly old man depicted on it, with the flavour text decribing it as such: ‘A large, savage, human-type monster boasting herculean strength. Unlike humans, it does not possess the concept of cleanliness and does not take baths’.

This is hilariously ridiculous.

“Release me!”

“I refuse.”

“No, stop it–nngh!!? Nn–!? Nnmgh!!?”

On top of making her recognise me as an orc, I stole her lips again. Inserting my tongue, I licked all over the insides of her mouth.

“Shtinks!! Schtop it!!”

Her eyes clouded with tears, Sunou tried to tear me away from her, but because she lost in accordance to the rules, doing such would be impossible. After all, the settings dictate that I possess herculean strength.

From her teeth to the underside of her tongue, I teased Sunou until I was satisfied. Because it’s likely that I won’t be able to kiss her anymore today.

After all, I’m going to tarnish her to the point that she won’t be able to do anything anymore.


“Aah……no……it smells.”

Removing my mouth, a string of drool stretched between Sunou and myself.

It would appear that Sunou was unable to hide her shock towards the imagined stench as her mouth was opened so wide it seemed as though her jaw would be dislocated.

Of course, this is not the end.

Standing up, I looked down upon Sunou who had sank to the floor as I removed my pants.

“Lick this.”


Other than games, Sunou’s slow on the uptake with pretty much everything, huh. Her innocent pupils fell upon the penis that lied right before her eyes.


Seemingly identifying just what lied before her after a few seconds of delay, she panickingly averted her eyes.

“It’s the rules. Don’t worry, if you lick it, I won’t go so far as to take your virginity.”

“What the hell!? It’s covered with gunk!?”

No, mine’s not covered in anything. It’s likely that, in Sunou’s imagination, the orc’s body has its dick covered with smegma.

Taking hold of the unwilling Sunou’s chin with my right hand, I forced her to look this way. Since this was a punishment game, Sunou was unable to resist.

“Sto……schtop!? Schto-mmgh!!? Nbuh!!”

The moment she showed resistance, Sunou’s mouth opened.

Without feeling the need to show restraint, I shoved my penis into Sunou’s mouth.

“Nnbgh!? Oggh, gghoh!?”

“Properly lick it.”

“Mbghuuuuuuugh!!? Nnrigh!?”

I could tell that Sunou’s tongue was licking the underside of my penis’s head. It’s likely that, in her cognition, she’s licking away the smegma. She had even began to shed tears.

From there, in order to ravage Sunou’s mouth, I moved my waist back and forth.

Whilst smashing my abdomen against Sunou’s nose, I used her small mouth as though it were no different than a pussy.

“Start licking the whole thing some more.”


Fiercly shutting her eyes, Sunou desperately tried to escape from my penis, but there’s no way that she could run from something that’s already stuck in her mouth. Having my penis being firmly licked all over, my body was given stimulation.

“Sunou’s mouth is quite small, huh. It doesn’t take long for me to hit against your throat.”

“Nngh, nnnngh!!”

“It might be painful, but drink it properly.”

I suddenly pushed down the back of Sunou’s head with both hands. My penis, which had slammed against the back of her throat, pulsated before proceeding to ejaculate.

“Nngh!! Ogghogh, oooooooooooogggghh!! Mbgh, nbhuuuuuuggh!!”

Sunou’s throat was bathed by this cum. Trying her best to struggle with her body which was unable to resist, Sunou strongly grasped my legs.

Without leaving a single drop, I spewed semen into the inside of Sunou’s mouth.

“For the time being, this will be all.”


Sunou had already stopped resisting as her entire body grew weak due to the shock. All she did was allow her tears to flow quietly.

I pulled out my penis.

With this, the Death Penalty’s Punishment Game is over. My figure would also have returned as her cognition was reverted back to normal.


As soon as her restraints were released, she opened her mouth wide and leaked a violent sob.

It’s likely that she was trying to vomit the sperm she drank. Since I only released her after she properly swallowed, the only thing that came out was her spit and drool.

“This has to be a lie……”

Hanging her head, Sunou’s mentality almost broke in the face of what had just happened to her. For girls with weak spirits, this alone might have even induced suicide.

However, I had implanted a suggestion within Sunou so that she could surpass this. Although it’s only something that will happen by chance.

“What’s wrong, is it impossible for you to continue the game?”

To keep her rebellious heart towards me constantly burning.

It is that which is fundamentally necessary for her to continue playing this game. Since Sunou is a person who has always prevailed, I placed a suggestion that would suppress her weak points.

No matter how much her emotions such as despair and desperation are erased, it’s not like they’ll actually disappear. They are emotions which are abundant in daily life.

I believe that people live because there are positive things which stand out from amongst those sorts of things.

“If you’re going to abandon the game at this stage, then it would mean that it would be your loss-”


Sunou has her pride as a gamer.

It’s likely that she feels I’m insulting the game by adding this sort of rule.

“Demon……I will absolutely defeat you!”

The likelihood of Sunou confronting me was quite substantial. Turning her eyes filled with hatred towards me, she wiped her mouth.

Faced with such an emotion made me unbearably happy.

If I was actually irked by this, then I would have appropriately messed with her memories and personality. For people whose hearts were too weak, it would be boring even if I left them alone.

As for her, even though she was isolated from people due to her truancy, she possessed a brilliance which matched it.

Sunou, in her own way, became strong as she refused to do it. She refused to be violated.

“Got it. Let’s continue the game.”

Turning my attention towards the board game, I looked at the three heroes.

Now then, it’s time to see whether Sunou-chan can defeat the Demon King.

Author Note:

I wrote an advance notice about next time in the activity report.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
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This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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